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In this continuation series, see what happens with Conner(Director’s Origins) and how his first year of Director of Agents turns out. At only 25 the weight of the agency is on his shoulders as he trains the agents on taking on death-defying missions. As well as still having to hide a big secret from the ones that have to trust him.

Action / Adventure
Kame Mendes
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One week.
It had only been one week since everything had happened and already Conner was tired. None of it was as he expected or even close really. Those agents that /he/ picked were a lot harder to deal with than he could’ve ever figured. Looking back, all of them were a little younger than he was. Conner was only twenty-five, so that alone was enough of an explanation. Quickly, Conner came to realize that he had picked the ones he picked for a reason.

They all weren’t necessarily /bad/ per se, but a lot seemed like they knew how to handle themselves well and took no shit from anyone. Which sounded very familiar to Conner. Regardless, he tried to convince himself that all of it wasn’t anything he couldn’t handle. But, there was just so much, and Conner was still lost, confused, and scared out of his mind. Topping it off, the agents were all just as young and younger than he was. Making things even scarier.

He would no idea how to handle himself if a kid went out in the field and never came back. When he was an agent, the agents were almost all older than him and have been there a while. The newest after him was Damian and he had been there nine months by the time Conner showed up. Not to mention they all had Baker to thank for training them. The man was an incredible trainer and knew how to not take shit from anyone. He made sure he did everything in his power to make sure each agent came back alive.

Jumping right in and taking the harder blows for the younger agents so they would go off either unharmed or better off. That was something that Conner never forgot. It made him wonder how many times Baker did that for him. He knew Damian did that all the time when he could, but he wasn’t as good as Baker was, and there were times where Conner came back hardly touched.

Richard Baker was not a small man at all, standing at six-foot-four-inches, and was of course very fit and trained. He was a harsh teacher but he did that on purpose. Took zero shit from anyone and that included Conner. Conner was a lot to handle and wasn’t easy to deal with at all. However, Baker made it look easy.

All of those things were things that Conner kept in mind and figured that he would have to do the same. He never wanted to have an agent lose their life on his hands so he had to be tough. A little harder than even Baker because for one Conner’s agents were younger and a little less capable without extra help. Another thing was, even though he was known to be a reckless force. Conner wasn’t the tallest around. Finally, he was just young and scared.

Since the base was starting off on a clean slate. They didn’t really jump into the agent business right away. As for Conner he had to fill out piles and piles of paperwork before he could even think to start training the agents. That and he may have procrastinated because he had no idea what he was doing. Thinking back he had to remember everything he did and what he learned to try and do the same. He was pretty much going to have to turn into a trainer straight from Hell.

But it was what he learned and how he listened so it was just a shot in the dark. If it was enough to get /him/ to settle and listen than it might be enough for this unruly group.

A few more days had passed and all of it was nerve-wracking, but he was to try his best. No matter how hard it was going to be. He kept what he remembered fresh in his mind and was trying his best to mimic that. Conner had the best feeling that it wasn’t going to make him liked that much, at all. But one thing that was for certain, or at least what he had figured. Was that they didn’t like him and they thought he didn’t like them.

Little did any of them really know, was that it was just an act. Conner /had/ to put up a front that he was a hard Director that didn’t get along with anyone. That was just what he had to do, he didn’t want to get eaten alive so he did what he thought he had to do.

Another thing that was still an issue, and only seemed to get worse was his “relationship” with the Executives. They all still did what Jones insisted and saw him as a new shiny toy that they could modify into some weapon. The entire Killing Machine tactic was still in play and it made Conner worry a little bit. They wanted Conner to be the ring leader and train agents to fight just as he did. All to probably have some sort of army, led by “King Killing Machine” or something fucked up like that.

He didn’t want that, and he wanted to train them extremely well for their safety and that was it. They could continue to do what they wanted with Conner, just as long as they left the agents alone.

Conner was objectified, he was talked at, he was seen not as a person nor treated like one. They laid their hands on him, poking, prodding, and pinching his limbs and torso to measure his muscle mass. He was praised for something he figured was an awful part of himself. Conner had a temper that was, in some terms, not like any other. He was very quick to jump into any argument and bite back hard. He attacked people just for simply annoying him. He would be tense, have fire spread throughout his body.

All of it was just nothing to be praised and Conner hated it. He hated being that way, and they loved it. That was the only reason why they loved Conner so much. Not for him, for his temperamental ways, and now that he was very well trained they craved more. He wasn’t even referred to as “he” rather “it” “asset” “weapon” or who knows what else.

Conner wasn’t Conner, he wasn’t a name he was his high numbers on his profile. All of it tore him to shreds and knocked him down, so far down to the point where he didn’t want to get back up again.
But he did.

For any normal and sane person, it made sense to leave the moment they had gotten treated that way. But, that wasn’t Conner. He almost did and wanted to many different times but he still stayed. Conner didn’t believe he was a good person and had only gotten worse the longer he stayed there but at least he wasn’t truly evil. He knew in the back of his mind that if he left it would all turn into chaos and whoever they would replace him with would eat them all alive.

Thinking back and looking at those faces, Conner knew that he couldn’t allow that to happen. So when they knocked him down, Conner picked himself back up again and went for it head-on in order to keep those kids safe.

Even though dealing with those kids was hard and at times, a lot of times, annoying. So much so to the point where he wanted to shut them up by beating them senseless. He, of course, knew better or tried his very hardest. He was tested a lot, which made him seem even meaner than he really was, but he had to hold a lot back. It was as if a screen-door was holding back a hurricane that was trying to breakthrough. So it was tough but he did all that he could.

There were a few in particular that he could narrow down from. Lance Markov, Olivia Austen, and Madison Lane were a notorious trio that really wanted nothing to do with Conner and tried to bully him any chance they got. Calling him out on his mistakes in training, yelling horrid names at him, and doing all they could to make him feel like a bug under a microscope. Another Conner had to deal with was on everyone had to deal with as well. For that one, no one was safe, and his name was Calderon Bakugou.

Better known as the “monster” and was he ever. It took no time at all for Conner to narrow him down and find out that he was to be a challenge for him and the rest of them. He was still a teenager, yet he was cruel, rude, and as mean as they came. Conner wasn’t let off the hook but he did his best to avoid Calderon. Knowing very well the two personalities collided hard and when at the match would lead to destruction. That was just who he was, Calderon was very destructive and Conner wasn’t that much different. Or so he thought.

What he knew for sure was not to anger the kid and not to have him anger Conner. Otherwise, there would be no winners in the end. There were times where Calderon would mess with people’s heads and even Conner slipped up, but caught on quickly and took him down when came the change. But, he was a slippery one, so Conner just avoided him before things got too ugly.

Not to mention, Conner had his hands tied anyway. With one young agent in particular who at first struck him differently. Zachariah Morone, that one hurt the most because it felt more personal. Conner didn’t know him personally, but when he first saw him he thought much differently. Figuring, that the two had some things in common.

When Conner first saw Zachariah, he caught the same face that Conner himself had his first day. That sense of innocence and that he didn’t deserve to be there but got dragged in anyway. Although he wanted to, Conner had to put up the facade of being a harsh Director. Afraid to show any tenderness to an agent in case he was to get spotted.

It bit him right back, as Zachariah started having a bite to Conner. It seemed the more Conner wanted to try, the more the kid pushed him away. Which hurt more than it probably should have. Feeling as if his heart was breaking, even though the two didn’t know one another on a personal level. In no time at all, Conner became defensive as he didn’t want that feeling. So when Zachariah would bite, Conner bit back. The two were quick to but heads and refuse to see eye to eye. Zach was doing everything out of spite it seemed and Conner was annoyed. So annoyed that he stopped trying.

That feeling he wanted fading as Zach couldn’t stand the sight of Conner. So Conner gave up and grew angry right back. Even though he knew very well that he wasn’t really angry at him at all. Once again it was all just an act.

Jerking up, at the sound of his personal alarm. Conner rubbed his eyes felt his body shiver a bit, once again that horrible reoccurring nightmare of being turned into a literal human weapon haunted his sleep. Squeezing his eyes shut a moment he heaved out a low growl and reached to the nightstand. Gabbing the alarm clock and lobbing it across the room until it smashed on the door.

Reopening his large hazel eyes he groggily pulled himself up and out of the bed. Being the Director meant Conner had to wake up before the agents did for training. Training started right at 4 am, so Conner got up at 3:25 am.
He hated every second of it and that annoyance ran through him as he went over and got himself dressed.

Much like before he wore pretty much the same thing. Tank shirt, boxing trunks, and his sneakers. Still wearing the gold chain his brothers gave him around his neck. Throwing everything on quickly he outstretched his arms and pushed out a big yawn. Running his fingers through his curls he looked over at his dresser mirror and simply rolled his eyes. Conner knew very well that he looked exhausted but there wasn’t anything he could do about that so he shoved it aside and grabbed a water bottle from his mini-fridge, popped it open and downed half of it.

Flinching the second the alarm for training rang. He was still sensitive and on edge from the nightmare, and he honestly didn’t even want to train anyone. He also wasn’t ready to get scolded by Morone or tormented by any of the other agents. He honestly was in no mood to see anyone at all and simply wanted to just hide in his room for the day. But as much as he really wanted to, he knew he couldn’t.

Usually, he would go down the hall, yell and pound on the doors to wake up each agent because a lot of them had a tendency to be “late” and Conner wouldn’t have any of that.

This morning was different, thanks to that nightmare, he just wasn’t so much of himself. But he had to continue to pull through and reach for his door handle. If he knew Morone well enough, and by then he did, he knew he was already in the training room. Even before Conner was, and that thought made him roll his eyes and heave out a groan.

Opening the door, he finished off his water and tossed it. Closing it behind himself he stretched again and let his arms swing at his sides as he walked over to the elevator and pressed the button for the training room floor. Crossing his arms as he stood close to the doors and rode the few floors down.

Once the doors opened up again, Conner casually walked down the hall to the double doors that had been propped open for the agents to pile in. Stopping mid-pace as he caught sight of the ever so spiteful young agent, as well as some of the others. Already there and awaiting Conner’s arrival. Closing his eyes to stop himself from rolling them, Conner inhaled sharply through his teeth. He opened his eyes again and shook his head as he sauntered into the training room.

Heading over to one of the equipment tables and grabbing a closed staff. Conner hit it to extend it and swing it around. Right before explaining that he would be working on the higher age groups for the morning. Conner was avoiding Morone and the others and did it on purpose. He just wasn’t in the right mood to deal with that right then.

So he simply ignored the irritation and pushed himself away first before anyone had the chance to push him. He knew better, and that morning he knew if he got bit at, he wouldn’t take it so “kindly” as he had been. Conner had a bark, that they all knew about, but of course, his bite was just as bad. There wouldn’t be any way to calm him so avoiding it all together was his only option.
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