East Gate Moonlight Blood

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Chapter 1

Chase was the most high-tech city in Tempos. It had the second largest business community and the atmosphere was absolutely beautiful. The business district has a spaceport at the fringes where it meets the more industrial city of Tecumseh. Because the weather was so nice and clean in Chase, they were able to launch spaceships. Downtown Chase, where the LVO is located, is made up of many buildings that look like silver and gold spires. During the summer, Phenton would walk through the milling crowds towards the edge of the city where the launches would happen and sit there for hours. Aurora didn’t like him going down there but he had to get out.

From his bedroom window he could see the glistening skyscrapers of the city. His neighborhood street was always quiet early in the morning or late at night but during the day all that could be heard was the bustling of the city. But, tonight the quiet neighborhood had its silence broken by an African-American woman running down one of the alleys. Her vision was cut slightly by the darkness of the dingy alley. Her black, curly hair flew behind her as she ran down the street shouting for help as a beast chased her. Its wings were massive. The deep blue color glistened with light blue stars as it flapped in the air. It roared at the woman as she turned a corner. Fire shot around the building burning up the side.

Save her! Don’t let her die. Please. If there is any humanity in this world, don’t let that innocent woman die. Why is this happening?”

“You know why it’s happening Phenton. Why question it?”

That’s my point Marshall! I don’t know why. I did nothing to deserve this. She did nothing to deserve this. Why are you doing this to me? Why show me these things if there is nothing I can do to stop them from happening?

“Oh you poor damn fool. When there is no plan to go by, you just lose your freakin’ mind. I enjoy coming into your dreams because they are... quite interesting. You come up with the weirdest scenarios and lately, this whole dragon thing, has taken my attention. It’s fun. That’s why I’m here. I’m here to help you.

“No you’re here to torment my every waking moment. You’re here to harass me when I mess up you’re here to—“

“Why worry about some little human who gets killed in your dreams!? Just wake up. If you want the nightmares to stop, wake up.”

The beast grabbed the woman in his talons and held her off the ground. He roared in her face...

Phenton jolted awake covered in sweat. That was the third dream he had that week, all the same, a person running and the same beast chasing them. What made it crazy is that the beast was part human. It was not fully formed into what looked like a nebula dragon, but that was impossible because the nebula was extinct. He knew that the victims died, but he didn’t want to see that so he forced himself awake.

“Honey what’s the matter?” Aurora asked as she sat up next to Phenton who breathed heavily. Her platinum blonde hair hung loosely by her shoulders.

“I had that dream again,” he said as she put her hand on his stomach and put her head on his chest. “God, Zeus is a sneaky son of a bitch. He promised me that my Nerophalcagia would not come back,” Phenton said laying back down on the pillow. Aurora slightly moved down comfortably on to him.

“If I recall correctly, he said that it was gone. He didn’t promise it would stay gone.”

Aurora listened to Phenton’s breathing as he inhaled deeply. She could hear his heart racing in his chest.

“Who was chasing them this time?” Aurora asked rubbing her finger on his chest.

“A man. A human I think. He looked like some kind of beast. Like, like a dragon. He had a human body, but he had wings and he was roaring. They were in an alley. She was screaming,” Phenton said grabbing his head. Aurora kissed his cheek and turned over.

“It’ll be OK. Try and go back to sleep,” Aurora said as Phenton sighed. He hated it when she seemed not to care about how he felt. It was times like these that he really needed someone to talk to. He turned towards her and put his chin on her head. He listened to her breathing as she fell asleep. He couldn’t fall asleep. He didn’t want to dream about that woman again. He moved away from Aurora and climbed out of bed. His white briefs were covered in sweat as he stood up. He went to the kitchen and grabbed a beer.

Everything in their house was white. The plush carpet felt cool against his bare feet. Aurora liked pure things so there was practically no color in the house. Sometimes Phenton felt like he was in jail surrounded by all the white. He went into the living room and turned the TV on and flicked to the supernatural channel. There was a special on vampires. Phenton’s conscience, Marshall, sat next to him watching the TV. He looked like the complete opposite of Phenton. He wore a black suit, deep red shirt, and a black tie. His hair was a tangled mess that he tried to keep tidy, but became lazy and let it do whatever. His turquoise eyes watched the TV as he put his hand on his chin.

“Geez. What’s with all the vamps lately?”

Marshall pushed his hair out of his face. He leaned back, put one leg over the other, and put his hands on his stomach. He intently stared at the vamps that were being documented as they killed humans. Phenton flipped through the channels not really looking at them as the light flickered in front of his gold eyes.

“Hey! I was watching that!”

“Shut up, Marshall,” Phenton said angrily. He turned the TV off and sat in the dark for a while. Marshall stood up and popped his back from boredom.

“Well isn’t this buckets of fun?”

“Your Russian accent is very annoying at times,” Phenton said as Marshall shrugged.

“It’s not my fault you turned off the TV to sit in the dark. I have to find something to do. You know I crave entertainment.”

“Scratch your accent, you’re annoying,” Phenton snapped as Marshall sighed.

“Just turn it back on.”

“No,” Phenton said sternly.

“Phenton you know I can’t touch your human objects.”

“That’s too bad,” Phenton growled.

“Phenton come on!”

“Shut up!” Phenton yelled as the image of the screaming woman ran through his head. He shivered trying to suppress the thoughts. Police lights flashed outside turning the dark room blue and red. Phenton stood up, went to the window, and pulled the blinds down surveying the situation. He opened the door and stood on the porch. Marshall went through Phenton and sat in the white rocking chair watching the cops work.

“Sir, there is an investigation. We need you to stay inside,” the police officer said as Phenton grabbed his LVO coat and put it on. Thankfully it went to his knees since all he was wearing was white briefs.

“If it’s anything supernatural, I can help,” Phenton said showing the man his badge as the man nodded. He had dark circles around his eyes from lack of sleep. He pushes his brown, shaggy hair out of his eyes before proceeding.

“We believe that it is supernatural. We found a woman in an alley off of Mandau and Harrison. Parts of her remains were found here on Moonlight Street,” he said as Phenton’s eyes widened. Could it be the woman in his dreams? “We received a dispatch call that she was being chased by someone or something,” he continued as Phenton grabbed his head. It couldn’t be.

“How ironic is that? You have a dream about someone being chased and now she’s dead. This is the kind of excitement that I need in my life.”

“Shut up! I don’t need you talking to me right now,” Phenton snapped as the officer looked at him.

“Sir you asked me if you could help and I’m just giving you the briefing,” He said as Phenton stared at him.

“Sorry. I wasn’t talking to you,” Phenton mumbled as the officer stared at him oddly.

“Your random outburst are gonna mess you up.”

“I’m going to mess you up if you don’t shut the hell up,” Phenton said through gritted teeth as the officer turned around. He saw a white armored truck stop by.

“Agent Phenton Helix?” a man said stepping off the back rung of the truck. He stood as tall as Phenton around 6’3. He removed his helmet. His face was covered in skin grafts. He had a prosthetic right hand where it was bitten off by his werewolf wife during her first transformation.

“Ah. Commander Jack Whitehall,” Phenton said shaking Whitehall’s hand.

“I see you have met our fine Chase Police Department (CPD),” he said motioning to the other police investigating the scene. “Useless hacks,” he said under his breath. “Tell me how you are,” Whitehall asked as Phenton put his hands in his pocket.

“Yes tell him how you’re losing your mind because the woman who died here is the same one in your dream. Tell him how you can’t get any sleep because that’s all you think about, dreams.”

“Shut up you piece of crap,” Phenton snapped as Whitehall glared at him.

“Excuse me?” he asked in a threatening tone. Phenton realized what he had said and put his hands up defensively.

“I’m sorry. I have nero...nero...,” he stammered and Whitehall let out a relieving sigh.

“Nerophalcagia? Then I completely understand. You’re talking to the voice in your head. Sounds like it’s a handful,” Whitehall said patting Phenton on the shoulder.

“More of a pain in the ass really,” Phenton grumbled. “Sir what if I told you, this was déjà vu?” Phenton asked as Whitehall backed away from him putting a hand on his chin.

“What are you talking about?” he asked as Phenton ran his hands together. A warm late fall breeze blew through his hair as Phenton tried to gather his thoughts.

“I feel like this whole thing has happened already. Or at least has happened before. I’ve been having dreams lately and they all pertain to what has happened. Tonight I had a dream about a woman who was being chased by this man who looked like a beast. He grabbed her and roared in her face and then I woke up before he did her any harm,” Phenton explained as Whitehall nodded.

“Go on,” he said wanting to hear more.

“It was the same setting as the officer described, an alleyway in Chase, but I’m not sure who either person is. Their faces are very heavily shadowed but the victim was African-American and the attacker was Caucasian,” he said as Whitehall nodded again.

“You could be seeing into the future,” Whitehall said as Phenton’s mouth dropped. He didn’t know his brain disease could do that. “The markings on her body looks like someone just bit a giant hole out of her.”

“A giant hole? Where?” Phenton said dreading the answer to the question.

“It was in her side. We’ve asked around and multiple people have told us that the one called Shark Lake, can give such a bite,” Whitehall said as Phenton’s heart dropped.

“I assure you, Shark Lake would not do this,” Phenton said as Whitehall looked at him.

“You know him?” he asked as Phenton nodded.

“You shouldn’t have done that. Now they’re going to hold Shark accountable. You’re such a dumbass.”

“Yes. He aided with the takedown of Garrett DeFalco ten years ago,” Phenton explained as Whitehall pulled out a transparent phone.

“This is Agent Whitehall. I believe we have our first suspect,” He said as Phenton stared at him.

“No. Shark couldn’t have done this. He’s a professor,” Phenton said out loud to himself.

“Shut up.”

“School would have started already and he wouldn’t leave campus,” he continues.

“Shut up.”

“I’m assuming at East Gate?” Whitehall said as Phenton opened his mouth.

“SHUT UP! Stop telling them things they don’t need to know. You fool!”

“Yes. Have a few agents go up to East Gate in Pierce Saline to question Professor Shark Lake,” Whitehall said putting his phone back in his pocket. Phenton put his hands over his eyes.

“What have I done?” Phenton thought.

“You’ve completely screwed Shark over that’s what you’ve done.”

Phenton ran back inside. He quickly pulled on his pants, grabbed his car keys and his LVO ID. He had to beat them there to warn Shark. He didn’t know they would go after him so quickly. Phenton followed the agents to the headquarters where they were informed of their duties on capturing the accused.

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