East Gate Moonlight Blood

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Chapter 20

Two hours after their return, Shark decided to try and go to work but Faustin told him he could not because of the LVO. Spencer, however, heard of Shark’s return and instantly called him.

“This is professor Lake,” Shark asked.

“Professor! I heard you were back. Can I come see you?” Spencer asked as Shark looked at Faustin. They had only been back for a couple of hours and he was tired, but he hadn’t seen Spencer or his other students in a couple of months.

“Sure stop on by the director’s house,” Shark said as he went into his room and pulled on his shorts and a sleeveless shirt.

“You’ve got more stamina than I thought,” Faustin said as Spencer arrived shortly and Shark took him outside. They talked for a moment and then Shark told him about a few techniques he could use and then they fought. Spencer made the first move causing Shark to run his hands along the grass when Spencer swung his leg over Shark’s head. Spencer lightly kicked Shark who was in the process of getting up. He didn’t hit him hard enough to knock him back down and Shark swiped his leg under Spencer knocking him down.

“Don’t go easy on me. Hit me!” Shark shouted blocking another failed attempt from Spencer. Seeing as he was a vampire, he didn’t come to the morning classes. One of Spencer’s other classmates joined them occasionally. It was easy to tell that Spencer hadn’t been practicing since Shark was away because he was doing absolutely horrible right now. Spencer put his hands up again to punch Shark, but held back still.

“Hit me!” Shark screamed as Spencer flinched.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” he said innocently as Shark sighed angrily

“Trust me, my body is built for pain. You don’t know what I’ve been through the past few months, I can handle whatever you dish out. If you have any intents of doing well in Gateway, you’ve got to go all out,” Shark said as he ducked from another punch and quickly grabbed Spencer’s arm and pulled him forward. “See you’re off balance. Get that arm back before it can be grabbed,” Shark said releasing Spencer’s arm as he nodded. “Do whatever you know how to defeat me. If you came into Gateway like this, you would be out right away,” Shark said putting his fists up.

“Do you want me to volex?” Spencer asked as Shark put his hands down. He hadn’t considered that option.

“You can if you want. It’ll get me used to the speed,” Shark commented as Spencer volexed behind him. He side kicked Shark in the back knocking him down. Spencer gasped and rushed over to Shark. Spencer practically kicked him across the lawn. Spencer didn’t think he had kicked Shark that hard, but after looking at the skid marks that were on Shark’s body he felt even guiltier.

“Professor? Are you OK?” Spencer asked as Shark came to and palm heeled Spencer’s chin sending him backward. It caught him completely off guard and he staggered a bit.

“Don’t hesitate to think your opponent is dead, make certain that they are,” Shark said as Spencer nodded feeling stupid.

“Sorry,” Spencer said as Shark gripped his shoulder. “I’m not used to training this way.

“Don’t be sorry. Like you said it’s just training,” Shark said putting his hands on his waist and bent forward. “Let’s call it quits, I’m exhausted,” Shark said inviting Spencer in. Shark tossed him a bag of chips. It was a black and red bag with a bloody finger print printed on the front. Axel came into the room and went straight to the fridge.

“You aren’t handing out my blood chips are you professor?” Axel asked as Spencer’s face flushed. He set the bag on the island and put his hands in his pockets. Axel turned to Spencer and chuckled. “I’m only joking man, relax,” Axel said opening the bag. He dropped fang at the smell of the hardened blood. He popped a chip in his mouth and it made a crispy crunch. Spencer watched Axel munch and his mouth started watering.

“Is it a certain type?” Spencer asked as a smile curled to Axel’s lips. He popped in another chip.

“I only have AB and O negative,” he said licking his lips. The salt made them tingle. He saw Spencer’s eye widen when he said O negative. He tossed Spencer a bag which he immediately tore into. He had never tasted something so salty and delicious. Chip after chip exited the bag and into his mouth. Shark looked sick thinking about how much blood was being consumed.

“Whoa whoa! Slow down tiger. You can’t fully enjoy the taste if you’re sucking ’em down like a garbage disposal,” Axel said his eyes in a horrified gaze. Spencer finished what was in his mouth when Taurus walked in. He saw Spencer, Shark, and Axel and made nothing of the situation. That is until he saw what Spencer was eating. Unlike Axel, Taurus did not go to sleep when they came back so he got agitated quickly.

“Are those my O negatives?” Taurus asked angrily as Spencer swallowed. Spencer licked the salt off his fingers nervously. “Are those my O negatives?” he asked again as Axel nodded. “Who the hell is this joker eating my food!?” Taurus screamed jumping over the island knocking Spencer over. The chair broke under the weight of both students as they crashed to the ground. Shark rushed over and pulled Taurus off but he volexed back to Spencer and landed a punch to his face. Taurus volexed in the kitchen and grabbed a glass jar and slammed it down on Spencer’s head. Spencer brought his arms up in defense and the glass broke on his forearms. Axel did nothing to help he just stood there laughing.

“Don’t just stand there help me!” Shark shouted trying to keep a hold of Taurus who squirmed away again. Faustin came in the door with his messenger bag around his shoulder. He had a ton of paperwork in his hands. He had stayed late at the office to file and organize everything so he could file the copies at home. He saw the scuffle and then noticed the broken chair. The Earth stood still as he saw the broken barstool scattered along the ground with each movement of the scuffling students. Spencer grabbed Taurus’ head and slammed his own into it. Shark grabbed Spencer this time and pulled him off of Taurus. Everyone’s fangs were drawn but they were instantly retracted when Faustin dropped the papers in his hand on the floor as his mouth dropped. The fighting stopped immediately.

“What...the hell...is going on?” Faustin said calmly trying to conceal his anger as Shark let go of Spencer. They each patted themselves off and started to speak. Faustin put his hand up and pointed to Shark. “What happened?” he asked as Shark looked from Taurus to Faustin.

“Well Spencer and I were training and—”

“I want to know what happened IN HERE!” Faustin shouted as Shark cleared his throat nervously. He hated seeing Faustin this angry. He was practically shaking he was so pissed off.

“Axel gave Spencer chips that belonged to Taurus and Taurus attacked Spencer. Then you walked in,” Shark said as Faustin looked at the destroyed kitchen. There was glass all over the floor and broken wood pieces. “It’s just a chair, why are you so mad? We’ll buy you another,” Shark said as Faustin picked up one of the broken legs and pushed his way past Shark. He went over to a piece of blown glass that Shark had gotten from Xenon the day they met, it meant a lot to him. She was the only one who was nice to them when Faustin and Shark ran from their parents.


Faustin I don’t understand why I need to go to school. All I want to do is athletic stuff ya know?” Shark asked as he ran a hand through his blue hair. Faustin had tried to cut it in a faux-hawk style and it looked like crap now.

“Shark there’s more to life than just being athletic. There’s so much more,” Faustin said as Shark motioned to his head.

“Aw yeah there’s so much more. Fucked up haircuts, lame ass schools, bull shit teachers!” Shark shouted as a few students walked by. One of them ran his shoulder against Shark’s pushing him into the lockers.

“Watch where you’re going freak,” he laughed as Shark grabbed him. He slammed the boy against the lockers.

“You watch where you’re going you asshole! Run into me on purpose again and I’ll personally throw you out that fucking window!” Shark shouted pointing to the window. He released the boy who had a frightened look on his face. Shark grabbed his books from his locker and started walking away. Faustin quickened his pace to try and keep up.

“Shark you shouldn’t have done that,” Faustin said as Shark glared in his direction.

“I’m sick of being pushed around by the fools in this school. I’m not going to let them walk all over me like I’m some kind of freakin doormat,” Shark said as the boy clobbered Shark in the back of the head with a heavy text book. Shark turned around and grabbed the guy by the neck. Shark hoisted him up and turned him to the side, mouth open.

“Shark don’t!” Faustin shouted grabbing Shark’s arm. Shark bit down into the boy’s side tearing out a huge chunk. The boy screamed as Shark dropped him to the ground. A few students were screaming for teachers as Shark stared down at him upset at what he’d done. “Shark...,” Faustin hissed as Shark shook. He slowly backed away from the bloody body.

“Damn,” Shark said softly. There was blood all over his hands and body. “You all saw him attack me first,” Shark said.

“It’s like freaks attract freaks,” someone said as a Goth girl came down the hallway. She wore white skinny jeans with big holes at the knees, a black baroque laced tank and black herringbone leather boat shoes. Her black and blue hair was in a ponytail and she had headphones on her head. She calmly walked by the commotion. Shark had the girl in a few classes but she never said anything. It’s not because she was stupid or anything she just didn’t want to participate in certain discussions. Now when she was in art class, that’s where her personality came out because it was more of her comfort zone around people who shared the same interests.

“Hey freak! Come help your boyfriend out!” One of the students laughed as she continued walking by, her music blasting. The group laughed, but then stopped when she turned around. She shot a shadow ball in their direction and before they could react she was in front of them.

“You think you’re cool? Picking on the new kid and calling me a freak? Why don’t you guys grow up!” She shouted ready to punch as one of the guys grabbed her extended arm. Shark reacted so quickly he didn’t even think about it. Shark wasn’t sure why he grabbed the kid because he didn’t know this girl well enough, but he wanted to protect her anyway. Shark grabbed the guy who had ahold of the girl’s arm and he punched him in the face until there was blood. The girl grabbed Shark and pulled him away from the boy who had a bloody nose. “Stop,” she said quickly as a teacher finally came to the scene.

“What is going on here!?” he shouted and turned his attention to the girl. “You! What did you do?” he barked as she put her head phones back on to drown out his voice.

“She didn’t do anything. I did,” Shark piped in ready to take the teacher on if he did something to her. The teacher grabbed Shark’s arm and dragged him to the principal’s office. “Mr. Winter please listen,” Shark pleaded as Mr. Winter continued dragging him down the hall. His wispy grey hair fell in his face as he flicked his head to the side.

“Mrs. Sweeney I have Shark Lake here who attacked another student again!” He shouted shoving Shark forward. The principal’s office was one Shark knew all too well. Her desk was tidy with a few photos of her and her children. Mrs. Sweeney moved her wavy light brown hair from her eyes and pushed it behind her ears. Her hazel eyes looked disappointingly at Shark. Her beige skirt suit was pressed neatly.

“Again Shark? Why do you keep coming here?” she asked putting her hands on her head.

“It wasn’t my fault—“

“You must take responsibility for your actions,” she said as Shark grunted.

“Why do you guys always pick on me? All the people can think about is beating me up. I do what I have to, to survive and these guys are harassing me. Now you snot nosed mother...,”

“Watch your tone,” she interrupted.

“You watch your tone! I don’t need some lame ass school to tell me how to live. I’ve been doing it! I don’t need your help!” Shark said. He was standing now and his voice had risen to a shouting level. Mrs. Sweeney just let him vent and then Shark realized what he had said. He sat down in the chair quickly putting his hands over his eyes. A knock came on the door and the girl came in.

“Miss Promieux please wait outside,” she said as the girl came into the room anyway. “Xenon I’m not ready to talk with you yet,” she said as the girl walked up to Shark.

“This wasn’t his fault. He was hit first and was only using self-defense,” Xenon said as Shark looked at her. She had long slender legs and arms.

“Man is she pretty,” Shark thought as Sweeney looked at her and sighed.

“Xenon this has nothing to do with you. It’s one thing to use magic in school, on a human student at that and—“

“Had Shark been human would it have made a difference? You don’t think I know that you treat the supernatural students different than the human ones? If there was a high school for us to go to we would, but there isn’t. I should take this to the streets and let people know how you have been demeaning us!” Xenon said grabbing Shark’s hand. She pulled him from the chair and stormed out of the office. Mrs. Sweeny just let them leave. The last thing she needed on her hands was a supernatural uprising. Xenon was walking so fast, Shark could barely keep up. Finally, after she slowed down, shark pulled his hand out of hers.

“What are you doing?” he asked as she stared at him.

“Helping you. She can’t do that to you and those students can’t do that to you,” Xenon said pulling a glass sculpture out of her bag. “Here. My assignment was to give this to someone in need and it looks like you need it a lot,” she said handing it to him. Shark didn’t take it at first, but he didn’t want to hurt her feelings. “If you ever feel down or angry, just look at this and breathe,” she said pointing to the blue light that glowed in the middle. “It will take away all the darkness that you feel and fill you with happy memories,” Xenon explained as Shark stared intently at the light. He opened his mouth to speak and a blue light came out. It went into the glass sculpture and melted.

“Not to sound rude but why are you helping me?” Shark asked as the girl smiled at him. A girl pushed past Xenon pushing her up against Shark. His back hit the lockers. She looked up at Shark and smiled.

“We supernaturals need to stick together,” she said backing off of him. She scribbled on a piece of paper. “If you ever need anything or just want to hang out, give me a call,” she said as Shark looked at her. He bent down and kissed her cheek.

“I’ll take you up on that. Thank you for the sculpture, I’ll take good care of it,” Shark said watching her walk away.


Why am I irritated?” Faustin asked as Shark followed his brother around the room. When he saw Faustin approach the piece of art, he reached his hand out.

“F-Faustin... Don’t,” he stammered as Faustin stared at it. He brought the chair leg up and Shark lunged at him. He grabbed Faustin around the waist and pulled him away from the art flinging him on the ground. “Don’t you touch it!” He screamed punching Faustin repeatedly in the face. Faustin put his hands up blocking his face but Shark still hit him.

“Alright! ALRIGHT!” Faustin hollered as Shark stopped. He climbed off Faustin, grabbed the glass blown hammerhead off the mantle, and clutched it to his chest. The fire that was used to make it was from a dragon. There is only a few species left in the world and they have become endangered so people just use igniter or regular flames. The dragon flames are what made the piece unique and special to Shark plus, Xenon gave up on art after she had made the hammer head that was emerging out of the water with various small fish. Every part of it was exquisite. There was supposed to be a tint of red where the flame had been held, but she dyed it blue to give the piece a more soothing appeal.

“The bloody hell is your problem!?” Shark shouted as Faustin stared at the broken chair leg he clenched in his hand. A blue light left Shark’s mouth and entered the sculpture. The light was bright but dimmed as it melted after a while.

“This was my business award chair,” Faustin said slowly standing up. “You broke it. It’s unfixable,” he continued.

“I didn’t break it,” Shark said as Faustin continued shaking his head.

“I won this when I got my first award. They hand crafted it out of genuine leather with a hint of dragon hide on it. The stitching was hand embroidered and everything,” Faustin said backing away from Shark a little. “You only get one. It’s a part of the contract and now it’s destroyed. The value is worthless,” he whispered turning away from Shark. Shark had his left hand on top of the art and his right on bottom. Faustin whipped around and brought his leg up and slammed the heel of his black shoe into Shark’s chest.

The glass shattered in his hands and Shark shouted. A ton of blue shot out all around the room and then disappeared in a hushed kind of hiss. Shark looked at the destroyed artifact. He couldn’t believe his eyes. It felt so unreal. The students looked around feeling a little awkward as they watched their teacher fight with the director. It is one thing for teacher’s to get upset with their superiors, but it was different for these two seeing as they were siblings. Spencer walked up to Shark and put his hand on his shoulder.

“Professor I have a class to get to,” he said quietly grabbing his backpack from the floor.

“Yeah,” Shark said almost robotically there was no emotion in his voice. Faustin kept his eyes on Shark but he did not move. Shark finally looked up at Faustin who looked completely guilty. Shark had tears streaming down his face. Shark hadn’t cried since he was a child and the feeling was weird. Faustin told him to never cry because he was a boy, but the emotions that he held finally bubbled over. Shark dropped the remaining pieces to the floor. His face became distorted as his shark teeth pushed through. He opened his mouth and screamed loudly as he charged at Faustin. He knocked him down and grabbed another barstool and slammed it across Faustin’s chest. Faustin pushed Shark to the side and got to his feet. He raised his arm to punch Shark when Charlie came into the room. Faustin shot balls of light at Shark who dodged causing them to make holes in the wall. Shark rushed up to Faustin and palm heeled him over the couch. Faustin crashed into the coffee table putting a crack in it.

“Day! Uncle Shark! STOP!” Charlie shouted as they both stopped and stared at him. “Why don’t you just give each other a break? Go get hammered or something,” Charlie said as his little sister Elise came from behind him. Elise put her hand on her hip and glared at her dad. She looked just like Alexis.

“Daddy, why are you fighting again?” she asked her curly red hair hung around her shoulders framing her face.

“Elise, we weren’t. Were we Shark?” Faustin asked staring at Shark whose face was livid with anger. His teeth started going back down as he rammed his shoulder against Faustin’s. Shark went into his room slamming the door behind him. A knock came on the door and Faustin answered it. Amble Julian stood at the door with a wicked smile on his face. Faustin felt like he was going to throw up. He shook his head and Storm appeared before him.

“You alright?” he asked grabbing Faustin’s shoulder. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost,” Storm said as Faustin let him in. “Is Shark around?” he asked as Faustin nodded. Storm looked around the wrecked kitchen. “And uh... what happened here?” he asked as Faustin raised a hand. “That’s alright, you don’t have to tell me,” he said putting his hands up as Shark came out of his room.

“Who’s at the door?” he asked angrily but then lightened up when he saw Storm.

“Hey there drinking buddy,” Storm said as Shark looked at him strangely. He tossed Axel his keys. ”And our DD,” he smiled as Axel pulled on his shoes. Faustin looked around.

“You guys are going out?” Faustin asked puzzled as Storm nodded.

“Yeah, I got a text from an Axel Azera. He said that Shark needed to get plastered. Plus I was already in town so I was going to stop by anyway,” Storm said as Shark pulled his hoodie on. “We’re going somewhere a little fancier than that. Put on a dress shirt please,” Storm said politely as Shark went back in his room and pulled out a blue polo shirt and a pair of khaki pants. Storm didn’t say exactly how fancy they were talking so he went with a sense of casual fancy. They walked out of the house as Faustin stared at his broken chair and the broken hammerhead. He felt bad about both things being broken. He just let the whole matter go so that no old flames were rekindled.


Shark sat in the back seat with Storm who had his hands behind his head. Axel took them to BridgePort and let them out in front of a night club. BridgePort is a city where bold shapes, rich colors, and lavish looks rule the skyline. The residents of BridgePort are living in the fast lane in a booming place filled with striking skyscrapers and bustling beaches. Whether you’re content to hang out on the piers, work your way to the top, or host glamorous parties at home, there’s a place for every lifestyle in Bridgeport.

“I’m gonna just drive around you know? Give me something to do. Call me when you guys are done,” Axel said as Storm shut the door. He walked to the passenger window and stared at Axel seriously.

“Don’t wreck my car,” Storm said as Axel revved the orange Lamborghini a little. Storm led Shark into the pulsing building. The lights flashed and the music was loud. There was a multicolored bar along the back wall. A few bean bag chairs were around short tables that lit up occasionally with the soft-cubed ottomans. Storm looked at Shark and said something but Shark couldn’t hear him over the techno music.

“I reserved us a table!” Storm shouted as Shark shook his head. Storm went up to the waiter at the booth. It was black with colorful bubbles floating in it.

“Good evening gentlemen and welcome Platinum. Table for two?” he asked his freckled face beaming at Storm and Shark.

“I have reservations under Thayer,” Storm said as the man scrolled through an electronic pad.

“Yep Thayer, reservation for two,” he said grabbing two electronic menu pads. “Follow me gentlemen,” he said as they made their way through the crowd. They got settled in a VIP section of the club. It was less colorful with a more sophisticated look. The booths were a dark red and the tables were of a dark ebony color. There was an electronic picture frame with people covered in paint that hung on the wall above their table. The frame was in slideshow mode and went through hundreds of patrons, even the ones walking in the door presently. A small tubed chandelier hung above their heads giving them dim lighting. The music was lighter in this area which was a relief to the ears.

There was a medium sized dance floor where people did common ballroom dancing. The wooden floor had a few light panels amongst them that left off a warm orange color. There was only one couple dancing slowing in a circle. Storm and Shark sat in the booth and scrolled through the menu. “Your server will be with you shortly,” the man said walking away from them.

“Lucky for us, it’s happy hour,” Storm said grabbing the drinks tablet. A few pictures ran across the screen showing different drinks and their prices. Storm handed it to Shark. “Order whatever you’d like,” he said as Shark shook his head.

“No. If I do that, you’ll have to carry me out of here,” Shark said as Storm laughed heartily.

“Carry you? God I’m going to need someone to carry me,” he laughed as their server came by.

“Good evening gentlemen. Welcome to Platinum. My name is York Templeton and I will be your server today. Can I start you off with some drinks or any of our appetizers?” he asked as Storm handed him his ID.

“We’ll have one of everything,” Storm said as York stared at him. He flipped his hair out of his face and handed back the ID.

“I’m pretty sure you guys are over 21 I don’t need your IDs. I’ll start bringing those out for you,” York said. Shark looked around and saw the room full of supernaturals.

“This is where I took Stephanie for our first date,” Storm said as a few of the people who passed them did a double take. They rushed quickly away from them.

“Why do they keep staring at you?” Shark asked as an older couple walked by and stared daggers at Storm.

“Well, because of my father. He was a murderer,” Storm said as York returned.

“Alright folks, I started you off with three each. You didn’t specify if you wanted them all at once so for the sake of sanity, we’ll bring you a new one after one has been finished or unwanted,” York said taking the drinks off the tray. “Are we ready to order or do you need a minute?” he continued tucking the tray under his armpit. He wore black slacks and a black button up shirt with a metallic silver bow tie. Storm looked at Shark who frowned at the menu.

“Can I have any of this raw?” Shark asked as York smiled at him.

“Technically I’m not supposed to serve raw food. You know lawsuits and what not so sadly, no you cannot have it raw,” York said as Shark sighed.

“Then I’ll need a moment to look again,” Shark said as York nodded. He walked away again. Shark skimmed the menu. A group of young adults came up to their table.

“You’ve got some nerve showing your face here Thayer,” he said as Storm refused to stare at them. He took a shot of his purple hooter. Storm wasn’t a fan of raspberry but he loved vodka

“And you have some nerve approaching me about an old situation,” Storm said angrily putting the glass on the table making it clink. One of the guys whispered to his partner.

“Let’s get out of here before he kills us too,” he said loud enough for Storm to hear. Storm stood up and grabbed the guy his shirt singeing around Storm’s finger tips. His face started sweating from Storm’s heat. “H-hey! Let me go!” He shouted as Storm glared right into his eyes. York came to the table, his fangs bared. The vampires that worked at Platinum always used their fangs as intimidation for drunk patrons and unruly customers.

“Is there a problem gentlemen?” he asked as Storm continued to hold onto the guy. “You are startling the other costumers,” he continued placing his hand on Storm’s prying it off. Storm tried to keep his grip but his strength was not that strong against York’s grip. “Sit, sit, sit,” York said calmly motioning Storm to his seat. “As for you gentlemen,” he said turning his attention to the group of men. His fangs showed through his slightly parted lips. “Apologize to Mr. Thayer,” he said calmly casting a powerful duress. They all turned to Storm and apologized. “Now, I want you to go away. Don’t come back here tonight,” York said releasing his duress as the men went on their way. “Everything is alright ladies and gentlemen please return to your evening,” York said as they turned back to their food.

“I have a question,” Shark said as York smiled. He retracted his fangs.

“What is it?” York said pulling out his pad.

“What is your strip steak au poivre?” Shark asked listening to his growling stomach.

“It’s a steak with bourbon peppercorn sauce and crab parmesan cream. It also comes with an order of our Platinum mash,” York explained as Shark’s mouth watered.

“Alright I’ll have that then,” Shark smiled.

“Great. And how would you like that prepared?” York asked raking a hand through his tan hair.

“Rare. Really rare,” Shark said as York smiled.

“I was hoping you’d find a way around it,” York said turning his attention to Storm. “And for you Mr. Thayer?” he asked as Storm shut off his menu.

“The tuna tartar,” Storm said as York typed it in.

“Any appetizers?” York asked as Storm looked at Shark.

“Order whatever you want. It’s on me tonight,” Storm said as Shark shook his head.

“That’ll be enough for me,” Shark said modestly as Storm shrugged.

“What are your scallop poppers?” Storm asked as York hesitated trying to remember what they were.

“Bacon wrapped scallops on a salad bed smothered in our homemade dynamite sauce,” York explained as Storm shook his head.

“I’m assuming that the dynamite sauce is very hot?” Storm questioned as York shook his head.

“It’s very popular amongst our igniter population because of its spice intensity,” York commented as Storm smiled.

“I’ll have those then. I’m starving,” Storm said leaning back in his seat looking at Shark who was thinking about Storm eating the fish.

“OK, I’ll send those in and have them out as soon as possible,” York said as Storm took a gulp of one of his drink. Shark held up his shot glass and clinked it to Storm’s. He downed the cheery tootsie. Shark felt like he needed an energizer so the three olives chocolate vodka, energy drink, and grenadine mixed will with his body. Storm however was enjoying the surfer on acid which contained jager, coconut rum, and pineapple juice.

“It’s gonna be a long night,” Shark said shaking his head back and forth. A group of girls rushed past their table whispering angrily to each other. Shark could have sworn he heard Storm’s name come up. “OK what is it with these people? Why do they all hate you? I mean you said your dad killed people so what does that have to do with you?” Shark asked as Storm downed his second drink of vodka, lemon juice, and sugar.

“Because of my father, the notorious Steele Storm Thayer. He was the killer of hundreds of whisper women and girls. A huge portion of them were from Innis where we lived at the time,” Storm said starting on his third drink of vanilla vodka, pineapple juice, and grenadine. “My father was not a nice man. We had loads of money and he used that to do his ugly bidding,” he said but then stopped. He contemplated telling the story because each time he did, he became more and more upset. It completely infuriated him. “Our mansion looms over the town like some giant castle. There was a party that my father had planned and asked me to invite everyone that I knew. Naturally I would invite my friends and their boyfriends or girlfriends,” Storm started as York brought them the next round of drinks which smelled fruity.

“Thanks,” Shark said and returned his attention to Storm. Storm clinked with Shark and continued his story.

“Well there was, at one point, where I noticed that the girls numbers started going down. Some of my friends were looking for their girlfriends but couldn’t find them,” Storm said downing his solid vodka shot. “I didn’t feel like staying at the party anymore so me and two of my good friends, still my good friends, and my brother Daniel went to the village and hung out at Shadow’s Creek which is your standard teen hangout,” Storm said starting on a pineapple upside-down cake shot.

“A few of the shadow guards were called up to the house but I thought nothing of it. You know just a noise complaint or something,” Storm said becoming slow in his speech. Shark never thought Storm would be a lightweight since the flames in his stomach burned up the alcohol quickly. “After a while we noticed a big commotion outside so we went to check it out. When I came out, a bunch of people stared daggers at me and I didn’t know why.”

“The guards grabbed me and took me back to the mansion. My father was covered in blood so I thought that he had been injured. A fight simply got out of hand. I asked the guards what was going on but nobody answered me,” Storm said putting a green drink to his lips. He held it there for a moment before downing it. “They took me up to the master bedroom,” he said slowly. Tears started to form in his eyes and he tried his best not to let them spill over. “It smelled horribly. There was blood on the bed and floor,” he cleared his throat as York brought him the next set of drinks. Shark hadn’t even finished his fourth because he was so deep into the story that it made him uncomfortable to drink. “They asked me about the murders and I asked what murders? They took me over to the balcony and what I saw horrified me,” Storm said as he stopped completely. A group of people who were sitting across from them stared intently at Storm. A few of the girls had tears in their eyes listening to the story.

“Their bodies...were...their...bodies were,” Storm stopped he covered his mouth, breathing deeply though his nose as he looked at the ceiling, a single tear trickled down his cheek. “Their bodies were piled up...from the balcony to the floor,” Storm said unable to hold the tears. “One of my good friends was the last one to die. She lay on top of the other girls and women who had been killed. Practically an entire whisper race was eliminated that night,” he cried as one of the guys from the other table looked away. He couldn’t believe that’s what really happened. Of course there were all kinds of rumors that went around when Storm was younger. No one should know the truth better than him.

“Everyone blamed me for what happened because I let all those people in like my father told me to. I didn’t know that would be their fate. Had I known he was going to kill all of those women I would have never invited them,” he said putting his head on the table covering his head with his hands. Shark reached across and put his hand on Storm’s shoulder.

“But it wasn’t you fault. You couldn’t have known,” Shark reassured trying to make Storm feel better but the memories that Storm had repressed surfaced and he couldn’t block them out of his head.

“You don’t know what it’s like to walk down the street and have people blame you for killing that many people. Because of what my father did, everyone avoided me. They bullied me, they harassed me, they did whatever they could to bring me down and it worked,” Storm sobbed as one of the ladies left the table. She couldn’t bare it anymore. “I wanted to die. The pain was unbearable. Not only was it hard to watch them bury my friends, it was hard to live out the expectation that I would turn into my father. I had to do everything in my power to prove to the world that I was nothing like my father,” Storm cried downing one of Shark’s untouched drinks. Shark willingly let Storm take his drinks because it was dulling his pain. The woman came over to Storm and hugged him. He tensed up and became defensive but relaxed when he realized it was just a hug.

“I’m so sorry. I believe that you are nothing like Steele Storm Thayer,” she said as Storm looked into her eyes. She was also crying. Storm wiped his eyes and tried to smile but it was too difficult. “My mother was at that party and she died,” the woman said as Storm covered his mouth. “I blamed it all on you and your father, but now hearing it come from your mouth sheds light on the subject even more,” she said squeezing Storm’s hand. York came to the table with a tray in his hand.

“Alright we have the strip steak au poivre with mash potatoes for you,” he said handing Shark his food. “And the scallop poppers and tuna tartar for you,” he continued handing Storm his food. York was staring at them for a moment not knowing what had happened. Both men were no longer hungry after the gruesome story. “Can I get you anything else?” York asked as Storm shook his head.

“No this is alright,” Storm said picking up his fork. He stuffed the tuna in his mouth. With each bite, Storm became hungry again. Shark couldn’t sit and watch Storm eat anymore he finally tore into his steak that was absolutely delicious. Shark took Storm up on a drinking offer to see which of them could handle more alcohol and consumed two drink menus.

After they had finished eating, they went to the Platinum room. The floor was orange on the outside blue next to that and pink in the middle. A few grates were scattered around but they were also FID lights so they weren’t so boring. The DJ booth had the sound bars that bounced up and down along with the music. The bars were in front with the station behind and on top of that was another section of light bars that went above the DJ booth. The lights flashed around and people were jumping wildly around the room. A waiter approached Storm and Shark putting glow sticks around their necks.

“Good evening gentlemen. Welcome to the Platinum Pulse. Here you can practically do anything. In a few minutes, we are going to have a painting session,” he said as Storm raised an eyebrow.

“Painting session? That sounds really lame,” Storm said as the waiter pointed at pictures that were on the wall. People were absolutely covered in paint and bright powder.

“This is a paint session. Paint is thrown around while the techno DJ does his or her thing,” he explained as Shark smiled at Storm. He was really feeling the effects of the drinks he had earlier. The lights looked blurry. A bell rang and the music stopped. The room got quiet as the patrons turned towards the DJ booth. The lights were a gentle blue and green to calm the people down and grab their attention.

“Alright ladies and gentlemen! It’s time to grab that special someone and throw them around! It’s time for the paint session!” He shouted into the microphone. The crowd cheered as a few of them took of their dark colored shirts and put on white shirts to get covered in paint.

“This is my favorite shirt,” Storm said looking down at his black silk shirt. He turned to Shark to see if he wanted to leave. Shark had taken off his shirt and spun it around his head.

“And let the drunk fun begin!” Shark shouted running into the crowd. Storm watched as others filled in until everyone was practically pressed together. Storm took off his shirt and straightened his orange tank top. He pushed his way to the front where Shark was jumping up and down like a mad man. “This is my song!” He screamed jumping along with the other patrons.

“I highly doubt that!” Storm shouted as he jumped on just his toes not sure of what to do really. Shark bent down and went under Storm’s legs. He lifted Storm in the air. There was a weird smell up higher away from the people. Storm looked up and saw a guy pouring black liquid into a tube. He let the liquid seep to the bottom which had multiple color mixers attached. There was a spinning device that turned the liquid into powder before it was released into the air. Storm’s face became covered in various bright colors. Everything around him seemed slower. Storm climbed off of Shark and pointed up. Shark looked up as a red powder coated his face. He stuck his tongue out and started jumping up and down again.

The crowd seemed to get wilder by the minute. It seemed like forever that they had been dancing. Shark lifted his arm and watched his skin ripple with the pulse. He smiled and started screaming in excitement. The powder that had fallen on them contained brew which is what drove the crowd nuts. The music died down and the room went black. Then a strobe light came on and the music blasted once again. Everything around them seemed to have a colorful outline as the strobe light turned green.

Glow in the dark paint had been shot out of this canon looking device into the crowd. It covered half of Shark’s face and he flipped his hair out of the way. Storm was staggering to left and right as he got shot from behind with pink and orange paint. Shark had managed to push his way to the back of the crowd. Storm tried to push his way out, but was lifted up above the crowd. They carried him backward towards the entrance.

“Oh my god! I can’t see straight!” Storm shouted as Shark fell over laughing. A giant spread of multicolored paint fell from the ceiling in buckets covering every inch of the floor and the people who slipped and slid around on it. York passed by and saw that they were still there. Shark was on the floor rolling around with laughter covering his body in purple and green paint. The room went black again as a shot rang through the room. Glitter burst from the walls and the grates on the floor. The music died down as the lights slowly came back up. There were Platinum staff standing around with mops and brooms prepared to clean the mess up for the next session that was in about an hour. Shark and Storm’s hair was completely covered in glitter as York came in and grabbed them both.

“Alright guys, you are so wasted. Not to put a damper on things but it’s time to go,” he chuckled as Storm tripped over his own feet. “Who drove you?” York asked as Storm and Shark looked at each other. They burst out laughing. “I’m assuming Axel?” he asked again and they kept laughing. York pulled out his company phone and dialed Axel.

“Axel Azera?” Axel said as York cleared his throat.

“Yeah your friends are ready to be picked up bro,” York said as Axel nodded. He drove to the club where Storm and Shark were standing outside with York.

“Alright folks. Fun’s over,” Axel said as York helped them in the car. “I didn’t know you worked here,” Axel said looking at York who smiled.

“There’s a lot about me you don’t know,” York joked waving as they drove off.

“Axel! What if... what if this was a dream!” Shark shouted as Axel smiled.

“What are you talking about? This is real!” Storm hollered back. Shark leaned up to the front of the car on Axel. Axel put his elbow up in defense.

“Professor! Professor sit down!” Axel said as Shark ran his hands through Axel’s hair.

“Push that button!” Shark said pointing to the dashboard. “Push that button!” He shouted again as Axel pushed it. The roof of the car came down and Shark stood up on the seat. “I’M THE KING OF THE WORLD!” He screamed at the top of his lungs Axel looked in the rearview mirror and saw Storm hanging off the side. A devilish smile came to his lips as he pulled the emergency break. Shark went slamming forward already unstable. He flew over the top of the car onto the hood and down to the ground. Storm’s head hit the door and he fell back in. Axel climbed out quickly and dragged the groaning Shark back to the car. He put the seat belt on both Storm and Shark so they wouldn’t get up anymore. Axel pulled into the Lake driveway and got out. Axel went to the front door and rang the bell. Faustin came to the door and stared at the paint on his face and invited him in.

“Uh they’re both in the car. It was an interesting ride. They’re also covered in paint and smell like brew,” Axel said entering the house.

“Xenon! Shark’s back!” Faustin shouted as Xenon came out of the hallway wearing grey sweats and an East Gate tank top. She pulled on her shoes and went to help the drunks out. Shark stood by the car before Xenon came and grabbed his arm.

“OK, we need to get you cleaned up and into bed,” she said as he smirked at her. He gave her a hug and squeezed her butt.

“Take off your clothes,” he giggled as she playfully pushed him away.

“Shark,” she chuckled as she pushed him away. “Good Gods your breath stinks,” she said waving her hand across her nose.

“I may or may not have tried brew,” he said as her eyes widened. “I don’t think I did,” he said shaking his head quickly. Xenon opened her mouth to speak. “If I did! I liked it,” he said pointing his finger in the air.

“You’re delusional,” she said as Shark giggled.

“No...You are,” he said in a hushed tone. Xenon pushed Shark towards the door. He stumbled up the stairs laughing loudly.

“Keep your voice down your niece and nephew are sleeping,” she said grabbing his fwailing arms. He stopped at the door and cried out.

“Aargh! I’m like an animal!” He bellowed as Xenon covered his mouth quickly. “And I like King Kong!” He mumbled under her hand. Faustin had laid Storm on the couch. Thank god it was old but still.

“Jesus, it’s like a bunch of fairies threw up on them. You know like being in one of those fairy bungalows,” Axel said as Faustin stared at him.

“If I start throwing up rainbows and shitting out glitter, call the police,” Faustin said covering Storm with a blanket. Xenon finally made it to the hallway. She didn’t realize how heavy Shark was and could barely walk under his weight. Faustin went over and helped her guide Shark to the bathroom.

“Can you turn on the hot water?” she asked as Faustin turned the knob. The water ran in the tub while Xenon set Shark on the toilet.

“Ah hell! He’s got paint on his ass!” Faustin shouted grabbing Shark quickly and shoving him to the floor. “You better hope this comes out,” he said trying to wipe the paint off with a towel. “It’s one thing to have them mess up a couch because that can be replaced easily but replacing a toilet is hard,” he said staring at Shark who lay on the bathroom floor quietly laughing to himself. Xenon sat Shark up and pulled his shirt up over his head and looked at his paint covered chest.

“I shoulda known you would have taken your shirt off,” she said tossing the shirt to the side. “Let’s hope you kept your pants on,” she continued pulling his pants off. She grabbed his navy blue briefs and took them off throwing them on the rest of his painted clothes. Xenon pulled Shark to his feet and he giggled.

“Eh heh heh. I’m naked,” he laughed as she led him to the bath tub. It was about the size of a small hot tub made out of marble. There was a picture of Faustin, Alexis, Charlie, Elise, Shark and Xenon on the wall from the year before. Everyone except Faustin was wearing tan pants and an East Gate polo type shirt. Faustin however was wearing his normal tan suit, black shirt, and pink tie. The shower in the bathroom was also marble with a glass door. The sink was marble on top and wooden on the bottom. There were two sinks with faucets that came out of the top of the fixture. A giant mirror was placed above both. Xenon tried to release Shark but he was holding onto her tightly. Shark fell into the hot water and shouted splashing around. He settled in and Xenon went and grabbed the shampoo from under the sink. Shark started playfully splashing about.

“Stop. Hold still,” she said grabbing his multicolored hair. She rubbed the shampoo into his hair as he rubbed the paint off his arms. She took a cup and poured it over his head to get rid of the suds. Xenon grabbed a yellow bath sponge and squirted a little blue oceania body wash on it. She gently pushed Shark forward and rubbed the sponge on his shoulder blades. Shark had his eyes closed as he enjoyed the back rub. Xenon put the sponged in the water and then brought it to his gills rubbing slowly rubbing the paint down so she didn’t flare his gills up. She started rubbing his chest when he tilted his head back and kissed her lips. He reached up and grabbed her hand.

“Join me,” he whispered in her ear. She pulled her shirt over her head and unhooked her bra. Shark stared at her as she undressed before him. “Still beautiful,” he thought as she carefully placed a foot in the tub trying not to step on him. He opened his legs for her to sit up against him. She laid her back on his chest and rested her head on his shoulder. Shark brought his arms around her and caressed her gently.

“I love you,” Shark said breathing on her neck. The coolness of his breath made the water on her shoulder cold. She turned the knob and let the tub fill till it was up to her chin. Shark had moved his hands below her waist. He gently ran his hands along her hips. Her whole body relaxed in his and he smiled moving his hands lower. Her lers began protruding from the top of her head. Shark slowly pulled her legs apart.

“Shark,” she breathed grabbing his wrist as his fingers entered her. Her body tensed up at the sensation. Shark placed his lips on her neck and gently licked the water off. Xenon put her hands behind her and grabbed Shark by his damp hair. He brought a hand up to her breast and squeezed. Xenon made a noise that made Shark smile as he teased her. The water splashed as Shark moved his hand faster. Xenon kept her hand clenched in Shark’s hair as her other hand went down to his. Shark looked around at the paint floating in the water and became instantly disgusted and moved his fingers away from her. He pushed Xenon forward and she turned and faced him confused. “What’s wrong?” she asked as he placed his lips on hers. He stood up and grabbed a towel wiping the water off his body.

“I’m not this kinky and the water is full of paint. Besides, I’d rather you be squeezing more than my hair and hands. I’d want you grabbing my back or my sides in a trembling fashion,” he said as Xenon smiled up to him. Shark grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his waist. He grabbed another towel and rubbed Xenon down before scooping her up in his arms and taking her to the bedroom.

Faustin saw them out of the corner of his eye and turned away.

“And there go the nice clean sheets,” he said as Storm’s phone went off. Faustin removed the blanket and reached into Storm’s pants pocket. A picture of Stephanie appeared on the screen. “Hey Stephanie, this is Faustin,” he said as she erupted in anger. “Well, he’s a little passed out right now. He and Shark went hardcore,” Faustin explained as Storm groaned and turned over facing the coffee table. “He’s completely destroying my couch with his painted body is what he’s doing,” Faustin said as Storm sat up. He grabbed his head and clenched his eyes shut.

“God my head hurts,” Storm said as Faustin handed him the phone.

“Your wife’s calling,” he said as Storm took the phone from him. Faustin didn’t want to eavesdrop on their conversation and went to the back of the house. He stopped by the bathroom and pulled the drain plug letting the dirty water out. He grabbed their clothes off the tan tiled floor and threw them down the laundry shoot before turning off the light. He heard Xenon and Shark as he passed their room to his own. Alexis was reading a book and looked up when Faustin came in the room.

“Where’s Shark?” she asked as Faustin smiled.

“With his wife,” he commented as Alexis raised an eyebrow.

“Thank god these walls aren’t paper thin,” she said as Faustin nodded in agreement. He rubbed his wrists and pulled off his shirt. He pulled off his pants and got in bed. “Is Storm still here?” she asked as Faustin nodded.

“Uh huh. Stephanie’s pissed that he hasn’t come home yet but I’m not going to let him drive,” Faustin said pulling the blanket up to his shoulder. The beige curtains shifted with the quiet autumn wind. Alexis put her book down and turned on her side. She turned off the light as Faustin came up closer behind her and spooned her. He rested his cheek on the side of her face.

“Why don’t we have sex as often as them? We aren’t that old and out of touch,” Faustin chuckled as Alexis grabbed his hand and interlaced their fingers on her stomach.

“We have nowhere near as much stamina as your little brother. I know I couldn’t keep up. How Xenon does it, I have no idea,” Alexis commented kissing his fingers. “Night,”

“Night,” Faustin replied.

Out in the living room Storm was still getting chewed out by Stephanie. He unbuttoned his black silk shirt revealing his paint covered orange tank top. Storm rubbed his head trying to release the silver glitter.

“I will be there first thing in the morning OK? I’m still feeling buzzed and I don’t want to drive this late, alright?” he told her as she sighed.

“That’s why I don’t like you drinking this late. Your kids are asking where you are,” Stephanie hissed as Storm rolled his eyes.

“My kids should be in bed and my wife should calm down. Professor Lake and I were just bonding and you yelling at me is giving me a headache,” Storm snapped as Stephanie huffed before hanging up the phone. Storm took off his pants and then lay back down on the couch.

Shark kissed Xenon’s nose as he lay on her. He got ready to roll over but she held him tightly to her. She loved the feeling of their stomachs touching. She especially liked grasping his back in her hands while he kissed her neck.

“Don’t go. Just stay on top for a second longer,” she said as Shark put his chest on hers. He kissed her neck and she brought her hands to his hair. Shark grabbed her thighs and pulled them up, scooting closer to her. Shark moved his waist a little and she breathed in. After a little while, she grabbed his ribs and pushed him gently. He rolled to the side and put his hands behind his head. Xenon turned towards him and laid her head on his chest. She kissed his pectorals and closed her eyes.

“I love you,” Shark said in a low tone closing his eyes. She looked up at him and smiled. She put one leg over his and brought her hand to his chest.

“Love you too,” she said before cuddling close to him and finally going to sleep.

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