East Gate Moonlight Blood

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Chapter 22

Axel lay in his coffin tears filling his eyes. He rarely cried because it was gross. He couldn’t hold it in. After all he had done for that girl. She was down there fraternizing with them. Letting them feed off of her and have sex with her for all he knew. It just broke his heart. Axel gave up great opportunities, chances to go back to Vampira. He gave up that part of his life so that those kids could have one. Taurus came to the mahogany coffin and pulled the lid open.

“Crying again?” he asked as Axel wiped the blood from his eyes. He sat up and looked around. He had forgotten how he got to campus. The only thing that had been on his mind was Blair. Shark came into the room a towel wrapped around his wet waist. He rubbed another towel over his chest and abs before wiping his head with a towel.

“As you know, you guys should to stay here. I’m pretty sure the LVO are all over your home in Tecumseh by now it’s been 24 hours. It was kind of you guys to suggest we stay there, but we’d all be safer on the campus. There are more people here to protect us then just you guys,” Shark said as Axel launched out of the coffin.

“Where are my children?” he asked pushing past Shark. Axel ran up the brown and white oak wood stairs to the living room area. Noah was sitting on the floor playing with Julie and some blocks. He had built a tower and knocked it down. Axel breathed out a sigh of relief. Noah turned his head and his eyes light up.

“Daddy!” he shouted running to Axel. Axel was caught off guard by the word and fell backwards when Noah embraced him. “I missed you so much Mr. Axel!” Noah shouted happily as Axel sat up. Julie stared at him realizing he had blood on his face.

“Are you OK?” she asked as he nodded. He felt better knowing that Noah and the others were OK but as for Blair, it was just too hard to believe. Axel motioned towards the blocks and Noah started playing again.

“Can I talk to you?” Axel asked as Julie stood up.

“Sure,” Julie said as Taurus looked at them. He went over to play with Noah and helped him rebuild his tower.

“What’s the matter? I don’t think I’ve ever seen you cry before,” Julie said as Axel grabbed her and pulled her close. He embraced her as the tears weld up again.

“I saw Blair down there. She was down there with those animals like they were her family,” he said trying to keep his voice down. Julie listened kindly as Axel explained to her what had happened. “After I poured my heart and soul out for that girl, this is how she thanks me?” Axel said as Taurus took Noah out back to the porch because Axel was practically shouting now. He didn’t mean to he just didn’t know how to express his rage.

“Axel it’s OK. You and I both knew that she was bound to go rogue at some point,” Julie said and Axel painfully nodded. He didn’t want to admit it, but there was no way they could convince her to come back to their side now. Not after what she had done. “Axel I have one question,” Julie said and by the tone of her voice, Axel wasn’t going to like the question. “If she was turned and works for them now, and you had to kill her, would you be able to?” Julie asked and Axel shook his head.

“Of course not! I raised her from a child up until now. That’s like asking me to kill Noah,” Axel shouted as Julie put a hand on his arm trying to calm him down. “We are going to find her and we are going to find the necromancer who can heal vampires and make him heal her. I want her to die the same way she came into this world, I don’t want to stake her or watch someone else do it,” Axel said standing up. Julie grabbed his arm and tried pulling him back down but he didn’t budge. He was shaking he was so upset.

Axel pulled out of her grip and went back downstairs to one of the far rooms that Shark had designed to resemble a small gym. There was a pull up bar, bench press, squat area, treadmill, and a mat in the middle of the room with a B.O.B dummy that was badly damaged from extensive use. Shark was beating up the dummy aggressively. He had music in his ears so he didn’t hear Axel come down. Axel stood in the doorway and waited for Shark to acknowledge him. Shark did a double motion front snap kick to the dummy’s head.

“Professor?” Axel asked but received no response. Shark did a low to high round house kick. When Shark didn’t turn around, Axel walked up behind him. Axel reached out to grab Shark’s shoulder but ended up on the ground with Shark’s foot in his throat. Shark took the buds out of his ears.

“Don’t sneak up on me like that,” he said helping Axel up. Shark was sweating a lot so he grabbed the towel that was lying on the metal chair and wiped his face.

“Are we going back there? To Vacoma I mean. I want to make them suffer,” Axel said as Shark smiled.

“You remind me of me when I was younger. Always wanting to make the person pay for their wrong doing,” Shark said drinking his bottle of water. He didn’t stop drinking until the whole bottle was gone. “We will. If something happens and we necessarily need to,” he breathed as Axel nodded. “I know why you’re asking, you want to bring that girl back,” he asked as Axel stared at him.

“She’s like a daughter to me,” Axel said as Shark stared down at Axel. Shark was six foot and Axel was 5’8.

“We’ll get her back. I can assure you she won’t die that way,” Shark said wiping a dribble of blood from Axel’s lip. “Get some rest. I can tell that you’re tired,” he said but Axel shook his head.

“I’m not tired,” Axel said as his nose started bleeding.

“Yes you are. You have insomnisap,” Shark said as Axel touched his nose. He had gone to sleep for a while but not long enough to regain his strength. Axel went down the hall to where his coffin was and climbed back in. Shark went upstairs to the kitchen. Faustin came into the room with Elise on his shoulders. He spun around quickly and she laughed. He slowed down and pulled her over his head. Faustin put Elise on the ground and staggered to the left.

“Again!” She shouted, but Faustin shook his head.

“Daddy’s to dizzy,” Faustin said as she frowned. “Go play with Noah,” he suggested as she skipped into the living room where Noah and Taurus were now sitting. Faustin stared at Shark.

“I want to go back to my class,” he said and Faustin closed his eyes.

“Again? Shark last time you had students here you wrecked my business barstool. I know you want to work, but we can’t risk the LVO seeing you. It’s weird that they haven’t tried to come find you yet. If you obviously aren’t in Tecumseh, were else would they look,” he commented as Shark crossed his arms.

“Please. At least let me email my students and let them know I’m back. You can’t keep me cooped up in here forever. I’m going stir crazy,” Shark pleaded as Faustin thought about it. He could up the security and have the guards alert him if the LVO did show up.

“Fine but keep your phone on and on your person. I’ll talk with security and have them inform me in case the LVO show up. We are being very risky but we are playing it by ear,” Faustin explained.


Shark was relieved to go back to work the next day.

“Professor!” Chelsea said rushing up to Shark. She gave him an unexpected hug and he smiled. “We didn’t think you would come back,” she continued. Shark looked at his students. There was only a handful now. They looked so different. Most of the males had slight stubble.

“Where is everyone?” he asked looking toward Spencer.

“They stopped coming,” he said as Shark raised an eyebrow. Rarely did he have students drop from his class.

“Why?” he asked finally looking at Spencer’s face. It was all scratched up. “What happened to you?” he asked as Spencer turned away.

“We should start class you think?” Spencer said as Shark glared at him. Shark didn’t like the avoidance of his question. Andrew stepped forward.

“They sent an LVO agent to be our instructor,” Andrew said as Shark sighed angrily. “He assumed we should have known all the exercises in the curriculum. We used actual weapons and a bunch of people got hurt. So they stopped coming,” he explained as Spencer looked back at Shark.

“Let’s train. I’m going to teach you to defend yourself against people like the agents of the LVO. They are literally military trained operatives. We aren’t going to let them push the weak around,” Shark said taking them outside. The moon was high in the sky and Andrew twitched a little. He tried to suppress the beast within him for just a little longer. “Out there, in the real world,” Shark pointed in the direction of the main gate “It’s nothing like being here at the academy. Out there people won’t stop trying to hurt you just because you’re students. They won’t try stop trying to hurt you if they see you helping someone else,” Shark explained as his students nodded. “For learning purposes I’ll teach you the basics. At least what you need to pass but if you want extra practice, stop by the director’s house. I will help you as much as I can,” Shark offered grabbing two focus pads out of the metal trunk. The outdoor training arena was about medium sized. A mat made the outline of the course. There were bars for students to hang on and do pull ups. A few training dummies stood at various parts, a battery pack hooked to their heads to enable simulations. He tossed the pads to Taurus and Spencer.

“I’ll show you a technique and then we’ll move to the course,” Shark said doing an in to out crescent kick. “For you vampires, this kick will help you knock objects out of their hands, stakes for instance,” he explained tossing a stake to Chelsea. She held it in her hands rolling it around her fingers. “Don’t actually stake anyone. It’s real,” Shark laughed as Chelsea made a fake gesture towards Spencer. He grabbed her extended arm and flipped her to the ground.

“Whoa! Calm down!” Shark chuckled as Spencer smiled lending his hand down to help Chelsea up. “I can see that you guys remember something,” Shark said looking at his watch.

“So what are we learning with these stakes? You showed us a kick and that was about it,” Andrew commented.

“Does anyone know where the heart is on a vampire?” Shark asked as both Taurus and Spencer raised their hands. “Obviously you two know. Let’s give the others a chance to think,” Shark said as they put their hands down. There was a slight quiet pause before Andrew rose his hand.

“Right side?” Andrew said a hint of questioning in his voice. Shark stared at him blankly.

“Are you asking or telling me?” Shark said as Andrew scratched his head. He wasn’t quite sure so he shook his head.

“Telling,” he said as Shark nodded.

“Correct. Don’t second guess yourself,” he smiled as Andrew released his breath. “You guys are smarter than I thought,” he joked as Chelsea put the point of the stake on Spencer’s lower right side. Shark looked at her a little nervous that she had touched the vampire student with a killing weapon.

“His is right here,” she said as Shark looked at her curiously. He didn’t say anything so she kept talking. “All vampires have their heart on the right side but it is not always across from where the regular heart should be. You can tell because..,” she stopped and lifted up Spencer’s shirt. “It has a slight bulge,” she said putting her index and middle finger on the small bump. She put his shirt down.

“So if you aren’t able to get them shirtless, what is the best technique to kill them before they kill you?” Shark asked as she thought about it. She made a motion from his hip straight up to his shoulder. “What was that?” he asked as she showed him again.

“You dig in deep enough and bring the stake all the way up to the shoulder because if you don’t know where it is, you’re going to waste time looking for it,” she explained as Shark nodded. He didn’t know that much about vampires until his encounter with the tracers and Amble so that was a good thing to know.

“Alright we’re going to do a little scenario,” Shark said as the students stared at him anxiously. The wind blew and the clouds moved in front of the moon casting a very dim shadow. “I want you all to close your eyes,” Shark started as nobody moved. “Go ahead I’m not going to attack you. That’s something I want to build is trust,” he assured as they slowly closed their eyes. Shark walked up behind Chelsea but she heard his footsteps and turned out of his reach just when he got ready to grab her. “I want you to use your other senses. Humans rely a lot on their eyesight, but you are not humans. You are the more capable,” Shark said walking behind Andrew. When he felt Shark’s breathe on his neck he reached behind him and grabbed Shark by the head. Andrew pulled Shark over his shoulder and slammed him on the ground. Andrew opened his eyes instantly.

“Professor! I’m so sorry. It was an accident,” he said as Shark stood up slowly. He shook his head quickly trying to un-blur the world.

“It was instinct. You have a better advantage than the rest of them because you are a werewolf,” Shark said. He went to the middle of the course. “I want you to come and get me,” Shark said as Taurus came forward. A metal axe came swinging down in front of his face. He stopped instantly his hair flying up. The axe sliced a bit of it off. “Do be careful. This isn’t a playground,” Shark said as Chelsea ducked under the swinging axe. Four spikes shot out of the wall and she slid on her knees underneath them.

As soon as she stood up, a giant wooden log came down and hit her square in the chest. She cried out in pain as she was sent flying back. Spencer volexed towards her and caught her at the perfect time because four spikes came out again and got him in the back. He pushed her onward and pried himself off the metal spikes. Andrew took another approach and went up on the top part of the structure. He ran across and immediately fell as the ceiling panel caved in. He caught himself cutting his fingers on the exposed fence. He fought through the pain and maneuvered his way down. Shark looked at his watch as he turned around slowing in a circle. The students were running in all directions around him trying to get him.

“Class is over soon. Get to me if you can!” Shark yelled as Taurus slipped between two foam poles. When he got out, one of the enemy dummies swung around the corner. Taurus palm heeled it, knocking the head off. The dummy shorted out and slowly recoiled. Shark was stretching his arms and legs when Taurus entered the ring. “Fight me,” Shark said putting his hands up.

“What? I thought we just had to make it here?” Taurus asked as Shark swung his leg up kicking Taurus in the stomach.

“If I was Amble Julian, what would you do? Would you just stand around and wait for your teammates to help or would you take the vamp by the fangs?” Shark asked as Taurus filled with rage. He came at Shark sending a barrage of attacks that were deflected easily. “Stay calm. Don’t get mad it hinders your ability to think,” Shark said sensing the anger in the hits. Taurus calmed down and ducked as Shark went on the offensive. Shark connected kick after kick to Taurus’ stomach. Andrew had finally made it into the circle and Taurus tried to keep Shark’s back to Andrew. Taurus hit Shark hard enough in the face to knock out a tooth that instantly grew back. Andrew came running on all fours towards Shark. He jumped into the air ready to punch Shark in the back of the head.

Shark leaned back completely on his feet placing his hands by his head making a bridge shape with his body as Andrew punched Taurus in the face. Taurus paid it no mind and swiped his leg under Shark’s flat feet knocking him down. Taurus stood over him pulling the stake that Chelsea dropped from his pants. He made the motion that she did starting from the hip to the shoulder. Andrew stood to the side as Taurus’ protection. Shark grabbed Taurus’ hands and pushed them to the side.

“Say you couldn’t find the heart and this is what happened,” Shark said as Taurus backed up. Shark stood up ready to attack but was pushed back by Chelsea’s foot as she came flying in kicking him square in the chest. Shark caught a hold of her leg and flung her across the training ground. Taurus ducked as Chelsea slammed into Andrew knocking him down. Taurus ran up to Shark and slid under his legs palm heeling him in the groin.

“BLOODY HELL!!” Shark screamed closing his legs. Shark tried to regain his senses only to have his face slammed into the ground when Spencer dropped down and slammed his fists on the back of Shark’s head. Since Spencer was a vampire, he had enough strength to overpower Shark and when Shark hit the ground and didn’t move, guilt went over him. The students stared down at him anxiously. They turned Shark over and his nose was bleeding. His eyes were closed and another tooth had been knocked out. It grew back automatically. Shark’s hands were covering his crotch his face in a pained look.

“Make sure he’s down if he were a real vampire. If he doesn’t explode, he isn’t dead,” Spencer said taking the stake from Taurus. He made the sweeping motion but didn’t end at the shoulder. He made the motion to pierce the middle of the chest as Shark slowly opened his eyes.

“Good job,” he said softly. He wasn’t expecting to have been knocked down hard like that nor was he expecting a shot below the belt. Spencer slit his wrist with his nail and held it to Shark’s lips. Shark wasn’t used to drinking vampire blood yet. After they had given him the potion to revoke his vampiric skills at the battle of Carverton with DeFalco, he couldn’t get used to drinking it again. Shark got over it and grabbed Spencer’s wrist. Spencer closed his eyes as Shark sucked on him. Spencer tapped Shark’s head making him stop. Shark stood up feeling more energized.

“Thank you,” he said as Spencer nodded.

“Anything for a teacher,” Spencer commented as they made their way out of the obstacle course.

“I know we didn’t get to the technique like we had planned, but we can do it anytime,” Shark said as his phone buzzed.

“Professor, are we able to still practice with you?—wyatt

Shark got ready to reply when another text came through.

“Professor Lake. Can I stop by for like an hour to practice tonight? - Harley

A smile curled to his lips.

“What’s so funny professor?” Spencer asked as Shark showed him the text. “Yeah I sent them a text saying you were back. Feel missed yet?” Spencer smiled as Shark shook his head.

“Yeah. I thought you said they dropped?” he asked as Chelsea smiled.

“No they just stopped coming . They wanted to continue coming but the agent made class horribly boring and not as fun as when you were teaching it,” she said as a drop of rain fell on her nose and sizzled. Her eyes widened as another fell. “Professor I have to go. It’s raining,” she said grabbing an umbrella. Chelsea was an igniter and if she stayed until it poured down rain, she would die. She took off towards Alley Port to wait out the rain until her ride came to take her home.

“Professor welcome back. Can we practice tonight? –Jericho

Shark tried replying as quickly as possible. Spencer watched Chelsea run to the building as Taurus smacked his arm.

“You gonna hit that?” he asked as Spencer smiled.

“We’re just friends right now,” Spencer said as Taurus raised his eyebrows twice.

“Uh huh. Friends,” Taurus joked as Spencer hit him playfully. Shark started walking off to the side as his phone rang.

“This is Professor Lake,” Shark said pulling out his teacher ID.

“Hey professor it’s Curtis. I heard you were back and wanted to know if we were still able to practice with you?” he asked as Shark cleared his throat.

“Uh yeah. I’m on my way to Alley Port right now but I can meet with you in about an hour,” Shark said as Curtis sighed happily.

“Alright. Meet you at the director’s house right?” Curtis asked as Shark went ‘uh huh.’ Shark hung up the phone and rubbed his eyes.

“Another student?” Spencer asked as Shark shook his head.

“Yeah. They all keep asking to train tonight so I guess that’s where I’m headed in an hour,” Shark said as Spencer grinned.

“Can I join you guys?” he asked as Shark nodded.

“Of course you can,” Shark said. “The more the merrier,”

“Can I come too?” Taurus questioned as Shark looked at him.

“You are really taking this school thing seriously aren’t you?” Shark joked as Taurus’ face hardened. After dealing with Amble Julian first hand and his little servants, Taurus wanted as much training as possible. Even if it meant putting up with school.

“Yeah. I have my reasons,” Taurus said as they entered Alley Port. The rain was only a drizzle and it stopped after a while but then started up again. “Oh come on Zeus make up your mind! Is it gonna rain or not!?” Taurus shouted up to the sky. A bolt of lightning cracked through the sky. Taurus ran into the building. “I’m sorry!” He shouted. Spencer saw Chelsea and went over to her.

“Hey we’re going over to the professor’s for extra practice. You wanna come?” he asked as she hugged him. He wasn’t expecting it and simply hugged her back.

“Sure, that’d be awesome. Once the rain goes down,” she said looking into his eye. She stood on her tip toes and kissed him. Spencer bent forward and deepened the kiss. She broke it and placed her head on his stone cold chest.

“You love birds comin’ or what? Zeus stopped the rain,” Taurus shouted at them as they moved away from each other. Spencer grabbed her hand and interlocked their fingers. They followed Shark, Andrew and Taurus out of Alley Port and towards the front of the campus.

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