The Everpresent Threat

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Conclusion: The Ever Present Threat

The ever present threat to the West is as old as Mohammed, as old as the Koran, as old as Sharia, as old as fourteen centuries can be. Convert to Islam, die, or live as slaves. It was first written down in the Koran in what is now Saudi Arabia and ever since then 750 million deaths would result from that edict.

The latest manifestation of that edict has been the core belief of Wahhabism. It would have been one more primitive belief of a 7th century tribe but for the fact that this Saud tribe owned billions of dollars’ worth of oil and used a good portion of that wealth to carry out Mohammed’s command to convert everyone to Islam by the book if they cooperated, or by the sword if they were uncooperative.

Despite the billions of dollars spent by the Wahhabi Saudi’s on building thousands of mosques, charities, schools and institutes to convert all the world’s people to Islam, the world, and especially the West that discovered the source of that oil, brought it to the surface, refined and distributed it, had not converted. Now Wahhabi's step child, al-Qaeda and ISIS and more, was going to use the sword where the book had failed.

Comfortable in their material culture, most in the West failed to read a small opinion piece in an obscure but sophisticated Jihadi website called, Jihad Unspun. Even the few American intelligence agents whose job it was to parse and understand such threats failed to understand what it meant. Like the warning Osama bin Laden had issued about destroying the West in 1998, few in the West paid attention to the warning. As after 9/11, it took the death of multitudes until the West woke up to the threat it contained.

EXCLUSIVE: The Truth Behind the Russian Academy Siege
Sep 08, 2004
By Kunya Abu Mujaahid, Exclusive For JUS (Jihad Unspun or

We remind our viewers that the statements, opinions and points of view expressed in this article are those of the author and shall not be deemed to mean that they are those of Jihad Unspun, the publisher, editor, writers, contributors or staff.

“Oh you who Believe! If a Liar comes to you with a news, verify it, lest you should harm people in ignorance, and afterwards you become regretful for what you have done.” [EMQ 49:6]

The siege of a Russian school/higher education and military academy in North Ossetia has ended in massive bloodshed and loss of life, leaving possibly hundreds dead. Some analysts report that at least 700 people have been killed in total.

Friday’s events are but the latest in a chain of recent attacks inside Russia that have almost floored Russia and the failing Putin Presidency. The academy was seized on Wednesday by an group calling itself the Phalanges or divisions of the Martyrs of Riyaadh as-Saaliheen.

A total of 32 men and women stormed the academy in Beslan during its opening ceremony for the new term, taking hostages as human-shields in order to make a political statement to the Russian authority and to the world about the brutal occupation of Chechnya by the Russian invaders.

The mujahideen’s demands were ten-fold:
• Putin must be put on trial (with Islam as the judicial process) as a war criminal for Genocide in Chechnya
• A clear timetable for the withdrawal of the occupying Russian forces from Chechnya must be laid out
• A “Release to Release” policy where for every ten academy hostages released the Russians would release a hundred Chechen prisoners languishing in Russian jails, some 6500 to date
• Economic compensation for the Russian aggression
• The result of the recent rigged elections must be overturned
• To leave the country by the agreed date and to let the people in Chechnya take authority
• The removal of all foreign forces in the region
• To allow all the displaced Chechen’s to return back to Chechnya from the surrounding areas
• To put the Chechens who work with the Russian authority on trial as traitors who have committed a grave crime in the sight of Islam.

Though officials put the number of hostages at 354, up to 1,500 people were, in fact, taken hostage exposing the Russian lies.

Putin refused to negotiate to save the lives of the hostages. His overriding aim was to demonstrate, though a ruthless and violent action, the power of the state, once he had learnt of the mujahideen’s demands especially with respect to himself. Indeed, the mujahideen’s made attempts to release all the children inside the academy freeing 26 women and a number of the youngest children on Thursday. More had been ear-marked to be released. At no-stage did the mujahideen’s ever contemplate killing women and children, as this was expressly forbidden by Islam, this is borne out by the statements made by those captured and paraded by the Russians on state-run TV.

With the refusal to negotiate, the Russians prepared to attack the academy because as the siege continued to be drawn out more and more people had started to focus on the root causes of the crisis and the atrocities committed by Russia in Chechnya.

On Friday, September 3, after the Russians had cut off power to the academy as well as the food and water supplies, they made an assault using Russian Special Forces brought into Beslan from outside the region. Similarly to the use of the old Red Army when attempting to crush any local opposition groups, Special Forces were ordered in to ensure that the job was done properly and that no hostages were left alive, even if that meant killing their own country men caught in any cross fire.

The explosions and the resulting collapse of the academy roof led to scores of casualties. The fierce fighting left hundreds injured and wounded, including many children caught in the cross-fire.

Twenty-seven of the mujahideen’s were taken as martyrs (shuhaadaa) and around eight escaped with some of the hostages as protection. Putin, who visited Beslan and the hospital early Saturday, September 4, shut the borders of North Ossetia in order to control the media reporting of the atrocity committed by his own troops and to cover up as much of the evidence as possible.

With respect to the question of the legitimacy of targeting a school in Islam or any other building(s) for that matter, we say the following. Because Jihad (legislated fighting) in Islam is not restricted by time or by place we do not need an evidence (from the Sharee’ah) to permit fighting in the mountains of Tora Bora or in the streets of Beslan, because by its nature, Jihad is not restricted by time or place. This much is clear.

Allah (swt) says: “And fight in the way of Allah those who fight you....And kill them wherever you find them, and turn them out from wherever they have turned you out” [EMQ 2:190-191]

This Qur’anic verse is general (Aam) and is not restricted. At the same time, Islam forbids the mujaahid (fighter) to target those non-fighter women and children and the non-fighter elders, the disabled or those who have any mental health problems, or those who are Priests or Monk’s (of different faiths), or farmers (who are living far away from the area of the battle), provided they are non-fighters (i.e. do not take up arms against the Muslims). Having said all that, this does not mean however that the mujahideen are not allowed to take hostage a school or a hospital or a place of worship or any place in the earth because the Jihad is not restricted by place.

Indeed, we find that the Muslims have always fought keeping the ideals of Islam in the back of their minds, nor transgressing any due limits set by Allah. This is a far cry from the Russians who have carried out a merciless war in Chechnya aimed at the suppression of the Islamic revival and demands for the creation of an Islamic bloc in the Caucasus region.

At least 100,000 have died since 1994 in Chechnya. All of the major towns, including the capital city of Grozny, have been razed to the ground. Even Putin was forced to concede his surprise at the extent of the destruction of the city when he visited Groznyy in May, following the assassination of the pro-Kremlin governor and apostate, Ahmad Kadyrov. Inhabitants have been subjected to continual house searches, kidnappings, executions, rapes, and extortion. Normal life has been made impossible.

According to the mujahideen, the Russians are responsible for destroying over 72 schools in Chechnya while occupied by students. Thirty hospitals have been destroyed with patients still inside. Over 2 million Muslims in Chechnya have been displaced and become refugees because of the atrocity committed by the Russian forces. Is it any wonder then when such crimes have been committed to a people as we have described that they might retaliate in some small manner?

With respect to the claim of the media that the mujahideen targeted children, we say bring your evidence. If the Russian’s were really sincere (and they are not because they are Kuffar and the Kuffar by default are mujrim (criminals)) - why did Putin not delay the burial of the children and setup a public inquiry into the events and allow time for autopsy’s to be carried out on the dead to determine who had killed them. Indeed, it would be very easy for any forensic expert to determine whether a Chechen or a Russian had killed the children by analyzing the wound and any remaining shrapnel. It is known that the mujahideen have their own distinctive bullets which they have developed, and the Russians have their own manufactured bullets.

Instead of investigating the matter, we see Putin muzzling the media investigation and putting a cloak of secrecy over the events. The Putin government wants to hide the evidence and the truth which they fear. Indeed, they were the ones who opened fire and started the assault on the academy and killed their own people including women and children, akin to the storming of the Moscow theatre where hostages lost their lives as a result of the gas employed by secret service special forces when the murderer Putin once again failed to negotiate.

As Muslims, we must always be wary of what news the Kuffar (non-Muslims) bring us. We are not allowed to doubt Muslims, but we are obliged to doubt the Kuffar. This principle must be known to the Muslims and takes on great significance in this time of deception and the 24-hour media broadcasts. Doubting the Kaafir is part of the Muslims Aqeedah (creed). Doubting Muslims is against the Muslims Aqeedah. When a Muslim speaks, we must believe he speaks the truth. When the Kuffar speak, we must believe he may be lying, especially when they speak about the affairs of the Muslims. The Kaafir journalist or reporters are considered liars, until they can prove they are not lying. And even if they can somehow prove that they are speaking the truth, we still must not believe them without our own verification.

Shame on those Muslims who take what the media report as free from bias or lies, and sit back in their own armchairs whether in the U.K. or in the U.S. condemning what the media of the Kuffar have reported the mujahideen to have carried out. Shame on those Muslims who take media reports as some kind of revelation and issue immediate press releases declaring as “Haraam” (prohibited) the actions they know nothing about, except what the Kuffar media have reported to them. How irresponsible is this?

It is high time we as Muslims, start to understand the demand our Aqeedah makes on us as believers, and to stop condemning or condoning until we have heard from the Muslims themselves as to what happened, whether that is in Afghanistan, or Iraq or wherever Muslims are working to make the word of Allah the highest.

“And they the non-Muslims plan, and Allah plans, and Allah is the best of planners” [EMQ]

Although it addressed the Beslan massacre and the Chechen situation, the Jihadi author’s twisted rational for killing non-Muslims (Kuffar) applies to everyone, including non-Muslim Americans. Jihadi’s in the United States, both domestic and foreign, believe what Abu Mujaahid believes, because as in Nazi Germany, it is drilled into them from their youth. Like Nazi youth, they are prepared to die for their ideology, and do so every day.

Not even the media 24/7 drum beat of “let’s all pretend they’re peaceful and maybe they will just go away” has ever worked. This ideology has led them to create and set off 30,000 explosives worldwide since 9/11.

Even after 9/11, Americans were poorly prepared for the Jihadi strike when it came. Selfish partisan political fighting left the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission in tatters. Like Rome when Attila was on his way, the political leaders in Washington, D.C. wasted precious time fighting each other while the barbarians were at the gates and inside the country.

Most importantly, because America had a de facto open immigration policy for decades before and after 9/11, millions of undocumented immigrants was living among them. It only took several thousand who were Jihadi’s to act as the Trojan horse that lit the Republic afire.

What most Americans failed to realize that day was that their death warrants had been issued with the phrase, “We are not allowed to doubt Muslims, but we are obliged to doubt the Kuffar.” In an intelligence manual that was developed by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt in the 1960’s and rewritten by al-Qaeda in the 1990’s; tens of thousands of Jihadi’s knew that the word “doubt” in this message meant “kill.”

And despite 30,000 confirmed jihadi bombings since the 9/11 attack, the Western media made it unfashionable to admit, let alone analyze and respond to, the Mohammedian threat.

When the line arrived via text message on tens of thousands of cell phones in Muslim neighborhoods in the United States, the die was cast as the order was given. Tens of thousands of Muslims inside the United States went into action believing what they learned from the time they were toddlers: American and Israel must be eradicated from the face of the earth. That America had to be destroyed first, then Israel, was just a different order to the same end.

In an order that only went to the inner circle of the Jihadi movement, the order was more specific. “We decided to call America to account, which we consider one of the worst enemies of God, and God’s religion of Islam,” the statement said. “All mujahedeen will execute martyrdom operations with every weapon they have”.

The American homeland lit up from explosions like the 4th of July within minutes of the receipt of that order. The owners of Muslim mosques, food stores, cabs, offices, businesses, gas stations, hotels, and think tanks across the country were quick to take advantage of their opportunity to be martyrs, no matter the cost to them and, now, their American neighbors.

Taking back the American homeland would cost the lives of thousands. This book hopes to honor the memory of those thousands. Because I lived through it, I feel an obligation to write it all down.

May their sacrifices not have to be repeated by the generations that follow, yet history teaches us that they will have their own sacrifices to make to keep from being slaves to Islam. As the thousands of Islamic terror Websites state: “We have been at war with you for 1400 years. You forgot. We did not.”

To those who will have to continue the fight for generations into the future, I offer this prayer from St. Patrick from so many generations past:

I take for my sureties:

The power of God to guide me,

The might of God to uphold me,

The wisdom of God to teach me,

The eye of God to watch over me,

The ear of God to hear me,

The word of God to give me speech,

The hand of God to protect me,

The way of God to go before me,

The shield of God to shelter me....

Christ be with me, Christ before me,

Christ behind me, Christ within me,

Christ beneath me, Christ above me,

Christ at my right, Christ at my left,

Christ in the heart of every man who thinks of me,

Christ in the mouth of every man who speaks to me,

Christ in every eye that sees me,

Christ in every ear that hears me.

-St. Patrick

And these poems:

Future Dust

“I’ll never look like that!”
I said to myself when we were offloaded
from the Lakeland Air Force Base
Officer Training School bus
and heard the upperclassmen
bark orders at us, the arriving class,
and saw the triple rings under their eyes.

Six weeks later, I looked like that
as I stood at the attention outside my room
on Saturday Morning Inspection

(as one upperclassman stood
outside my room looking at every detail
of my appearance for deviations
“Details will save your life!”
repeated by my teachers so often
it is forever burned into my mind,
and another ran over every detail in my room
from the folds in the mattress
to the spacing between my socks).

I broke after they left
to scan my demerits book
aware that so much depended
on my finally bringing those demerits down:
my graduation, the cohesion of my flight, honor,
the future of the United States of America.

And there it sat, like a turd
the inspector left behind
from his white-gloved hand:
“Future dust.”

When the inspector returned
for questioning, I fired it right at him,
“What’s ‘future dust’, Sir!?”
“I’d have had a perfect inspection
but for that demerit.”

“Come over here, son.”
he said in a thick Southern drawl.
He opened the blinds to let in the sun
and pointed at the air.

“What’s that?” he said,
a thin grin opening on his face,
all the muscles in his future fighter pilot’s body
preparing to press the red button on the joystick.

“Dust, Sir.” I stated.
“Wrong, Officer Candidate Curley!
That’s future dust!
In a few minutes it will land
on your desk and you failed to prevent it!
Therefore, you Sir, are guilty!
Guilty of letting down your flight!
Guilty of failing to prevent future dust!”
Three demerits. Good-bye!

As our teachers told us so many times,
they were preparing us for war.
Waging war has rules and surprises,
and surprises repeated often enough
become the rules of warfare.

Like future dust,
Or the future dust of a company
that fails to plan for the next bear market,
or the future dust of a family death,
or the future dust of the lack of preparation
for the next war and the deaths that will result,
or the dust of skyscrapers brought down

by fanatical jihadists,

or the future dust we will find
clogging the oxygen filters
of our interplanetary space ships.

So many years later,
I now know they were right.
We all must be eternally vigilant
to prevent future dust from landing,
if we are to have any chance at all
of a life in the space dust of the future.

Lament for American Hands and Hearts

“Knowing he helped save lives

By bringing that plane down…

It brings joy to a situation

where there isn’t much to be found.”

Lisa Beamer,

wife of Todd Beamer

on hearing of Todd’s fight.

Many fathers will not be coming home tonight, or ever.

Some were among 45 passengers

On a routine American commercial flight, Flight 93

When jihadists, Satan’s gift to the forces of evil,

Unjust war, pestilence, anger, murder, envy and all mortal sin,

Slit the throats of some mothers who were stewardesses,

Bound them, sprayed mace at the men, who tried to help,

Herded them into the back of the plane,

Rushed the pilots, murdered them, and hijacked the plane.

Nevertheless, this father of three, Thomas Burnett,

Calmly phoned his wife four times to say,

“I know we’re all going to die.

We know of the World Trade Center attacks

From other phone calls we’ve made.

There’s three of us who are going to do something about it.”

Mark Bingham phoned his mother to say,

“I just want you to know I love you.”

Jeremy Glick told his wife by phone,

The men voted to attack the terrorists.”

Todd Beamer’s last words,

In an expression he used

Whenever his wife and family were leaving

Their home for a family outing, were,

“Are you guys ready: Let’s roll!”

They organized and planned in nanoseconds,

And acted with fearlessness in minutes.

They overpowered the murders before them,

Charged down the 33 rows and 290 feet of the 767 aisle,

Kicked down the locked cockpit door,

And 3 unarmed average Americans

Subdued 4 armed, vile, and unclean Bin Laden jihadists

Because they overheard the jihadists plans to turn

The civilian airliner into a war missile

To kill more innocent civilians

In a new kind of war the terrorists

Decided and stated long ago, has no rules.

The unarmed Americans fought bravely and well.

They pulverized the puny jihadists who,

Now stripped of their most advanced weapon…surprise…

Cowered beneath the first and fierce counterstrikes

Of many future ones from average Americans

Until we drive these jihadists back to their caves

From which they emerged,

And their caves become their tombs,

As we carry forth the spirit of those who fought and died

Above the Amish Pennsylvania farms

Who put into practice the ancient Amish saying,

“Hands to work and hearts to God.”

Fighting for the Jewish Soul

Rabbi Reeves speaks of the soul and the oversoul

to a congregation of twenty in the Washington suburbs

renting a room in the Presbyterian Church.

Many in the congregation are skeptical,

survivors of life’s battles and obstacles

Survivors of survivor are more so.

The service begins, and ancient songs

Or mourning and love and repentance

Gather in the room and are sent to God.

“Service, Prayer, and food are our tradition”

Says Rabbi Reeve, who begins the service

And leads the prayer and songs with laughter.

Until, after shared wine and broken bread

Poets are invited to read from Beyond Lament:

Poets of the World Bearing Witness to the Holocaust.

Somewhere between the memory of the train ride

In France that connected Davi to another generation

That carried other Jews to death on the same tracks…

And the poem about the lampshade of flesh

To which the viewer asks what response can there be

And the Rabbi answers to continue to procreate…

And Marguerite’s poem addressing correct response

To the horror of editing a collection of holocaust poetry

And reality and posing a question every generation faces.

That behind a young girl of perhaps twelve

Hovers the over soul of which the Rabbi spoke

Speaking soul to soul to the young girl’s future.

Even if she cannot understand it, she senses it.

The Rabbi smiles and dances because he has seen it before…

the oversoul is there, as real as the next fight for the Jewish soul.


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