East Gate Moonlight Blood

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Chapter 29

Ah Phenton, you look well,” Zeus said as Phenton bowed respectively to him. Zeus sat on a grey, stone throne which was on top of pale grey clouds. The top of it had seven bone type spikes with a small electrical current that ran between the gaps. His white hair was in a ponytail behind his head. He was leaning on the right side of his throne. His white toga draped across the left part of his chest.

His brother, Poseidon, sat to his right on a water crystal throne that had fish swimming in it. Poseidon sat shirtless with a white toga type garment around his waist. He wore a yellow spiked crown. His tri-tipped staff was standing in a hole on his throne. Poseidon moved his wavy blue hair which hung slightly in his face to the side. The symbol of Pisces was visible in blue on his right pectoral. On the side of his ribs were orange koi fish in a ying yang shape. Hades walked up to Zeus’s left side and took his seat on his blackish-blue throne.

“My lords, I have a question to ask of you,” Phenton said as a banging came to the door.

“Enter,” Zeus said rubbing his blonde beard. Aries came into view with an enormous smile on his face. He wore a light pink cashmere sweater and black skinny jeans.

“Sorry I’m late,” he said as Zeus motioned to a chair next to Hades. Phenton stood in the middle of the godly council a little nervous to say the least.

“Speak,” Zeus said as Phenton nodded.

“I’m right here for you buddy.”

“Well that’s reassuring,” Phenton grunted as Aries continued to smile. “My lords, am I able to die?” Phenton asked as Aries sat back in his chair. He crossed his arms happily.

“Yes,” Zeus said simply as Phenton glared from Hades to Aries to Marshall.

“You said I couldn’t die,” he hissed to Marshall who put his hands up defensively. “How?” Phenton questioned turning his attention to Zeus. Zeus simply pointed to Hades who motioned to Aries.

“Why do I have to tell him?” Aries grumbled as Poseidon rolled his eyes.

“You are the one who made it the way it is with their immortality. So it would seem right that you should be the one he gets mad at,” Poseidon explained as Aries huffed.

“Is it something specific like a weapon or something?” Phenton asked as Aries rubbed his chin.

“No,” he said bluntly as Phenton sighed angrily. “It’s Isabella,” he said as Phenton looked up at him.

“What do you mean it’s Isabella?” he asked confused.

“The reason why you guys aren’t supposed to be around each other is because of the intimacy. It’s because of your lips and skin. Your lips have a specific chemical on them that reacts to the skin of Isabella. If held in place for a certain amount of time, you can go through the skin into the body. Like acid type stuff,” Aries explained as Phenton held his fingers to his lips. Nothing happened.

“It’s not working,” he said as Aries smiled.

“Pft, of course your lips won’t work on your skin. The chemical balance between her lips and your skin would mess you up. Lip to lip contact is OK but it’s not recommended. However, for either of you to die, one of you would have to place your lips on the others chest long enough to reveal the heart. With that, you’d have to—“ Aries stopped talking and Phenton had an anxious look on his face. Aries was messing with him for dramatic effect.

“What? Don’t turn this into some Spanish soap opera with all the drama. Just tell me!” Phenton shouted as Aries laughed.

“Oh Phenton I’m only entertaining myself,” Aries says in Spanish. He smiled as Hades smirked, both Zeus and Poseidon rolled their eyes.

“Aries stop stalling and just get on with it,” Zeus said as Aries looked at him angrily.

“Do you know why I am called the God of War?” Aries asked as Zeus sighed.


“DO YOU KNOW!?” Aries shouted as Poseidon shook his head.

“Yes because you are an idiot and have nothing better to do,” Poseidon said as Aries laughed.

“True. But I like amusement, entertainment, and bloodshed,” Aries said as Phenton growled deeply. His antlers started growing again. His dragonfly type fairy wings gently opened and closed. A light flame surrounded him as Zeus stared at him. “Now, now no need to get your boxers in a knot,” Aries said as Phenton launched at him. Aries had upset him and he wanted answers now. He reached for Aries throat and Aries simply let Phenton grab him.

“Tell me,” Phenton grunted as Aries smiled. Breathing became hard as Phenton squeezed even harder.

“You are not that scary,” Aries wheezed under Phenton’s grip. The next thing he knew, Phenton was on the ground with Aries foot on his chest. “You’re not that strong,” Aries said as Phenton dropped fang. He grabbed Aries shoe and flung him backwards. Aries hit the wall hard but stood up quickly. Aries’s canines grew pointed. “I created you! You came from my loins! You cannot defeat me,” Aries grumbled. He started walking toward Phenton. Something stopped him. He had a sharp pain in his chest. He looked down and saw blood on his cashmere sweater.

“Aries. Stop messing around and tell him,” Poseidon said as Aries continued to look at the blood.

“You...YOU ASS!” Aries screamed running at Phenton punching him hard enough to knock him down. “My shirt!” He continued shouting, hitting Phenton again. Aries sent a barrage of attacks to Phenton before he pinned him on the wall. “You want to know how to kill a chimera, Phenton?” Aries asked as Phenton snapped at him. “I’ll show you!” Aries screamed ripping open Phenton’s white shirt. He placed his lips on the center of Phenton’s chest. Phenton shouted in pain as a sizzling sound came from where Aries’ lips were. Aries left his lips there long enough to produce a hole in Phenton’s skin. He reached in and pulled out Phenton’s heart. His heart was not connected to anything like a human heart.

“Holy shit!”

“This is how you kill a chimera,” Aries whispered showing Phenton the gold heart.

“Aries that’s enough,” Zeus said standing up. He didn’t want Phenton to be killed. Aries continued holding the heart and gave it a little squeeze. Phenton winced. “Aries,” Zeus said again as Aries brought the heart to his lips. It sizzled and Phenton fell to the ground. “I said enough!” Zeus shouted sending a bolt of electricity in Aries direction. Aries stopped and stared down at Phenton. His eyes had closed but his chest was still rising and falling quickly. Aries knelt down next to Phenton. He put the heart back in the hole and ran his hand over the spot. Phenton’s flesh sealed up.

“I only have two things to say to you. Uno, if you ever, try to attack me again, I’ll kill you. Dos, you’re buying me a new sweater and it better not be some cheap imitation shit,” Aries snapped helping Phenton up. Marshall went over to him.

“Are you OK?”

“I’m fine,” Phenton grumbled.

“Phenton go back down to your police force. Tell them that you had something dislodge in your brain and that’s why you over reacted,” Zeus said as Phenton bowed to them before exiting. It just didn’t make much sense. Why should he go back to the LVO if all they wanted to do was use and abuse him? But on the other hand, he was commanded by Zeus to do so.

“Phenton, do you want to talk about what just happened?”


“OK. I always thought Aries was pretty chill but damn.”

“I said I don’t want to talk about it,” Phenton growled as Marshall put his hands in his pockets. They descended back down to Tempos. Phenton went to Chase and when the agents arrested him, he told them exactly what Zeus had said.

“Prove to me, Helix that it was just your feral instincts that made you attack us,” Razor said as Phenton nodded. He was no longer so high up in status like usual. “We are going to get the Lake scum. You’ll regain your status when we capture them,” Razor said as Phenton nodded again.

“Gentlemen, we have received a call from a police station in McPherson. Let’s head out,” Maximus said grabbing his coat. They headed out to the trucks.

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