East Gate Moonlight Blood

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Chapter 11

Julie walked around carrying the crying Noah in her arms. She didn’t know how to exactly console him because he was so upset that he was ripped away from Axel.

“Shh... Noah it’s OK,” she said as Noah screamed.

“I... want... my... daddy!” he sobbed as Russell brought him a tissue and wiped his nose. Blair stood by the door with her arms crossed.

“So what are we going to do to get him back?” she asked as Terrence came from behind her.

“We need to do something. We can’t just leave him in there, only god knows what’s happening,” Terrence said as Julie laid Noah in his bed. She pulled the covers over his body and stroked his hair until he fell asleep. She wiped the tears that fell from his face.

“We could break in,” Terrence said as they stared at him.

“Are you crazy? That’s the most highly secure place in the country. What do you expect to do just walk in and then walk out?” Russell asked as Terrence crossed his arms.

“I don’t see you coming up with any ideas idiot,” Terrence said as Russell glared at him.

“How would you expect to break in? There are agents crawling all over that place. They are given the command to shoot on sight,” Russell said as Terrence looked away from him. Audrey came into the room her red hair in a curly ponytail.

“We could go during visiting hours. That wouldn’t be too suspicious would it?” she said as Julie looked down at her. She motioned them all out of the room so that Noah wouldn’t wake up.

“That’s not a bad idea Audrey,” Julie said as Audrey smiled at her. “Russell do you know how to get blueprints?” She asked as Russell thought a moment.

“No, but I know someone who can,” he said as Julie nodded. She brought them all downstairs.

“OK here’s what we’re gonna do, it’s going to take all of us,” she said looking up to Russell and Terrence who stared daggers at each other. “I said all of us. You two are going to have to put this little sibling rivalry thing on hold,” she said as Terrence stared at her.

“He’s not my sibling,” he said coldly as Russell turned his attention back to Julie and her plan.

“Just go along with it alright?” Julie said angrily. She pulled out her tablet from her bag and set it on the table. “Here’s how this is going to go down.”

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