The Angel Carriers

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Chapter 7 - Love Hurts

An hour earlier

Freya and Kate were outside the back of the club. Kate was still wiping some leftover tears over Freya’s face with a napkin. ” Are you sure you gonna be ok?” Kate asked. Freya took a deep breath and nodded. Kate kept her stare, then gave her a long hug and whispered, ” Love you, sis” Freya says the same back just before the two back away. Freya noticed a tear fall down Kate’s cheek after the embrace and quickly asked, ” You ok?” Kate didn’t notice the tear till it was pointed out. She wiped it off her cheek then smiled at Freya.

" Yeah, just happy to see you and a tad sad that you’re leaving again. Just a tad, ” Kate joking added. They both share a laugh till Freya waved. Kate waved back and watched as she made her way out the alley. While Kate’s stare remained out towards the direction where Freya disappeared too, her expression turned from delighted to empty just as Hazard appeared behind her. He then leans in closely behind her, to the point where she could feel his breath as he spoke.

" There goes our little Freya, chasing down Frank again for the millionth time. Blind loyalty is the best form of love because it breeds corruption so much faster than lust. Quite exciting and predictable all at the same time, wouldn’t you say?”

Kate crossed her arm while keeping her gaze out, ” Let’s just get this over with,” She said in a cold tone. A few moments later, Kate held a meeting with all the Kitsunes at the club’s main dance hall. They all watch Kate as she got on stage. She had on a long button-up fur coat with high heels.

“Ladies, as you all know by now, Ace was killed by some damn hunter last night. It was not too long ago in this same club that my sister was also taken away from us by another hunter. Ace always said the show must go on. Tonight, we wait for the representatives of the Spencer Mansion to arrive.”

All the Kitsunes looked to each other, concern and confused at Kate’s words. ” But didn’t Ace break ties with them a long time ago?” One of the Kitsunes said. Kate narrows her eyes at the Kitsune who spoke before responding.

“Yes, but that was under another rule. These representatives are new, with new ideas I assume. Since we have no other options, we’re going to hear them out.“Another Kitsune shouts, ” How can we be so sure they will even come!?”

" But come, we already have,” Dante said from the front entrance. All the Kitsunes turn around to the sound of his voice. They also see Bison and Raphael standing by the front door alongside him. Raphael locks the door behind him. Bison looks at the Kitsunes with a smirk while Dante remained calm with a slight smile on his face. Kate growls lowly to herself before clearing her throat, “Welcome,” Kate manages to say. Dante fixes his cuff links then makes his way to the stage where Kate was. Bison and Raphael stay by the door while all the Kitsunes in the room watch Dante’s every move. Once he was on stage, he smiled at Kate. He then touches her fur coat lightly and says, “Ah, very nice” She smiles back even though her heart wasn’t into it. Dante ignored it and continued.

“It’s a shame what happened to Ace. I was looking forward to speaking with him. I heard he had a falling out with Spencer. It’s understandable. Spencer was, at times, unreasonable. But that was then, and this is now.”

“Wouldn’t know. Let’s go to the office to talk.” Kate said in haste. It was clear she just wanted to get things over with. But Dante, of course, picked up on it. “Nonsense beautiful, all Kistunes here should be included.” Dante calmly replied before turning to the crowd of Kitsunes.

“Ladies, for far too long, you had to hide, not only from the humans in fear of being treated like some freak but from hunters like the one who killed your club owner. These hunters have a boss, and they’re the ones who would see you dead if they see fit. I know, what can you do, right? Well, we are working on a plan to take them out for good. But we need your help. Much like Lycans, you gals have a great sense of smell. You can track them down a lot easier than we could. So, you find them. We bag them. In return, we all get what we want. Maybe after we succeed, you’ll be willing to give my friends a free dance or two as a sign of goodwill.”

Kate grabbed Dante’s arm and pulled him aside. “What the hell are you doing?” She said in an annoyed tone. Dante looks down at his arm where she held it, then slowly looks back to her “Pardon?” Dante asked. Kate continued in the same manner.

“These girls are my responsibility. I won’t let you try to lead them into some bloodbath. They are the only family I have now. So let’s just talk about the deal.”

“Bloodbath?” Dante repeated before continuing.” I think you have me all wrong, doll. I just want to make a statement.” “Statement?” Kate confusingly repeated. Dante nods then moved his arm away from her grip. He fixes his suit then looks back to the Kitsunes. They all kept their eyes on him while waiting to hear his plan. However, before he got the chance, Raphael run’s to a table nearby and takes a seat. He takes out his book and pen and begins drawing while mumbling to himself. All the Kitsunes watch him as he draws. They didn’t understand why someone would just go ahead and start drawing randomly. Dante and Bison glance at each other before Dante continued.

“Don’t mind him, ladies. He’s just an artist. As I said, these hunters would have us all face our deaths without remorse, simply because they love the hunt. I say we deliver death to them before-”

Before he could continue, a loud explosion was heard outside. All the Kitsunes panic while Bison holds his ears from the ringing. Raphael was not affected by the loud blast and continues drawing. Kate contains herself and any emotion to run while Dante’s eyes become blood red. After shaking off the ringing in his ears, Bison open’s the door and steps outside to see what had happened since the explosion sounded close by. When Bison got a closer look, he sees their car had exploded. His eyes became blood-red while staring at the flames. Back inside, Dante looks to Kate and says ” Hunter” before jumping off the stage. He walked past the crowd of the Kitsunes, who, at this point, were all paranoid. When Dante gets outside, he noticed Bison’s headless body on the ground right before it turned to dust. Dante quickly goes back inside and locks the door behind him. He looks to the Kitsunes just as they all stare back at him as if they wanted to attack. Kate stepped in front of him and asked, “What happen?” Dante, while angry, looks to Raphael and says, “That’s enough” before looking back to Kate.

“It’s the hunter. As I said before, he’s here to kill us all. So it’s in our best interest to band together and rip him apart before he kills anyone else.”

All the Kitsunes start talking among themselves while Kate stares at Dante. Raphael finally made his way back to Dante, then hands him the drawing he made and asked, “Do you see?“. Kate became impatient then shouted, ” Why is that important?!” Dante ignores her while looking at the drawing. After a moment, he places it in his jacket pocket. Kate turns away from him then says, “Follow me, I have an idea” As she starts walking, the Kitsunes step away from her while growling. Dante and Raphael look at each other for a moment, then followed. They end up back in Ace’s room. Raphael closes the door behind them just as Kate jumps on top of the table. Her gaze still looking away from them, she begins to dance slowly. Dante raises his eyebrow, confused about why she would bring them here for such a thing. Kate lets her fur coat drop to her feet, revealing herself to have nothing but a red thong while topless. Raphael’s eyes widen as he stares at her ass. Dante was also amused, but it didn’t stop him from asking, ” This is your plan?” Kate didn’t answer. Instead, she turns around slowly while still dancing. Her eyes now the same color as Hazards. She responds, ” Yes ” Dante knew something wasn’t right from the look in her eyes so his immediate action was to pull out his gun and keep it aimed at her head. Kate just laughed it off and continued to speak in a tone that didn’t seem like her own.

“Do you think that will kill me? Do you think your safe from me, Vampire? Let me fill you in on the breaking news. Killing this Kitsune will not stop me from making your life a living hell.”

Kate extends her hand out just as a nine-inch blade covered in blood appears in her grip. Dante kept his gun aimed at her head as a warning to stay back. Kate then casually tossed the blade to the ground just next to Dante, but it didn’t distract him. ” Go on, guess who’s blood that is?” Kate said as Dante was becoming impatient. He then tilts his head towards the blade as a gesture for Raphael to pick it up. Raphael kneels and picks the blade up with both hands before giving it a quick sniff. He whispers, ” Bison.” Kate chuckles. Dante shouts, ” Shut up! That’s impossible. The hunter must have killed Bison cause this bitch was in front of us when that happened!”

Raphael stares at Kate as if he was amused and afraid simultaneously, then whispered, ” Possessed.” Raphael drops the blade, then stands up and backs away till being against the door. Kate jumps off the table, her gaze still at Dante, along with a broad smile before Hazard’s voice began coming out from her mouth.

“No, no, possession is done by demons and spirits. They tend to do that sort of thing without asking. I made a deal with Kate, so it’s nothing like a possession. Now Dante, why don’t you be a doll and tell me where Christy is.”

Before he could answer, the fire alarm goes on. Having the perfect excuse to leave, Raphael says, ” I’ll see what that’s about,” before opening the door and running out. In Hazard’s tone, Kate laughs and then says, “Guess he never changed” The door slams shut on its own, causing Dante to glance at it. The possessed Kate used the distraction to sprint at him with the nine-inch blade that was somehow back in her hand. Dante quickly turns around and grabs her wrist, stopping it just inches from his head before punching Kate in the face with his other hand. Dante picks up the blade from the ground since she dropped it after the punch. He held it while examining it closely as Kate laid on the floor. He then asked, “Where did this come from? Who are you?” Kate got back up with a broad smile on her face and began talking as if he never asked her anything.

“Do you think you were good enough for her? Do you think that you could be the true soulless king? All she was, all she would ever be, is a weak Vampire. But she had an excuse, what was yours? Why were you so soft, Dante?”

Dante was taken back from her words, mainly because of the unknown tone that was Hazards. He drops the blade, but as soon as it hit the floor, it disappears only to reappear back in Kate’s hand. In shock, Dante repeats, “Who are you?” while holding his ground. Kate’s eyes widen at the question.

“I’ll tell you who I’m not. A human turned Vampire. Or a Vampire overlord who knew nothing about being a father or king. I’m not a little boy who wants to be a man way earlier than he should. I’m not some Vampire looking for the hand of the soulless queen, no. I’m not Dante. I’m not Kate. I’m Hazard.”

Hazard begins laughing while still possessing Kate’s body. Her laugh was heard along with his. Just then, he swings the blade towards Dante’s head again, but only this time, he was expecting it. Dante quickly dodges it before shooting Kate in the head. She falls onto her back, dead. Her eyes remained open as Hazard’s eye color faded away, revealing Kates natural green cat-like eyes. Dark mist surrounds the room as Hazard’s voice can be heard saying, “I’ll get you, Dante” He kept repeating it till Dante ran out of the room. When Dante got back to the main room where the Kitsunes were before, he saw that the sprinklers were on due to the fire alarm. Raphael stood in the middle of the soaked club. It appeared that the Kitsunes made a run for it as soon as the sprinklers came on.

“What the hell happened?” Raphael asked as soon as he saw Dante coming towards him. Before he could respond, the same dark mist starts spinning around the club. Dante shouts, ” We need to leave, now!”

Hazard suddenly appears behind Raphael, floating just above before snatching him by the hair. Raphael’s feet were dangling in the air while Hazard held him. ” The fuck is this!?” Raphael shouts. While Hazard kept his grip on Raphael’s hair, the nine-inch blade appears in his other hand. “Wait!” Dante shouts. Hazard floats further up, then tilts his head and asked ” Why? Know where Christy is?” Dante tried to take a moment to think while Raphael struggled to break loose.

" Better hurry up, Dumb-Tay,” Hazard said just before letting out a sinister chuckle. Dante narrowed his eyes at him but then tried to speak in a calmer tone. ” I don’t know where Christy is, Hazard. It is Hazard, right? ” Hazard nods, then Dante continued.” We can find her together. We can take out the hunter as well. There is no reason why we should be enemies. We-”

“Bored! ” Hazard shouts before ramming the nine-inch blade into the back of Raphael’s heart. Dante watched as his comrade’s body turned to dust. As it fell onto the wet club floor, Hazard just kept a smile on his face and casually floated back down.

" Dante, are you going to make me have you tortured now? When all you have to do is tell me what I want to know. Don’t be cruel, ” Hazard finished with a sarcastic tone. Dante’s eyes became blood red. Before Hazard could react, Dante sprints forward and strikes him with one firm punch onto his chest that sends Hazard flying back. He crashed through the front door and out onto the ground a few feet away from the club. As Hazard laid on his back motionless, Dante walked towards him. Rage still in his eyes. Dante leans down and grabs Hazard with both hands before lifting him. Now face to face, Dante spoke in a tone filled with rage and shouts.

” You fucked up my deal, you fucked up my associates, and most importantly, you fucked up my ride!” Dante glances back at his car that exploded earlier. Only this time, he spots Ace with an empty carton of gasoline. Hazard turns his head to Ace and then casually said ” Hello Ace,” in a Nigerian tone before vanishing from Dante’s grip. He then reappears next to Ace and whispers, ” Ace, Dante shot Kate dead. Right in your office. He’s out of control.” Ace raised his eyebrow then looked back to Hazard. The two said nothing until a small portal opens beside Ace. Hazard took a step back just as Ace went inside. The portal remained opened as Hazard looked back to Dantes same angry expression with a hint of confusion.

" I thought he was dead? What fucking game are you playing, Hazard? Who’s side are you on! Are you the hunter’s lackey?” Dante shouted.

Hazard tilts his head then points to himself and sarcastically said ” Me no, Lack-Key. Me Hazard, and you Dumb-Tay. ” Hazard chuckled then continued with his normal tone,” I have no side, I’m a Reaper. But it’s because I have no side. I can dip my hand into both sides, then sprinkle both side’s juices onto the others. Then, watch as they drive themselves crazy trying to figure out what to do with all the corruption that comes with it,” Hazard smiled while Dante kept his stare, his eyes still blood-red. He whispers to himself, ” What the fuck does that even mean?” Hazard responds in a calmer matter that was almost chilling.

" Maybe it’s a hidden meaning. Maybe it’s white noise. Or maybe, it’s just a distraction” Seconds after Hazard’s spoke, a portal opens above Dante’s head. The desk from Aces office falls out and crashes on top of him. It was a minor inconvenience, but enough time to have another small portal open behind Dante just for Ace to come out a ram his metal claw into the end of his back. Dante shouted in pain as his blood covered Ace’s metal claw. The blood was now dripping down his back while he struggled. Ace reached around and grabbed Dante by the front of his neck while pushing his claw up alongside his back. Before Ace’s claw could reach Dante’s heart, Hazard shouts, ” Stop! Remember the deal, if he dies before I get what I want, then you die.” Ace glances back at Hazard with rage before shouting back, ” Fine!” Hazard smiled then walked up to Dante, now face to face as Ace held him.

" Dante, Ace will make sure you tell me what I need to know. He’s terrific at torture since he lived a tortured life. So off we go.”

Present time

As Dante remained tied up from the chains, he looks to Maximus since he could tell he was the more reasonable out of the two hunters.” Again, I can pay you in cash for my freedom. Some money mixed in with the information I gave must be worth something. I know you two aren’t like Hazard. We can work something out.” Maximus snaps his gaze back to Dante, insulted that he would think of him so low as to stoop down to his level. However, he said nothing. Frank walked up to Dante, his gaze locked on his while speaking in a pleased yet, serious tone.

" So, Kate is dead. Your boys are dead, and I’m pretty sure Hazard is going to kill you. But between me and you ” He leans in closer then whispered, ” Do you really know where Christy is? Or are you just playing hardball with the punk-ass Reaper?” Dante raised his eyebrow, confused on why he asked before simply answering with a faint ” No” Frank held his stare a little longer then backed away. He then pulled Maximus aside to speak with him privately.

“Alright, Max, here’s the deal, don’t tell Socrates about what happened here yet. Let me just find something out before we make our report. Don’t even tell him we did the mission yet. Just to be on the safe side, ok?”

Maximus took a moment to think before responding.

“Well, maybe if we tell him, he might know something. He’s an old dude, so he could defiantly help with some information, you know.”

“Hey kid, don’t argue with me here, alright. Just trust me, if we do it my way, it will look better for both of us. Come on, man, wolfpack.” Frank put his hand up while sticking up his pinky and index fingers like how people do when they rock out to music. Maximus stared at him awkwardly but didn’t make the same hand gesture. Instead, he just looks over where Dante was.

“Fine. But what about Dante? Maybe we can use him as bait to lure Hazard out.” Frank puts his hand down and glances over his shoulder at Dante before looking back at Maximus.

“I’ll take care of him. You run off and wash up. Make it look like you went to school while I clean this mess up.” Maximus nods then ran off. Frank turned around and walked up to Dante. A smirk now on his face, Frank casually said, ” Now, about that price you mentioned.”

About thirty minutes later, Maximus got to the local gym since that was the only place he knew he could wash up. Also, he was a member. Once inside, he waved to the personal trainer who ran the business. The trainer looked surprised to see him but waved back, “Hey, Max, what’s up. Aren’t you suppose to be in school?” He asked Maximus as he continued to pass him by quickly. Maximus shook his head and replies, ” No, it’s a holiday” The personal trainer looked confused but shrugs it off. Once Maximus got inside the bathroom, he put the water on and started splashing his face a few times. He then takes a towel and dries off. Once finished, Maximus looks in the mirror, but when he did, he sees his face covered in blood and shouts ” Holy fuck!” before moving back quickly. Maximus touches his face frantically but felt nothing. No blood or cuts. He then looks back at the mirror and sees the blood gone, as if it was never there. He felt odd, almost spooked out. Just as Maximus is about to leave, he spots Hazard leaning against the front door with his arms crossed with no expression on his face. It took him by surprise.

“Sucks, right? Having someone pop in uninvited when you just mind your own business. Oh, and not to mention, it isn’t polite,” Hazard casually added.” Maximus narrowed his eyes at him then gets into a fighting stance. Hazard smiled just a bit, then continued.

“No need to strike a pose. We can strike a conversation instead. You see, I think you got the wrong impression of dear old Hazard. I was torturing a Vampire, well Ace was, but under my orders. Just a couple of days ago, you killed two of them. What’s the difference?”

“What about the principle? Or that anchorman and his wife? Or Ace? Wait, how and why is Ace even helping you if you killed him before?” Maximus said in a demanding tone. Even after hearing Frank’s theory about it, he still wanted to hear it from Hazard himself. Hazard just laughed for a moment till finally answering him.

“Let’s review. The couple, the loving couple who had the perfect house, perfect features, and a poodle, which ran out of the house cause I left the door open, by the way. Anyway, I didn’t kill them. All I did was bring out what they were already feeling. You see, the more people who are in love with each other, the more they hate each other deep inside.”

“Bullshit,” Maximus bluntly spurs out. Hazard just smirked then continued.

“I shit you not. How many times can one say I love you without getting sick of it? To sleep with the same person every single fucking day. From seeing their face first thing in the morning, hearing them bitching and bitching, and god don’t get me started with sex. Gotta fuck the same person over and over and over. I mean, how many times can you use a glove without it fitting like it used to? Right? Wait, why am I asking you? You’re just a virgin.”

Maximus gave Hazard a disgusted look while at the same time not understanding how someone could have such a view. It didn’t faze Hazard, so he continued.

“Yes that look, is how they began to feel for one another. What once was a fantastic loving fairy tale turned into a prison to which none could escape. Both were scared of divorce cause of the bad reputation they would get, yet both had people on the side to help deal with the boredom that was each other. All of it, everything built. I just released it. I never once struck them.”

“Liar, none of that makes sense. Even with your logic, you’re still wrong for influencing that behavior,” Maximus spurs out again. But Hazard continued.

“Just you wait till you fall in love, then you’ll remember my words. Now the principle. He was a sick one. He was married at a young age, twenty-one. But a year later, his wife divorced him for his older, more mature brother. That broke him, corrupted him. So much that he developed a thing for high school girls, he had a hidden camera in the bathrooms, files, and files of clean shaving underage girls all on his very “hard” drive back home. His paranoia started to eat at him. He kept thinking the FBI was going to find out about his secrete. So all I did was give a whisper and said, “Maybe ” Eventually, he killed himself.”

Maximus grabbed Hazard by the collar while growling before pressing him against the doors. He then shouts, “Lies!” Hazard laughed then disappeared, only to reappear on the other side, now leaning against the window. Maximus turned quickly just as Hazard once again continued to speak as if he took pride in everything he was talking about.

“Far as the Dark Drow, he attempted to kill himself when he was younger. In Reaper laws, whenever someone tries to take their own life, their soul is void and can be taken whenever we want. So I decided it was time. Only, not to take his soul for Death. But to extend his time and have him work with me. Which means I own him. Don’t believe me? Well, ask your partner in crime, Frank. He knows about Reaper laws since the one he killed all those years ago taught him.”

“Taught him?” Maximus confusingly repeats.

Hazard smiles wide, then vanishes. Maximus was left there to wonder just how much Frank knew.

" This Frank guy must know more than what he’s letting on. Maybe I should tell Socrates. Or not. Shit, I dunno.”

Maximus looked at himself in the mirror again, then sighs. He couldn’t help but think that maybe he stumbled onto something that had more questions than answers. A few hours later, Frank was ordering his third beer at a bar. The bartender gave him a glass before attending someone else. Suddenly, the side window’s glass was shattered into pieces when a motorcycle flew through the bar. It crashed against Frank’s back which caused him to fall to the ground. Frank growls then shouts, ” Fucking shit!” He then stands up and shakes it off but shortly after, Freya tackles him onto the bar table. They rolled over right into the floor on the other side. Freya, now on top of him, hisses while punching him all over like crazy. People that were there all ran out in a panic. Frank finally managed to grab her hands, but then she leans down and bites on his chest. He shouts, “Ah fucking bitch!” Frank rolls her over, him now on top of her, while he growls back. His hands pin hers down onto the floor. She hisses again then headbutts him. They both shake their head a bit till Frank tightens his grip on her hands then shouts, “Hey, cut the shit! Did you just throw a fucking motorcycle at me? Who does that!?”

“No! Who the fuck leaves their girlfriend alone in a fucking town like this for almost two fucking days! You left me alone, you fucking bitch ass! ” Freya shouted, matching Frank’s attitude. Frank shouts back, “Hey!” while holding her down tighter. The bartender rushes back around with his shotgun and points it at Freya. Frank stared at him, just now noticing that the bartender spotted Freyas tail and cat ears. At this point, it was easy to tell that it wasn’t fake. The bartender was nervous but still managed to speak.

“Ok, back off it, and let me get a clear shot at this abomination.”

Frank kept his stare at the bartender before quickly sprinting up to snatch the shotgun out of his hand. Now pointing the gun at the bartender, Frank smirks. The bartender was confused but then nervously said, “I don’t understand.” Frank narrowed his eye at him and spoke in a serious tone.

“Nah, you wouldn’t understand, would you? People like me protect people like you. Only for you to turn on us the second you find out what we are, “Franks’s eye turns into its Lycan form. When the bartender sees it, he freaks out and says,” Oh god.”

“Yeah, oh god, call for god while not giving credit to those who do his work, you son of a bitch,” Frank replied just as he clocks the shotgun, but then Freya hugs him from behind while peeking over his shoulder. She then spoke in a more relaxed tone.

“My hero, I’m sorry. We both overreacted. He’s not worth it. Let’s just go, please.” Her words were relaxing to him, more so since she used her other hand to rub along the front of his chest. Frank takes a deep breath then puts his arm around her as he held up the shotgun.“I’m keeping this,” Frank said to the bartender just before they both walk away.

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