East Gate Moonlight Blood

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Chapter 13

Simeon’s car rammed up against the object that came across the street. His eyes widened as he looked from Malory to the dash. He got out of the car and quickly went to the front. There was blood on the hood. Simeon put his hands in his hair and pulled it.

“My dad’s gonna kill me!” he hissed. He couldn’t believe he hit someone. The man lay on the ground groaning. Simeon knelt down next to him. “Hey man, you alright?” he asked as the man slowly stood up. He looked at Simeon who backed up slowly.

“What’s your name?” he asked slowly as Simeon looked at him.

“Simeon,” Simeon said softly as the man stared at him. “What’s your name?” Simeon asked as the man looked at him.

“It’s Amble, but you aren’t going to remember that because you are going to forget my face and my name,” he said as Simeon nodded. Amble looked into the car at Malory. She looked so scared. He duressed her and grabbed Simeon’s hand. “Follow me,” he said softly to Simeon who stumbled towards the car. “What’s your name sweetness?” he asked as Malory looked at him.

“Malory,” she said as Amble opened the door. He guided Simeon in the car. They both stared at him.

“OK, listen to me alright?” Amble said as they both stared at him intently. Amble smiled at them both. “I want you to forget you ever saw me,” he said as they nodded. “Where are you headed?” he asked as Simeon opened his mouth.

“To a play,” He said slowly as Amble dropped fang. He had to fight the temptation. “She’s the lead,” Simeon smiled into Amble’s black eyes.

“Go to your play. You don’t remember hitting me or stopping. Close your eyes, count to ten, and then you are going to go on your way. Break a leg,” he said as they both closed their eyes. Amble tried to volex away but he could not with the wound in his side. He dashed behind a building and watched the two sitting in the car. Simeon opened his eyes first and looked at Malory.

“So what is the summary of the play?” Simeon asked as they drove down the road.

“Well it’s called Beautiful Carnage. I’m one of the leads. I’m there with my husband and son and we get in a hilarious argument that goes on and on,” she explained as Simeon nods.

“I could use a good laugh,” he said as they drove out of sight. Amble stumbled to the side. He leaned against the building and lifted his shirt. The wound wasn’t healing it was actually getting bigger. Amble squeezed trying to heal himself like usual. His blood shot from the wound and he screamed in pain. A man walked by with his head hung low. Amble reached out and grabbed him.

“What the hell man! Get offa me!” he shouted as Amble released him. “I’ve got my own problems to deal with,” he continued as Amble looked him in the eyes.

“What’s the problem?” he asked softly as the man shoved him away.

“Don’t use your pathetic duress on me,” he said as Amble looked taken aback. It wasn’t working again. Amble thought he had gotten all of the unwanted brew out of his system. “I’m not a human you idiot,” he said as Amble grabbed him again. Amble snapped his neck. He hoisted the man over his shoulder.

“Obviously your problems are bothering you so I’ll put an end to them,” he said walking down the street. Amble finally realized he didn’t know where he was. He went to a supernatural convenience store that had its light on. He set the man on the bench outside in an upright position so it looked like he was sleeping. Amble went in and walked up to the clerk. She shouted when she saw the blood all over him.

“Oh my god!” she shouted reaching for a button. Amble reached over the counter and pulled her away. She screamed and he covered her mouth.

“Shh. Shh... I’m not going to hurt you,” he whispered looking around the store. He was making sure there wasn’t anyone around to grow suspicious. She struggled underneath him trying to break free. He had no intention of hurting her but if he needed to, he would kill her. He dragged her to the back of the store. She kicked and knocked the shelves over. Amble kept his eyes on the door. She grabbed his waist from behind and tried to push off from him. He grabbed her around the stomach and pulled her feet off the ground. She kicked and clawed at him. Amble pulled her into the bathroom and locked the door. He let her go. She sprinted at him trying to get out. Amble grabbed her face and tried to stare at her. She was quite a free spirit. She slapped his hands away and backed up against the wall. Amble stayed by the door.

“Let me out,” she said as Amble put his hands up defensively.

“I will. I just want to know where I am,” he said as she shook her head.

“Oh sure. I tell you that and then you kill me,” she said as Amble shook his head.

“I won’t. I promise. I’m just lost. I need you to tell me where I’m at,” he said as she pointed her finger all around him.

“Sure you’re “lost”. You’re just covered in blood,” she said as he nodded. He realized that it was a little bit suspicious. He tried to wipe the blood on him off, but it was dry.

“I just got on the wrong end of a disagreement,” he said as she stared at him. She looked at the mirror and saw his reflection didn’t come up. Only pure vampires didn’t have a reflection.

“You’re in McPherson,” she said hoping he’d let her go. He looked up to the ceiling trying to figure out where that was.

“Where is that in terms of Vacoma?” he asked as she pointed to a map that was on the door behind him. He hesitated before he turned around. He was much taller than her and she didn’t think she could take him on. He put his hands on his hips and sighed at the map. He hated looking at them.

“It’s right there,” she pointed. He still looked around not knowing where she was pointing. She slowly walked up to him and put her hand on his shoulder pulling him to the side. He willingly moved because he would have been too heavy for her to push using her own strength. She put her finger on McPherson and dragged it Vacoma.

“It’s about a four hour drive,” she said as Amble nodded. He couldn’t believe he walked that far. The meeting was in Tecumseh so he must’ve walked in the wrong direction. He wasn’t thinking about the direction because the growing wound on his side was making him slightly nervous. It didn’t take long if he volexed places but he couldn’t now that he was injured and had a dead guy to drag around. He turned around to face the woman fangs bared. She took her hand off his shoulder and backed away. “You said you wouldn’t hurt me,” she said walking backward into the stall.

“Yes, but I’m injured and I need blood to heal,” Amble said as he walked up to her and put his hands on her waist. “Just let me feed for a moment,” he continued as she slapped him but he grabbed her by her hair and pulled her head back. He gently bit into her neck.

“No!” she whimpered as he forced her down on the toilet. She kicked her legs around, but his waist was between them so they only made contact with the stall walls. He needed that wound to heal. She put her hands on his biceps and squeezed. So much brew had spilled into her body with just that bite that she didn’t know how to handle it. He started to pull away but she clutched his head keeping him to her neck.

The brew that went in relaxed the blood cells. Amble brought his hands behind her back and held her close to him. Her eyes dilated as she clenched Amble’s silky hair as he continued to feed. Her legs helplessly wrapped around his waist. Brew worked both ways. When a vampire bit into someone or something, the brew was released into their system by the saliva that was mixed with the blood. It’s the same if the human bites into the vampire or drinks their blood. She clenched Amble’s back closing her eyes.

Amble pulled away stopping all brew flow. She got ready to pull his head back but he placed his lips on hers. Amble returned his attention to the holes he had produced on her neck. There was something about this woman’s blood that made Amble not want to stop drinking. She couldn’t have been human because it was not red like regular human blood. It had a dark blue tint to it. She must have been an augur because only their blood was blue.

He drank for a little while longer before finally releasing. He climbed off of her and straightened himself out. She rubbed her neck and came to her senses when she saw him hovered over her. She stood up and shoved him out of the stall. He wasn’t expecting that and tripped slightly. She grabbed his head and rammed it against the mirror cracking it down the middle. He fell down as she unlocked the door. She ran out as he scrambled after her. She pushed the button under the counter and a silent alarm went off to the LVO station. They went to their trucks and drove to the store.

The clerk pulled a knife laced with tonic from off the floor and stabbed him multiple times in the arm, leg, and side. Amble screamed as she jumped in between his open legs. She got ready to slam the knife into his chest when he grabbed her wrists and squeezed them forcing her to release the handle. Amble brought his foot up and pushed her hip back. He brought that leg under her thigh and kicked up turning sideways until he was on top of her gripping her wrists. He held them to the ground so hard his knuckles turned whiter than usual. She fought back as Amble glared at her. He put one hand on her face and held it in place. Amble stared dead in her eyes.

“Stop,” he said as he felt her whole body relax underneath him. “You don’t remember me. I was never here. There was a different man in here that tried to rob you, that’s why there’s a big mess OK?” he said as she nodded dreamily. He sighed with relief that it worked. He climbed off of her and pulled her to her feet. He guided her behind the counter. “Just stand this way and don’t move until someone else comes,” he said running out of the store. He grabbed the dead man from the bench. Amble hoisted him over the shoulder and limped around the side of the building. The armored cars came skidding around. Amble ran the other way. Agents came from that side too. Shit. Amble took the man and ran back into the store. He went past the girl who had her back turned. He went in the bathroom and looked around. There was a window. He broke it with his elbow and pushed the man out. Amble climbed out as well. The window led to an alley. Amble looked around trying to figure out where to go. He ran down the side and out of sight.

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