East Gate Moonlight Blood

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Chapter 28

Axel bought imitation fangs that Taurus had suggested. They were going to pose as

vampires and go underground when the time was right.

“Here you go professor. I got 20 sets just in case you mess up,” Axel said as Shark took the box.

“What are those for?” Faustin asked as Shark opened the package.

“They’re the fake teeth we are supposed to use remember?” Shark replied reading the directions.

“I don’t remember fake teeth being in the picture,” Faustin said grabbing one of the boxes. He looked it over. ‘Perfect Bite’ was written across the top with blood trailing down the side.

“How do you suppose we disguise ourselves then?” Shark chuckled putting one of the fangs on his incisor. “We just simply put them on and pose as vampires. I’m pretty sure we can get some of the necromancers to help make us appear cold to the touch,” he explained pulling out the little white beads that were crowded into the package. They were all huddled in the kitchen by the stove as Shark started boiling water.

“OK another question,” Faustin started as Shark put the solvent into a metal spoon and dipped it in the water.

“What?” he asked trying not to lose his focus. He pulled the gooey substance out of the water and filled the fang. He put it to his tooth and held it for a moment.

“What if our cover is blown?” Faustin asked as Shark moved his hand away. He smiled as he dipped the solvent in the spoon again and waited for it to melt.

“Well. We are going to pose as vampires until our cover is blown,” Shark said quickly pulling the solvent out of the pot of water. He filled the second fang and put it on his other incisor. He removed the other tooth and looked at the hardened solvent in the tooth and placed it back in his mouth. “Perfect fit,” he said looking at Faustin who had his arms crossed.

“What if it’s blown?” Faustin asked as Shark smiled showing the newly placed fangs.

“Then we’ll shoot like mother fuckers,” Shark said as Spencer and Curtis came into the kitchen. Axel leaned on the island laughing.

“That doesn’t solve the problem,” Faustin said as Axel cracked up.

“If the bloody fuckers want to attack us, then we’ll light the fuckers up,” Shark said a smile coming to his lips as Spencer started laughing as well.

“But that doesn’t help if more come up,” Faustin said as Shark grabbed him playfully and jabbed a finger into his chest. He just didn’t understand the sarcasm in Shark’s voice.

“If they want to attack us, they might as bloody well come with an army. Faustin you know how we do. We can’t go anywhere without blowing shit up,” Shark chuckled as Axel grabbed his sides.

“Unless they’re mother fuckers right professor?” Axel laughed as Shark stared at him.

“Right you are! A+,” Shark giggled as Faustin turned Shark towards him.

“Have you been drinking?” Faustin asked as Shark shook his head.

“I only had a little scotch. You know the good stuff. The good fuckin’ stuff,” Shark laughed.

“Shark stop saying that,” Faustin said as tears streamed down Axel’s cheeks he was laughing so hard. Shark was completely loopy.

“I’m only saying, if our cover is blown, stab the blokes in the heart!” Shark said, he was practically shouting now.

“Xenon! Come get your husband!” Faustin said as Shark hit the ground laughing uncontrollably. Xenon came out dressed for work. She and her twin brother Xander ran the school’s energy field to help amp up security.

“You were drinking again?” she asked angrily. She asked Shark another question but it was muffled to him. The room was dead silent. Shark sat up as quickly as he could without making himself dizzy.

“You’re joking,” he said as Faustin sighed. Xenon kept her eyes firmly on Shark’s glossy ones. His heart was racing. Either it was the booze or excitement, but something was making him shake.

“Shark—” She started, but his eyes rolled back and he fell to the floor again completely passed out.


“Professor, I know someone who could give us actual weapons. I’m talking military grade weapons,” Axel said as Shark finally came to. Xenon had dragged him to the living room couch and brought mouthwash for him to de-stink his breath.

“Well that would be great. It’d give us an awesome advantage,” Shark said slowly as he let Xenon pass him. She gave him a weird look. “What happened?” Shark asked staring at her.

“Well you passed out when I asked you a question,” she said as a smiled curled to his lips.

“So are we having a boy or a girl?” Shark asked becoming excited. Xenon looked at him strangely.

“What are you talking about? I’m not pregnant,” she said as Shark frowned. His heart ached a little as he looked at the ground. Xenon pulled Shark off the couch. “Come here,” she said sympathetically. Xenon led him to their bedroom. Shark sat on the bed as Xenon closed the door. She knelt down in front of Shark and cupped his chin in her hand.

“I thought you said—” Shark started but his disappointment stopped him.

“Shark I never said anything about being pregnant. I asked you—”

“You asked me ‘is this what I wanted our child to think of me’ and I don’t remember answering,” Shark said as Xenon stood up.

“Shark I asked you why you were drinking again. You gave me this look and then started smiling. You asked if I was serious and then you passed out,” Xenon explained as Shark thought about it. Did he really only imagine Xenon telling him she was pregnant? Shark stared into Xenon’s green eyes. He stood up quickly and kissed her cheek before leaving the room. He went back to the living room where Axel was explaining his idea to Faustin.

“So I called York and he has a friend who owns an armored car shop. I think his name was Techi something,” Axel said as Faustin crossed his slender arms and nodded. Techi was one of the igniter mechanics at East Gate. How did he know York? “So the windows are tinted because the cars normally carry vampires to supply sessions during the day. That’s when we make our move,” Axel said turning his attention to Shark. “Professor, do you still have those guns we used before?” he asked as Shark nodded. He pushed his conversation with Xenon to the back of his head to focus on the rescue. “Great, we’ll need them to take to York’s friend Luka,” Axel said as everyone stood around the end table. Axel, Taurus, Shark, and Faustin got into a truck that Techi Jamison lent them and drove down to Carverton. Alexis came out of the bathroom dabbing her hair dry with a towel. She was wearing pink athletic shorts and a grey tank top.

“What’s the matter with you? You look sick,” Alexis said as she stared at Xenon who came out of her room.

“I’m fine. It’s Shark,” Xenon said sadly.

“What’s wrong with him?” Alexis asked trying to get to the bottom of the problem.

“Since school started I noticed we’ve been having sex a lot. At least once or twice a week. Before I just thought he wanted it just because but now I realize that he wants a child,” Xenon said as Alexis smiled.

“So that’s what it is. Faustin told me that Shark has wanted children ever since we first had Charlie. He’s really good with kids but could never find someone who wanted to be with him,” Alexis explained.

“Well when they get back we’ll talk about it,” Xenon said looking at the window. “Did you hear that?” she asked as Alexis nodded.

“Yeah. What is it?” she asked as Xenon went over to the window and slowly pulled back the curtain. She kept hearing a thumping noise on the side of the house. A face appeared before hers a devilish smile on it. Xenon screamed and shot a shadow ball at it. The man was sent flying back. “Xenon what was that?” Alexis asked as Xenon grabbed her arm.

“The LVO are here. Hide,” she said rushing down the hall. A crashing sound could be heard from the living room as they went into Shark and Xenon’s bedroom.

“I’ll call Faustin,” Alexis said pulling out her phone. His phone rang but it was on silent. “He isn’t answering,” she said her voice full of worry when she heard glass breaking from outside the door.

“Are there any other professors we can call that are closer?” Xenon asked as Alexis nodded.

“I think Court and Scotti are still on campus,” Alexis said as she pulled out her phone. She dialed the East Gate professor dorm village and finally got ahold of Court.

“Court I need your help,” Alexis said quietly in the phone. “Shark and Faustin left to go run an errand and the LVO is ransacking the house. It’s just Xenon and me and I don’t think we can handle them on our own, there are too many,” Alexis said.

“OK, Scotti and I will be there as quickly as possible,” he said as Alexis hung up. Court hadn’t talked with the Lakes since the DeFalco incident because he and Scotti had visited Europe for the past 10 years. They had only been back for a year and Faustin had given them both their jobs back. Xenon grabbed Alexis’s arm and pulled her into the closet.

“Xenon what’s going on? Why is the house full of—“

“Be quiet,” Xenon whispered as she looked through the shutters of the closet door. LVO agents had filtered in the room.

“I want this entire house searched. We will find the Lake scum. If they will not come out willingly, then we will come in viciously,” Maximus said exiting the room. He went outside and waited in the truck.

“We need to make this look like a robbery so when campus security comes that’s what they’ll suspect first,” one of the agents said as he started throwing things on the ground. The other agents with him went out in the hall and started tearing the pictures off the wall. Alexis had armed herself with a hanger while Xenon produced a shadow ball. Both women’s lers were slightly protruded by fear and adrenaline.

“Can’t you call your brother?” Alexis asked fearfully as Xenon looked at her.

“Yeah because every deaf guy can answer their phone and talk,” Xenon snapped. Alexis was freaking out and it was panicking Xenon. Alexis pulled out her phone.

“I meant virtually, Xenon, like Skype or something,” Alexis said as Xenon stared at Alexis’s phone. The light shone brightly.

“Turn it off,” Xenon hissed as an agent opened the closet door. Xenon’s attention was on Alexis so she didn’t notice the agent standing in front of the door before he opened it.

“Well ladies, your little game of hide-n-seek is over,” he said as Xenon shot him with both hands. He went flying through the air and slammed against the wall.

“Alexis run!” Xenon shouted grabbing her arm, pulling her out of the closet. Xenon went to the agent and grabbed his shoulders. Alexis stared down at her. “Don’t just stand there! Help me!” She said as Alexis grabbed the man’s legs. They struggled to shove him in the closet. He groaned and Xenon hit his neck hard enough to knock him out.

“What are we gonna do? The LVO is crawling all over this place,” Alexis asked as Xenon peered out the bedroom door. An agent was standing there with his back to them. Xenon grabbed him around the neck and he pulled the trigger on his gun. Xenon kept her left arm around his neck while she tried to grab his gun with her hand. The agent bucked around trying to throw her off. He slammed her back up against the wall trying to make her release.

“Alexis grab his gun!” Xenon yelled frantically as Alexis stepped forward. The agent turned and got ready to shoot her, but Xenon covered his eyes with her hands. He brought his hands over his back and grabbed Xenon’s shoulders. In that short amount of time, Xenon’s offense turned into defense as the agent straddled her waist. He had her arms pinned to the ground.

“You’re a feisty woman aren’t ya?” he smiled devilishly. He bent his head down preparing to kiss Xenon. She moved her lips away from his as he put his mouth on her neck and kissed it. “I promise I’ll be better than your husband,” he whispered in her ear and she grunted trying to get her hands free.

“You aren’t even in the same league as my husband,” Xenon snapped as the agent changed his grip. His hands were large so he held her small wrists with one hand while he brought his other hand down to her chest. Xenon lifted her waist trying to turn him, but he was too heavy. Alexis had gone back into the bedroom to find a more suitable weapon. She unplugged the lamp and went back out into the hallway. Alexis hit the agent over the back of the head with the lamp and he fell motionless on Xenon. She pulled her hands out of his grip and pushed him off.

“Thanks,” Xenon said standing up and brushing herself off.

“Shark would rip these people open if they got any further than that,” Alexis said as Xenon nodded. They made their way down the hallway to the kitchen. Two agents heard the commotion and were already on their way to assist their comrades. One grabbed Xenon around the chest and she kicked her feet out knocking the other down. Alexis slammed the lamp against the one holding Xenon. The lamp broke when it hit the man’s hard back but he didn’t let go. Xenon wasn’t as skilled as Shark’s students when it came to their techniques but she remembered one that Shark had showed her. They were close to the wall and Xenon ran up it using the support of her attacker to give her more leverage. She flipped behind him and snapped his neck. He crumpled to the ground.

“We need to get out of here,” Xenon said as Court came barging in the room. He was really hairy and covered in blood. He must have just transformed from his wolf form.

“Need a hand?” he smiled as Alexis hugged him. “Some old guy took off in a van so Scotti is chasing him down,” Court said walking to the window. He slightly pulled back the curtain and saw a group of agents coming up the driveway. “I’ve got an idea,” Court said grabbing two dead agents by their arms. “Grab that one,” he said as they went down the hall as quickly as they could.


“Thanks for doing this Luka,” Axel said as Luka smiled. Faustin thought he looked too young to sell weaponry. He looked like he was 16.

“A friend of York’s is a friend of mine,” Luka said lifting his flat billed hat to scratch his red metallic looking hair. His double zero gauges were a bright green that accent his black cut off which had a green skull on the front. His arms were covered in tattoos and his nails were painted black. His eyes were bright teal. He put his phone into his black and red tripp shorts before he brought unlocked the door letting them in.

“How much will we owe for nine rifles, three snipers, and 50 plus grenades or flash bombs?” Axel asked as Luka moved behind the counter.

“Well, York said he’s got the bill,” Luka said as Axel sighed angrily.

“Dammit York,” Axel said under his breath.

“So over there,” He pointed to the left side of the store. “You’ve got your shotguns and handguns. On your right are your sniper rifles and underneath are the assault rifles. All the way around the shop are your projectiles: knives, throwing stars, flash bombs, grenades, etc.,” Luka explained as Axel, Faustin, and Shark spread out around the store. Axel picked up an SMG and looked it over.

“Luka, what’s the fire rate of this?” Axel asked as Luka came up to him.

“You can set it on continuous or 3-burst right here,” he said moving a little switch back and forth. “If you do continuous, I’d suggest putting an extended magazine on it so you have more bullets.

“So the augurs need snipers...we should have brought them with us,” Shark commented picking up a yellow sniper. He held the scope to his eye and looked around the store with it. “Damn, this thing is defined,” Shark said turning to where Faustin stood across the store looking at shotguns. Faustin turned and Shark smirked.

“What?” Faustin grumbled as Shark zoomed in.

“Did you wash your face today?” he laughed as Faustin rolled his eyes. 30 minutes went by and they left with 12 utility belts, three boxes filled with flash bombs, sticky bombs, and grenades. Shark had three different colored VKS snipers slung on his back. Faustin had two SMGs in his hands. Taurus carried two huge boxes of ammunition while Axel toted the rest on a dolly. They loaded up the truck. Shark grabbed his phone to check any messages.

“Faustin, have you got any texts from Alexis?” he asked, scrolling through the texts Xenon sent him.

“Let me check,” Faustin said as his face became horrified.

“Faustin I need u 2 come home it’s an emergency. The LVO r here,” is what the message read.

“Shark load up a few guns. The LVO is at the house,” Faustin said as Shark climbed in the bed of the truck. He loaded the guns as Faustin swerved around the corner.

“Faustin where did you learn how to drive, England!?” Shark shouted trying to keep his balance. Faustin flew over a speed bump and the bullets Shark had unpacked flew in the air. “Learn to drive this bloody car!” Shark yelled angrily. Shark finally got the guns loaded and passed them through the little back window. Faustin turned onto campus quickly honking for students to get out of the way. Shark jumped out of the truck before Faustin could even pull it into the driveway. He went running into the house gun cocked.

“Xenon!?” he shouted running into their room. The bed was a mess and the stuff from their dresser was on the floor. Shark opened the closet and a bunch of agents fell out of it. Shark left and looked in each room. “Xenon where are you!?” Shark screamed becoming worried. Faustin came into the house followed by Taurus and Axel.

“Who is that?” Axel asked pointing his gun to Court who groaned on the floor. He was dressed as an agent.

“Court what are you doing here?” Faustin asked kneeling down next to Court.

“There were too many of them. Xenon and I thought we could handle it,” he grunted sitting up. “Their weapons are laced with tonic,” he said trying to stand up.

“Don’t stand,” Faustin said looking around. The sofa was riddled with bullets and the stuffing from the pillows was all over the place. The lamps were broken and the picture frames were shattered. “Where’s my wife?” Faustin asked as Shark came running through. He didn’t even process that Court was there.

“Xenon! Answer me love!” Shark hollered running into the bathroom. Faustin watched worry eat away at Shark. “Xenon say something! Please!” Shark pleaded coming into the kitchen. He slammed his fists on the island his eyes watery.

“I think they were hiding downstairs,” Court commented. Shark’s head snapped up as he ran towards the basement. The next thing the guys knew, gun shots were heard along with men’s angry voices. Faustin stood up and rushed downstairs. There were tons of agents around. Xenon and Alexis were against the far wall in only their bras and underwear. Xenon had lashes on her back and Alexis had a few across her legs. Shark was shooting with perfect accuracy as he made his way to his wife. His rage fueled him when he saw her bloody back. When Axel got to the door, Shark was covered in blood standing behind Xenon. He let his gun hang around his chest. He reached up and grabbed the chains that held Xenon’s hands up on the wall.

“Are you OK?” he asked his teeth going back to normal. Xenon nodded painfully. Shark bent down and broke the chains around her ankles. Xenon turned to Shark and embraced him. She was a tough woman who never cried but after what the agents did to her, she couldn’t help it.

“I heard gun shots coming from downstairs!” An agent shouted. Shark turned to Faustin who was unchaining Alexis.

“You protect your wives, we can handle the agents,” Axel said as he and Taurus left the room. They confronted the group of agents who were stopped on the stairs. No shots were fired, but when Axel and Taurus returned to the room, they were covered in blood. Taurus wiped his mouth and rubbed his stomach.

“Haven’t been this full in ages,” Taurus said as Faustin’s gag reflex kicked in. Xenon and Shark were still holding each other. She had stopped crying but was shaking in pain from the wounds on her back.

“Let’s get you cleaned up and—” Shark stopped talking when she grabbed his biceps defensively trying to push him away. When he started talking, Shark had placed his hands on her waist.


“Xenon you’re safe, I’ll protect you,” Shark said picking her up. He took her upstairs to the bathroom. The LVO agents had stopped coming. They had gone back to the headquarters in Chase to figure out a more stable plan to take down the Lakes.

“Alexis, I think you’d be safer if we sent you to the Thayer’s house or somewhere that is not the school,” Faustin said rubbing a cream on the back of her legs.

“OK. They came in so fast. Xenon heard a noise from outside and had us hide in the closet. I had called Court and he came to help. We tried disguising ourselves as agents but they have this scanning thing with eyes and ambushed us. They knocked Court out and then took us downstairs. Xenon was fighting them more so they did more to her than to me,” Alexis explained. Shark came out of the master bathroom, his hands covered in blood. His shirt was ripped in multiple places. It was covered in blood and the upper left pectoral was torn off. He washed his hands and then stared into the sink. Faustin looked over to him, sadness framing his face. Shark’s shoulders were slightly shaking as he gripped the edge of the sink. He inhaled deeply through his nose before turning his attention to the fridge. He wiped his eyes and then grabbed a bowl of strawberries and whipped cream. He grabbed a bottle of Pinot Grigio wine and a bag of sharp cheddar cheese cubes.

“Where are you taking all that stuff?” Faustin asked as Shark tried holding all the items in his arms and hands.

“To the bathroom,” he said bluntly and walked back into the bathroom where Xenon was sitting in warm water surrounded by bubbles. The lights were dim and candles created a romantic aroma. She smiled weakly at Shark when he entered with the treats. “Feeling better?” he asked as she nodded. “I managed to get rid of most of the blood before we put you in,” Shark continued as Xenon ran water down her body.

“What did you bring?” Xenon asked as Shark showed her the bottle, cheese, strawberries, and cream.

“After all the stuff that happened to you, you deserve something nice,” he smiled as she put her hand out. Shark gave her a strawberry.

“Where did you guys go to get your weapons?” she asked as Shark slightly moved her forward. He placed his feet in the tub and sat on the edge as he started rubbing her shoulders. He made sure to be gentle so that he didn’t hurt her. He reached to his left and grabbed a strawberry and dipped it in the cream and put it on her nose. She laughed and brought her head back. He plopped the berry in her mouth and then kissed the cream off of her nose.

“Lay back won’t you?” Shark asked gently pulling her back against his shins. He took a loofa and ran it softly around her neck. He moved it lower and rubbed her chest. “We went to a shop in Carverton where a friend of York’s works,” he said grabbing a cube of cheese and putting it in his mouth. He opened the bottle of wine and put it to his lips, sipping it slowly. “I’m sorry that I wasn’t here to protect you,” he said sadly. He handed her the bottle and she took a sip before handing it back. Shark poured wine into two glasses. Xenon bent her head back and smiled at him.

“Defeating Amble Julian is much more important. The LVO just happened to get in the way,” she said modestly as Shark shook his head.

“No. Your safety is more important to me than a stupid vampire,” he said harshly. Shark got ready to say something else but Xenon shoved a strawberry in his mouth. He smiled and handed her a glass of wine and started rubbing her shoulders again.

“So when are you guys going to head out?” Xenon asked as Shark stopped rubbing. The water had gotten cold and he could feel her shaking. She stood up and Shark grabbed the beige towel that was lying on the toilet seat. He gently wrapped it around her as she stepped out of the tub.

“Soon hopefully. I’ve got to stop by and pick up Harley. Axel is taking care of his family sending them to a safe place with his girlfriend and my students are going to come here to shove off when we’re ready,” Shark said as he opened the door for Xenon. She ran into Alexis.

“How was your bath?” she smiled looking from Shark to Xenon. Xenon didn’t want to bring up the whole baby thing yet because he was too upset about having the LVO attack her.

“Don’t worry we didn’t do anything,” Shark said as Alexis continued to smile.

“Uh huh,” she said sarcastically.

“Obviously nothing happened because I still have all of my clothes on,” Shark said taking Xenon to their bedroom and had her sit on the bed. He went over to a corner where her nail polish box had been thrown down. He pulled a hot pink one out. He walked over to the bed and sat down, crossed his legs, and turned towards her. He pulled her leg into his lap.

“What are you doing?” Xenon asked as Shark smiled.

“Do you not want me to?” Shark responded innocently as Xenon stared at him.

“I’ve never actually had my toes painted before,” she said quietly and Shark stared at her strangely.

“How have you never had your toes painted? Bloody hell even I’ve had my toes painted, we won’t go into that though,” he chuckled. He paused and then cleared his throat. “Why not? What’s the point of having this polish if you’re not going to use it?” he asked as she started giggling when he rubbed her foot.

“Because I’m ticklish,” she laughed as Shark starting tickling her feet. She made a noise that made Shark laugh. After she had gotten the giggles out, Shark started on her big toe. “Do you know what you’re going to do to take him down? Amble I mean,” Xenon said after a long pause of silence. Shark had finished her left foot and was halfway done with her right.

“Well we have a plan. I’m not saying it’s bullet proof or anything but it’ll work,” he said as he let the paint dry before adding another coat. When he had finished her feet, Shark had Xenon to turn around. He wanted to see the lashes on her back now that the bleeding had stopped. They were long red marks that went from one side to the other and from the top to her upper thigh. Xenon painfully moved up onto his lap when he touched her back.

“I can tell you fought hard,” Shark whispered kissing her neck.

“I did. I screamed but they did their fair share of screaming too,” she smiled leaning back against him. Shark held her as he turned his body so that his back was against the headboard. He opened his legs so that they wouldn’t fall asleep and she cuddled against him.

“Just rest. I’ll protect you,” Shark said as Xenon closed her eyes. Shark grabbed the extra blanket that was half hanging off the bed and covered her with it. “I promise,” he whispered guilt running over him. He kissed the top of her head as she grabbed his hand and interlaced their fingers. “I’m so sorry,” he continued as he listened to her breathe. “I’m sorry,” he said again quietly as he turned out the unbroken light.

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