East Gate Moonlight Blood

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Chapter 12

Axel’s head hung down. He felt horrible his stomach was aching. He was in so much pain. He felt like he had been there for years but he knew it was only five days. They had him in the dark tied to a post surrounded by electric wires. He rocked back and forth up against the post. A young man came in quietly. Axel squinted his eyes and looked over to him.

“Here. Drink this,” he said slitting his arm and offering it to Axel. Axel turned his head away from it. “You don’t deserve to die in here. Drink this before they catch me,” he said as Axel sucked on the blood. When he was satisfied, Axel let go and remained on the floor. It wasn’t enough, but he didn’t want to drain the man.

“Thank you,” he whispered as the man dashed out. No sooner had he left, the surgical masked agent came in. He turned the lights on and turned on the microphone.

“Can you walk sir?” he asked as Axel looked over to him. He was covered in burn marks where the agents had exposed his skin to the FID lights. He was so tired and the man looked so fuzzy. “Can you walk?” he said again as Axel tried to stand. His legs felt like jelly and they hurt so badly. He slumped back to the floor. “Help him,” the man said as two officers came in and roughly pulled Axel to his feet. He couldn’t stand, not even with their support. “Take him back to his cell,” the man ordered as they dragged Axel down the hall. It was much brighter than he imagined and he shut his eyes. They opened the door and threw him in. Shark wasn’t there because he was out in the back taking advantage of PR. The LVO had a strict schedule that they abided by. It was posted on the walls for all the prisoners and staff to see. One of the new interns stared intently at the paper. There was a group of them and they had been handed the schedule and were told what to do during the following times:

7:00am - 8:30am Breakfast

8:30am - 12:00pm Leisure Time

12:00pm - 1:30 pm Lunch

1:30pm - 4:00pm Personal Recreation (PR)

4:00pm - 5:30pm Dinner

5:30pm -10:00pm Leisure Time

10:00pm -11:00pm Cell Time

11:00pm LIGHTS OUT

It was about 3 p.m. when Shark walked in the room. He saw Axel lying on the bed and stared down at him.

“Are you OK?” he asked as Axel painfully turned to him. He slowly shook his head and turned it back the other way. “What happened to you? I heard so many different things that had happened that I didn’t know which was true or not,” he said as Axel slowly sat up. He had bruises on his stomach. When he cried out in hunger, an agent turned FID lights on him. Axel was lucky that none of the injuries broke skin otherwise Taurus would be feeling the same pain and he hoped Taurus wasn’t doing anything important so that it wouldn’t interfere with his life.

“I want to go home,” Axel said as Shark sat next to him.

“Why don’t we talk? It might make the situation a little less gruesome,” Shark suggested as Axel painfully turned on his side.

“What am I supposed to tell you that you don’t already know?” Axel asked as Shark shrugged.

“I don’t know. Tell me about that girl and the little boy. Your girlfriend and son I’m assuming?” Shark asked as Axel shook his head.

“He’s not my son, but I sure as hell treat him like one,” Axel said putting his hands on his head.


Well damn! I don’t want that thing. He could burn the whole house down,” a man with sandy blonde hair said to his girlfriend as she held their baby.

“What are we supposed to do with him Jonathan? We can’t just leave him on the street,” she said cuddling the baby in her arms. He slept peacefully against her.

“There’s some dude around here who takes in supernatural babies. We are gonna hand it over to him,” Jonathan said as the woman looked sadly at her baby.

“Do we really have to give him up?” she asked as Jonathan sighed angrily.

“Yes! We can barely afford for ourselves let alone to take care of a pissy baby,” Jonathan growled snatching the sleeping child out of her arms. He walked up to the doorstep of an industrial styled house. The roof of the building was missing and few of the greyish, red bricks had fallen out. Almost all of the windows were broken but then covered with wood to keep out intruders. The steel door had an unbroken window and a hatch that resembled a dog door. The grass that led up to the house was brown and dead and parts of the concrete sidewalk had holes missing out of them or they were uneven in places. He put the child down in front of the door. He looked for a doorbell. He couldn’t find one. “Let’s go,” he urged as his wife ran up to the baby.

“We at least need to tell someone he’s out here! He could die!” she wailed as Jonathan grabbed her around the waist.

“He’ll be fine,” he said pulling her back to the car. She grabbed a rock that was on the ground and hurled it at the house breaking a window. They drove away without looking back. The poor helpless infant started crying from being placed uncomfortably on the ground.

“I don’t know why people keep throwing crap at the window!” Axel shouted opening the door. He saw the baby on the ground and quickly picked him up. Axel looked around for someone and found nobody. The baby cried harder and Axel rocked him back and forth. “Shh sh sh. Don’t cry little one,” he said taking the baby inside. “Taurus! We’ve got another!” he said as Taurus came out.

“Another baby?” Taurus asked as Axel removed the blanket from the baby’s face. His eyes were light blue and filled with tears. “What is he?” Taurus asked as Axel shrugged.

“I don’t know. I found him on the doorstep,” Axel said unwrapping the baby. “God they didn’t even have enough decency to put clothes on him?” Axel asked angrily. Taurus had gone to one of the back rooms and brought out a diaper, onesie, pants, and a pair of socks.

“Here,” Taurus said handing the clothes to Axel. Axel took the baby over to a table that they had made to resemble a changing table. Axel laid the baby down and he started giggling. Axel smiled at the infant and cleaned his lower area with a wipe. He put the diaper on and then the onesie. The baby was exceptionally warm so he kept off the pants and socks.

“Did he come with a note?” Taurus asked as Axel shook his head.

“No. Only wrapped in the blanket,” he said as Taurus put his hand to his chin.

“What are we calling him? If he doesn’t have a card or note we have to name him just like the others,” he said as Axel thought.

“God you know I’m not good with names,” Axel said as Taurus opened a book.

“How about Bartholomew?” Taurus asked as Axel scrunched up his face.

“No that sounds gay,” he said bluntly as Taurus flipped through the pages.

“Andrew?” Taurus said only to receive a head shake. “Thomas? We could call him Tommy for short?” another head shake. “Timothy? Or Tim? What about Timmy?” Taurus asked getting excited. Another head shake from Axel as he held the baby who had fallen asleep again. “What about...Noah?” Taurus asked as Axel thought about it.

“What does it mean?” Axel asked as Taurus fingered through the sentences about the origin of the name.

“It means rest or comfort,” Taurus said as Axel smiled.

“I like it,” he said as the baby slowly opened his eyes. “Hey there little Noah,” he smiled as the baby smiled back. “Well let’s go show him to the others,” Axel said as they walked upstairs. There were two teenagers sitting around a TV playing video games. “Guys we have a baby,” Axel said. None of them moved from their spots. Taurus sighed angrily and unplugged the TV.

“Aww what!? C’mon!” Terrence whined. He threw his controlled down on the end table in front of him. He turned his head to look at Axel. He stood up and walked over to the baby. “You made us stop for this?” he asked motioning from the TV to the baby.

“Yes! TV isn’t the only thing in the world,” Taurus grunted. “So just chill, Terrence,” he said as Terrance crossed his brown muscular arms. His brown eyes softened when Noah look at him and giggled.

“I guess you are kinda cute,” he said sticking his hands out to hold him. Axel handed Noah over. Terrence held him close to his chest. “Blair come look at this baby,” Terrence called to the girl who was lounged on the couch. She pulled up her red skinny jeans and straightened her black graphic tank top. She walked over to Terrence and looked down at the child.

“Aww he’s so cute!” she squealed as Axel looked around.

“Where is everybody?” he asked as Taurus shrugged.

“I think Russell is down in the study and Audrey is somewhere around here,” he said as Axel walked downstairs. He knocked on the door.

“Come in,” Russell said as Axel slowly entered. Russell was moving things around with telekinesis reorganizing the room. “What’s up?” he said losing his focus. Everything fell to the ground. He concentrated and stopped a plank of wood from hitting Axel in the head. He moved his eyes up to the ceiling and replaced the board.

“We have a new child,” Axel said as Russell’s eyes lit up.

“Really? How old are they?” he asked as Axel motioned towards himself.

“Why don’t you come hold him?” Axel responded as Russell looked around the messy room.

“It’s a baby?” he asked as Axel nodded. Russell moved around the debris and went upstairs. His wings were bright yellow and they looked like dragonfly wings. It pained Axel to see Russell always by himself studying and trying to hone his powers.

“Ah look whose decided to grace us with his presence,” Terrence said as Russell lifted him in the air. “PUT ME DOWN!” Terrence shouted struggling in air. He produced a black ball and hurled it at the back of Russell’s head. Russell stopped it without even looking and sent it back. The force hit Terrence so hard he fell from the air and crashed into the TV.

“What did I say about using telekinesis on others!?” Taurus shouted as Terrence stood up. He stared at the TV that was broken.

“Great now we’ve got nothing to look at!” Terrence said angrily as Russell picked up Noah.

“Well you could look at a book. That’d be the smart thing to do. Oh wait you’re not smart, you’re a complete idiot, I’m sorry I forgot,” Russell said putting a lot of sting into his words.

“Enough! Just fix it, Russell,” Axel said as Russell looked at the TV. It slowly got pieced together and back to normal. Russell put his finger into Noah’s tiny hand and he grasped it.

“He’s adorable,” Russell said as Axel nodded in agreement. “What’s his name?” he asked as Axel rubbed Noah’s head.

“We’re calling him Noah,” he said as Russell looked at him strangely.

“Did he not have a name?” Russell asked only to receive a head nod.

“Parent’s left him on the doorstep,” Axel said sadly. “He was only wrapped in a blanket, no clothes, no basket or anything,” Axel continued making Russell sigh angrily.

“Why do they do that? Don’t they have enough courtesy to knock or something?” Russell grumbled as Axel put his hands in his pockets.

“Well they broke another window,” Axel said as Russell quickly looked at him.

“How in the hell does that get people’s attention? It only causes trouble for us when thieves decide to come busting in here,” Russell said angrily handing Noah back to Axel.

“He’s such a sleepy child,” Axel said as Russell nodded.

“Well his name means rest and comfort,” Russell noted walking back downstairs. Axel took Noah to a little room on the side. It wasn’t really a closet but it was small enough to be. They had crammed a rocking chair, a toy box, and a crib into the room. The room was a dimly lit yellow and the windows were boarded up to keep out the sunlight. He set the sleeping Noah into the crib and slightly cracked the door. Axel went back out into the room where Blair was laying her head on Terrence’s lap while he viciously tapped the buttons. He could have practically broken the controller he was pushing so hard and fast.

“We can’t keep taking on any more children,” Axel said to Taurus as they prepared a meal for the teens.

“What are you talking about?” Taurus asked scooping out a handful of noodles into a bowl.

“This makes five kids now. One’s a baby, one’s a child, and the others are teens. We can’t afford for anymore right now,” Axel said pouring the red sauce over the noodles.

“Well, we’ll just do what we always do. You know we can make it. We always have,” Taurus said putting the four bowls on a tray. “Come get it guys!” Taurus shouted as the teens came rushing into the kitchen. They grabbed the bowls and scarfed down the spaghetti.

“I mean look at them. They’re starving,” Axel whispered as the food quickly disappeared. Axel’s stomach lurched as he watched them eat. It made him sick watching them eat human food.

“We need to go find a place to feed,” Taurus said licking his fangs. They had dropped automatically when Russell bit his tongue hard enough to draw blood.

“Yeah,” Axel said robotically. He tried to ignore the hunger that was building in his stomach. He went back upstairs to where Noah was still asleep. He looked like he was only a six month old. He walked out of the room and ran into Russell.

“Do you need blood?” he asked as Axel nodded.

“Yes, but not from you,” Axel said as Russell lowered his eyes. “Just do your best in school and stuff and we’ll be fine,” Axel smiled as Russell smiled back. Noah started crying so Axel volexed into the room. He picked him up and rocked him.

“Shh. Don’t cry. Daddy’s got you,” he said as Noah stopped after a while. He stared into Axel’s light purple eyes and giggled. “Daddy’s got ya,” he whispered again as Noah opened his mouth.

“Da Da,” he said as Axel smiled. His first words he assumed.


So, you took him in under your wing and have just been calling him your son?” Shark asked as Axel nodded.

“He means the world to me and whenever we talk about his real parents we cover his ears because he’s too young to know about that. It would break his heart if he found out his parents just left him outside without a goodbye or anything,” Axel explained as a sharp pain fell over him. He curled up and screamed. Axel looked at his stomach. “A-X-E-L” was carving into his skin. It must have been from Taurus, but why would he hurt himself just to deliver a message? Out of habit, Axel looked around for his backpack. He became frantic.

“What are you looking for?” Shark asked as Axel flung the sheets off the bed. He winced in pain as he swung his legs around. “Y-O-U...O-K?” came through next and Axel cried tears streaming down his face. He had to find that backpack. Shark grabbed him and looked him in the eyes. “What are you looking for?” he asked again as Axel sighed.

“My backpack. I need blood. I need that backpack it has...”

“Blood? Why do you have blood in it?” the surgical masked agent asked staring at Axel. He held the backpack in his hand and looked through it. “I asked you a question, I want an answer,” he said as Axel looked from him to Shark.

“Just answer him,” Shark whispered as Axel stared back to the agent.

“I work with children and when they get hurt, I use certain blood to heal them,” he said as the agent flicked two fingers towards himself. One agent came up and went in the room. They grabbed Axel and this time, he didn’t resist. He couldn’t there was no way he’d make an escape in his condition. He tried walking with them without a fuss but it wasn’t easy to stand on his own. Axel looked back down to Shark who stuck his head out the cell bars. The masked agent opened the bag and dumped the containers on the floor. They were in glass tubes so they shattered upon impact.

“NO!” Axel shouted as an agent hit him on the back with the electric nightstick. Axel fell to the ground as the blood ran down the drain in the floor. “Why?” he whispered as the masked agent smiled.

“Because. We have a few questions for you and I know that you wouldn’t answer them if this was distracting you. As you can see we have laced our weapons with tonic and that’s why you haven’t healed yet. If you’re confused on that matter anyway,” he said as the agent holding Axel brought his hand down and punched Axel across the face. He had on brass knuckles and they sliced up Axel’s eye a bit. Another agent came in and joined the assault hitting Axel on his stomach. Eventually the pain dulled as his whole body became numb. They lifted Axel to his feet and pushed him around laughing as he stumbled to keep his balance

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