East Gate Moonlight Blood

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Chapter 18

I want to know where the hell they are!” Maximus shouted. They kept certain prisoners at the LVO headquarters but only the extreme criminals were sent to NOVA. Maximus was sweating. He smacked the masked agent across the face before picking up the phone. “Aurora! Send your husband to the headquarters immediately!” He shouted angrily slamming the phone down.

“Sir?” an agent asked as Maximus glared at him.

“WHAT!?” he hollered making the agent flinch.

“We found a few vampire stowaways in the air ducts,” he said as two agents dragged in the shirtless vampires.

“Who the hell are you to break into my heavily guarded prison?” Maximus screamed pulling a diálysi̱ dagger from under his coat.

“We just needed a place to hide until the sun went down,” he one on the left said as Maximus yanked his head up by his light brown hair. He had a swollen eye and his lip was puffy. His wavy auburn hair was matted with blood.

“Why aren’t you healing?” Maximus asked as he let his hair go.

“I’ve got tonic. I was just waiting for the sun to go down to get help from East Gate,” he said sucking in the blood that dripped from his mouth. Maximus rubbed his chin. Was this real or was it just another chance to pull the wool over his eyes? He wouldn’t take any chances. He stabbed the vamp with the dagger and he exploded. He approached the other one who didn’t make a move. His red eyes watched Maximus pace in front of him. He flipped his black and green emo style hair out of his eyes. He chuckled slightly.

“What, don’t you fear death?” Maximus asked holding the dagger to the vamps throat. He swallowed against the blade and smiled revealing his fangs.

“I am death. I would be grateful to rid myself of this wretched world with you so called police men. You don’t think that anyone knows what you’re doing but we vampires do,” he said as Maximus slit him across the cheek.

“What exactly, am I doing?” Maximus asked running the blade along his fingers. Maximus walked around the back of the vamp and admired his Vampira loyalty tattoo. The name Kohen was in bold black letters. Underneath the name was leafless cherry blossom tree that had Captain Kohen at the top, his wife Mary was to the left. Towards the bottom where the names of his three daughters Ashley, Patience, and Nicole.

“Answer me Mr. Kohen,” Maximus said as Kohen laughed again.

“I’ve taught my daughters to laugh at men like you. Men who make others do their dirty work so when it comes down to it, they take the fall and you take the glory,” Kohen said as Maximus rolled his eyes.

“It’d be a shame if something happened to your family because you can’t answer a simple question,” Maximus said as Kohen cleared his throat. He could tell he had become a little too cocky.

“You are trying to rid the world of vampires. Anyone with a drop of vampire blood in their bodies. That’s why you stormed Vampira,” he said as Phenton came to the door and listened in. “That boy, that Azera child, I don’t blame him for what he did. Our lives were a living hell with that bastard Julian. You guys on the other hand, you have no purpose. You only live to tear people down. If the world knew that the prestigious LVO was out to massacre vampires, you would lose all of your supporters. If they knew that you lock up innocent professors and students just to get a point across, it’d be the end of you,” he said as Maximus held the blade to his throat again.

“You little monster. All you vampires do is bring pain,” Maximus growled as the vampire laughed.

“We used to be a peaceful species until you destroyed our homes. You killed men protecting their wives and children. You murdered parents in front of their children’s eyes. Little kids, who were still human you killed. It shows you don’t really know the difference. You’ll just kill whoever you want to stay in power. I know that Amble and Prezton Julian are still alive and I hope they come and kill you the way you killed us,” he said as Maximus put the tip of the blade on his skin.

“All you vampires will die before I do,” he said pushing the blade in. Kohen gasped slightly.

“I feel sorry for your family. You obviously are the man of the house and now there will only have a woman and three children,” Maximus said as he stabbed Kohen in the chest. He exploded and the necklace around his neck hit the floor. Phenton covered his mouth and looked away. He couldn’t believe the accusation. Was it true? Was LoganView using them to kill innocent vampires and people? He knocked on the door. Maximus whipped his head to the door and straightened his white lab coat.

“You called for me sir?” Phenton asked as Maximus wiped his hands on the inner part of his coat. Phenton looked at the blood that was on the ground where the vampire once knelt.

“Yes I did. My daughter told me that you attacked her,” he said as Phenton thought back to the moment. Phenton walked over to where the necklace lay and picked it up.

“He didn’t attack her, she was being a bitch.”

“I didn’t attack her. She would not let me leave peacefully so I made her move,” Phenton said as Maximus lifted up a finger. Phenton was wiping the blood off the necklace as he stared at Maximus.

“If you ever lay a hand on my daughter again, I will destroy you,” he threatened.

“I’ll remember that if he actually puts his hands on her.”

“I didn’t put a finger on her. I used my powers to calmly move her out of the way,” Phenton explained as Phenton put the necklace around his neck for safe keeping.

“Clean this mess up,” he said turning toward the door.

“No,” Phenton said blankly. Maximus turned on his heel.

“What did you say?” he asked quietly as Phenton stared at him. He couldn’t believe that he told his father-in-law no either. Maximus glared at him. “Agent what did you just say?” Maximus asked again. Phenton stared angrily at Maximus a light flame surrounding him. Maximus approached Phenton “Did you say no?” Maximus asked staring into Phenton’s gold eyes.

“You old fool! He said no! Nine! Ne! Geen! Ani! NO!”

Phenton pushed Maximus out of his face.

“I’ve had enough of you!” Phenton growled. His nails grew longer. Deer antlers crept from the top of head. His facial structure changed as his mouth became full of teeth. Thin see-through wasp like wings came from behind his back.. His torso looked really defined along with his arms and legs. Flames slowly crackled around his ice cold skin as fur started sprouting on his arms and legs. “You’ve really pissed me off!” Phenton screamed.

“Aww shit! It’s gettin’ hot!”

“Just because you turn into your stupid form won’t allow you to stop me,” Maximus said as Phenton stood completely outraged. His eyes had turned blood red and his ears became pointed.

“You don’t understand old man. I can stop you. I am the most powerful creature in the world. No one can stop me,” Phenton said his voice growing extremely deep. He moved forward and Maximus backed up.

“I...I...I’m not afraid of you,” Maximus stammered as Phenton chuckled.

“Then why are you backing away from me?” Phenton asked as Maximus’ back pressed up against the door. A red security button was on the right side of him and he tried to get as close to it as he could. “You think that because you are able to instill fear in the lives of everyone it makes you more powerful? Well Mr. LoganView, I can assure you that I am no longer afraid. Nobody can stop me. Not even you,” Phenton growled as beads of sweat rolled down Maximus’ face. He tried to retain his composure but on the inside he was scared shitless. Maximus moved his hand up towards the button. Phenton’s red eyes darted toward his hand. Phenton spit fire on Maximus’ hand forcing him to recoil from the button “You aren’t that dumb,” Phenton smiled revealing his teeth even more.

“Oh yes he is. He doesn’t even know what “no” means. The senile old fool.”

“You are not going to do anything to me or anyone,” Maximus said as he slammed his hand on the button. A red light flashed over Phenton’s head. Maximus darted out the door and Phenton ran after him. There were agents who were ready to take him down. Phenton roared at them and crouched on all fours. Paws grew from his hands and feet as he scratched at the ground.

“Agent Phenton Helix, by the law of the LoganView Order, you are to be arrested on sight,” one of the agents said as Phenton roared at them. Flames shot out of his mouth and burned them to a crisp.

“Who’s next?” Phenton growled running down the hallway. “You want to cause this much hell? We’ll then I’ll give you hell!” Phenton screamed pulling a lever releasing the doors of the cells not just in the headquarters but also in NOVA.

“Well if this isn’t the most cliché thing I’ve ever seen. You’re really coming out of your shell.”

“This will be the end of the LVO! I will destroy it!” Phenton roared. His roar was so piercing that it shattered the windows. The agents weren’t able to react as fast as they thought. The inmates ran rampantly around the building. Phenton sniffed around for Maximus’ scent. “WHERE ARE YOU!?” he roared not picking up the scent.

“Someone call Agent Sullivan!” An agent shouted as another ran toward a white room. The lights were off and the window blinds had been drawn closed. He rapidly pushed in the buttons.

“Agent Sullivan, you are needed at the headquarters immediately we are in a code red!” He shouted into the phone. Isabella arrived moments later by the man’s side.

“What is the problem? A breach of security?” Isabella asked as the man shook his head.

“No. Agent Helix has gone full-blown crazy. He has turned into his chimaera form,” he said as Isabella’s eyes widened. She went out of the white room and looked down the hall. An inmate came bounding towards her and she flung her hand in his direction. He was thrown back into a cell. She twisted her hand to the side turning the lock. Isabella found Phenton standing in the middle of the cafeteria on all fours. He was breathing heavily.

“Phenton?” she asked as he slowly turned around. He had an agent in his mouth. He dropped the man to the floor and growled at her. “Phenton what are you doing?” she asked calmly as he snapped at her. His eyes were completely dilated to the point that his pupils were all that could be seen.

“What does it look like? He’s having a heyday.”

Phenton remained where he was as Isabella approached him. He took a step back when she reached her hand out to touch him. The fur on his back stood up as he bared his fangs at her. She was afraid of him but she didn’t want to show that fear. Phenton stepped back from her again and roared before bursting through the window to his right. A few screams were heard outside before it was silent. The alarm still went off but most of the agents had gotten the situation under control. Isabella sighed sadly looking out the window that Phenton had burst out of.

“Marshall. If you’re still here and can hear me listen,” Isabella said as Marshall waited by the window. He had heard his name and didn’t hear it come from Phenton’s mouth so he looked around. He saw Isabella standing alone looking around. “Keep him safe. Don’t let him do anything reckless,” she said as Marshall hovered over to her. He put his hand to her face but his hand went through her.

“You’re a good woman, Isabella Sullivan,” he said before flying out the broken window.

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