The Everpresent Threat

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Storming the Palace

Frank gathered the Marines who had been bringing him shoulder launched-missiles together and asked for their support in his next counterassault.

“It’s time to take a run into the Treasury. What I would ask you guys to do is to lay down a barrage of Stingers and machine gun fire until we’re inside. I’ll radio back to tell you when we get inside.”

All the Marines nodded in a way only combat professionals can to communicate resolve and faith.

When Frank realized how costly an all-out-assault on the Treasury building would be, he decided on a dual-attack strategy. His dual-attack strategy was to let the Marines, Army Rangers, SWAT teams, and other teams attack any weak points in the Jihadi’s defenses.

Meanwhile, he would engage them one-on-one and kill them as quickly as possible to penetrate behind their forward lines to carry out the attack behind their backs. The havoc wreaked, Frank hoped, would make their defenses crumble faster.

Frank signaled his plan. “Opossum One this is Big Daddy. Opossum One this is Big Daddy. Come in please.” He ducked down, took out his radio, and opened up the channel.

“Big Daddy this is Opossum One. Trust the Big Enchilada is fat and happy. We’ve got a real tight squeeze on our asses right now, General. Is this a secure line?” Frank was loathe to allow the Jihadi’s he was about to fight to hear his plan.

“Affirmative, Opossum One. Are you following our original point of reentry plan, Charles Bukowski’s Love is a Dog from Hell.” Frank had a brother-in-law who was a poet who had introduced him to the wild bard. He got a kick out of Bukowski’s poetry, figured the July 5th Strike Force would never know his poetry and it, therefore, made a good encryption base to keep his words secret.

“Negative, Big Daddy. These guys don’t mind dyin’. That would’ve been all well and good if we were fighting for an embassy or just a building or whatever, but these assholes want destruction. They’re not takin’ prisoners either."

"Really, it’s a slugfest until we win but it’s gonna be real costly. We also don’t know yet if they’re gonna play a chemical game when we get too close.

"The Marines are monitoring that situation, so you might want to ask them what they’re finding.”

Just then, a burst of automatic weapons fire came through the window and became embedded in the back wall. Frank uncovered his head and continued. “General, I don’t know about elsewhere, but they got us tied up real good here. They’re definitely not afraid a dyin’ I can tell ya that."

I’ll plug a dozen and four doze take their place. The estimates you gave me of how many are down here are off by at least 90%. they snuck a whole bunch a people in and we’re feelin’ now. I got another hunch, too, General.”

“Let’s hear it, Frank.”

“Well...I think these guys are professionals. They’re good at this kind of urban fighting, like they’ve been doing it for years. What’s our intel say?”

“Intel confirms your theory.”

“Well, then, tell them to change their tactics like we have. You can’t rush these guys. They’re real good at firing back. Tell them to concentrate firepower on weak areas, make maximum use of sniper fire, and to take no prisoners."

"We’re too far away from winning still to even think about prisoners. Besides, these guys are like the Japanese on Guadalcanal. They prefer to die rather than surrender.”

“Frank, we very much appreciate your advice. I’ll have Cotton Candy get on relaying what you said to all CONUS commands.”

“One final point, General.”

“Yes, Frank.”

“I don’t know if you remember when the Black Muslim leader Farakhan met with Colonel Kadaffi in Libya before he was killed. Apparently, they discussed more than their shared belief in Allah, because there are Black Muslims all over among the July 5th Strike Force."

"The July 5th Strike Force has its own Fifth Column. So, we have Americans out there killing other Americans. You’re going to have to pass that along, too. And pass along that we desperately need supplies and ammunition because we’re burning through it.”

“That explains some of their early success in penetrating our inner defenses, then. Ah, well, you know the punishment for treason.”

“Sure, do, General.”

“...Just a minute, Frank.” The General turned to his subordinates. “Get them all the ammunition and supplies and guns and stingers and whatever else they want!!! Get on the squawkers and call everyone!!! I don’t want one, not one, troop killed for lack of equipment!!! And encrypt and transmit his attack strategy.”

“Frank, we’re setting up another staging area on Haines Point. Tell the Marines. The Coast Guard and Navy are ferreting weapons straight up the Potomac to you. Fort Bragg and McGuire are also diverting what they can to your people.”

“Thanks, General. Things are getting used up real fast up here.”

“When this is all over, how would you like an all-expense paid trip to anywhere you want courtesy of the United States government?”

Frank laughed. “Let me get through this one first, General. Over.”

With that, Frank strapped his rifle around his arm, picked up his extra ammunition, and ran from the room. As he did, a stinger missile flew into the room where he had just spoken to the General. The irony of this was that that very missile had been given to the Iranians supposedly for hostage’s years ago only to end up back in the nation’s capital from whence it originated.

We never got the hostages back, the Iranians got the stingers, and those very stingers were being used against Frank and other Americans trying to take back American territory violently seized by foreigners.

Fortunately, the walls in this old building were so old that Frank sustained no damage.

He grabbed Spitball and Zinger and said, “Come on. I think I figured out another entrance into the White House.”

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