The Everpresent Threat

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Television Tirades

Although ABC’s broadcasting facilities on Connecticut Avenue had been quickly overrun by the Jihadi’s, other networks, like CNN on Wisconsin Avenue and CBS over on Massachusetts Avenue and Fox News by Dupont Circle had been able to continue broadcasting the latest information.

They used their backup generators to make sure they broadcast the story of the decade despite the interruption in electricity to their respective buildings.

In some ways, for much of the attack they were just extensions of the tirades that were broadcasting from the White House media center about the evils of America and its leaders.

For all the Americans who gathered about their televisions to see some news of hope in the middle of all the horror about what was then occurring in so much of America, all they heard were propaganda about the sorry state of their nation’s present.

Even after 9/11, most were stunned that a determined band of Middle Eastern and other Jihadi’s had shattered their belief that they lived in a well-protected country.

Not since the Civil War had visited its awful destruction on the land had the possibility been so great for millions of dead Americans.

For if the July 4th Strike Force made good on its promise to destroy several American nuclear power plants if the state of Palestine was not recognized and the Jews and Christians booted out of the Middle East, then the nation was in for unparalleled hard times.

Along a tunnel deep in the bowels of Washington, DC, a man swatted profusely and headed forward. He and three friends were all that would determine, to a large degree, whether the planned counter assault would go off like clockwork or fail. Anything short of total success, given the stakes of the mission, was to their way of thinking, unacceptable.

“Groundhog have to stay ahead of me at all times. You’re point. If they take me out before we get there I’m no good to anyone. Besides, I can pick off anyone who decides to take you on before you can so let’s arrange our position on our relative advantages.

Like economics, get it?” Frank had been an economics major at the University of Maryland and the ideas he learned there came back to him at the strangest times.

Frank McKenna kept a wary eye on everything. His body was so alive it received fiery signals from his brain stem that heightened everything to a near psychedelic luminescence. After he saw what happened at the Metro station, he trusted no one.

Anyone who could mount an attack like that was to be taken real seriously. His brain registered “hyper drive” and was feeding information to his nerve endings at an almost manic clip.

Once they reached the spot his father had told him he would find the old tunnel entrance, Frank placed sufficient explosives to take down just enough of the wall to provide entrance but not enough to make enough noise to attract enemy attention. It was a delicate guess as to what that level was, but Frank made it with the confidence of a man who had been around explosives for many years.

Up until now, he had been silent. Aware for the past few minutes he was being trailed, he began to scream out in hopes of flushing them out and killing them with the blast.

“Come on you fucking diaper heads! Here’s the man who did all your mothers! Your mothers are being done by Colonel Kaddafi right now! Coos a muck!”

He would have told his men of his plan but he knew he didn’t really have the time. Fortunately, it worked. The Jihadi’s that had been trailing them came toward them firing and screaming.

As they did, the explosives he placed at the sealed off tunnel entrance blew shooting them and concrete in one fireball forty feet into another concrete wall. All of the Jihadi’s were buried alive.

“Damned...Frank! I swear you’re still the best! I thought you had lost it and you knew just what you were doing!” Ground Hog Two and Ground Hog Three began to give high fives to Ground Hog One, who was doing an Irish jig he was so happy.

“I wouldn’t stand there too long, boys! When you’re trapping deer and a mountain lion starts to track you, you’d better let that mountain lion have that dear because if he doesn’t he’s comin’ for you.

That hole is the wrong hole but it will work fine. It should draw all the bad guys and the good guys can clean them up. We’re on our way a little further and higher. It’s a place only my father knows about. You guys will stand guard while I kill Adbullah and get the President out. No matter what happens, don’t leave that spot. Got it?”

They all nodded and headed forward. About three hundred yards forward they heard a Metro liner car heading right for them.

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