East Gate Moonlight Blood

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Chapter 19

Prezton! Don’t you run away from me!” Amble shouted volexing toward where Prezton stood in the master bedroom. He was shaking with a diálysi̱ Dagger in his hands. Amble froze his fangs bared. Prezton stood still as Amble approached him. As Amble walked forward, Prezton bared his fangs as well.

“Don’t come any closer!” Prezton said calmly as Amble crossed his arms angrily. “You’ve caused too much pain,” Prezton said his voice full of fear. Amble got ready to speak. “Shut up!” Preston hollered as Amble closed his mouth. “I understand that you’re hurting, but you’ve gone too far,” Prezton said as Amble uncrossed his arms.

“The Azera family is the whole reason why Vampira fell. It’s the whole reason I’m doing this. I want them dead! I want you dead! You’re a burden and you’re holding back my full potential,” Amble protested as Prezton threw the dagger.

“AMBLE!” Prezton screamed jolting awake. Amble turned from the computer he was looking at. Prezton looked over to Amble, his eyes filling with bloody tears. Amble lifted his arms and waved his hands towards himself. Prezton volexed into Amble’s arms and clenched Amble’s black V-neck shirt. Amble felt like he needed to be a father figure towards Prezton so he just held him gently. Blood tears rolled down Prezton’s cheeks as he pressed his face into Amble’s shoulders. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry,” Prezton sobbed as Amble simply rubbed his back.

“It’s alright. I forgive you,” Amble said dropping fang. “It’s not your fault that you dream of killing me,” Amble whispered placing his lips on Prezton’s neck. Prezton’s eyes widened when he realized what Amble was doing. He tried pulling away, but Amble had a firm grip on his back. Amble was about 3,000 years older than Prezton which meant he was stronger and more skilled.

“Amble, stop!” Prezton groaned. “A-Amble!” He stammered, his vision becoming blurry. “I can’t see,” Prezton cried as Amble finally released his hold and gently pushed Prezton away. Prezton swayed to the side and fell. Amble let him hit the ground as he turned his attention to the computer again. His eyes were grey-green eyes as he tapped into Prezton’s memories. He became furious at the images running through his head: Prezton fixing the FID lights, Prezton talking to Shark, Prezton duressing Annabelle and so on. Amble became upset seeing his brother help the enemy. Amble used the back of his hand to wipe the blood from his mouth. Rarely did vampires drink from other vampires, transfuse, because it was “dirty” blood. Amble stood up from his chair and knelt next to Prezton. He picked him up in his arms and took him back to the bed. Amble grabbed his walkie talkie from the desk.

“I need Squad V to meet me at the Vampira gates,” he said into the device. Amble volexed to the entrance. He had split the tracers into squads based on experience. Squad V consisted of Finnegan, Fletcher, Zachery, Avery, and Natasha. They were five of the 10 tracers originally created. Fletcher came forward, his sandy blonde hair cutting his view of Amble. He flicked his hair to the side of his face.

“Master,” he said bowing as Amble smiled.

“Ah do I miss that word,” Amble said putting a hand on Fletcher’s cheek. He pulled Fletcher close and placed his lips on the edge of Fletcher’s collarbone. He bit down and Fletcher cried out.

“My lord!” He moaned grabbing Amble’s biceps. Amble leaned forward sending Fletcher back towards the stone wall. “My Lord, I can’t see,” Fletcher grunted as Amble continued to drink. The other vampires didn’t dare turn around, but some of them stirred uncomfortably as they heard Amble slurp. Amble’s eyes were wide open as his tongue moved along the holes. They had turned from their greyish-red to a light blue color. Amble pulled away and looked into Fletcher’s fluttering eyes. Amble pulled the shoulder of his shirt down revealing his neck.

“Drink me,” he said as Fletcher’s eyes went to the light yellow sky. He couldn’t see straight and grasped Amble for support. Amble grabbed Fletcher’s head and forced it to his body. “Drink from me!” He said louder as Fletcher dropped fang. He bit into Amble’s flesh and felt the blood flow into his mouth. “Don’t stop until I tell you to,” he continued. The cruor from a full blooded vampire, especially one of Amble’s age, contained brew that was even too much for the tracers to handle. Fletcher’s hand wandered into Amble’s hair. He gently pulled Amble’s head back and Amble allowed it. Amble opened his mouth, his fangs fully extended, as Fletcher continued to drink. “That’s enough,” he said but Fletcher didn’t stop. Amble tried pulling away but Fletcher pulled his head back further with more force. “Stop,” Amble said angrily as Fletcher started breathing heavily with each drag. Amble reached up and grabbed Fletcher by the neck and squeezed. “I said stop,” Amble growled pulling Fletcher away from him. Amble turned him away and pushed him back in line with the rest of the group.

“Finnegan come here,” Amble said softly as Finn approached him. Amble pushed Finn’s head to the side and bit into him. He drank from Finn and then let Finn drink from him. “Zach. Avery,” Amble said as they robotically came to him. Zach went to Amble’s left and Avery went to his right as they each bit into his neck. Avery put his hand on Amble’s chest holding him against the wall. Zachery put his hand on Amble’s waist and gripped. Amble bit from one to the other causing their blood to intermix with each other. After they exchanged blood, Amble sent them back. “Natasha,” Amble said as she smiled at him. He moved her deep purple hair from her neck and bit into her. She cried out clutching his hair in her hands. Amble inhaled deeply as her hands moved to his arms. She helplessly rubbed his back pulling him closer to her. With each drag, she clenched his shirt. He released and had her drink from him. The smell of his skin was intoxicating as she lapped at the black blood. Amble put his forehead on the wall as she continued drinking. He tapped her waist for her to stop and she retracted. Amble led her back to the line.

“Now I bet you’re wondering why I took blood from you,” he said as they nodded. Amble kept his eye on Fletcher because he had taken the most cruor. “I am sending you up top. I need you to acquire something for me. I will be using your eyes,” Amble said wiping his mouth. A small strand of Natasha’s hair was hanging in front of his face and he pulled it away.

“What will we be acquiring master?” Fletcher asked as Amble smiled at him.

“Acquire, my dear Fletcher, an igniter. A pure one,” Amble said crossing his arms. He paced in front of them looking at the curiosity on their faces. “We are going to start genetically engineering vampires again as were originally done in the good old days,” Amble said holding up a test tube that had a black liquid in it. “This is our first sample given to us graciously by Heather and Dean earlier,” Amble said as Fletcher cleared his throat.

“Master is there anyone in particular you are requesting?” he asked as Amble stopped in front of him.

“I need a pure one. Not a hybrid if possible. A chimaera would do fine as well,” Amble said as the tracers nodded. “You know your mission. Stay out of sight. If you are found out kill the witnesses. I do not want any mistakes. Make it a clean job, do you understand?” Amble explained as they nodded.

“Understood King Amble,” They said in unison as they volexed out of sight. Amble smiled and inhaled deeply. He opened his eyes slowly and they turned bright blue as he tapped into Fletcher’s head. He could see everything that Fletcher saw. Fletcher had his fangs bared as he ran through the streets of Vacoma. Amble’s eyes turned lime green as he tapped into Finnegan’s head. He was on the opposite side of town headed towards McPherson. Amble’s eyes turned pink as he tapped into Natasha’s head. She had stopped at a fire station. Igniters were regularly employed as firefighters since they could manipulate the flames.

“Very smart,” Amble said as his left eye turned light blue and his right turned red tapping into Zachary and Avery’s head. Because he had mixed their blood, his left eye was what Zach saw and his right was what Avery saw. They stuck together and headed to a gas station. “Find me a strong one my servants,” Amble said as he walked to the master bedroom. He took off his shirt and put on a black tank top. He pulled on black, red, and white plaid, flannel pajama bottoms and lay on the bed. Amble pulled out a book that he had under the pillow and flipped to the first page.

“At the start, Vampira held a giant population of most of the world’s vampires..,” he started reading and yawned. It was almost dawn and he hoped the tracers knew that the sun was coming up. He tapped into their heads again. Each image was dark hopefully meaning that their eyes were closed. “Good they went to ground,” Amble said continuing to read the book.

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