East Gate Moonlight Blood

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Chapter 27

Thanatos should there be fire in the throne room?” Hades asked as Thanatos looked into the dimly lit room. The cinderblock wall looked boring. There was a giant picture of Hades and Persephone hanging behind the blue marble throne. The chair knobs had white skulls on it with blue flames in the eyes.

“Well Master, it depends on the color,” Thanatos commented as Hades produced a green flame. “It doesn’t match the sconces,” Thanatos said as Hades looked around. The sconces were a rustic looking bluish-black. Yellow-orange flames danced on top of them.

“Why do I bother asking you? You complicate it too much,” Hades snapped. He summoned Cerberus who came busting through the stone doors. “Dammit Cerberus! Why do you do this every time you come in here? When will you learn to downsize before entering?” Hades yelled angrily as Cerberus’s tail went between his legs. He made a slight whine but Hades put his hand up.

“Flames in the throne room or not?” Hades asked as left Cerberus looked around. Middle Cerberus snapped at right Cerberus. Middle Cerberus barked once symbolizing yes.

“Thank you,” Hades said as Cerberus slowly backed out of the giant hole he created.

“He looks so fluffy.”

“Stop it. Doberman pinchers aren’t fluffy,” Phenton said walking into the room from the hole.

“Ah Phenton I was hoping you’d come,” Hades commented as Phenton bowed. Marshall went up to Thanatos and mocked his posture.

“Lord Hades I have a question—”

“Flames in the throne room or not?” Hades interrupted as Phenton raised an eyebrow. “Yes or no?” Hades repeated as Phenton shrugged.

“Sure. Am I able to—”

“What color?” Hades added as Phenton sighed.

“I don’t know, pink?” Phenton commented and Thanatos scrunched up his face.

“Pink? Are you daft?” Thanatos asked as Marshall put a hand through his chest.

“Does it matter? I just want—”

“Yeah it does. Since when have you ever seen pink flames?” Thanatos questioned.

“I haven’t. I want to know—”

“Thanatos is right, pink would look absurd,” Hades piped in.

“This guy reminds me of the royal guards in England.”

“Marshall! Get your hands out of him!” Phenton shouted to Marshall who had a hand through Thanatos’s chest, a foot in his groin, and a hand though his ear. Thanatos looked around wondering who Phenton was talking to. “Lord Hades do you see that man?” Phenton asked taking the opportunity of Marshall’s distraction to finally ask a question. Hades looked to where Phenton was pointing.

“Who? What man?” Hades asked as Phenton sighed. The dream wasn’t real. He needed more evidence.

“I need you to answer these questions without asking me any,” Phenton stated as Hades simply nodded. “Were there any chimera before me and Isabella?”

“No,” Hades said.

“Am I a dragon?” Phenton asked as Hades scoffed.

“Of course not,” Hades said as Phenton sighed.

“Can I die?” Phenton asked as Hades opened his mouth to respond but stopped.

“If you want the answer to that question, you’ll need to take it up with my brother,” Hades said as Phenton grumbled.

“How will Poseidon help you?”

“Not the fish you idiot, Zeus!” Phenton said angrily. Marshall was really starting to frustrate him.

“It was our idea to create you so he’s the one to talk with,” Hades explained as Phenton nodded.

“Where is he now?” Phenton asked as Hades rubbed his chin.

“Olympus probably,” he said standing up from his throne. Cerberus was standing by the hole entrance.

“Master permission to enter?” he asked as Hades waved his hand. Cerberus slowly walked in and bowed when he stopped.

“What is it?” Hades asked tapping his foot.




“Oh no! Not this crap again!” Thanatos shouted angrily as Cerberus growled at him. “Only one of you speak.

“Don’t tell me what to do.”

“Yeah don’t tell him what to do.”

“Don’t tell us what to do.”

“Oh my Gods I just want to make a hotdog out of you right now,” Thanatos said through gritted teeth. He had slightly pulled his sword from its sheath.

“We aren’t pigs.”

“Or soy.”

“Or tofu.”

“Cerberus shut up!” Thanatos shouted.

“Enough all of you,” Hades said calmly as Thanatos pulled his sword completely out.

“You are a very annoying pet,” Thanatos grunted as Cerberus morphed together and snapped at Thanatos.

“Stop it,” Hades said trying to keep his cool. Cerberus ran through the throne room toward Thanatos who swiftly moved to the side. Right Cerberus’s head ran into the cinderblock column knocking it to the ground.

“You fat fool!” Thanatos shouted as Cerberus skidded to a halt. He turned around and barked viciously. Cerberus was running so hard he made giant paw prints in the floor. His tail nub wagged crazily as he chased Thanatos down. Middle Cerberus brought his head up ramming into the chandelier.

“Oh my god,” Hades said putting a hand on his eyes. Cerberus grabbed Thanatos by his pants and flung him in the air. Left Cerberus caught him and shook him violently before tossing him over to right Cerberus. Thanatos was ready for this and swung his sword nipping right Cerberus’s ear. Thanatos managed to get on top of Cerberus and grab his gigantic collar. Cerberus ran around trying to throw Thanatos off.

“Master. Do you want me to—”

“HEEL!” Hades shouted his body erupting into flames. Cerberus stopped running sending Thanatos flying off into the wall. He sat immediately. “Down!” Hades continued as middle Cerberus rested his head on his paws. “Thanatos, you know better than to provoke him,” Hades said as Thanatos put his head down. Hades turned around to face Phenton. Thanatos jabbed Cerberus’s paw with his sword and right Cerberus snapped at him. “Thanatos! Cerberus!” Hades screamed as Thanatos moved away. “Cerberus, downsize. Now,” Hades said deeply as Cerberus whined painfully before splitting in three. They each glared at Thanatos who kept his eyes on them.




“Cerberus what did you need? I swear if you break one more thing in this room I’m going to—” Hades started but stopped when the chandelier fell in front of them. Cerberus made a yelping noise as Hades rolled his eyes. He crossed his arms and tapped his foot angrily.

“You have a message from Lord Zeus,” Cerberus finally said scratching his neck. Cerberus got ready to pull his collar over his head.

“Leave it on!” Hades hissed as Cerberus stopped his action. Hades dismissed him and Thanatos before finally focusing on Phenton. “How ironic, he must have listened to our conversation,” Hades said as Phenton let out a deep sigh.

“I want answers,” Phenton said as Hades smiled.

“I know you do,” he said calmly before they disappeared.

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