East Gate Moonlight Blood

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Chapter 24

Shark met most of the students at the Lake residence and invited them all in. Soda that had been bought at Cass Butler Hall was passed around as they waited for Curtis to arrive.

“So was it weird being inside Nova?” Harley asked scratching the sliver spikes of his hair. Shark simply shrugged.

“I don’t know they didn’t send me to Nova. I was in the actual headquarters,” he said as Harley frowned.

“But if they said you killed someone, you shoulda gone to Nova,” he said excitedly.

“You’re an interesting student Harley,” Shark chuckled as a knock came on the door. Shark motioned for someone to open it.

“Sorry I’m late. Traffic was a bitch,” Curtis huffed. He had lost a considerable amount of weight. He put his phone in one of the pockets of his tan cargo shorts. His grey East Gate tee clung tightly to his upper body.

“Who are you?” Shark asked as everyone smiled.

“It’s Curtis,” Harley said patting him on the back.

“That’s not Curtis,” Shark said as Curtis looked at him. He was really skinny now. When Shark first saw him, he thought Curtis could kill him just by sitting on him. His hair was buzzed on the sides with a Mohawk that flipped up at the front. His arms and legs were really toned. “What’d you do, beat him into being fit?” Shark joked.

“Nah. When you left, I felt bad about being heavy. I heard you say “Dear God don’t let him crush me,” and I thought how great it would be to be thin like the rest of my classmates. So I started to change my routine. I ate healthier and exercised more,” Curtis said.

“With my help,” Harley boasted as Curtis grinned at him.

“With his help and motivation. I wasn’t down enough weight when that agent came to be our teacher. He said I looked like I was going to eat him and practically humiliated me during class so I chose not to come back until you did,” Curtis said as Shark looked at the changed man. He looked nothing like he had a month ago. Then he realized something.

“I never said that out loud. The whole don’t crush me thing,” Shark said as Curtis shrugged.

“I’m part biotech, fairy, and shape shifter,” he said nonchalantly. “I hear a lot of things,” Shark felt a little awkward and grabbed his gym bag of weapons.

“Alright. Now that we’ve all caught up. Let’s head out,” he said as they looked at him strangely.

“Are we not practicing in the yard anymore?” Spencer asked as Shark nodded.

“No. There are too many of you now plus Director Lake doesn’t want us messing up his lawn anymore. After our last encounter with the grass, well ahem,” he said in a hushed tone. “RIGHT FAUSTIN!?”

“Shut up!” Faustin shouted from the back of the house. Shark laughed and took the students down the hill behind the house. They walked around the medium sized lake to the forest that was behind it. After a while the dense trees turned into the Toxic Orchard.

“Do be careful. We don’t have Founder Tox here to give you a cure,” Shark warned as the students stuck close together trying not to touch the trees or plants that surrounded them.. They came to a flat wooden bridge that crossed over the water. The pep bowl arena could be seen far off to the left of the lake. There was a giant platform in the middle of the lake. Shark turned towards his students. “Close your eyes,” he said as none of them hesitated. There was an enormous trust bond between student and teacher now. They shut their eyes expecting to be pushed in. Shark tossed the weapons in the water. “Open them,” he said as they did. They stood there and when Shark said nothing, Harley dove into the water. He looked so graceful his silver spiky hair glistening when he came back up. He held up a nun-chuck and looked at his fellow colleagues.

“Don’t just stand there,” he and Shark said at the same time. Taurus did a front flip dive into the water. He swam down to the pile of weapons at the bottom and yanked a battle axe out. Everyone else, except Chelsea, dove in the water and came up with different weapons. Spencer had grabbed one for her and wiped it off when he climbed out. Shark helped the rest of them climb out as they stood there soaking wet.

“You can see these are real. Please be careful,” he informed as they looked at him eagerly. “This is the stuff I’m not allowed to teach you during school hours but,” He looked at his watch. “The school day was over about an hour ago. I will actually grab you with intents to hurt you. I have broken people’s arms before. Don’t be afraid to hit me or defend yourself so this doesn’t happen,” he held up his stake. “When I point to you, you’ll have 15 seconds to get the object out of my hands or render me helpless. Stay on your toes,” he said pointing a stake at Spencer who remembered the crescent kick and ran up to Shark smoothly removing the stake from his hands.

“Good. Keep your leg straight when you bring it around,” he said demonstrating. Shark pulled a paintball gun out of his back pocket and aimed it at Curtis. The gun was the size of a

P226 pistol. East Gate gad changed how the ammo was held. Instead of the usual plastic section that held the ammunition, they managed to put the ammo inside the gun for easier storage. Shark shot and Curtis ducked avoiding being hit. He tackled Shark to the ground. Shark wasn’t expecting him to be so strong and hit the wooden panel hard. He aimed the gun at Curtis’ head and started shooting. Curtis managed to not get hit and pushed Shark’s arm up. His nose touched Shark’s as he tried to knock the gun out of his hand. Curtis looked down at Shark again gritting his teeth. Shark slammed his head into Curtis’ sending him back. Shark looked at his watch.

“Stop,” he said as Curtis frowned. “Don’t make that face. You just took longer than 15 seconds. Your intentions are very, very good. Your downfall was looking down at me when you moved my arm up,” Shark explained as Curtis nodded, disappointment filling his head. Everyone watched Curtis as he went back to his spot. Shark grabbed Chelsea by the waist and pulled her to him. She struggled against him as he turned her head to the side. He put his lips on her neck starting to bite her. She brought her foot up and slammed it on Shark’s toes. He shouted and went to grab his foot. She took her elbow and rammed it into his jaw forcing his head back. She turned and side kicked him into the water.

“Damn girl, that was epic!” Taurus laughed as Chelsea put her hand down to help pull Shark out of the water. Her hand sizzled when it made contact with his.

“That was good, but next time, don’t wait so long to act. You were under 15 seconds but had I been a vampire I could have snapped your neck or drained you,” he said as she nodded. Her heart was racing. She didn’t expect for Shark to bite her so hard but like he said, it was stuff he couldn’t do during a regular class. Shark held up a sword and looked around at his students. He had Andrew, Jericho, and Wyatt left. Wyatt pushed his glasses up his nose as Jericho ruffled his wavy blonde hair with black tips turning it into a tangled mess. Andrew watched Shark intently knowing what he wanted to do if he was chosen. Shark made a sweeping motion with the sword at all three of them. They didn’t need to be told twice as they launched at him. Shark had enough experience with fighting multiple opponents especially short, four-legged ones. He brought the sword down on Andrew who blocked it with the chain of his nun-chuck and held the handles firmly. Wyatt took that opportunity to get Shark while his guard was down. He took the blade of his sword and made a stabbing motion. What Wyatt didn’t anticipate was actually stabbing Shark. The blade went in and Shark cried out in pain. He ignored it and kept forcing the blade down. Shark gritted his teeth as the blade came inches from Andrew’s face. He wasn’t purposefully trying to hurt Andrew but it sure as hell looked like he was. Jericho grabbed Shark’s neck. A blue light shown in his hands as the handle and blade disintegrated in Shark’s clutches. Andrew kicked Shark back into the arms of Jericho and Wyatt as Shark’s watch beeped at 15 seconds. They had finished just in time with Jericho’s help. Taurus offered his arm to Shark but Shark waved his hand negatively.

“I’ll be fine, just give me a moment,” he said straightening up. The wound hurt like a bitch but he didn’t have time to worry about it. He beamed at them, some of their chests were rising and falling.

“Professor I’m so sorry,” Wyatt apologized as Shark shook his head.

“Don’t worry about it,” he said as they walked off the platform. “OK so we are gonna go deep into the forest for the next part,” he added as they carried their weapons. “If you don’t like your weapon of choice, I suggest you switch,” he said as they looked at each other. Taurus switched weapons with Wyatt. Taurus was better off using a sword than a battle axe. The others kept their weapons as they went into the thicker part of the forest.

“Professor, if we had dropped the class earlier how would you feel?” Harley asked as Shark stopped walking. He thought about it hard.

“I would’ve felt sad. I haven’t had this small of a class before and to be honest, when Chelsea said you guys stopped coming, my heart dropped,” Shark said turning to them. “It’s not every day that I get students who want to participate. I try to make the class fun only because the curriculum is so boring. That’s why I always held extra practices and when you all responded to that text so fast, I felt overjoyed. With a class this small it’s easier to get attached to each other and make friends compared to getting to know people in a larger group,” he continued as Harley patted his shoulder.

“It wouldn’t be the same without you professor,” he said bringing a smile to Shark’s lips. They came to a small clearing.

“Now we’re going to test your stealth with a little fun game. This is technically unfair for me to let you practice here in case you sign up for Gateway because it is one of the spots we use,” Shark informed as they stood in a half circle. “I’m going to count to 20 and I want you to hide. If you get caught, you die,” Shark started as Jericho raised a hand.

“Question?” Jericho asked.

“Yes?” Shark answered.

“By caught, do you mean seen or touched?” Jericho asked as Shark grinned. He went to the shed that stood next to a tree. He opened the door and tossed them sensory jackets.

“Put this on underneath your shirts. If you get touched, a sensor will go off. It’ll make a loud noise so if you are the attacker, get the hell out of there because the dead person will give off your location,” he tossed them helmets as well. “Same goes for the helmets,” he added as they all took off their shirts and put the jackets on underneath.

“Why do they need to go on underneath our shirts?” Taurus asked as Shark threw a knife in his direction. It went right to the middle of the shirt. A light went off and the jacket made this annoying high pitched pinging sound. The lights flashed dimly because they were underneath.

“That’s why. This isn’t some game of laser tag at the arcade. The shirts block off the brightness of the jacket since we are in the dark. Your enemy can attack you with the weapons because the helmets and jackets are made out of dragon hide. Your weapons will break before you cause any real damage to your fellow students,” Shark said as they strapped the helmets on. Shark pulled out shin guards of the same material and tossed a pair to each person.

“So we are practically playing a big game of hide-n-seek?” Chelsea asked as Shark shook his head.

“Something like that. The object of the game is to be the last one standing. Team up if you want, but there can only be one winner and you cannot submit defeat willingly. You must at least try to protect yourself,” Shark explained as he looked around at the armed students. “20...19...18...17..,” he started counting down as the students broke into a sprint in various directions. They hid out wherever they could find. “3...2...1... GO!” Shark shouted as he heard something shift behind him.

He hadn’t noticed one of the students rush behind him and got into a fighting stance in case they came busting out of the bushes. A man came bursting out of the bushes and tried to tackle Shark. Shark was ready and flipped him over. “Nice try—” He said but his voice trailed off when he looked at the fangs that showed through the man’s mouth. Shark became pale as he heard Chelsea scream. He looked around frantically. Another vampire shot out into the clearing and knocked Shark over. Jericho came out of nowhere and pushed the vamp away.

“Don’t you touch my professor!” He shouted shooting blue light at the vamp who instantly turned to ash. “Professor they’re everywhere,” he said helping Shark up. They ran in the direction of Chelsea’s screams. When they reached her Shark couldn’t believe what he saw. Vampires were all over the place attacking the students who had managed to get huddled together. The leader of the group stood on a stump.

“Grab the girl! Don’t let her get away!” He shouted pointing at Chelsea as she used the stake she had and brought it up from the hip to the shoulder. The tip connected with the heart of the vampire causing him to explode. She set a few on fire before Spencer came to help her. Spencer grabbed the vamp and threw him in the air. Chelsea sent fire in his direction burning him in midair. Spencer bared his fangs pulling Chelsea out of the reach of a vampire.

“Back off!” Spencer said punching the vamp in the face sending him back. The leader stared at Spencer his face full of rage.

“You there! Why do you help these wretched worms? You are a vampire are you not?” he asked as all fighting stopped. Everyone seemed to stand still not moving a muscle. Punches were stopped in mid-extension, kicks were retracted, but grips were held. A cold breeze blew through rustling the leaves. These were tracers and vampires from Vacoma, they carried the stench of death with them.

“They are my friends and you will not hurt them,” Spencer said his voice deepening.

“This is an act of treason against King Amble Julian. If that’s the way you want it, then you can all die before her eyes,” he said as the fighting started up again. Andrew kicked one of the vampires square in the chest sending him through a tree. Andrew moved towards Chelsea’s left side.

“Protect her!” Andrew shouted as Taurus, Jericho, Wyatt and Curtis came around all sides of her. They formed a tight circle around her holding the tracers off. Shark pulled out his phone and dialed Faustin.

“Faustin there’s an emergency, we’re being ambushed!” Shark said as a vampire grabbed his hair and yanked his head backwards to bite him. Shark used his bent backward body to his advantage and pulled the vamp with him. He took a branch that was lying on the ground and slammed it into the vamps chest dragging it up as he burst into blood. “I am on the bloody phone!” Shark shouted moving away from the gore. Faustin called in campus security, but told them not to call the LVO. Moments later the cavalry arrived as the campus guards helped defend the students.

“King Julian they are putting up a fight,” the leader said into a device.

“Then kill them. Kill them all,” Amble hissed “I don’t care who dies as long as it isn’t the igniter, Fletcher,” he continued as Fletcher jumped into the fray. He started walking towards Chelsea. Everyone was so worried about killing the vampires that they didn’t see him slip in and grab Chelsea around the neck. She got ready to scream, but he covered her mouth.

“Please don’t. It’s an ugly sound,” Fletcher said as Chelsea started heating up. Fletcher had a necromancer created suppressor necklace on that dulled the full power of her flames. It felt like running his finger across a candle flame. He dug his dirty nails into a few points on her neck causing her to go limp. Spencer did a round house kick to a vampire and turned to see Fletcher carrying Chelsea away. He had her hoisted over his shoulder her arms hanging by his backside.

“NO!” Spencer bellowed volexing after Fletcher only to be stopped by a group of vampires who knocked him to the ground. Fletcher turned around and stared at the fighting staff and vampires. A smile curled to his lips as he stared at Spencer. Spencer made eye contact with Fletcher who patted Chelsea’s bottom.

“Trash,” Fletcher said had volexing out of sight.

“Professor! THEY TOOK HER!” He screamed as all the vampires in the area disappeared, volexing away from the scene. They got what they wanted. Spencer’s heart broke as he stared at the place where Fletcher once stood. Shark came up to Spencer and put a hand on his shoulder. Shark’s grip was hard to make sure Spencer didn’t try to run after them alone.

“We’ll get her back,” he said as Spencer ripped his shoulder away from Shark’s hand.

“How? How in the hell are we supposed to get her back!?” he screamed as Jericho came up to him. He got ready to touch Spencer when he backed away quickly flicking his hands around. “Don’t touch me!” He hollered bloody tears forming in his eyes. He wasn’t able to protect her and he felt so ashamed. “Get away!” Spencer cried moving backwards toward a tree. He slammed his head repeatedly into it until his forehead bled. He clenched the tree as he hit it with his fists. The tree fell, snapping where Spencer had attacked it. Faustin looked at Shark.

“What happened here?” Faustin asked as Shark pulled him off to the side.

“We were doing an extra practice session and they came out of the trees. We managed to kill quite a few but they were after the girl,” he said as Faustin nodded.

“Let’s take them back to house. We can sort it out there. If we stay here, we’re all gonna die,” he commented as everyone walked back up to the Lake house. Spencer stayed where he was and Taurus looked back at him. He felt horrible and could relate to Spencer’s pain of having someone he loved ripped away from him right in front of his eyes. Well eye in Spencer’s case. Taurus slowly approached him.

“I know how you feel,” he said as Spencer looked up to him.

“No you don’t,” Spencer responded instantly. His cheeks were stained with the blood tears. He was completely enraged as he stood there fists clenched.

“Yes I do. You just watched someone you cared about get taken away from you. I watched my parents die right before my eyes. My father died in my brother’s arms. I know exactly what you’re going through,” Taurus said as the tears continued to stream down Spencer’s face. “But she isn’t dead. We’ll get her back. I promise.”

“How can you promise me something like that and you can’t keep it?” Spencer said negatively. Taurus shrugged.

“I can’t promise that we won’t bring her back safely but I can promise that she will not die in their hands. If anyone knows Amble Julian the way my brother and I do, we are definitely capable of getting her back. We’ve been in his lair and were put up against all obstacles, yet we made it out,” Taurus said as a small smile came to Spencer’s face. He felt comforted knowing that Taurus had his back.


“We need to do something! We can’t just sit around,” Spencer said as Shark walked up to him.

“I know how much you care for her so please don’t hate me,” he said as Spencer looked at him strangely. Shark slapped Spencer on the ears really hard instantly knocking him out by the force. Spencer crumpled to the ground. Shark handed him off to Harley who dragged him down the stairs with Curtis’ help.

“Do you really think we’re gonna get her back?” Curtis asked his voice full of worry.

“I hope we do. I came to this school to earn a better life for me and my family. This is blowing things out of proportions and knowing vampires, they will take things to the surface if need be,” Harley said when his phone went off. “This is Harley?” he said and received no answer. “Hello?” still no response, but a lot of breathing. He became nervous.

“Hi Dad!” A little voice said as Harley smiled.

“Hey bud,” Harley said sticking his hand in his pocket. “Why aren’t you in bed?” he continued as another line picked up.

“Because he’s on the nocturnal schedule again,” A woman said as Harley nodded.

“Michael do I need to come put you to bed?” Harley asked as he heard the phone drop.

“He’s running,” she said as Harley chuckled. “Are you coming home yet?” she asked as Harley sighed. He didn’t like worrying his wife about matters such as these.

“I don’t know Taylor, there’s a small problem here at school,” he said “I’m not going to tell you details because I don’t want to worry you.”

“Worry me!? Harley what’s happening!?” Taylor shouted.

“Taylor, Taylor calm down. Think about the baby,” Harley said as Shark came downstairs. He watched Harley pace while Curtis sat on the floor with Spencer passed out on his shoulder.

“We have a plan,” Shark said as Curtis stood up. Harley pulled his hand out of his pocket.

“Hun, I need to go,” Harley said as Taylor huffed.

“Just be careful OK? I love you,” she said as Harley hung up.

“Who was that?” Shark asked nosily.

“My wife,” Harley responded.

“You’re married?” Shark questioned looking at Harley’s young features.

“Yeah,” he said vaguely. He wanted to know more about Shark’s plan to get Chelsea back. “So what’s the plan?” he asked.

“Well, our plan is to return to Vacoma and confront the problem instead of waiting for them to come to us,” Shark explained as Harley nodded. Shark motioned to the five mahogany coffins. “Help me carry these up,” he said as Harley stared at them intently. A silver glow came around one as it lifted off the ground. Curtis and Shark lifted up another one, while Harley held one under his arm. They carried them up the stairs and set them around the kitchen. Taurus had called Axel and informed him of the situation. He dropped Noah and Audrey off at Julie’s house before coming back to the campus with Terrence and Russell for support.

“Alright so here’s the full plan,” Faustin started but stopped, looking around. “Are we missing someone?” he asked as Shark stepped forward his hand slightly raised.

“I knocked Spencer the bloody hell out,” Shark said as Faustin covered his eyes with his hands.

“Shark! What did I say about hitting the students?” Faustin groaned as Shark rolled his eyes.

“He would’ve been hysterical!” He said as Faustin shook his head.

“Whatever. The plan,” he started again looking around the room. Never had he had so many students in his house at once. There must have been at least 10 (including Spencer downstairs). Harley, Jericho, Curtis, Wyatt, Andrew, Taurus, Axel, Terrence, and Russell all stood around the kitchen island waiting for orders. Faustin had a few vampire securities roaming around his house offering protection. He upped the security around the gated school having both vampires and werewolves roaming at the same time. “Now taking into account that the kidnappers were vampires, we can assume that the person behind it is Amble Julian. Our goal is to get student Chelsea Regent back to campus safely,” he looked around for confirmation. “Normally, we would get the LVO involved in cases such as these, but—” A knock interrupted his sentence. Everyone looked at the door as Shark backed away from the island. The clock could be heard ticking against the wall reading about 4:49 A.M. Faustin looked out the peep hole.

“I know you are in there Director Lake. We have a few questions to ask in regards to the whereabouts of your brother,” Maximus said as Faustin’s blood ran cold.

“Just a second! Let me find some pants,” he shouted as Maximus smiled and nodded.

“Please don’t try and hide him. We have the campus surrounded,” he added as Shark moved down the hall.

“Axel, Taurus, come this way,” Shark whispered as they looked at him.

“Why?” Axel asked moving towards Shark.

“If they have that surgery guy with them, he can pin you to us. All of you guys were there and if they catch you here then we’ll all be screwed,” Shark explained as Faustin unbuttoned his pants.

“What are you doing?” Shark asked as Faustin waved a hand at him to disregard.

“Professor, Taurus, and Taurus twin, don’t move,” Harley said as Shark, Taurus, and Axel all huddled together. Harley made a silver light flow over them and they disappeared. Faustin opened the door to Maximus and his top agents. One of them being the surgical masked agent.

“Good morning Director,” Maximus said entering the house.

“Mr. LoganView good morning,” Faustin said pulling up his pants. Harley kept his peripheral on the three of them so they could remain solidly invisible. “You said you had questions for me?” Faustin asked as Russell looked at Harley.

“If you get tired, let me know. Jericho or that blonde and black haired guy can take over,” Russell thought as Harley smiled acknowledging the mental message.

“Yes I do have a few questions for you,” Maximus said as Faustin stared uneasily at the students.

“Would you like water?” Faustin asked as Elise came into the room.

“Daddy?” she asked as Faustin turned to her. He knelt down.

“What’s up princess?” he asked looking into her sleepy eyes. She was wearing pink princess pajamas.

“What’s going on?” she said her voice soft and frightful. Faustin held her shoulders gently.

“Just having a discussion with a few people,” he said as she rubbed her eyes. “Why don’t I call Stephanie and have you go to her house today OK?” Faustin asked as Maximus cleared his throat.

“Director,” he said as Faustin put his hand up.

“Go pack your bag,” he said going into Charlie’s room. He shook Charlie. “Charlie, wake up,” he said as Charlie groaned.

“What?” he mumbled pulling the pillow over his head. Faustin pulled it off quickly and turned on a light.

“I need you to take Elise to Storm Thayer’s house,” he said as Charlie sat up. His hair was a tangled, fluffy mess as he rubbed his eyes. He wore a pair of gray sweatpants, white socks, and a blue tank top. Faustin couldn’t get his thoughts straight about how to get the LVO out of his house. “Don’t ask any questions, just do what I ask please,” he continued tossing Charlie’s clothes on his bed.

“OK,” Charlie simply replied as Faustin went back to the kitchen.

“Director, have you come into contact with your brother?” Maximus asked as Faustin handed him a glass of water.

“No I have not. He hasn’t been here since he was taken to the headquarters,” Faustin said as Maximus stared at him.

“That’s funny because a little birdie told me that you saw him after he escaped,” Maximus said as Faustin swallowed.

“Shark escaped?” Faustin asked nervously. Harley looked like he was going to pass out. Jericho tapped his shoulder and took over the invisibility of Shark, Taurus, and Axel. Maximus stared at the students.

“Why are there so many students in your household?” he asked as Faustin looked around. He didn’t know how to respond to the question.

“We just came from Platinum and wanted to visit the Director,” Jericho said as Maximus stared at him. His ability to use magic while holding conversation at the same time was impeccable. He wasn’t sure if Maximus believed him or not but it gave them an alibi because they were covered in dirt and mud. Although it wasn’t colorful like the paint powder that fell, it was fresh looking.

“And you are?” Maximus asked as Jericho cleared his throat.

“I’m Jericho BradShaw,” he said as Maximus lifted his head slightly.

“Ah. I know your grandfather,” he said as Jericho nodded.

“Trust me sir I’ve heard things about you as well,” he said as Maximus squinted at him.

“And what have you heard?” Maximus asked as Jericho smirked.

“Wouldn’t your wise old ass like to know?” Jericho said as Faustin cleared his throat. He didn’t like the disrespect because it brought suspicion to be civil and then get hostile instantly. Charlie came out of his room with his backpack. He grabbed Elise’s hand and walked towards the front door.

“Where are you going?” Maximus asked stepping between them and the door. Charlie’s body tensed up. He was ready to protect his little sister at all costs as he moved her behind his back.

“Leave my kids out of this,” Faustin said grabbing Maximus’ shoulder. The agents that were with him lifted their guns. Faustin paid them no mind and pushed Maximus out of the way. “I will call you when you can come home,” Faustin said as Charlie nodded.

“You are not afraid of me?” Maximus asked as Faustin shook his head.

“No. I’ve experience things scarier than you,” Faustin said as Maximus coughed.

“How long has Professor Lake been here?” Maximus asked as Jericho switched out with Russell. Faustin stared at Maximus.

“Like I said he hasn’t been here. Just because you heard that he was doesn’t mean that he is. This sounds just like the same crap you spouted when you came and arrested him,” Faustin said as Maximus stared at him.

“Whatever do you mean director?” Maximus asked as Faustin put his hand up to stop Xenon from entering the room. She waited and then backed up.

“If I’m not mistaken, and I’m pretty sure I’m not, you were on a sabbatical for the past 15 years and I swear to my god parent Harmonia, goddess of mind control, if you come into my school and accuse one of my professors, my brother at that, of murder when he has never been to Chase and you are just coming on to the scene. I can understand that you want to get your man and keep your reputation and shit like that, but you will not do it at my school,” Faustin said raising his voice slightly at the end. Maximus stared at him and then looked around at the students as they stood looking down at the ground.

“I see. So you would like to become an accessory to the crime then by hiding a fugitive,” Maximus said trying to keep control of the situation. He obviously wasn’t listening to Faustin and Faustin’s rage boiled over and he shot a ball of light at Maximus. The agents weren’t able to react fast enough when he went flying out.

“Get the hell out of my house!” Faustin shouted sending more balls of light at the agents who were trying to come in. Terrence released black shadow balls at them trying to assist Faustin the best he could. Maximus stood up and glanced at the grass stains that were on his white jacket

“You will regret crossing me Director Lake,” Maximus threatened, but the fear he created was gone.

“You should have regretted crossing us, Mr. LoganView,” Faustin said as Jericho used his powers to shut the door. A force field formed around the house to keep out all intruders. Russell released the tension he held on Shark, Taurus, and Axel. Russell staggered and Axel caught him.

“I’ve got you,” he said as Russell gripped Axel’s shirt. Axel guided him to the floor. Russell sat up against the wall breathing heavily. He had lasted longer than the other two and it took a ton of power out of him since he was still trying to hone his skills. Russell set his head on the wall and closed his eyes for a moment. “If we are going to do anything, we need to do it quickly,” Axel said as Faustin nodded. He looked at Shark.

“Finish telling them the plan. I need to tell Alexis that Charlie and Elise are headed to Storm’s house,” Faustin said as Shark nodded. Shark looked at the students.

“So our plan was to go during the day to Vacoma. We are going to station cars at various places to make a quick escape just in case. We will split up into three groups of 4. Each group will have a leader, vampire, and augur. Group one is me, Spencer, Harley, and Terrence. Group two is Faustin, Andrew, Jericho, and Wyatt. Group three is Axel, Russell, Curtis, and Taurus,” Shark said as Axel raised his hand.

“Switch Curtis and Terrence,” he said as Shark stared at him.

“Why?” he asked as Axel put his hands in his pockets.

“I want the four us to stay together. It’s not that I don’t trust your students or anything I just don’t want anything to happen to them,” Axel said as Shark nodded.

“Fine, Curtis you’re with me Terrence you go with them. Taurus switch with Andrew. I want at least one vampire with Faustin’s group,” Shark said as Taurus sighed. “At some point the augurs are going to break off and stake out the major parts of the maze,” Shark said as Axel put his hand up again.

“Why are we splitting up even more?” Axel asked as Shark crossed his arms.

“Because when it comes to the rescue part, we don’t know what we’re up against. We know they took a pure igniter but we don’t know what the purpose would be for. We don’t know exactly how many other people he has taken. Plus we don’t want to be there trying to rescue her in a big group because we could all die.”

“We have to save Blair as well,” Axel noted as Taurus nodded in agreement. “She’s had her fun and I swear that I will duress the hell out of her to make her come back,” Axel said as Taurus’ head whipped up.

“We need disguises,” he said as everyone looked at him.

“OK so I can tell we aren’t completely ready to fulfill this plan,” Shark said as they looked at him. “We will get everything prepared and then move out in a few days. It’s got to be sometime this week because we don’t know if they are going to kill her or not,” Shark said as they nodded. The students had disbursed before the sun fully came up. They had to act quickly and efficiently.

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