East Gate Moonlight Blood

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Chapter 15

I find it so funny that she did that!” Storm laughed as Stephanie stroked his hair. Phenton sat with them and chatted about various things. Storm had his head in Stephanie’s lap with his feet dangling over the edge of the couch. He had had quite a bit to drink and she wanted him to calm down. Neither one of them had aged a bit. Their daughters were now ten years old and growing. Their igniter daughter looked more like Stephanie with brown hair and their whisper daughter looked more like Storm with black hair. Phenton tried to relax around the couple, but he was finding it hard.

“Dude, just relax. These are your friends not your enemies.”

“I know that. There’s just some uneasiness,” Phenton thought as Marshall went over behind Storm and sat on the back of the couch. Phenton’s phone went off.

“Here we go again. Ten years and it’s like your phone never stopped ringing,” Storm said as Stephanie grabbed his hand. She tried to calm him down because he was talking really loud. He probably didn’t know that he was being loud, but he got the memo and tried to speak quieter.

“This is Agent Helix,” Phenton said as he stood up. “What? How? Was there anyone there?” Phenton asked as Storm sat up slowly. He put his hand on his forehead. He felt so hung over already. He went to the bathroom while Stephanie sipped her drink. Phenton paced the floor.

“Phenton what’s happening?” she asked.

“OK I will be there as quickly as I possibly can,” Phenton said as Stephanie looked up to him.

“What’s going on Phenton?” she asked again as he put his phone away.

“There was a mass murder in a Tecumseh bar and an attack on a convenience store clerk in McPherson. They’re assuming a vampire did it,” Phenton explained as Marshall moved towards the door.

“Well we are in a bit of a jiffy because you don’t have a car.”

Phenton noticed that and pulled his phone out again. He put it back not sure if Aurora would pick him up.

“I have to go Stephanie. Thanks for the drink,” Phenton said grabbing his jacket. Storm came out of the bathroom buttoning his pants when he saw Phenton leaving.

“Where are you going?” he asked as Phenton stared at him.

“There’s another group of murdered victims in a bar. The LVO were called because they assume it was vampires,” Phenton said as Storm nodded. Phenton walked out of the house and into the driveway.

“Just remember, you’re part vampire so... you could volex there.”

“That’s true. But you’ll have to find your own way there.”

“What are you talking about? I’m always with you. Even if you volex, I’ll appear right by your side. God I’m in your head for crying out loud.”

Phenton volexed down to where the officers had given him directions. He saw the white tape that lined certain parts of the building. There were a few officers taking pictures of the dead men who lay on the ground in their own blood. Phenton lifted up the white tape and made his way to Maximus who was pointing around giving orders.

“Mr. Helix! You finally decided to show up,” he said as Phenton nodded. “There was quite a commotion here,” he continued as Phenton looked around. There was blood on the walls and body parts everywhere.

“The assumption is vampires? That makes sense,” Phenton said as Maximus stared at him.

“Why would you say that?” he asked wanting to know just how smart Phenton was. Phenton was not stupid. He sensed the trigger in Maximus’ voice.

“Well, there are bite marks everywhere. Although there are giant bites to the neck, some of the men are drained completely of their blood. Almost all the men’s necks were broken. Vampires have a tendency to do that if the victim doesn’t die fast enough or there are others that are attacking,” Phenton said as Maximus nodded, surprised Phenton didn’t fall for his trick. “So you can see that these are the same exact bite marks that were on the woman from Chase. Now, you locked up Shark Lake with the accusation of this and look. It happened again while he was in jail so it only comes to reason that he couldn’t have done the first one,” Phenton said as Maximus put his hand up stopping him.

“We are not talking about the matters of your friend,” Maximus said as Phenton grabbed him.

“Alright! Put him in his place!”

“Look you annoying little bastard! You have been hounding me about all the unimportant things. I am just about sick of you. Now, you are going to release the innocent man that you put in jail because you know damn well that he didn’t do anything,” Phenton growled as Maximus looked at him. He wasn’t fazed.

“You think you’re scary? You don’t scare me little boy. Plus I’ve been informed that he has escaped. Does that sound like a coincidence to you? I think not,” Maximus said trying to pry Phenton’s hands off his jacket.

“There are much bigger things going on here than you and me. You tell me not to let my emotions run my work? Well then, pull your head out of your ass and do your job faithfully. You created this order to protect the innocent citizens. At what costs? Killing innocent vampires to bring down one. I don’t believe that you ever forgave yourself when you couldn’t find him after they escaped and now you are letting that emotion run your work,” Phenton shouted pushing Maximus away from him. A few agents had stopped to listen to the conversation. “Don’t look at me like you don’t know who I’m talking about,” Phenton said as the agents thought hard.

“You watch your tone with me agent,” Maximus said still trying to hold the head of the conversation.

“Shut up,” Phenton said as he received another call on his cell phone. “This is Agent Helix,” he said as Simeon’s voice quivered on the phone.

“Dad. Something’s happened,” he said as Phenton’s blood ran cold.

“Where are you?” Phenton asked as Simeon looked around. Malory hadn’t come back out from the play yet, she must have been helping them clean up to prepare for the next show.

“I’m still at the school. I just need you to get here please,” Simeon said his voice shaking. Phenton started walking away.

“Agent where are you going?” Maximus asked as Phenton glared at him.

“To help your grandson,” Phenton said volexing out of sight. Maximus stirred uncomfortably when he saw Phenton use the vampiric side of his powers.

Simeon leaned against his car staring at the blood splattered on the hood. How did that get there? Phenton walked up to Simeon.

“Simeon what’s the matter?” Phenton asked as Simeon pointed to the blood on the hood. His head was a jumbled mess. “What happened?” Phenton asked staring at the car.

“I don’t know. I don’t remember doing anything. All I remember was driving to the school. I don’t even remember stopping,” Simeon said speaking quickly, tears filling his eyes. He felt so guilty, but then again, he didn’t know if what he had done was his fault or not.

“Don’t worry, it’s OK. The blood is black so it must have been a vampire. They probably duressed you to make you forget,” Phenton said as Simeon nodded. He still couldn’t believe it. Phenton put his hand on Simeon’s shoulder and gently squeezed. “It’s OK. Just take Malory home when she comes out and we’ll try and figure out what happened,” Phenton said as Simeon nodded trying to wrap his head around why there was black blood all over his white car.

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