The Next Generation (also AIEEEEEEEEEEE part 2)

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guys its me ult dirk i got my grubby hands on the narrative again

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Chapter 1

On Earth C, in the future, there is a group of friends. A group of friends who are currently...

Being embarrassed by their parents. Which one shall you be?

Be the young human girl.

You are the young human girl. What is your name?

Genetic Fail-

Didn’t your mother tell you to be polite? Your name is Layla Strider-English and right now, you are at a family gathering.

You are the oldest and only daughter of your fathers. Your dad, Dirk Strider: Prince of Heart, and your other dad, Jake English: Page of Hope. Your aunt, Jane Crocker: Maid of Life, is holding a baby shower for her and her wife, Jasprose Lalonde.

You are not happy. Your dads are off happily chatting with your human and sprite aunts while you are stuck with your cousins. Next to you is Latula Serket-Pyrope (jade-blood troll, still a grub), Neil Crocker (7 years old, a human, Jack Strider-Vantas (gold-blood troll, hatched and around 8 years old), Peony Maryam (olive-blood troll, hatched and around 11 years old), and your best friend and cousin, Julia Egbert (human, 9 years old).

If you were to be stuck with one of your cousins for the rest of your life it would be Julia. Even though you’re close to your aunt Jade Harley: Witch of Space, she doesn’t have any children, but your ankle, Roxy Lalonde: Rouge of Void, and your aunt, June Egbert: Heir of Breath, have Julia!

Julia is around the same height as you and one year older than your 8-year-old self. You do love your troll family, but to be real, it’s easier to talk to Julia about school and in general life.

Poke your grub cousin.

Latula? No way!!! If you were to poke them, they would shriek for their mothers, Vriska Serket: Thief of Light, and Terezi Pyrope: Seer of Mind, would come running over and scold your ragtag group of children.

You might as well talk to your troll family.

Bug Peony.

Layla: Peony!

Peony: What do you want of me, Layla? :3

Layla: Everyone here is so BORING. Do you wanna play with Uncle Dave’s turntables?

Peony: Layla, Uncle Dave said not to play with his turntables. Besides, it won’t work since we are not gods. :/

Layla: But Peony......I’m so booooored.

Peony: Fine, I guess we can go. :3

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