East Gate Moonlight Blood

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Chapter 25

“So Phenton tell me about that dream you had.”

“What are you talking about?” Phenton asked as he recalled the event. “I already told you. There was a woman and she was being chased by this big thing. Like a dragon. It had wings and it was crazy, everything happened so fast. Why do you keep popping up in my dreams? Don’t I get enough of you during the day?” Phenton asked as Marshall shrugged.

“I don’t know, you like to dream a lot and all your dreams are totally bazar. It’s quite entertaining really. What’s weird though is I wasn’t there. Most of your dreams, like this one, I’m a part of. But that one... Sheesh”

Phenton received a call on his phone. “This is Agent Helix,” he said.

“Phenton this is Hades. We need to talk,” he said coldly as Phenton sighed.

“Who was that?”

“Hades. He wants to talk to me,” Phenton said as Marshall laughed. “Stop thinking about that damn orgy,” Phenton snapped as Marshall clutched his stomach.

“That must have been excruciating for them to witness is all I’m saying.”

“I don’t want to meet with him until I find clothes. Underwear at least,” Phenton said looking around.

“Phenton this is a dream you know... Why don’t you just dream up some clothes?”

Phenton saw a janitor walking down the side of a building picking up trash. Phenton volexed towards him and dragged him into an alley. He knocked the poor man out and took his overalls and pulled them on. “Let’s go,” Phenton said as Marshall giggled at his apparel. They arrived at the gate of the underworld where Hades stood impatiently with Thanatos. Neither of them had changed. Thanatos still had a buzz cut Mohawk and those piercing red eyes. However he no longer had a five o’clock shadow. His arms and legs were still covered in bruises, cuts, and scars. He wore black pants with chains on them and black combat boots and had the same scowl on his face. Hades was wearing a dark blue three-quarter length sweater and black jeans.

“What have you been up to?” Hades asked angrily as Phenton stared at him.

“I’m not sure I understand,” Phenton said as Hades pointed his finger in the direction of a large cage. There was a giant hole in it at the bottom that had been dug out.

“My beast is missing. Before, I thought nothing of it until I was informed that you kept talking about it. That sounds suspicious don’t you think Phenton?” Hades said as Phenton’s eyes widened.

“Master Hades I assure you that I had nothing to do with the disappearance of your dragon,” Phenton said as Hades smiled at him.

“Phenton he didn’t say—”

“I said nothing about a dragon,” Hades commented as Phenton stared at him. “How did you know it was a dragon?” Hades asked as Phenton coughed into his shoulder. Thanatos had come down to his regular height of six foot seven and stood behind Hades his hand on the hilt of his sword.

“In my dreams that’s what I imagined it to be was a dragon. The dragon had navy blue wings with light blue and white stars. It looked like the night sky but the wings glowed. There were claws and a giant bite mark. Sure it could have been a shape shifter but this creature was enormous. It was half human but with the dragon wings,” Phenton said as beads of sweat ran down his face. He honestly didn’t know why he thought dragon, it just seemed like the supernatural answer. To Phenton, it looked like the extinct nebula dragon. Thanatos shifted and pulled Hades backward by the shoulder. Thanatos’ foot rammed against the stomach of a man who had his arm extended to punch Hades. Hades faltered and fell. Thanatos gracefully caught his master in his arms stopping his fall. He stood Hades up and then pulled the sword from its sheath. He aimed it at the attacker’s throat. Hades put his hand up stopping Thanatos from slicing through the man’s flesh. Phenton stayed where he was and watched the underworld dwellers.

“Who are you?” Hades asked as the man shook under the blade.

“I’m one of Master Aries children,” he said as Hades grunted.

“Kill him,” he said as Thanatos soullessly brought the sword down killing the biotech. Phenton stared at him. “Aries has been getting on my nerves sending these damn biotechs down here again,” Hades said as a flash of red light appeared before them. Aries came out of the light arms crossed over his usual cashmere sweater.

“Uncle!? Why did you do that?” Aries asked as Hades went to hit him. Aries blocked and pulled Hades arms towards him getting him in a head lock. “There’s no need for us to fight. We all know that I’m crazy and much stronger than you. You might be my uncle but that changes nothing,” Aries said as Thanatos put his sword in Aries direction. “Oh please. Put that pathetic stick down,” Aries commented as Thanatos kept the sword pointed at Aries. “Have it your way then,” he said twisting Hades neck as Talon appeared.

“Father there’s an emergency,” he said glancing at the situation. He looked at Thanatos and then looked quickly back at the gods fighting amongst themselves.

“You’ve got some nerve coming down here,” Thanatos growled at Talon as he smirked.

“Don’t act all tough. My beef is not with you right now,” Talon said as Thanatos swung his sword slicing him across the cheek.

“I don’t need to act tough if I’m already tough,” Thanatos said as Aries released his hold on Hades and pushed him back. He held up his hand and pulled Talon towards him.

“Now, now. No need to be uncivilized,” Aries said as Talon wiped his bloody cheek. “That’s not the reason I came. I need to ask a favor of you Phenton Helix,” Aries said finally acknowledging Phenton’s presence.

“Why would I do that for you?” Phenton asked as Aries smiled.

“Because I’m asking you to. Note I said ‘asking’ don’t make me command you,” Aries said as Phenton crossed his arms.

“He can’t help you until he returns my dragon!” Hades shouted as Aries gave him the finger.

“He doesn’t have your damn dragon,” Aries said. He said something to Hades in Greek that Phenton didn’t understand, but by the way that they were talking it wasn’t anything good. Phenton heard his name said multiple times along with the name Amble Julian. Then he heard Marshall’s name.

“Whoa now. Why are you talking about me?”

“Because you are the cause of this,” Aries said as Marshall’s eyes widened. Never had someone other than Phenton responded to him. “You are making it so that he remembers after the 3,000 years and that was not our intent. Because you are such a giant influence, you are upsetting the balance,” Aries said as Marshall crossed his arms.

“What balance? It’s not my fault that you guys are making this poor man forget the important things in life. You damn gods think you’re so high and mighty but you aren’t.”

Phenton had never seen Marshall so worked up before, it somewhat frightened him.

“What on earth could this man find important?” Hades asked as Marshall turned to him.

“His family. You kept him and Isabella apart for a reason so you threw Aurora in his path so he’d forget about his troubles and power created with Isabella.”

“You’re out of line,” Aries said as Marshall smiled wickedly.

“What’s the reason?” Phenton asked as Marshall turned to him.

“Marshall I forbid you to tell him,” Hades said as Marshall opened his mouth.

“You’re the beast,” Marshall said as Phenton laughed.

“That’s not very funny Marshall, ha ha,” he chuckled looking into Marshall’s eyes. They were serious.

“Do you know why they had me to be with you?” he asked as Phenton nodded.

“You told me it was because I was crazy,” he said as Marshall shook his head.

“It was to make you crazy,” Marshall said grabbing Phenton. Phenton gasped when he actually felt Marshall grip his shoulders. Marshall had never actually tried to touch anyone before and this caught Aries, Hades, and Phenton by surprise.

“I knew you were real,” Phenton whispered as Marshall nodded.

“Of course I’m real. I’m an augur hybrid. I made it so that only you could see me. I didn’t want anyone else to see me.”

“So all this time I was normal? This whole time,” Phenton said pushing Marshall away. Marshall could sense the hurt in his voice. “Ever since I was a teenager, I thought there was something wrong with me. When I met Isabella for the first time—”

“That wasn’t supposed to happen. You two were not supposed to find each other. I got demoted in status because I failed to keep you two a part.”

Phenton couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He felt lied to, and to admit, hurt and humiliated. Phenton received a call on his phone yet again. For the first time he didn’t answer it. He let it ring until he pulled it out of his pocket and chucked it in the air. It smashed on the wall of the cage.

“You weren’t supposed to tell him that Marshall,” Hades said as Marshall continued to stare at Phenton.

“Would it have mattered? Blaming him for escaping?” Marshall questioned putting his hands in his back pockets and leaning forward. “For the past 8,000 years I have kept this a secret from him. He needed to know so that he could prepare his mind for when I leave.

Phenton’s head whipped up.

“When you leave? What are you talking about?” Phenton asked as Marshall looked at him with sad eyes.

“They tell you that you are immortal but you are not. You can’t die by humanly ways or earthly ways but you will die. There were two chimera before you and Isabella. They reached 9,000 years old and they died. The gods have made it so that it is impossible for you to live past it.”

“I’m going to die soon? I’m 8,000 something years old,” Phenton said his eyes filling with tears. “What about my son and wife?” he asked as Hades put a hand on his face.

“Wake him up Marshall. This is too much to handle. Don’t let him keep dreaming this way,” Hades said as Phenton looked at him.

“I am awake! I’m not dreaming this time,” Phenton shouted as Marshall approached him.

“You are dreaming. I don’t know what it means but it’s what you want to hear, not what is true. Trust me this isn’t the first time I’ve entered your dreams,” Marshall said as he grabbed Phenton’s head and stared directly into his eyes. They fluttered a moment and then closed.


Phenton woke up in his bed next to Aurora. He was covered in sweat. He sat up quickly and she sensed his movement.

“What’s the matter?” she asked as he turned to her and kissed her. “Phenton,” she said pulling away from him. They hadn’t shown affection for each other in so long. Phenton leaned in again and grabbed her arms holding them down. He put his lips on hers and forced his tongue in her mouth. Aurora made a noise as she fought against his grip. He removed his lips from her mouth and placed them on her neck. “Phenton stop,” she said opening her hands. She dug her nails into him as Phenton moved lower onto her chest. He got in between her legs and moved her white silk night gown up. He held both her hands together with one hand while his free hand ran up her thigh. Aurora brought up her knee in and forced it into Phenton’s stomach. He recoiled as she stared at him frightened. “What’s wrong with you?” she asked as he pulled away from her.

“I don’t know. I just had this weird dream. But I think it was real. I don’t know,” Phenton said his eyes their sad silver. “Marshall told me that—”

“Phenton what did I tell you? Marshall is not real,” she said grabbing the white sheets and pulling them up towards her chest. Phenton had officially scared her when he grabbed her like that. Phenton stared at her and she stared back cautiously, hoping he wouldn’t force himself on her again.

“Yes I am.”

“He’s right here,” Phenton said standing up. He went over to Marshall and put his hands through him. Phenton frowned as his hand went through Marshall’s chest.

“What are you doing? Get your hand out of me.”

Phenton pulled back.

“I can’t touch you?” he asked as Marshall shook his head.

“No. And I can’t touch you. We’ve been over this before Phenton, there is no way that we will ever be able to physically feel each other,” he said as Phenton took a step back. He turned and looked at Aurora who was sitting up straight now.

“But that dream I had, that was just a dream?” he asked as Marshall nodded.

“Phenton none of that was real. You can tell it wasn’t real because Hades and Aries could talk to me. It was just a dream. That is what you wanted to happen. You want to find this beast so that your friends are off the hook of murder, but in turn you feel like it’s you because you are a chimaera.”

“But, what about the 9,000 years until death thing and the two other chimaeras?” Phenton asked as Aurora went over to him and put a hand on his shoulder.

“Phenton what are you talking about?” she asked as he kept his gaze on Marshall. Was it just an illusion?

“You are immortal Phenton. You are not going to die ever unless you ask the gods to kill you. There weren’t any other chimaera. There’s only been you and Isabella. What you saw was what you wanted to see. You want to be the bad guy but you’re not capable of being that evil. Trust me I have seen some negative energy in you but it is not enough to turn you into a cold blooded killer”

Phenton pondered all the facts in his head.

“But Hades does have a beast does he not?” Phenton asked as Marshall shrugged.

“I don’t know, I’ve never met him before. I’ve only heard of him.”

“We need to see him. Now,” Phenton said pulling on his pants.

“Phenton where are you going?” Aurora asked as Phenton grabbed his LVO coat.

“I need to clear my head,” he said as she stared after him. Phenton had to figure out what was going on before it was too late. “Marshall let’s go I don’t have all day,” Phenton said as Marshall followed him out of the house leaving Aurora on the bed confused.

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