The Butternut Catastrophe

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Chapter 6: The Meaning of Fear

What is…fear?

Fear is not a monster under your bed, nor falling from a cliff, nor public speaking. Fear is not a flesh-eating fungus, nor hairy spiders, nor even staring death in the face.

Fear is change. A change in circumstances, a change in perspective, a change in surroundings. And, in King Thunder’s case, a change in a loved one’s entire mindset.

As the inferno raged on, Lord Snail collapsed onto the rugged stone roof. So many tumultuous thoughts, all roaring through her mind…scenes of freedom, pictures of bliss, and stories of serenity engaged despair, torment, and pain in a final battle.

Through all this, King Thunder just stared in shock as if a ship leading a fleet to victory was sunk without warning. What she did next, she forever regretted.

King Thunder walked away. Through the door, down the stairs, and out of the building.

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