East Gate Moonlight Blood

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Chapter 5

Where is Phenton?” Aurora asked storming into the headquarters. She was upset that Phenton had left in the middle of the night not knowing what his intentions were. She woke up and his side of the bed was empty. His jacket and ID were both gone and it infuriated her. The agents there stood at attention when she entered the room wearing a white suit. Her platinum blonde hair was tucked behind her ears as they led her to a white room.

“At ease gentlemen,” she said as they stood in a parade rest formation. Even though she had given them the word to be at ease, it was unprofessional for them to not be on their guard at all times.

“He’s in here ma’am. He’s been in there since early this morning. He came in with Agent Whitehall and a few other agents,” one of the agents said as Aurora looked through the window. It was a one-way glass. She could see in but they could not see out. Phenton was pacing the floor as a woman walked up to him. Her skin was smooth as silk and suntanned.

“Phenton it’s alright,” she said grabbing him from behind. She rested her head on his shoulder. He was shaking. “Just tell me about your dream,” she said as he grabbed her arms. She turned him around and looked him in the eyes. His golden eyes went back and forth looking into hers. His astigmatism was absolutely irritating.

“There was a woman. She was running from...from this dragon looking thing,” he stammered as she cupped his face in her hands. “They were in Chase,” he continued as she placed her lips on his slightly parted ones. Phenton’s eyes widened as he pushed her away. “Isabella, I can’t do this,” he said as she tried kissing him again. He moved his head out of reach and walked away from her quickly. She grabbed his arm and he pulled away from her.

“Phenton, you can. Things can go back to the way they were,” she said as he shook his head.

“Yeah let her get freaky in this highly secure place with you.”

“Isabella, I’m married,” Phenton said as she backed away from him. She had a look of guilt that went over her quickly. Phenton showed her his ring. It was metallic cobalt. Its flat black band was set off by two polished edges. “Phenton Helix” was engraved on the inside with a small chimaera etched before and after his name. “Things will not go back to the way they were,” he muttered as tears filled her eyes.

“Aww hell man! You made her cry! You freakin’ monster! All she wanted was to screw you... You mess up everything...”

“Who?” She asked after a hesitation, “Who are you married to?” she asked as Phenton opened his mouth to reply.

“Me,” Aurora said her face red with fury. She pushed Phenton out of the way before slapping Isabella across the face. “How dare you kiss my husband!” she shouted as Isabella looked confused and frightened. “Who in the hell do you think you are?” Aurora continued jabbing a finger into Isabella’s shoulder. Aurora looked closely at Isabella. There was something about that pitch black hair cascading down her back that looked familiar. “You,” she whispered finally realizing who Isabella was. “You are the one who was assigned to him before I came to work here,” she said as Isabella nodded.

“She took care of him real well.”

“Yes. Before your father positioned you as the head of the order, only because you are his daughter, I listened to him. I paid attention to his pain while you just covered it up with medicine and lies,” Isabella said as Aurora looked angrily at her. “When he told me he had voices in his head, I listened.”

“Yes she did. I like her. She always listened to what I had to say.”

“When he had nightmares I was there for him. Where were you!?” Isabella shouted making Aurora flinch, she had never been yelled at in such a way by an agent. “You were standing behind that window criticizing me,” she gestured towards the window.

“Ya dumb witch. Why must you always interfere with the finer things in life?”

“You waited until something like this got out of hand and then you chose to take me away from him and tried to save the day,” she continued as Aurora put her hand up.

“You were not giving him the medicine he needed to stay stable,” Aurora snapped as Isabella clenched her fists. A light flame started to surround her. “What makes you think you and he are alike?” Aurora asked as Isabella laughed.

“We are the most powerful creatures in the universe. We are ones of the gods. Created by the loins of their passion,” she said as Aurora looked taken aback. “Phenton is my brother,” she said as Aurora’s mouth dropped.

“Why would you kiss your brother?” she questioned as Isabella sighed.


“Not literally you idiot. We share the same blood. We have a blood bond. We are chimaera together,” she said as Aurora stared from her to Phenton. Phenton was crouched in the corner rocking back and forth with his hands on his head. He had lost all control of the situation. He was muttering something to himself and his eyes were clenched shut. Marshall stood there next to him leaning casually on Phenton’s head. He took delight in watching the chaos slowly unfold. “This is what your pathetic medicine is doing to him. You just need to talk to him,” Isabella said motioning to him. “He’s afraid and confused.”

“Get out of here,” Aurora said as Isabella walked over to Phenton. She kissed his forehead and he grabbed her arm. Phenton looked up to her with the most saddened eyes she had ever seen. She felt romantically pulled to him, but knew she couldn’t do anything with his wife standing nearby. She kissed his hand and pried it off of hers. Isabella walked out of the room, her white heels clicking on the tile. A group of five LVO agents came in.

“Mrs. Helix?” the head asked as Aurora turned her attention to them. “We received a call about a possible lead to the murder in Chase a few days ago. We are requesting permission to take Agent Phenton Helix seeing as he knows the suspect,” the agent asked as Aurora took the piece of paper from him. She nodded and the agents went to grab Phenton. He didn’t know what to do anymore. He wasn’t the confident man that he was when he faced DeFalco. He was up against something much bigger than a little biotech.

“Get up. Don’t just lay there and let them...”

They grabbed Phenton and hoisted him to his feet. They handed him his coat and ID.

“And you let them take you...”

They led him to one of the armored trucks. Phenton walked up and one of the agents opened the door. A man got out and stared up to Phenton. He was middle-aged looking with greying hair in a modern comb-over look. Phenton stared at him. His eyes had returned to their gold color after he had pulled himself together.

“Ah. My son-in-law. The great Agent Phenton Helix,” the man said as Phenton shook his hand. Phenton averted his eyes as much as possible. He did not like his father-in-law, but he was still his superior.

“Mr. LoganView. It’s been so long,” he said as Mr. LoganView shook his head.

“This guy’s got on too much cologne.”

“Come. We have business to attend to,” he said as Phenton stayed where he was.

“Sir. If I may say something?” Phenton asked as LoganView stared at him. “There has been a big misunderstanding. I know that Shark Lake is the first one on the list and I just want to let you know that he did not commit this murder,” Phenton said as LoganView tsked at him.

“Don’t let your emotions run how you work. It never has a positive outcome,” he said

“Run...how you...work? What, what does that even mean?”

“Would you please!?” Phenton hissed as Marshall stood still.

“Would I please what?” LoganView asked as Phenton stared at him. “This nero thing you have, I don’t like it,” he said.

“I don’t like you. You smell like ointment and pee.”

“I don’t know what my daughter saw in you because I sure as hell don’t see it. Get in the truck,” He said climbing into the passenger side. Phenton got in and sat in the back surrounded by the agents. “Now, here is your assignment. I want you to go to the residence and bring the accused out. We will handle the rest from there. Do you understand?” he asked looking at Phenton who had his head down. His eyes had turned silver again. “Do you understand me!?” he shouted as Phenton’s head whipped up.

“I understand sir,” he said as he looked across from him. Marshall was staring at him from the top of the truck. He hung upside down and stared down to Phenton.

“Great more freakin’ work.”

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