East Gate Moonlight Blood

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Chapter 4

He’s an absolute monster,” Faustin said as Shark shrugged.

“Until there is any actual harm, don’t worry about it. What you should worry about is me killing that kid,” Shark said as Faustin glared at him.

“Don’t touch that kid,” Faustin ordered as Shark stood up.

“Fine. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to play nice,” Shark said as he gave Faustin a hug before walking out of his office. Shark went down the stairs to the main floor and was grabbed by the back of his shirt and pulled into a storage closet. Shark looked nervous when the lights came on. He was ready to fight the enemy. Xenon pushed Shark up against the door. “Xenon?” he asked but she put a finger to his mouth.

“I just want a moment alone with my busy professor husband,” she said placing her hands on his waist. He looked down and smiled.

“We can’t. I have class,” Shark whispered as she ignored him and placed her lips over his. She was moving quickly hoping to achieve something and it naturally aroused him.

“Our schedules don’t match up with the new nocturnal additions. When I got home last night, you were already asleep. You looked so adorable all curled up, so I didn’t want to wake you,” she said kneeling down. She grabbed his shorts and started pulling them down. He knew exactly what was coming next and grabbed her hands.

“Xenon we can’t do that in here. Just wait until we get home,” he said as she pulled them down to his ankles. “Anyone could just walk in,” he said as she took him into her mouth. She felt his whole body tense up. “Bloody hell,” he moaned grabbing her short black hair. Since the school year started they hadn’t been really intimate since they had gotten married in the summer. He had full days because of the morning and evening classes so by the end of it all he was exhausted. They had only had sex twice since their marriage and it was nothing to brag about. It was one of those “this is happening, we’re married so let’s have sex” moments without the crazy passion and romance. He slumped to the floor and she continued moving her head. Shark climaxed and Xenon stopped. He breathed heavily as she smiled at him. Shark realized Xenon hadn’t pulled his boxers down and it was wet on the inside. Damn. Shark stood up and pulled his shorts up. Xenon hugged and kissed him. He grabbed her bottom and she pushed him away.

“You’ve got class baby,” she said as he backed off. “I just wanted to see you and I thought you needed a little relaxer,” She said as Shark huffed. Xenon handed him a bottle of water and the lunch he left at home.

“The person who needs to relax is Faustin,” Shark said as Xenon looked at him.

“What are you talking about? I can call Alexis and have her come up here. She will rock that office to the ground,” she said as Shark spit the water back into the bottle.

“Let’s hope nothing is rocking anywhere,” he laughed as she grabbed his hand. They walked to the entrance and Xenon stood on her tiptoes to kiss Shark. He had to break the kiss before he started something that he knew he couldn’t finish in public. Shark kissed her forehead and pulled away from her.

“I’ll see you tonight,” she said over her shoulder as Shark watched her walk further into the building. He walked out and ran into Spencer.

“Professor,” he said as Shark smiled weakly at him. “What’s the matter?” he questioned as Shark looked at him. Shark made an uncomfortable move to straighten his shorts around the wetness of his boxers. He felt ashamed and relived about what happened.

“I’m fine. Just have a lot of things running through my mind right now,” Shark said as Spencer smiled and put his hands in his pockets.

“Ah. Don’t worry I know exactly what you’re talking about,” he said as Shark realized something.

“What are you going into the Admin building for?” Shark asked as Spencer slowly blinked and sighed.

“Paying finances. It’s getting harder and harder to do, but I’m managing,” Spencer said as Shark looked at him sadly. “I’m out of work and my mom’s in the hospital again,” he sighed. He looked away from Shark and rubbed his eye. “If she were to die while I was in school, I don’t know what I’d do,” Spencer said as Shark grabbed Spencer’s shoulder gently and squeezed. Spencer was breaking and it was hurting him.

“Do you have class?” Shark asked trying to change the subject as Spencer sighed.

“I was just trying to put down a payment before class,” Spencer said as Shark grabbed the piece of paper from his hands.

“Is this your schedule?” Shark asked opening it as Spencer nodded. It was put on the nocturnal schedule which started from sundown (around 7 pm) and went before sunrise (around 6 am). “You are taking quite a lot of classes,” Shark said as Spencer nodded.

“The faster I’m able to graduate and get money for my family, the better,” He commented.

“Have you thought about intern-shipping here?” Shark asked as Spencer shrugged.

“Yeah, but they don’t usually pay you anything unless it’s high class or something,” Spencer said as Shark thought about it.

“Well you could work at Alley Port. They can always use an extra hand. Moving equipment around and what not. You know, odd ended stuff and they pay if you really need them to. It’s actually a nice program that Founder Dallas Port started to help the students. He’s a werewolf so his god parent Artemis helped him come up with it,” Shark explained as Spencer crossed his arms. He motioned to the paper that Shark held.

“I’ve got you for one class this semester. Do you still do practices like before?” Spencer asked as Shark put his hands on his hips.

“Yeah I do. We didn’t have time to take any students up on my offer since we were so busy with the whole DeFalco thing,” Shark explained finally looking at the schedule


Mon/Wed/Fri Supernatural History 4.0 7:00pm-8:15pm

Mon/Wed/Fri Herbs & Flower Methods 2.5 8:30pm-10:30pm

Mon/Wed/Fri S. Educational Methods 1.1 2:15am-5:00am

Tue/Thurs Physical Education 7 (S. Combat) 8:30pm-9:00pm

Tue/Thurs Physical Education 6 (Tactical) 7:00pm-8:15pm

Thursday The Art of Vampire Antics11:00pm-3:00am

Tuesday History of Vampira 9:30pm-12:00am


“You’re taking History of Vampira? What’s that about?” Shark asked as Spencer nodded.

“Yeah it’s some new course that the UVL (United Vampire League) has intervened with. I don’t go until 9:30 tonight so I can let you know what happens. They are requiring all vampire type students to take it in order to graduate,” Spencer said as the sun slowly went behind the clouds on its descent. He quickly rushed inside into the shadow that cast from the inner column. “I’m sorry, I can’t talk much right now. I need to pay this and then get to class,” Spencer said as he hissed when the sun touched his skin. He volexed deeper into the building. Shark went to Alley Port. His students were waiting impatiently.

“Sorry I’m late. Let’s begin,” he said turning off the lights and preparing the atmosphere. “Let’s work on the techniques I showed you last class. Who remembers?” Shark asked as a few hands went in the air.

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