East Gate Moonlight Blood

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Chapter 14

Axel was thrown into a chair. His head hung down. His back stung from the wounds.

“So...tell me what you do for a living,” the surgical man asked as Axel lifted his bruised face. His eye was swollen and his lip was puffy. His cheek was cut and they had nipped part of his ear at the lower lobe.

“I work with children,” he mumbled as the man tapped into his tablet. Axel was wheezing. He had never been injured this long and it was driving him mad. He knew Taurus was a mess as well. They had broken skin.

“Ah. I see you don’t have a license to run the orphanage. So what do you do for a living?” he asked again as Axel stared at him. He closed his eyes and thought of the kids he had there. There were only five of them currently. Two had already moved out when they turned 19, but they frequently came back to visit the men who raised them. “Mr. Azera! I asked you a question!” He shouted as an agent hit Axel behind the head multiple times. The man put his hand up to stop the assault. Axel looked up into the white man’s crystal eyes. He moved his platinum hair out of his eyes as he smiled at Axel.

“I already told you,” he said looking down. The man lifted his head slightly.

“Well. We already met one of the children. Wasn’t he adorable?” he said as Axel stared at him. He thought of Noah and inhaled. He couldn’t believe that they had thrown a 5-year-old out on the street just like his parents had left him on his doorstep. “Why don’t we meet the others?” he asked as Axel looked up. A few agents came in with the kids that Axel took care of. Noah pushed past them and jumped into Axel’s lap. Axel fought through the pain and hugged him tightly.

“Mr. Axel I missed you!” he said as Axel smiled. Taurus slowly limped in looking just as beat up as Axel.

“What’s the matter with him?” the man asked pointing to Taurus.

“We are blood bonded. All the crap you did to him, happened to me,” Taurus said sucking in the blood that fell from his mouth as he stood behind Axel. Taurus slowly leaned down by Axel’s ear.

“We’ve got it all under control,” he wheezed in vampirish, a language the surgical man didn’t understand. It sounded a little like Russian or Bulgarian, but the masked agent knew both Bulgarian and Russian. “Blair is handling the power. Just go along with it,” he continued as the surgical man looked at them, his eyes squinted.

“It isn’t nice to have separate conversations,” he said snapping his fingers. One of the agents moved Taurus away from Axel. Audrey walked up and hugged Axel. Her short curly red hair hung around her face full of freckles. She was a shape shifter.

“Mr. Axel, I’m going to shift into a fly when we leave and go through the vents to unlock the doors. When that’s done, Blair will do the next step. Terrence and Russell are waiting with a truck,” She said in the same language. The man glared at Axel.

“This is no longer tolerable,” he said getting frustrated. He had the agents remove the children. Noah stayed on Axel’s lap. An agent came to get him and he held onto Axel thighs. Axel felt Noah’s whole body tense up. It was amazing that this little kid had so much power in him. The guard grabbed Noah and he spit fire in his face. The agent backed away screaming clutching his face. “Ooh, you are a feisty one aren’t you?” the masked agent asked as Noah glared at him. The surgical man grabbed Noah quickly and pried him off of Axel’s lap.

“No!” Axel shouted as the agents came and restrained him. The surgical man knelt down next to Noah and stared him in the face. “Don’t tell him anything Noah!” Axel shouted as an agent covered his mouth.

“Why do you like that man back there?” he asked Noah looked away from him. Axel told him never to talk to strangers unless they were officials. “Hey, I’m a good guy. I’m a police officer,” he said as Noah looked at him.

“Really?” Noah asked as the man nodded. Axel screamed, but it was muffled by the gloved hand. He kicked and tried to break free.

“I’m a supernatural cop,” he said as Noah’s eyes widened with fascination. Damn his cleverness.

“Cool!” Noah smiled as the man smiled back.

“So do you know what they were talking about back there?” he asked as Noah pondered. He really didn’t understand the language so he couldn’t tell the man what he wanted to know. He stood there looking down at the floor. The man put his hands on Noah’s shoulders and Noah backed away. He didn’t like the man touching him.

“Well...,” Noah started, but was interrupted by an alarm. The man looked up and noticed that the room was empty. Axel was gone. The agents who had been holding him down lay on the floor covered in blood. He turned his attention back to Noah who had run down the hall. He turned the corner.

“Attention! There has been a breech! Jail break!” the intercom announced as agents started running around. Inmates came out of their cells and attacked them. Axel limped to his cell. Shark stood by the door looking anxious. Axel grabbed an axe from the wall and smashed it on the door. Shark stared at him.

“C’mon. We’re breaking out of here,” Axel said as Shark grabbed Axel’s arm and held it around his shoulder. Taurus came limping around the corner. He was moving as best he could and the adrenaline was really helping him out. He saw Axel and Shark and limped up to them. He grabbed Axel’s other arm.

“Hurry. We have a light shut down in about two minutes. We need to get to the door and get out,” Taurus said as Axel limped on with Shark’s support. They ran and were confronted by a group of agents. They held up their guns to stop them.

“You are not going anywhere!” the surgical masked agent shouted as Axel rolled his eyes.

“Look man! You know damn well that we did nothing wrong. Just let us go,” Shark shouted as the man laughed.

“I cannot let you go. You are convicted felons. All three of you now,” he said as Taurus looked at Axel.

“Don’t worry. If we don’t make it out of here before the blackout, we have a plan. Just trust us,” Taurus said in their language.

“Stop talking like that! I will not tolerate this civil disobedience!” the man yelled his Russian accent really coming out now. The lights went out. The agents scattered forward. Taurus looked up to the ceiling. Blair came out of the panel. She reached down and pulled them up. Axel heaved as Blair tossed him his spare backpack. He pulled two vials of blood. One cured the tonic and the other would heal the wounds faster. He drank them slowly as his body healed.

“They’ll have the exits blocked until you guys are found,” Blair whispered as Axel nodded. Taurus and Shark glared at each other. “You too are going to have to get along if you want to get out of here alive. This is the most highly secure facility in the country and we managed to break in. If you guys don’t suck it up we won’t be breaking out,” she hissed as Taurus sighed and rolled his eyes.

“Truce?” Shark asked putting his hand out. Taurus hesitated and then grabbed Shark’s hand. They made their way down to the control panel.

“Sir, we have not found them. What should we do?” one of the agents asked the surgical masked agent. He put his hand on his chin.

“Oh no they got away. I guess we just give up,” he said putting his hand in his pockets. His face became red with fury. “C’mon guys! I want every inch of this building searched. Put the prisoners back in their cells, check everywhere, the vents, and all rooms, search everywhere!” he shouted as they left the room. “I know you’re in here somewhere. There is no way that you have left my building,” he said looking around the room. They moved on. Terrence waited outside in a van with Russell and Audrey. Terrence had the car far enough away from the building so that it wouldn’t look suspicious. He waited to see if they came out.

Before the gang went in to the headquarters, Russell got the blueprints to make the perfect escape. Blair came to the end where the garbage was dumped. She tossed Axel’s backpack into the dumpster and slid down. She waited before coming out to make sure the coast was clear. Axel came out next. Blair grabbed him as he stumbled out. She pushed him into the shadows of the fence. Taurus came out and rushed into the shadows. Shark waited. A group of agents came rushing by. They stopped where Taurus, Axel and Blair stood. They were interns.

“What should we do? Why can’t we just let them go?” one of them said as Axel looked closely at him. He was the one who fed him when he was tied to the stockades. The other interns looked at him.

“What are you talking about, let them go? If you want to work for the LVO, you’ve got to follow the rules. That’s what this company is based off of, rules and regulations!” he said pushing the guy against the fence. “You know, it was hard for us to sit back and let you feed that guy. We didn’t tell on you then, but I feel like we need to tell on you now. You are not worthy to be an agent of the LoganView Order,” he said slamming a fist into the guy’s stomach. “Why should you be an agent? You don’t even know how to defend yourself,” he laughed as the guy hit him across the face hard enough to knock him down. The guy wiped the blood from his lip.

“You don’t know anything about me,” he said walking away. The guy sat up and looked after him. The group of interns went back into the building. Shark waited a little bit before jumping down in the dumpster. He got into the shadows with the group. Blair led them along the wall and up to the van. They opened the back door and got in. Julie was there and when she saw Axel, she jumped up and hugged him.

“I’ve got to put a cloaking on the car to get out. Security has gotten really tight,” Russell said. Axel had his arm around Julie’s waist and interlaced their fingers on her stomach. She leaned her head gently on his shoulder as Noah sat quietly on Axel’s lap Axel’s hand wrapped around Noah’s tiny stomach. Russell was an augur which meant he could make people see what he wanted them to see. Augurs were people of the mind able to use telekinesis. Just like fairies, they could read minds. They could also use duress just like vampires, but that was really rare. Russell reached in his pockets for his pass that he got when he entered. It was stamped with empty van and two male adults. Russell made the impression that they were adults so that it wasn’t suspicious that two teens were just driving around. They drove up to the gate where the agents went up to the driver’s side.

“Don’t move back there. Any of you,” Russell said in their language. They all sat still.

“You know we have some prisoners that have escaped. Sorry we have to go through your truck,” he said as Russell nodded. He got out and opened the back doors. The guards looked in and saw that it was empty. He let Russell close the doors. “Thank you gentlemen,” he said as Russell nodded. The agents opened the gates and let them pass.

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