East Gate Moonlight Blood

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Chapter 3

Vampira, the kingdom where vampires lived was once underground right above the underworld cast in a light yellow glow. It was quite a downcast village where thousands of vampires called home. Amble Julian, the crown jewel of Vampira, reigned next to his father. A few of his supporters are still with him today. He fell in love with a human and to this day has treated them better than his own kind. Amble was an “attractive” man with his medium length black hair that always seemed straightened and silky. It gently fell around his neckline. He had soulless grey eyes with red around the rim of the pupil that were hard to depict.

Many human females are known to coo over his presence whereas men bowed in fear or respect. Amble was in his humble abode in the sewers under Vacoma. He grabbed his trench coat and put it on. It was a light fit, with breathable fabric which was used to make fighting easier while wearing. He paced back and forth in front of his head human servant Aaron Mimosa. Aaron met Amble during an underground match of monsters that he held to make extra money. He was a broke college student who did fights to the death will all kinds of supernatural creatures.


Step right up, step right up ladies and gentlemen. The bids close in five minutes for the Amble Julian verses Genesis Avery match!” Aaron shouted as the people rushed to him handing him their money. Everyone put their bid on Genesis Avery because she was currently undefeated. Aaron however put his money on Amble. After five minutes, a bell rang and the patrons took their places behind the steel cage. Genesis came out from the left side and the crowd cheered. She lifted her hands and spun around in a slow circle.

“Bring out my opponent!” she yelled cracking her knuckles. Her curly brown hair hung by her shoulders which complemented her fairly dark complexion. She had wolfsbane and was not afraid to show it when Amble appeared from his corner. The crowd booed to the new comer but Amble paid them no mind. “Oh little baby vampire wants to come and play?” Genesis mocked as Amble took off his trench coat. He wore a black tank top that clung to his athletic body. He had on black combat boots with Velcro laces. Amble ran a hand though his hair and sighed.

“I don’t play with puppies,” Amble said coldly as Genesis tsked.

“Good because I’m no damn puppy,” she grunted as Amble rolled his eyes.

“Yes but you are a bitch right?” he laughed as the crowd went ooh. Amble rubbed his wrists.

“Let’s go!” Genesis shouted turning into her wolf form. She was a large brown beast that the crowd cheered for. Amble bared his legendary fangs preparing for battle. He wasn’t about to be shown up by some little mutt. She launched at him and he volexed out of the way. She ran into the fence and howled. Genesis turned around and rushed him again. He once again volexed out of the way. The crowd started booing him even more.

“Don’t run away you coward! Fight her!” they screamed, but Amble continued to volex. The she-wolf would run out of stamina sooner or later. Amble saw her cracking. She was growing tired.

“I’ve had enough of this,” Amble said and he grabbed her by the neck with both hands when she ran at him again. She growled and snapped at him. Amble held his head back from her snapping jaws an immense scowl on his face. He rolled his eyes again and snapped her neck. She fell to the floor instantly. The room went dead silent as Amble walked around the cage. He walked up closely to the fence and the people backed away. He stared at them all angrily.

“Is this what you call entertainment? Watching two supernaturals kill each other? You human’s make me sick,” Amble said spitting on the floor. “None of you have the balls to come in here and challenge one of us do you? Just because you cheer their names doesn’t make them hate you any less,” he continued grabbing his trench coat. He put it on and put his hands in his pockets. He walked to the door which didn’t open. He stood for a moment and then sighed. “If anyone has anything to say, I will be taking my leave,” Amble said as the door flung open. He did not hesitate in exiting. Aaron was standing over by the entrance with his wad of cash. He didn’t realize that the fight was over already. He jumped at Amble’s presence.

“Whoa! The match is already over?” he asked as Amble glared at him. Amble grabbed Aaron by his collar violently shaking him.

“I have half a mind to slaughter all the people down there,” Amble grumbled as Aaron kept the wad of cash close to his chest. “Come with me,” Amble said staring deeply into Aaron’s eyes. Aaron let out a breath as if he had been holding it in for a long time.

“Okay,” Aaron said softly as Amble broke his duress. He followed Amble out of the building into the black of night. Aaron always fell for Amble’s duress and secretly it angered him that Amble no longer trusted him. He didn’t do anything that should deny the trust bond between them.


Aaron sat in a swivel chair and turned it each time Amble went past, his coat flapping behind him. He was pacing at an incredible speed. Aaron kept his hazel eyes on Amble and they widened when Amble stopped moving. Amble turned to him and was immediately in his face. He completely invaded Aaron’s personal space. Aaron tried to inch his face away but Amble closed in on him.

“Do you know what they’ve created?” Amble asked as Aaron shook his head. Sure Aaron was the head human servant, but Amble scared him. He was so intimidating at times. Amble walked over to the fish tank that was in his room. The concrete was covered in grime and water. It left a muggy smell to their senses. Florescent lights dimly lit the room. It was quite an enormous section of the sewer with a giant hatch close to the door. Aaron relaxed into the chair feeling less threatened. Aaron pushed his thick glasses up his nose and moved a strand of hair out of his eyes and sighed.

“They’ve created a monster you know. Giving birth to me was probably the worst thing that woman could have ever done. Rest her soul,” Amble whispered tapping the fish tank. He was like a child fascinated with the little anchovy sized fish as they swam franticly in front of his finger.

“I killed my mother at birth. It was sad really. I was one of those rare babies born with a full set of teeth and I killed her from the inside out. Unintentional of course. The vampiric doctors were surprised that I was still alive, but they didn’t know that I was feeding off of her,” he continued dropping fang and biting into his finger. He closed his eyes at the taste of it. Rarely did he drink his own black blood. He let the blood drip into the tank. The fish went to the bloody water and swam in it. They grew bigger.

“What the hell are those!?” Aaron asked jumping up from the chair. He rushed over to the tank. Amble scrunched up his face when he smelled something horrible. Not the usual sewer smell but something more rancid. Amble hadn’t noticed it when Aaron was sitting down, but now it was overbearing. Amble grabbed Aaron by the neck and pulled Aaron’s face close to his. He smiled showing his fangs. Oh how he loved to instill fear in Aaron ever since that day. Aaron shook in Amble’s grip.

“They’re called tracers. They’re a type of vampire fish that I found. They start off the size of an anchovy and with enough blood they can grow to enormous sizes,” he said as he sniffed Aaron uncomfortably. Aaron was not fond of having his personal space invaded so he squirmed trying to get away. Amble gripped him harder. “Stop struggling,” Amble hissed as he continued sniffing. “Where have you been recently? As in today? You smell absolutely disgusting,” he asked as Aaron closed his eyes almost instantly. He knew he was in trouble. Whenever Amble’s voice got soft, he knew that something was about to happen. Aaron smelled of a bunch of supernatural creatures put together, not necessarily a chimera, but multiple creatures.

“I can’t tell you,” he said clenching his eyes tighter, his voice was shaking.

“Aaron,” Amble said in a soothing voice. “Open your eyes and tell me where you were. Look at me,” he whispered as Aaron shook his head. Amble gently nipped his lips with his fangs. “Don’t make me bite it out of you. I have no problem with that,” Amble threatened gently.

“No! You’ll just duress the answer out of me,” he whimpered as Amble opened his mouth. Duress was what vampires used to control their victims, mainly humans, and have them do things against their will. Aaron knew all too well that Amble was capable of powerful duress. Amble was trying to stop himself from biting into Aaron’s soft welcoming skin.

“I won’t. I promise,” Amble said breathing on Aaron’s face.

“You’re such a liar!” Aaron whined.

“Just open them a little and tell me where you’ve been today,” Amble said licking his fangs. The temptation was killing him. Amble was squeezing Aaron’s neck so hard he could see the vein that ran down the side. It was pulsing. He could feel it. The craving for his blood was so demanding. Aaron kept his eyes shut still and grabbed Amble’s hands. They were gripping more and he couldn’t breathe. Amble blew on Aaron’s eyes with his cold breath hoping they would open. When they didn’t, he frowned. Amble couldn’t hold it in anymore and bit into Aaron’s neck.

“NO!” Aaron shouted as Amble slurped the blood that came out quickly because of how tightly he was squeezing. It tasted just as rich and smooth as he thought. Amble slightly loosened his grip on Aaron’s neck which caused Aaron to try and push him away. He grabbed Amble’s biceps and began shoving him back. Aaron might as well have been trying to push a brick wall because Amble was rock solid. Amble pulled away from Aaron, his blood running down his mouth. Aaron’s eyes were still shut.

“Open your eyes or I’ll open them for you,” Amble hissed squeezing Aaron’s throat becoming irritated. Aaron’s eyes shot open and he screamed as Amble breathed in deeply through his nose. He looked up at Aaron who started turning pale. “Where did you go today?” he asked calmly releasing Aaron’s neck. Aaron stood in front of Amble with this glazed over look, a slight smile curled to his lips.

“I went to the LoganView Order,” Aaron said softly as Amble glared at him. The smile didn’t leave Aaron’s face. It was not the answer Amble was hoping for.

“YOU WHAT!?” Amble screamed breaking his duress. Aaron came out of the duress looking around like he didn’t know where he was. Amble dragged Aaron over to the tank and pushed his head into it. The tracers went nuts as they bit into Aaron’s face. He screamed, but his voice was muffled by the water. Amble took Aaron’s head out. The fish let go from instant lack of water and oxygen. Aaron gasped for air as Amble threw him into the chair he was sitting in earlier. It rolled back slamming up against the wall.

“Amble...,” Aaron whispered frightened. His head was moving around as Amble volexed. He was moving at lightning speed tying Aaron to the chair.

“DO NOT TEST ME!” Amble shouted strapping Aaron’s arms and legs to the chair. “Why would you go to the LVO!?” Amble asked as Aaron shook his head.

“Trust me. It wasn’t on my own accord,” Aaron said as Amble laughed.

“After I did everything for you! I could have eaten you so many times, trust me I shocked myself that I haven’t kill you by now. Just that taste of your blood was enough to send me over the edge. After I got you out of that hell hole of a fighting arena,” Amble said angrily as Aaron started sweating. “You said you didn’t go on your own accord? It didn’t have to be on your accord. You know that when you go to them you are betraying me. Why would you do this? I trusted you, Prez trusted you,” Amble said grabbing a tracer from a separate tank. It was bigger than the others about piranha sized. “This tracer is very special to me. It’s close to its final stage of life. The human stage,” Amble said putting the jar up to Aaron’s cheek. He pushed a button on the bottom of the jar. The hatch on the side opened and the fish attached itself to Aaron’s cheek.

“Stop!” Aaron screamed as he felt the blood leave his cheek. The fish got bigger. It looked similar to a baby mola ray fish. Soon, it got too big for the jar, so Amble pulled the jar away.

“Let me remind you, of why you once feared the dark,” Amble said opening a water pit. It was full of small piranha sized tracers. Amble threw the mola ray fish into the pit before going behind Aaron’s chair and rolled it towards the pit. He was absolutely furious.

“No! NO! Don’t throw me in there! I’m sorry!” Aaron screamed as Amble rolled him along with a big smile on his face. His hunger was growing again. He held the chair over the edge. “They were going to do horrible things to me!” Aaron shouted as the fish gathered around his dangling feet.

“Well I’m going to do horrible things to you now,” Amble whispered pulling the chair back and unstrapped Aaron. He would rather have Aaron try and save himself than just throw him in tied to the chair. That wouldn’t be any fun. Aaron took that opportunity to run for the door. Amble was much faster than him and appeared in front of the door fangs bared.

“Go ahead, run, get your blood pumping. They love it,” Amble whispered as Aaron turned around only to have Amble grab him by the shirt. Amble threw Aaron into the pit. The tracers went into a frenzy attaching themselves to Aaron. He screamed and splashed around trying to get out. The fish started weighing him down as they grew bigger. Amble closed the hatch and turned the light on to watch the water splash. The hatch closed from the left side. Aaron swam trying to beat the hatch, but he had been dragged to the bottom of the tank by the heavy mola ray fish. Aaron had his hands on the edge trying to climb out. The hatch closed on his hands and cut his fingers off. Amble smiled and breathed deeply as he listened to the splashing and screaming.

He bent down and grabbed one of Aaron’s fingers. He put it to his mouth and drank the blood. It was absolutely delicious. The screaming stopped and so did the splashing. Amble sat in the chair and he licked the finger. A knock came on the hatch. Amble stopped and stared at it. He put the finger back to his lips again. The knocking became more urgent. Amble turned a lever making the hatch see-through. There were humans swimming around. Aaron’s body was gone. The only thing left was his clothes floating in the water. Amble looked closer at them. Their skin was pale and they had fangs. The final stage, it was finished. Amble quickly opened the hatch. They crawled out and approached him fangs bared. Amble put his hands up, but they didn’t stop. Amble bared his fangs.

“Stop,” he growled and they stopped. Even the newborn knew a king when they saw one. They stood, mouths parted, fangs bared. He knew what they wanted. “If it is food you want, then I have plenty,” he took his sharp nail and ran it across multiple parts of his body. One slit was on his arm, another was on his lower stomach. One slit went across his nipple while he forced his hands further behind his back slitting it in multiple spots as best as possible. The vampires licked at the black blood. Amble looked up at the ceiling and closed his eyes. It felt amazing, having the blood sucked out of his body. One after another, they withdrew from him wiping their mouths. Amble healed himself. He looked at the vampires he had created. There were 7 males and 3 females. Amble stared at them and smiled. His plan of creating vampires from fish was accomplished. The first phase of restoring Vampira was complete. It was time for phase two.

“My friends, you have come to your final stage of life,” he said putting his hands behind his back. He went to the bed and lay down. It was a king size with black Egyptian cotton sheets. The comforter was a deep red velvet color with black fringe. He got under the covers and put his head on the backboard. He looked at the tracers who stood there like helpless animals. They looked completely lost. Their gills lifted and flattened as they breathed looking unsure of what to do now. Amble beckoned them towards him. They all ran to him and lay around his body. One of the females nuzzled his neck. She looked smaller than the others. He stared down to her as she curled up next to him. She was so scared. He could tell because she was shaking. Amble sat up and had the tracers move away. He welcomed her under the sheets. The other tracers took to their spots again when he welcomed them.

“Did you get enough?” he asked her as she looked away from him. “Answer me,” he said as she shook her head. “Can you not talk?” he asked as she opened her mouth to speak. It came out as complete gibberish. Great, he’d have to teach them to speak if he wanted them to carry out his plans. Amble took a nail and cut a slit right by her mouth. “Drink. You need your energy,” he said to her as she placed her lips on the cut. Amble’s body tensed up. He felt himself get aroused by the draining sensation. It took her a while to get full and Amble felt light headed when he made her stop. “Rest, the sun is up, you need your strength, as we have a busy evening ahead of us,” he said turning out the light. “Thank you, Aaron,” he whispered resting his head on the female vampire that lay next to him.

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