East Gate Moonlight Blood

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Chapter 10

Phenton, you are forbidden to see that woman,” Aurora scolded as Phenton stared up to her.

“What? I’m a grown ass man! You’re just jealous of her bcause she understands me better than you, right? Who are you to tell me who I can and can’t see?” he snapped as she approached his chair and smacked her hands on the arms and got in his face.

“Do not talk to me about understanding,” she hissed as he moved his face away from hers. “I understand you perfectly well,” she said moving away from him.

“No you don’t. You know nothing about him.”

“Obviously you don’t understand! When I’d have nightmares, she’d comfort me. She’d hold me,” Phenton shouted.

“That felt nice.”

“She’d do everything to calm me down.”

“Stroke your hair.”

“She did things for me you wouldn’t do now to calm me down.”

“Play with your junk.”

“Would you shut up!? I can’t think with you commenting everything,” Phenton shouted as Aurora looked around.

“Who are you talking to?” she asked angrily as Phenton looked around. He forgot that she couldn’t see or hear Marshall. She also kept telling him he wasn’t real. Phenton knew he was real.

“Marshall, that’s who I’m talking to,” Phenton growled as Aurora rolled her eyes.

“He’s NOT real!” she shouted.

“I am real jerk off!”

“He is real. You just can’t see him. This is the part about understanding that I was talking about,” He said as Aurora walked away. Simeon came out of his room with his girlfriend.

“Bye mom. Bye dad,” he said grabbing his keys. He put his hand on the girl’s side. She was a ler. Her skin was light blue and she had bright yellow hair.

“Where are you going?” Aurora asked. It was easy to tell she was still furious with Phenton and had turned her rage toward her son.

“Shit! Where does it look like? He’s going out.”

“Malory and I are going to the play at McPherson Theater Academy. She’s the lead,” he said smiling at her. He looked from his mother to his father.

“If I could detach myself from you, I’d go see the play.”

“Are you guys fighting again?” he asked irritated. Phenton waved his hand in a dismissing motion.

“Go to your play,” he said as Aurora stamped her foot.

“Did you finish your chores?” she asked as Simeon looked at her.

“I don’t have any chores. I’m freaking 20 years old! I’m in college!” Simeon said raising his voice. He usually showed respect to his parents, but his mother was really pushing his buttons.

“Phenton...pst Phenton... Tell her you are going too. It’ll get you out of the house.”

Phenton listened to Marshall and had to give it to him. It would be a good way to get out. For once he was going to actually listen to Marshall and use his advice to his advantage. Phenton stood up and smiled at Simeon.

“I’m going too,” he said as Aurora gawked at him.

“You will do no such thing,” she said as he looked at her. Simeon stood awkwardly with his girlfriend as his parents fought. Simeon looked down and whispered in her ear.

“They just need to shut up and screw,” he chuckled as Malory playfully hit him in the side.

“Simeon I have to be there on time for set up. It’s opening night,” she said pulling his sleeve. He had dressed to a tee for the occasion. He wore a white suit and a black bow tie. He wanted to make sure that he was dressed to impress. He even took the initiative to slick his platinum hair back letting it loosely run behind his ears.

Simeon looked at his parents as they stood close together faces red with rage. Simeon motioned Malory outside and then went up behind his dad. He pushed their heads together and their faces collided. Phenton’s lips pressed on hers. Simeon stepped back and smiled when they didn’t pull away from each other. He went outside. Phenton pushed Aurora away angrily and stormed out of the house. He followed Simeon to his car.

“What!? I thought for sure you guys woulda taken your clothes off and got freaky with it at least,” Simeon whined as Phenton got in the back seat.

“Trust me Simeon. We’ve had our freaky days. Just ask your mom how long it took for her to sit down after we finished trying for you,” Phenton mumbled as Simeon cringed at the thought.

“Dad,” he moaned as Malory laughed at his reddening face. They drove down to McPherson.

“Malory do you live in McPherson?” Phenton asked as she turned her head.

“Yeah. I’ve lived there for a while. My parents are in the governmental business so we kinda move a lot,” she said as Phenton nodded. “We live next to this awesome couple. An igniter and human whisper. They make the best cookies,” she said as Phenton thought.

“Does this couple have a name?” he asked as she popped her gum.

“Yeah. Thayer I think. Yeah Storm and Stephanie Thayer,” she said as Phenton smiled.

“Simeon stop me by there,” Phenton said as Simeon nodded.

“I thought you were coming to the play,” Simeon asked looking in his mirror.

“I’m not. I needed any excuse to get out of the house away from your mother,” Phenton said as Simeon laughed. Simeon pulled into the driveway and waited for his father to get out. He stayed until someone came and answered the door. After Phenton had gone in, Simeon drove away.

“Your family’s really strange,” Malory said as Simeon shifted his eyes in her direction. She put her hand on his knee and he smiled.

“I know, but what are you gonna do? Family is family,” he said as she leaned her head on his arm. He kissed her head and she shrieked.

“LOOK OUT!!” she shouted as Simeon slammed on the breaks putting his right arm across her chest.

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