East Gate Moonlight Blood

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Chapter 7

Shark came to the house, hot with anger. He threw open the door and it slammed against the back wall. Xenon was sitting with her brother and they both jumped when he came in so quickly. Xander only jumped because Xenon’s actions were so quick. He looked exactly like Xenon only his features were more masculine. Xander wore red skinny jeans, a black graphic tee that had a neon skull on it and navy blue converse. His hair had streaks of purple and light blue in it.

“What’s the matter with you?” Xander signed as Shark signed for him to shut up. He went to his room and slammed the door shut. “What was that all about?” Xander signed as Xenon shrugged.

“I’ll see what’s wrong with him. You better head home,” Xenon signed giving her brother a hug. She walked up to the door and knocked before going in. “Shark what’s the matter?” she asked as Shark grunted pulling off his shoes.

“There’s this God awful boy in my class. He is completely infuriating,” he growled as she rubbed his back. His face was buried in the navy blue pillow as Xenon laid next to him and kissed his neck. She rubbed the back of his head. She went to the small of his back and pressed. Shark had a tight pain on his lower back from where he was kicked earlier and it hurt so when she pressed on it, he hissed and shot his head up, “Don’t do that!” he shouted in pain as she laughed and did it again. He hissed once more and grabbed her hand tightly. “I said stop,” he grumbled as she kissed his cheek.

His facial features softened as he turned her over and returned her kiss. She giggled as he made a trail of kisses to her neck. She grabbed his shirt and pulled it up to his pectorals. His back was covered in small bruises from taking multiple hits during class. Xenon gently ran her nails over his smooth skin sending shivers down his body. Shark started tickling her rib cage. She playfully fought against him as he moved his hands down to her waist. She laughed and closed her legs around him as he went back to her ribs. She tried to turn but couldn’t because Shark was so heavy. Shark laughed deeply in his throat as she pulled his head back up to her mouth. He was straddling her and when she kept pulling at his shirt, so he sat up and removed it, tossing it to the side. She grabbed his shorts and pulled on them.

Shark pulled his legs out and tossed the shorts on top of his shirt. Xenon laughed at his union jack boxers and pulled at them. Shark put his full weight on her and nuzzled her neck. Shark felt her intake breathe because of his weight. Xenon wrapped her legs around Shark’s waist and buried her hands in his navy blue fauxhawk. He pushed her skirt up to her stomach and rubbed his hands along her thighs. She closed her eyes and arched her back as Shark’s tongue darted around her ear.

“I love you,” Shark whispered as he pushed her shirt up. He grabbed one bra covered breast gently in his hand as he kissed her again. The touch of Shark’s warm fingers was too much to bear as they ran smoothly over her body. Xenon felt much different than she did when Shark took her to bed on their honeymoon. When they first had sex it was just because they could, there was no passion or romance. Now, Xenon and Shark were overwhelmed with passion, romance, and anticipation. When Shark brought his other hand down, she cried out. Xenon was a Necroler so she got the same arousal abilities as a full blooded ler. Meaning, she had antlers of cartilage that slowly grew with the sensation that came before, during, and after intercourse.

Xenon pulled down Shark’s boxers as he did the same to her underwear. Shark stared directly into her eyes as he slowly went into her and she clasped his back. The antlers grew a little bigger. They were small in circumference and Shark reached up and grabbed them gently in his hands. He rubbed his thumbs on the tips of her lers as they grew thicker. Xenon cried out his name in pleasure as he buried his head in her neck. Xenon’s whole body tightened around Shark as he gently and gracefully moved.

Xenon felt the warmth of Shark’s body on hers and pressed her lips against his. Shark felt amazing as he softened the muscles that lay underneath his wife’s skin. Xenon had her eyes shut as she clutched Shark’s back. He grabbed her wrists and held them above her head as he thrusts. Xenon clenched the pillow trying to untangle her feet from the teal sheets.

The ecstasy was absolutely overpowering. Xenon’s cries of pleasure were too much for him to handle. She put her hands on his shoulders as Shark reached down and grabbed her thigh. He pulled it up trying to better position himself on her as he moved closer. He felt a much better connection as they lay in bed intertwined passionately.

With each thrust Xenon felt closer to erupting with pleasure. One hand stayed clutched around the back of Shark’s neck keeping his forehead close to hers while the other clenched his hip as he thrust faster. Her lips were trembling as she quickly grabbed his hair and gripped it squeezing her eyes shut.

“Shark!” Xenon moaned filling with pleasure her back arching just as Faustin came busting in the room.

“Ho my god!” Faustin said quickly turning around shielding his eyes with his palm.

“The bloody hell!? Don’t you know how to bloody knock!?” Shark shouted quickly climbing off Xenon covering their bodies with the comforter. Xenon pulled the blanket over her face embarrassed that Faustin had come in so quickly.

“There was someone looking for you, but I’ll tell them to come back later,” he said keeping his eyes covered as Shark bounced off the bed pulling the teal sheets with him. He stumbled to put his clothes on. Shark tripped as he tried pulling his shorts on. He went out of the room.

“What’s up?” Shark asked casually as Faustin motioned him towards the front door. Shark tightened the strings on his shorts. Who the hell could be at the door at this hour? It was nearly three in the morning. Phenton stood there pale as a ghost. “Damn, what happened to you?” Shark asked pulling his shirt over his head as Phenton stepped aside motioning for them to come out into the driveway.

“You got no idea fish man. You got no idea.”

“Are you Professor Shark Lake?” LoganView asked. He gave off a very depressing aura. He was shorter than the men that stood around him. It was obvious that, by the look of their jackets, they were elitist agents. Shark had never seen these types before. They wore helmets that had black visors drawn down and metal plates on their arms, legs, and chest.

“Who’s asking?” Shark said as Phenton grunted.

“This is Mr. Maximus LoganView,” Phenton mumbled as Shark stared from him to LoganView.

“The horrible man who smells like ointment and pee, I don’t see what’s so great about him.”

“So you’re the one who created the LoganView Order,” Shark said reaching his hand out to shake. The men with Maximus quickly raised their guns. Shark stopped immediately. They had them aimed at his head and heart. Shark put his hands up. “What’s going on?” Shark asked nervously. Faustin let his mind wander. He listened in on Phenton’s thoughts. He was a complete mess. Phenton looked at Faustin with sad silver eyes.

“I’m so sorry,” he thought as Faustin stared at him. “Shark we have a warrant for your arrest,” Phenton said as Shark lowered his hands.

“Me? What for?” Shark shouted as the officers put laser dots on him. He tried to calm down but he couldn’t understand what was going on. His heart was beating so fast from intimidation.

“From an anonymous source,” Phenton started as Maximus cleared his throat.

“You are being arrested under the suspicion of murder,” he said as Shark’s mouth dropped.

“MURDER!?” Shark screamed as one of the men shot at him. Shark grabbed his side as a spark went over him. “What the hell?” Shark screamed landing on his knees. He fell so hard that he scraped his knees on the pavement. Adrenaline was rushing through his body so he didn’t feel the sting.

“Why are you charging him with murder?” Faustin asked putting his hands on Shark’s shoulders.

“We have evidence that he murdered a woman in Chase,” Maximus said as Faustin looked down at Shark.

“That’s impossible. He has never been to Chase before,” Faustin said as Maximus looked at him strangely.

“Well the woman had a massive bite mark out of her side. I was informed that a common mark is produced by the one named Shark Lake of Pierce Saline,” he said as Faustin stepped away from Shark. It couldn’t be true. Shark wasn’t a killer. “She was drained of all her blood,” he continued as Shark slowly looked up.

“Doesn’t that sound like a vampire?” Shark asked as Maximus looked at him.

“True. But vampires make tiny holes not giant sized chunks,” Maximus said as Shark sighed angrily.

“That doesn’t explain anything!” Shark shouted clenching his fists.

“Do not raise your voice at me sir,” Maximus snapped as Shark bared his teeth.

“Then do not accuse me of things I haven’t done,” Shark snarled. An officer shot him again. He screamed and rushed at Maximus. Faustin grabbed him and held him back. Maximus did not flinch at the attempt. He laughed as Shark got shot again. Faustin shouted because he was holding Shark and the current pulsed through him as well. Faustin still held on to him. Shark screamed and fought against Faustin. Shark was much stronger than Faustin and Faustin was finding it hard to keep his squirming brother under control.

“Calm down,” Faustin grunted feeling his grip slipping on Shark’s biceps.

“And this is why the accusations are true,” Maximus said as Shark roared.

“Shut up!!” Shark screamed biting into Faustin’s arm so he’d release. Faustin hollered and released him. He grabbed his arm and held it tightly. Shark had taken a huge chunk out of Faustin’s arm proving Maximus’ point. Faustin’s blood ran out of Shark’s mouth as two officers grabbed Shark by the arms. Shark fought against them knocking a few out. They finally forced him to the ground and aimed a gun at his head.

“This gun, sir, has real bullets, not electricity,” Maximus said as Shark struggled. He didn’t believe him and he didn’t care either. Shark pulled his arm out of the grip of one of the agents and slammed a fist to his stomach. Oh how Shark wanted to punch that man in the face, but two more agents came to help restrain him. They held Shark’s arms and legs down pressing his cheek to the ground. A small amount of dust whipped up as the agents feet scuffed on the ground.

“Ooh real bullets so scary!”

Maximus lifted his hand and had the officer shoot at the ground. Shark stopped immediately. Maybe he did care a little. Shark’s entire body relaxed on the ground even though the tension was still there.

“Much better,” Maximus said as Shark breathed slowly. He looked up to see Faustin clutching his white arm.

“Shark, they have to take you into custody until this is figured out,” Phenton said as Shark closed his eyes. He couldn’t believe this was happening right now.

“What about my class? I’m a teacher dammit!” Shark shouted as Maximus laughed.

“You can’t work with students. You’re a convicted felon,” Maximus laughed as the officers put electric handcuffs on Shark. Shark’s head was down in confused shame. The officer on the left grabbed Shark roughly by his hair and yanked his head up, forcing him to look at Maximus and Phenton.

“Until we are sure on what’s happening, your teacher’s license will be revoked and you are put on probation. We will send an agent in your place. You must be removed from all services until the trial date. You are going to be sent to the LVO headquarters until then. If it comes down to it, you will be sent to Nova Correction Center,” Phenton said reading a paper Maximus had given him.

“I have to get fired?” Shark said as Phenton nodded. He looked over to Faustin who instantly shook his head.

“No,” he said abruptly, “I cannot fire my brother,” Faustin said grabbing a tube of blood from his pocket. He put it to his lips and drank it. His arm started healing.

“Faustin, you don’t have a choice, if you do not fire him, then you will lose your directing and administration license and you will become an accessory to the crime. The school will either be put in the hands of another director or it will be shut down. You know how that whole thing goes,” Phenton said as Faustin fumed. He couldn’t think straight. This was just unreal. After a long hesitation, he looked at Shark with sad eyes. He couldn’t let the school close, those students needed it. He wasn’t an accessory to the crime, but that would be hard to prove if he didn’t fire Shark. His face became downcast as he looked at Shark kneeling on the ground.

“No! Faustin you know I didn’t kill anyone!” Shark shouted his eyes growing wide. Faustin looked back from Shark to Phenton who had his head down.

“Shark,” He said slowly as Shark shouted.

“Look at what you’ve done now Phenton. I told you to keep your mouth shut.”

“Faustin. Don’t. Please,” Shark pleaded as Faustin looked away from him.

“You’re fired,” he said walking back up to the house. Faustin wiped his eyes as he heard Shark scream insults to him. He went in and stood in the doorway.

“FAUSTIN!” Shark screamed. The agents picked him up around the waist as he kicked and screamed at them. The agents shoved Shark into the van. Shark banged on the door with his shoulder. He ran up against it and kept slamming against the door until his shoulder hurt. He switched to the other one. “I didn’t do anything!” Shark cried hitting the door a final time before slumping to the floor. “I’m innocent,” he whispered putting his head on the door.

“Faustin what happened?” Xenon asked as Faustin looked at her. He looked like he was going to throw up. “Where’s my husband?” she asked as Faustin sat down. “Where is Shark!?” she yelled. He still didn’t respond. “FAUSTIN!?” she screamed and he stood up. He pushed her down on the chair and hovered over her angrily.

“He got arrested!” Faustin shouted as Alexis grabbed him.

“Don’t push her. Shark wouldn’t want you handling his wife so roughly,” she said as he ripped his arm away from her. He turned to leave and Xenon stood up. She shot a black shadow ball at Faustin. It hit him in the back of the head knocking him forward. He turned and threw a yellow ball of light at her. She ducked just as Charlie opened the door. The light hit him square in the chest and he flew back out. Alexis’ eyes widened and she rushed to the door.

“CHARLIE!!” they both shouted rushing outside. Faustin came to his side and knelt down as Alexis shoved him.

“Dammit Faustin!” she screamed hitting him on the arm.

“Mom, I’m fine,” Charlie said standing up. Alexis ran her hands over him.

“Are you bleeding? Are you OK? Tell me where it hurts.” Alexis said flooding him with questions.

“I said I’m fine,” Charlie laughed, shrugging off his mom’s affection.

“Where’s your sister?” Alexis asked as Charlie shrugged.

“She’s at Storm Thayer’s house for the slumber party,” Charlie said rubbing his blonde hair. Faustin paced in a circle. Xenon came out of the house with her coat and a bag.

“Where are you going?” Faustin asked as she walked past him. He grabbed her arm and she lashed out at him.

“I’m going to see my husband. You know, your brother?” she snapped getting in the car. She rolled down the window. “Where did they take him?” she asked as Faustin shrugged.

“The incident happened in Chase. That’s where the LVO head office and Nova Prison is,” Faustin said as Xenon peeled out of the driveway, pissed as hell.

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