East Gate Moonlight Blood

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Chapter 30


Finally they could set out. Taurus, Axel, and Spencer were put in the coffins to sleep and reenergize. The sun was making its way up into the sky as the morning students walked around campus.

Techi had given the group two black SUV escalades. The windows were tinted and had four computer screens on the dash. The main one was of the front view. Then the two smaller ones on the side were for the side view mirrors. The final screen showed behind them.

“OK, give us directions to the capitol of Vacoma,” Shark said as a GPS window popped up. “This is going to be a hell of a wait gents. I don’t know how to drive like this,” Shark commented grabbing the steering wheel. He slowly started driving down the road and stared at the screen. “OK, this isn’t so bad,” Shark smiled.

The group seemed like a small caravan as the escalades exited the campus. Axel sat in the backseat with his head on the seat, his eyes closed. Shark had to stop in front of a dark brown house before their long trek to Vacoma. Shark got out causing an automated voice to sound.

“UV light alert,” it repeated until Shark shut the door. He and went up to the front door and rang the doorbell and waited. He looked around and noticed a bunch of riding toys on the lawn along with a couple of balls. Shark heard movement behind the door and rang it again when the door didn’t open.

“I’m coming!” A woman shouted angrily. She flung the door open, pregnant as all get out. Shark was a little nervous as the woman stared at him. Her chestnut brown hair was tied behind her head. “Can I help you?” she asked as Shark ran his hands together. Autumn was definitely taking its course as a gentle breeze blew in.

“I’m looking for Mr. BlackWing,” Shark said staring into her cool blue eyes.

“Mommy who’s at the... WHOA!!” A little boy with silver and brown hair said his voice full of awe as he stared at Shark. The silver sides of his head were buzzed but the top brown part was fuller and floppy. “Mommy his hair is blue!” He squealed as Shark smiled at him.

“Harley! There’s a man here for you,” she shouted beckoning Shark in. “He’ll be down in a minute,” she said bending over to pick up the toys that littered the entryway. A silver light went around them as they were lifted off the ground.

“Taylor, I said no more cleaning,” Harley said coming down the wooden staircase. He wore blue tech trend sneakers and a black shirt with black shorts. Harley went up to his wife and placed his hands on her stomach. “Good morning Professor,” he said looking into Shark’s sleepy eyes.

“Morning. Your family’s lovely,” Shark said inclining his head to Taylor. Two teens came running down the stairs.

“Ashton give it back!” Yelled the girl her brunette hair hanging behind her head.

“You don’t need it, Kylie!” Ashton shouted his silver hair bouncing on his head.

“Dad make him give it back!” She shouted tackling Ashton down the stairs. They came crashing down.

“Hey! That’s enough!” Harley shouted as Kylie punched Ashton in the face. Harley lifted his hands to both of his children. A silver light shown around them as they were forcefully separated from each other. “I said enough,” Harley growled as they stopped struggling. “Ashton give back what you took from your sister,” he said as Ashton reached in his pocket and pulled out a bunch of make-up. “Stay out of your sister’s room and leave her alone.”

“Harley, can I talk to your professor?” Taylor asked as Harley nodded. Ashton went one way and Kylie went upstairs. Harley placed his lips on hers and gave her stomach a rub. He picked his son up and walked outside. Shark leaned his back against the door frame.

“What’s the matter?” he asked as Taylor approached him. She embraced Shark as best she could with her extended belly.

“Please take care of Harley. He’s reckless,” she said releasing Shark. He held her shoulders gently.

“Don’t worry, your children won’t be without a father and you won’t be without a husband. I’ll keep him under control,” Shark said as she smiled. Shark left the house while Harley guided his son back up to Taylor.

“When are you coming back dad?” he asked as Taylor grabbed the boy’s hand.

“Soon Michael,” Harley said kissing him on the forehead. Harley kissed Taylor again and gave her stomach a final rub before heading to the black van. “Don’t have that baby till I get back,” he joked as Taylor and Michael waved. Shark drove one black van while Faustin drove another. Shark’s eyes were heavy because he did not sleep well against Xenon. He was still upset that she was not pregnant and that he could not protect her the way he wanted to. Harley opened the passenger side and the automated voice went off again until he shut the door. Harley had his phone out and angrily tapped on it.

“There’s no way you saw me!” He shouted rapidly pushing the screen. “Haha! Take that!” He shouted running his hands on his pants. He put his phone away triumphantly and looked at Shark as his head went down slightly. Harley grabbed the wheel quickly as Shark whipped his head up.

“Professor stop the car,” Harley said as Shark pressed on the gas more.

“I’m fine,” Shark said as a silver light appeared around Shark’s feet forcing them off the gas then the brake went down. The car was forced to a stop on the side of the road. Faustin leaned out the window.

“What’s the matter?” Faustin asked as Harley got out. Harley went to the driver’s side and pulled Shark out. Shark stumbled and fell to the ground. Faustin got out and rushed up to them. “What’s wrong with him?” he asked worry rushing over him.

“He’s too tired to drive,” Harley said dragging Shark around the front of the van. Harley helped Shark in and buckled him in.

“Are you gonna drive?” Faustin asked as Harley nodded.

“Yeah, just let him get a little rest first,” Harley said as Faustin went back to his van.

“What’s wrong with Professor Lake?” Curtis asked as Faustin pulled back in line with the front truck.

“He’s just really sleepy. So Harley’s going to drive,” Faustin explained as Curtis nodded. He turned his head and looked out the window. After about two hours they arrived in McPherson and stopped for gas. The sun was high in the sky now with it being midday. Shark was still passed out in the car. Curtis jumped out of the van and went rushing to the station.

“What are you doing!?” Faustin called after him.

“I really have to pee!” Curtis shouted disappearing into the building. Curtis went past the racks towards the back of the building and went in the bathroom.

“I’m just saying we need to get there the moment the sun goes down. Master has sent backups. They should be here in about 10 to 15 minutes,” a man said as Curtis went to the urinal. “King Julian doesn’t like to wait for stuff like this,” he continued as Curtis’ head went straight up. He looked through his peripherals at the man with golden blonde hair. His eyes were light blue as he stared in the mirror and ruffled his hair.

“Do you think he’s really gonna kill those people Zach?” the black haired one asked washing his hands. His red eyes stared into the mirror as he threw water on his face. “We only have a little vampiric screen left to make it out of here and to Vacoma,” he said as Curtis stepped from the urinal and went to the sink. Both men had stopped talking and stared at him.

“How’s it going?” Curtis asked casually as Zach glared at him.

“Not bad. Can’t complain,” black hair said as Zachary kept his eyes on Curtis. Curtis stood by the dryer blow drying his hands.

“So this Julian guy you guys were talking about, not to butt in your conversation,” Curtis started as Zach grabbed Curtis by the wrist. Curtis remembered what Shark had taught him and in a matter of seconds Zach was on the ground with his knee on Zach’s bicep. Although Zach was a tracer, he wasn’t expecting that kind of reaction from Curtis and slightly lifted his bottom off the ground.

“We don’t need to fight do we?” Curtis asked as Zach contemplated.

“No,” he said finally as Curtis helped him stand.

“I was only asking because I want to help him,” Curtis said as the blonde’s eyes widened.

“Really? You want to help?” he asked as Curtis nodded.

“I don’t believe he would help a random stranger Avery,” Zach said as Curtis waved his hands.

“I’m serious, I want to help him bring more vampires around,” Curtis reassured as Avery smiled. “You said he was killing igniters?” Curtis asked as Zach continued glaring at Curtis. He was sour about being thrown down so easily.

“We are trying to engineer more vampires around this place,” Avery explained as they walked out of the bathroom. Faustin had come in to get food and noticed Curtis. Curtis gave him a look when the two tracers came behind him.

“I’m getting information,” Curtis thought as Faustin nodded turning away. He tried to keep his eyes on Curtis as they walked around the store.

“What’s he going to do with the igniters?” Curtis asked as Avery stared at him.

“We’re using their fire to power the generators and speed up the process,” he explained as Faustin walked down the same isle as them.

“We’ve got this feisty one from East Gate. We turned ’em into a blood bag,” Avery laughed as Curtis laughed with him.

“Isn’t that their purpose? Feed vampires?” Curtis chuckled as Avery patted him on the shoulder.

“Damn straight! I like you, you know what’s up,” Avery laughed as Curtis continued laughing. Faustin rolled his eyes at the disrespect of the tracers.

“So where is he keeping this willful girl?” Curtis asked as Avery shrugged.

“We don’t know. They haven’t made it back to Vacoma yet,” he said as Faustin left the store almost instantly. He went out to find Shark awake, alert, and behind the wheel.

“Shark she hasn’t made it to Vacoma yet. We still have a chance,” Faustin said as Curtis walked out of the store. Avery and Zach followed him and stopped at the entrance. Curtis turned to them smiling.

“If there is any way I can help, let me know. My girlfriend would love to have more of her kind around,” Curtis said as the two vamps nodded happily. Curtis started walking toward the SUV and Faustin got ready to talk to him, but Curtis walked past him. “Pick me up a ways away from here so they don’t get suspicious,” Curtis said quickly out of the side of his mouth. Faustin started pointing as if giving directions.

“We’ll drive by your right side and have you jump in,” Faustin said as Curtis kept walking. Zach stared intently at Faustin as he got into his van. Faustin called Shark. “Drive regular, a little under the speed limit but don’t stop by Curtis,” he said as Shark pulled out of the station. Avery and Zach continued to watch Curtis walk down the road.

“We need to inform King Julian that someone’s been snooping around,” Zach said as Avery looked at him.

“He said he wanted to help,” Avery said innocently as Zach hit him upside the head.

“You idiot! We didn’t say that we had an igniter. He asked that first what were we doing with the igniters and then he knew it was a girl. I said we had a feisty one on our hands. He knew too much actually,” Zach said pulling out a phone. It rang a few times before Amble picked up. “King Julian, we ran into someone on the way asking questions about you.”

“Did you tell them anything?” Amble asked as Fletcher dragged Chelsea in the room screaming. “Shut her up,” Amble grunted to Fletcher as he quickly grabbed Chelsea’s face and covered her mouth. She bit his hand and he screamed. Amble stared at them angrily and went over to Chelsea. He stared into her eyes. “Stop,” he said softly as Chelsea stopped struggling. Amble had equipped the tracers that would be dealing with Chelsea with fire necromancer created jewelry. The flames of an igniter would be able to burn but at a much cooler rate.

“Not exactly. He already knew our plans,” Zach said as Amble growled low in his throat.

“Kill him,” he said bluntly. “Anyone who is asking questions, kill them, especially if—” Amble paused and pulled up a picture of the East Gate staff. He took his nail and drew a red circle around Faustin and Shark’s heads. He sent the picture to Zach. “Especially if they look like these two,” Amble continued as Zach received the picture.

“My Lord, I just saw them leave a gas station,” Zach said his voice filling with fear hoping he was not in trouble when Amble did not respond. “My Lord?” Zach asked only to be answered with laughter.

“They’re coming for her and you better not let them get here, so help me god,” Amble said as Zach motioned Avery to a blue car that someone had left unattended to go pay for gas. They called in a few human friends to help with the take down because the vampire backup had not arrived yet. Faustin drove about 50 mph as they approached where Curtis was now running. Jericho had opened the door and Curtis jumped in.

“That was a close call. How did you find them?” Faustin asked as Curtis tried to slow his breathing.

“They were in the bathroom and I found out that they are trying to engineer vampires like Vampira used to or something like that,” Curtis explained as Jericho shook Axel until he sat up slowly. Axel analyzed his surroundings and remembered he was sitting in the trunk area of the escalade.

“Are we there already?” he asked climbing into the seat ahead of him.

“No. But we have a few questions for you about Vampira,” Faustin said as Axel tensed up.

“What do you want to know?” he asked as Faustin looked at him through the rearview.

“How did you guys create vampires?” Faustin asked as Axel thought about it.

“Well, we killed a ton of dragons because we needed the specific heat temperature. We kept them bound by their own hide so that they could not escape. They took the sample from a male and female, so sperm and eggs, and put them in a liquid, usually cruor. They were put in generators that spun them around and with the heat intensity it would forcefully merge the two to create a fetus,” Axel explained as he thought more about the process. He wasn’t sure how to explain it. “Uh... then the parents could choose if they wanted to birth the child or if they just wanted the dragons to use their flames to create an infant. Most, like my mother would chose to carry the child for bonding and what not. With that, the children were born human and when the parents thought they were at a suitable age, they would turn them to vampires to continue the generation. My parents chose to carry all of—” Axel stopped and covered his mouth. He inhaled deeply. “My mother chose to carry Taurus and I full term,” he said after a painful hesitation. Faustin called Shark via Bluetooth.

“Hey do you know of any dragons around?” Faustin asked as Shark thought hard. A blue bar moved in a sound wave motion when Shark spoke. On Faustin’s line, a pink bar moved.

“Do you guys know if they’re dragons around?” Shark asked Harley, Andrew, and Wyatt thought.

“Yeah there’s a Nebula. But I think they are extinct in our region,” Harley said as Faustin put them on speaker.

“Harley said there are Nebula dragons but they’re extinct in our region,” Shark repeated as Axel’s eyes slowly widened.

“I know where we can find one,” he said as Faustin looked in the mirror. “Taurus and I know one,” he continued as Faustin gave him a hard stared before turning his attention the road. A car came ramming against the van making them veer to the side.

“What the hell!?” Faustin shouted looking out the window. Zach ripped the steering wheel to the left ramming into the van again. Shark looked in the side view mirror screen and saw the blue car hitting Faustin’s van.

“Fellas, we’ve got company,” Shark said as Faustin did his best to not fly off the road. Shark pressed on the gas. Avery shot at the back window.

“UV light alert,” the voice went off as a thin beam of light shone through the whole. It sizzled against the back of Axel’s head. He screamed, fangs bared. He scooted down lower in the seat looking around.

“Why are vamps using guns!?” Axel asked as another bullet pierced through sizzling his hand. “Holy crap!” Axel yelled painfully as Harley got in the path of the beam. Avery shot the side window and it sizzled his face. Harley grabbed Axel and pulled him back into the trunk area. He threw a heavy black blanket over Axel before rolling down the window. The voice kept sounding its alarm and Shark rolled his eyes.

“Whould you shut up!?” Shark shouted angrily punching the screen until it stopped.

“Give me that SMG!” Harley shouted as Andrew handed it to him. Harley aimed it at the blue car and started firing. Another truck came up on the side of them. Andrew stuck an SMG out the window and shot at the tires causing the truck to swerve off the road.

“Shark! Turn up ahead!” Faustin shouted into the phone that flew off the dash and into his lap. Shark turned onto a dirt road and it became choppy as Harley held onto the car door handle shooting at the blue car. A red van came around the driver’s side of Faustin’s car and shot at him. The bullet went onto Faustin’s arm as he screamed ramming his van against the red one. A semi-truck was waiting at the end of the road and Shark was so focused on the car ramming them from behind, that he didn’t see the semi until it was too late. Shark cut the wheel quickly sending the car spiraling. It flipped over multiple times throwing Harley out onto the shoulder of the highway. He landed hard on his back, his head slamming on the ground. He cried out in pain as he tried to catch the breath that was knocked out of him. Shark’s van rammed into the semi-truck and remained upside down. Shark crawled out as soon as the blue car pulled off towards Harley. They came barreling through as Harley painfully rolled out of the way just in the nick of time. Shark helped pull Andrew out. Faustin couldn’t slow his van down in time and it smashed against Shark’s van. Shark used his van as leverage and jumped up. Shark landed on the top of Faustin’s car his head smashing into the windshield cracking it slightly. Faustin crept out of the van as the red van went speeding down the street. Faustin looked at Shark sprawled on the hood.

“Are you OK?” he asked as Shark slowly sat up. He looked past Faustin.

“Faustin, p-put your hands up,” he said putting his hands up. Faustin turned around to a group of men in white jackets standing next to the semi. Maximus came out of one of the LVO trucks. The agents had brought Faustin and Shark forward. Maximus stared at Shark who had an immense scowl on his face.

“Now there’s a face I find hard to forget,” he said looking down at Shark. The agents held him by the arms and the back of the neck so he could not stand up properly.

“I’ll never forget having your agents barge into my brother’s house and assault my wife. That deed is unforgivable!” Shark shouted ripping his arms out of the agents grip. Shark charged at Maximus punching him in the face knocking him down.

“Shark!?” Faustin shouted. Shark turned his head glaring at Faustin.

“Unlike you Faustin, I care about what happened to my wife,” Shark growled taking down another agent. He hit Maximus again knocking out a tooth. “I’ll kill you for what you did to that innocent woman!” He bellowed as an agent shot Shark in the thigh. Shark paid it no mind and hit Maximus again. This time a group of agents tackled Shark to the ground. Curtis grabbed one of them and threw him back. Andrew grabbed two and hurled them backwards. One of the agents came out of the truck and fired in the air. The sound was loud enough to stop all fighting. Shark stared into the soulless eyes of Razor Vladimir, the masked agent.

“You all sure know how to create a commotion,” he smiled. His mask had been removed, revealing teeth like Shark’s. He had a scar that ran from his lower left bottom lip, across his nose, and up into his right eyebrow. Maximus stood weakly using the support of Razor who held a white shot gun aimed at Shark. “Gentlemen. This is certainly the end of the road,” Razor said as the agents held up their guns. Two of the agents went over to Harley and helped him to his feet. They dragged him towards the semi. He was too delirious and weak to fight back. Axel was put back in the coffin so he wouldn’t meet the sun. They dragged his coffin, Taurus’ coffin, and Spencer’s coffin to the back of the last armored truck. They put them in and then returned their attention to Faustin, Shark, Andrew, Wyatt, Harley, Jericho, Curtis, Russell, and Terrence. The agents put them in separate armored vehicles separating Shark and Faustin, the brains of the operation.

“What are we going to do?” Curtis asked as one of the agents hit him.

“Shut up,” he said as Shark stared at his group. He was in the last truck with, Harley, Spencer’s coffin, Curtis, Wyatt, and Jericho. Faustin was put in another truck with

Terrence, Taurus’ coffin, Axel’s coffin, Russell, and Andrew. Razor had gone to the second truck in the front and the rest of the agents were spread out amongst the four trucks. Shark climbed into the truck and smiled when he saw the driver.

“Phenton,” he said as Phenton ignored him.

“Protect Agent Vladimir,” Phenton said to the three agents who got ready to get in the truck with him. “I can handle these idiots as long as their handcuffs work,” he said as they went up to protect Razor. Faustin got into the truck as Isabella turned around.

“Don’t worry I’m friends with Phenton,” she said as Faustin smiled. “We’ve placed a tracker on those vans so you just leave the escape to us,” she continued as Faustin nodded. The trucks drove down the road and after about an hour they were stopped in Chase. Phenton stared intensely at the vehicle in front of him. It was the truck that Razor was in. The back part exploded as the citizens screamed. They ran away from the burning truck.

“Stay here,” Phenton said as he got out. “What the fuck is going on!?” he shouted to the driver agent who looked afraid of Phenton. Phenton grabbed the man and stared into his eyes. “I want you to stall Razor Vladimir,” he said as the driver nodded. Phenton looked at the agents in the back who got ready to shoot and raised his hand bending the barrels of their guns. “You are going to attack the other agents. Do not kill them,” he said to them as they all climbed out of the truck. The driver went to Razor who was angrily barking orders. The other agents attacked their comrades as Phenton got back in the truck. “Make us invisible,” he said to Jericho who cloaked the truck. Phenton had an earpiece belaying orders to Isabella.

“Where are we going?” she asked as Russell cloaked their car.

“Back to those black vans. We need to obtain the weapons that they had,” Phenton said pulling onto the sidewalk. “Make sure that your augur doesn’t get tired,” Phenton commented as they drove through a red light narrowly escaping oncoming traffic. Shark kept his arm around Jericho to keep him calm as he concentrated on keeping the truck transparent. They got out of the city and back to the vans that had been swarmed by civilians. Phenton got out and made the people leave the area. Phenton grabbed the weapons and threw them in the trucks.

“Phenton I don’t know what we would have done without you,” Faustin said as Phenton smiled.

“You wouldn’t have made it very far that’s for sure. There were wanted pictures of you and Shark around the country and one of the people at a gas station turned you in. That’s why the LVO showed up, but as for the other cars with you we don’t know what their connection was,” Phenton explained as they walked up to Isabella’s truck. “Thank you for helping out so much,” Phenton said to Isabella kissing her hand.

“It’s what friends do,” she said a hint of sadness in her voice because she wanted to be more than friends, but it was impossible because the gods would not allow it. Faustin turned to Axel. Dark heavy clouds had formed getting rid of the harsh sunlight. Shark and Russell were in the process of taking their equipment from the damaged SUVs and putting them in the LVO trucks.

“You said you knew a Nebula dragon?” he asked as Axel nodded.

“I’ve seen it first hand and it’s terrifying,” Axel said as Taurus laid his head back against the wall as he healed Harley and Andrew.


York lay next to Amanda, her body wrapped in his. He gently pushed back the locks of hair that fell on her face. She was relaxed as she slept next to him. It was about 2 A.M. and he had only woken up a few hours ago. He didn’t mind lying next to her while she slept. Her breathing became quick as she tensed up in his arms. York pulled his head back and sat up slightly. She had gone from her comfortable spooned position to a tight balled up position.

“Amanda,” York whispered gently putting his hand on her shoulder. She was shaking underneath him and it worried him. He shook her gently. “Amanda, baby wake up,” he said a little more urgently and that’s when she lashed out at him. Her eyes were tightly shut as she tried pushing his stone, cold body away from her. Axel heard the commotion and knocked on the door. He poked his head inside just as Amanda woke up screaming.

“No! NO!!” her voice was shrill as York turned her to face him. He cupped her face in his hands. He tried to stare at her but she kept averting her eyes.

“It’s OK. Shh...Amanda it was just a dream you’re OK?” he said softly as her eyes filled with tears. She finally looked at him as her body relaxed. “It was just a dream. You’re OK. You’re with me. You’re safe. You love me and I love you,” he said Axel stared angrily at York. Amanda nodded and put her hand on his as the tears spilled out. She clasped her arms around him and kissed his lips repeatedly. The last kiss she gave was much more demanding as she pulled him onto her. She lifted his shirt up to his breastbone and kissed him again.

“I love you,” she whispered getting ready to remove her shirt. York stared into her eyes and realized they were still glazed over. She tried to get her clothes and his clothes off in one motion. Axel noticed that her eyes were still glazed over too and grabbed York pulling him back. He used as much force as he possessed, but York was much older than him and it was hard.

“Stop duressing her!” Axel shouted as York pushed Axel back with his open palms. Axel slid through the door and jumped back in the room.

“I’m making her feel better!” York shouted as Axel rushed at him. York knocked him to the ground with a fist. Axel got up again and tried to hit him, but York simply pushed him to the ground again. “Stop it!” York hollered as Axel stood up and threw a fist at York. York caught his arm and flipped him over onto the little end table that was by the end of the bed and put a hand to his throat. “You cannot win. Stop trying to fight me,” York said as Axel clawed at York’s gripping fingers. York brought his hand down and punched Axel across the face. Taurus stood in the doorway analyzing the situation as his lip bled. He stared at them as Axel tried to punch York, but the position that he was in made it hard. Taurus finally jumped in to help his brother. York grabbed Taurus around the neck and threw him against the wall. York’s eyes were red with fury as he choked Axel even more. Taurus stood up slowly and grabbed his stomach. The blast was enough to knock the wind out of him. He ran at York again who turned around fangs bared and roared at Taurus. Taurus stopped advancing and put his hands up defensively. He had never seen York so angry nor had heard a sound so frightening.

“Why would you do this? Why would you want to fight with me? I had to fight humans and Hades and I will fight my friends if I have to,” York growled picking Axel up from the table by his face and shoving him into Taurus. They both crashed to the ground. Amanda was huddled on the bed her arms wrapped around her knees. She rocked back and forth as she watched York pace in front of them.

“York you can’t keep using duress on her!” Axel shouted as York backhanded him through the drywall into the hall.

“DON’T YOU COMMAND ME!” York screamed his rage boiling over as two wings came from his back. They were a weird looking stretchy material. Black lined the edge of the dark blue skin. All of his teeth had become sharp and he had grown a little taller. “You think I like hurting people?” York barked as Axel stood up. Amanda had run out of the room and down the stairs. “I’ve fought people stronger than you. You don’t know what I’ve been through to get this powerful,” York said clenching his fists. He seemed tall enough to bust through the ceiling. Amanda came back upstairs with a picture in her hand. She went up to York slowly and handed it to him. He stared at the picture. It was of him, her, Axel and Taurus.

“York stop,” she whimpered tears filling her eyes. He stared at her painfully as she grabbed his face. “It’s OK to get mad. But hurting your friends isn’t going to make the pain go away,” she said as his eyes slowly turned from red to their crystal blue. “I know you’re scared, but please stop,” she continued. “Don’t let the beast out,” York’s eyes went back to red as his stomach filled with an orange glow. He pushed Amanda on to the bed and turned to face Taurus and Axel.

“I am unstoppable!” York screamed fire leaving his mouth slowly. He rushed at Axel and clawed him in the face. Taurus shouted in pain for a brief moment before attacking York. Each scratch York inflicted to Axel, Taurus yelled at. After so many, their bodies became numb. Amanda ran and wrapped her arms around York’s muscular torso.

“Please. Stop,” she cried as his eyes instantly turned blue and the orange tint to his skin died. The wings retracted and he collapsed in her arms. Axel looked at them as Amanda held York in her lap.

“What is he? What’s wrong with him?” Axel asked as York slumped even more.

“He’s a nebula. A pure vampire and a dragon,” she said as York opened his eyes. They were their usual crystal blue. He looked confused.

“What happened?” he asked as Amanda held him against her.

“You attacked them,” she said as his eyes widened.

“No. I don’t remember doing that,” he said as Axel shook his head.

“You think I did this to myself?” Axel asked angrily as York growled deeply in his throat.

“Stop. Don’t anger each other anymore,” Amanda pleaded as Axel dropped the matter. He knew that he didn’t have the strength to take York on.

“York we’re leaving. Since you won’t take us back to Vampira—”

“There is no more Vampira. You guys as well as I know that there is no home to go back to. Those agents were all over the place,” York said handing Axel $500. “Take this,” he said as Axel took it.

“What is it?” he asked as York laughed.

“Geez you guys need to get out more. It’s money. You know the thing you buy stuff with,” York said as Axel flipped through the cash. “I want you guys to find a place to live for now and when you get the chance, get a job.”


“You guys have lived under the influence of Vampira for almost 4,000 years. You’ve had everything handed to you. You need to learn to do things on your own. Go help someone. Make a living for yourselves, stop being the victim,” York said as Axel stared at him.

“We aren’t from this world. How are we supposed to—”

“You are in Vacoma, Tempos. Tempos is the most heavily populated place for supernaturals. There isn’t anything you can’t do. Just stay away from Chase,” York said as Axel looked at him confused.

“Why?” he asked as York smiled revealing his fangs.

“That’s where the headquarters are for those white jacket guys,” York informed as Axel nodded. “You better hurry before the sun comes up.”

Axel and Taurus had gathered their things into two backpacks that Amanda offered them and they took off. Amanda had given them a map and they looked it over before deciding to make Tecumseh their home.


It was weird because I’ve only heard about Nebula dragons,” Axel said as a noise took their attention. Phenton leaned out the back door and saw a creature fly through the sky. Its wings were deep blue with glistening light blue and white stars in it. The stars looked like a supernova which is where nebulas are formed. They only looked like that when the creature was truly enraged. It’s body was a solid navy blue with a few stars on it. It roared as it flew over the two white trucks. Its wings flapped bringing a mighty wind which slightly rocked the trucks.

“Holy shit! That thing’s freaking huge!” Andrew shouted pointing out the obvious.

“It’s the beast from my dreams!” Phenton shouted as Isabella leaned out the window. She stared as the dragon flew by almost on queue.

“YORK!” Axel shouted as York hovered in the air. He stared angrily at the group and shot fire up into the air before taking off again. “Where do you suppose he’s going?” Axel asked as Phenton shrugged.

“Well we’re gonna find out. Hurry up get in!” Phenton said running to the first truck. He climbed in and they drove after York as he flew towards Vacoma. York went above the place where Axel, Taurus, Shark, Charlie, and Faustin entered the maze the first time.

“He came just as planned. Get his girl ready to send back home like we agreed. But as for him, shoot him down. Do not kill him” Amble said as Fletcher aimed a harpoon type gun at York. He shot it and the blade went through York’s leg. Once it went through it anchored itself behind his calf. York screeched as he tried to break free of the chain. The tonic spread quickly through York’s body. Finnegan shot another that went through York’s wing causing him to fall out of the sky. Axel’s heart broke when York slammed on to the ground. He had turned back to his vampiric form before he hit hoping that the hooks would come out of his arm and leg. They pulled the chains dragging York towards the hole. He struggled trying to pull the harpoon out of his leg, but the chain wouldn’t break. York was frantic as he came closer to the hole.

“We had a deal Julian! WE HAD A DEAL!!” York screamed frightfully.

“I need to save him!” Axel shouted getting ready to get out of the truck. Faustin grabbed him.

“You’ll burn,” he said as Axel stared sadly at his friend being dragged down the hole just as the sun covered the spot. Axel heard York’s scream and he clenched his eyes shut. Amble pulled up a section on his computer and tapped into the cell services around the area. Axel’s phone went off.

“I see that you decided to come back. Last time I was playing for fun, but now I am not playing. You have become a serious thorn in my side. I will send my servants to kill you and if they fail, then they will die. You will not stop me. You have taken someone very precious from me and now I am going to take someone special to you,” he said forcing the phone to Blair’s ear. She was crying now as Amble bared his fangs. “Say hello,” he growled as Fletcher walked up to her and grabbed her neck.

“Mr. Axel!” She cried as Axel’s whole body tensed up. Fletcher bit into her and she screamed. The sensation of getting brew felt amazing but she was more afraid than aroused.

“You have until sundown to return my daughter to me,” Axel threatened as Amble smiled.

“Or what? What are you going to do? Call the LVO?” Amble laughed as Axel’s face scrunched up.

“That was one mistake I am not going to make again,” Axel hissed as Amble continued to laugh.

“I would love to see you come in here and try to kill me,” he growled. “I dare you.”

“Be ready at sundown. We’re coming in Amble Julian and we will take back what is ours,” Axel said as Amble laughed.

“You mean what is mine. I am the king, not you!” Amble shouted shutting his phone.

“This is it. No going back,” Faustin said as a few of the students breathed nervously. “Let’s set up our augurs and then we’ll go from there,” Faustin continued as Jericho, Harley, and Russell got out of the vans. Phenton handed them each a VKS sniper rifle and an SMG for added protection. Isabella hooked the three of them up with ear and eye pieces and heart sensors. They made themselves transparent and entered the manhole. Shark cocked his gun getting it ready for battle. He had a diálysi̱ dagger in his pocket that he handed to Axel.

“You will get your kill,” he said as Axel cocked his SMG.

“Hell yes I will. What he has done is unforgivable,” Axel growled as they waited for the sun to go down.


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