The Everpresent Threat

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He has Trampled out the Vineyards

Frank ran down the tunnel toward the President and suddenly recalled he had an important transmission to make, as per General Watson’s orders. He clicked on his Global Positioning System transmitter which automatically transmit his, and the President’s, location. With the First Family now relatively safe, it would also double as the signal to begin the counterassault.

On the other side of town at Andrews Air Force Base, teams of Air Force Search and Rescue units began to rush the two Air Force One’s Abdullah had seized, and ran to secure the other jets in the Presidential fleet to prevent any of these electronics golden eagles from being flown out of the country.

At the World Trade Center, the 82nd Airborne was landing dozens of troops on the roof who then rappelled down the sides and entered various floors or began to run down dozens of stairways and into offices where infrared sensors had told them Jihadi’s were to be found. At the same time other units were running up from the subway underneath the Trade Center. The plan was to flush the Jihadi’s out from both ends.

The same was true at locations all over the nation: The Sears Tower in Chicago, The Transamerica Building in San Francisco, The Space Needle in Seattle, The Conoco Building in Houston, and at hundreds of sites nationwide, the same technique was being used by all branches of the military, state, and local authorities to retake American territory.

In Washington, military units began to engage the Jihadi’s everywhere they were to be found. Some of the largest monuments in the city were now under fierce fire. Riggs Bank, the Corcoran Gallery of Art, the Renwick, the Blair House, St. John’s Episcopal Church, the Washington, Lincoln, and Jefferson monuments, and the Korean War monument, Roosevelt Island: all became open battlegrounds.

As it was believed by most senior officers of the American military that the Jihadi’s had most of their locations wired to be exploded, most units’ orders were to retake these buildings with whatever it took. Buildings could always be rebuilt later after the area was secured.

Marine assault units had been pulled from Quantico, some of them fresh out of training, and sent to the area immediately around the new “secure” perimeter around the White House complex. The Marines fanned out and counterattacked the White House grounds with a ferocity that seized the initiative away from the Jihadi’s.

They began to take back territory yard by gritty yard. It was close-in, hand-to-hand fighting and the Marines showed once again they were up to the challenge.

Fortunately, the Marines only knew how to march forward, which they did with alacrity and courage. Within an hour and a half of Frank’s transmission, the Marines had fought past the concrete barriers and snipers and outside the Rose Garden and ready to seize the White House Compound itself.

An Executive Protective Service Officer, a staffer from the White House, accompanied each unit of Marines. They pointed out potential danger spots, such as the missiles that had been placed on the roof of the Old Executive Office Building to protect the President from air attack.

Once it was thought unthinkable that such missiles could be captured and used against Americans. But they were a very real threat to the thousands of Marines now locked in mortal combat with the Jihadi’s for these few acres.

Staff Sergeant Bobby Nielson had been tasked with taking back those missiles before they could be used on American forces. A naturally friendly person, he had been turned real nasty by the sight of his fellow Marines butchered by the Jihadi’s. He agreed with the plan of the Secret Service to scale the sides of the Old Executive Office Building until he saw what a suicide mission that would be. He clenched his teeth.

He opted instead to take an entrance on the south end of the building and shoot his way to the roof in hopes of reaching it before the Jihadi’s used the missiles. Under heavy fire, his men made their way up the stairway by using automatic weapons and grenades when necessary.

“Robbins, Suarez, Sanchez, Smith...take the right."

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