Silver Age

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Eyes snapping open, Mark shot straight up and yelped. Sitting still he allowed everything to fully register and get familiar with where he was.

Breathing heavily he looked around and noticed that he was in his room. In the New York base, and far from the Headquarters’ brain activity labs in Maine. Meaning that it really was just a bad dream.

Mark never remembered dreams. Usually, whenever he closed his eyes nothing showed except never-ending darkness. But this time was a lot different. This dream was so vivid and felt so real like it really was happening before his eyes. So realistically vivid that he believed that he could actually feel being held back and the having the burning rage consume him whole.

He had lost control completely and became that horrible being. The very being that he had kept hidden and under control for about three years now. Mark was proud to have everything be under his own control, but before he knew it he couldn’t hold back anymore and the being started taking over. Suddenly all of that effort and those years were lost and once again there was nothing stopping him. It swallowed him whole and there was no snapping out of it.
But that was all just a dream.

Lightly shaking his head a little, Mark heaved out a long and steady deep breath. Looking over to his side he noticed that Shawn was still fast asleep. He didn’t move at all and didn’t even open his eyes once.

Mark quietly snickered to himself and shook his head fondly while watching Shawn continue to sleep.

“Heavy sleeper.”

He whispered to himself as he laid back down again. Facing Shawn, Mark carefully pulled him closer and then gently wrapped his arms around Shawn. Taking another deep yet steady breath Mark softly kissed the top of Shawn's head before closing his eyes again. He didn’t fall back asleep but he remained still and tried to rest his eyes while Shawn continued to get a full night’s sleep.

For the last few weeks, Shawn had been staying by Mark’s side and making sure that he was healing properly. Which in all truth was something that Mark wasn’t used to at all. He never had anyone by his side like that before and care so much for him. But of course, it wasn’t anything to really complain about.

The whole experience was like a dream to Mark. Loving hugs, soft kisses, and all-around tenderness. It was surely something that Mark never had before, as far as he could remember at least. Shawn on the other hand had that before and knew exactly what he was doing. He understood how to tend to Mark and how to properly care for him. Shawn really knew how to show Mark that he loved him and how much he meant to him.

All of it was different and new to Mark and even a little overwhelming at times. But never once in a bad way. It was an experience that was full of love and carefulness. Things that Mark had been deprived of since the start of the whole Sleeper Agent debacle.

Mark was so used to the fast life and the riveting thrill of being an agent. That he didn’t necessarily know how to slow down or what that felt like. He didn’t know tenderness and how to be soft. But those were all things that he learned from Shawn and with his help, Mark learned to love and appreciate the softer things.

It was a wonderful feeling that grew to be a little addicting. A feeling that Mark would never get used to or tired of. Even though he had craved it he knew that in time he had to distance himself from that wonderful feeling and go back to his harsh reality.

Before he knew it, the alarms had gone off and he very reluctantly pulled himself out of bed. Having to dress back into his field gear, lace up his combat boots and head over to the training room. And although Mark figured that things were going to go back to normal, he was sadly mistaken.

Upon entering the training room everyone around him moved out of the way. Migrating to the far corners of the large room as if Mark was some kind of radioactive infested creature. Lightly furrowing in confusion Mark looked around and then rolled his eyes. Shaking it off he continued further into the room and made his way to where Buchanan was standing.

“Gee, don’t you know how to clear a room.”

Clint let out just as Mark approached him.

Mark did an all-over glance at the room once more before looking over to Clint again.

“Feels like I’m back home in Langley.”

“Hey, /this/ is your home. And ignore them they’re just kids, they don’t know any better.”

“They’re all not that much younger than me. Look, how about I get outta the way here.”

“What? No, you’re still an agent. You got every right to be here as they do.”

“It’s fine. I’ll just workout a bit in the gym...alone..”

“You sure?”

Mark lightly nodded and then headed over to the gym doors. Pushing them open he reached for the switch and flipped on the lights.

Standing still for a few moments, Mark eyed everything around him. He was intending of just absentmindedly moving about as he let his mind wander, and that was exactly what he did.

Heading over to one of the treadmills, Mark got on, hit the switch, and began to let his mind wander. Before he knew it things in his head became intense. His mind flashed right back to that nightmare he had. Rethinking about what went on in that dream and how real everything seemed.

Mark wasn’t sure if it really meant anything or if it was just leftover trauma he was experiencing for the first time since it happened. The more he thought about that, the more it started to make the most sense.

As terrible as it was, Mark was used to it. So much so that tended to slip from his mind that something like that wasn’t normal. It wasn’t something people did to others, especially to those who were so young. Mark was only nineteen when it happened to him, and he only figured /that/ out because he had been told.

But it wasn’t right, not right at all. No person should have to go through something like that. It just wasn’t natural or forgivable. This wasn’t something that helped young agents as they promised, this was something that completely destroyed them. Turning them into inhumane beings that would take down and take out anything in their way.
And that wasn’t normal.

On top of that, it also took lives. Whether it was the lives of the innocent civilians, fellow agents, or even the “projects” themselves. Just a couple of years ago, Mark lost someone he considered a friend to the experiment. And that made him wonder just how many other agents died before himself. He was one of the first successful outcomes from that project and there had to have been numerous agents who had fallen after trying to be in his place.

It wasn’t right, it wasn’t fair and it was plain evil. They never cared about how the outcome could affect the agent or if they were to end up losing their lives one way or another. Whenever that was the initial case, they would simply move onto the next candidate that fit the description. They were nothing but disposable little toys that they could throw out when it broke. They were kids, or people, or brilliant minds filled with dreams and aspirations. To the CIA, they were nothing.

And they would’ve continued on with the projects if it weren’t for the fact that Mark got triggered and went after them. That was the only /one/ slip up he had and he didn’t even count it because he believed he had every right to go after them.

Finally snapping back to Earth, Mark stopped what he was doing and caught his breath. His head was still spinning but he had to give himself a break. Shaking his head a little he stepped over to the doors and pushed them open again. Entering the training room he looked around as the others dispersed away from him like before. Taking Clint’s advice Mark did what he could to just ignore it as he grabbed himself a water bottle.

Downing the drink he moved forward and tossed the empty bottle in the bin. Having a path cleared for himself Mark huffed a short gruff sigh and shook his head as he moved through the pathway. Turning around he pushed open the doors with his back and exited the training room.

After that Mark headed down the hall, got a quick shower, and picked out some clean clothes. Then once he was dressed he went over to the elevator and rode up to the IT department floor. As he got out of the lift and started heading down to the office he stopped in the midst of his tracks. Looking over Mark lightly smiled as he saw Kurt heading down the hall and approaching him.


“Hey Kurt, I was just heading your way.”

“Yeah? Well, I kinda wanted to talk with you about something real quick.”

“Oh, yeah okay.”

Mark lightly nodded and decided to lean on the wall beside him. Crossing his arms casually as he looked to Kurt.

Kurt, on the other hand, remained still but looked over his shoulder for a couple of seconds. Right before he turned his attention back on Mark.

“What really happened a few weeks ago?”

“Oh... well uh. I’m honestly not too sure.”

“Were you really vengeful?”

Mark heaved out a sigh and dropped his head. Taking a few extra seconds to think things over, he looked back up to Kurt and nodded.

“Yeah, I actually was. But that all changed when Shawn came back...I think. Listen, I know he wants to take me out of here. Really badly, and... I don’t blame his urgency at all. It’s just a bigger risk than he realizes. He thinks he can take it, but I’m not sure /I/ can.”

“He tends to look over things like that sometimes...”

“It’s alright. It isn’t like he really understands what goes on in a Sleeper’s head and I hope he never will. It’s nothing easy to explain either.”

“Well, if you’d want. I could try to tell him...”

“Oh no, you don’t have to do anything like that. Trust me, all I want is to put all of that behind us.”

Kurt nodded and huffed a short sigh.

“Totally understandable. I just wanted to make sure you were okay and... over it.”

“Thanks and I am. For the most part anyway.”

Just then one of the other techs came out and called for Kurt. Mark let Kurt get back to his never-ending work and then waved him off. Then he pushed himself off of the wall and headed back over to the elevator. Pressing for the top floor and stepping in.

While he was riding up, Mark stopped for a few moments and thought about the encounter he just had. Questioning himself if he really meant what he had said to Kurt. Debating on whether or not he really was over the whole vengeful ordeal or not.

When he stopped and thought about it, Mark wasn’t all too sure anymore. He really did want things to be behind him, but it wasn’t necessarily that simple. There were still dark thoughts whirring through his mind and images kept reoccurring over and over. There was still a part of Mark that wanted to run off and try again. Only this time to go to the main source. To finally go after them and end this once and for all.

But there was also another side of Mark that told him that no matter what, they wouldn’t end it for good. So why bother?

Shaking his head Mark snapped back out of it when the elevator doors slid open again. Stepped back out Mark walked down the hall and looked over to the Executives’ office.

The last time they were there was the last time that Mark blacked out. That was also the last time Chris Mandel was still alive. After the accident, all they did was pack up and head back to their building. They never even said as much as an apology for the loss. The fallen agent’s life was meaningless to them, just like the rest of the agency.

Slightly narrowing his eyes, Mark glared at the door, right before turning his head and letting it go. Walking over to the Director’s office he reached for the handle and pushed open the door. Calling out for Buchanan and not getting an answer. Mark didn’t see him in the training room earlier so he figured he was up in his office, but by his surprise, Clint was nowhere to be found. Shrugging a little, Mark was in silence for only a short-lived moment before the phone started to ring.

Mark quickly went over to the desk and picked it up. Holding the receiver to his ear and leaning his palm on the edge of the desk.

“Director’s Office... Why yes, this /is/ agent Hanegan, good timing...”

Mark lifted his hand up and stood upright. Moving to behind the desk he tugged the wire of the phone with him. Making sure nothing was tangled he looked out of the giant window behind the Director’s desk. As he looked out Mark’s eyes immediately focused over to the Executives’ building. Catching just the tip of the rooftop as it was surrounded by other skyscrapers and hidden in plain sight.

While listening to the other line that intense look in Mark’s eyes came back. Keeping his focus on the building and once again narrowing his eyes.

“Fine... but only for a talk and that’s /it/. I mean it, no messing around. Otherwise, remember not to take it personally.”

Slamming the receiver back on the base, Mark pulled his gaze from the window. Moving from behind the desk Mark then crossed over to the door of the office and headed out. Closing the door behind himself he quickly made it to the back end of the hall this time and took the stairs back down.

After many attempts and several trips down the staircases, Mark was finally able to find Clint in the lobby. Once he found him Mark quickly called out to him and told him that he needed to speak with him. Cutting right to the chase, Mark told Clint that the Executives had just called him and said that they wanted to have a “talk” with him. Clint was a little suspicious at first and said that he wasn’t sure about the idea and Mark agreed.

He meant what he said when he only wanted to have a talk and that’d be it. The higher-ups were on thin ice with Mark and he already knew that if they tried something, then he wasn’t going to take anything lightly. He was still having those same dark thoughts and the part of Mark that was telling him to just go after them was pestering him louder. He figured that it may be just the right opportunity and if they weren’t going to follow through with what Mark wanted then he simply wasn’t going to have it.

Mark told Clint everything and even though Mark could tell that he was very reluctant about the whole thing. He still let Mark go through with it. Mark wasn’t necessarily happy about the whole thing and in fact, didn’t want to have to do it. He only wished that none of it had to happen and that he could’ve just run off with Shawn when he had the chance.

But he knew he had to go through with this and at least see what they wanted from him. After all, it was better that they target him while he was still in the base, rather than tracking him down someplace on the outside. This way it could be just his fight and hopefully, end it.

For the rest of the time being, Mark spent all of his time with Shawn. He didn’t bother to try to go back to training and he wanted to forget about everything for a while. But Shawn was more than just a distraction, Mark really wanted to spend time with Shawn because he missed him and of course, because he loved him.

No matter what, Shawn always was able to bring a smile to Mark’s face and make him feel like he’s the most important person in the world. And Shawn did it because he cared about Mark, not because of what he was or anything like that. He also would never run from Mark or make him feel like anything other than human.

Despite everything else that was happening. Mark was glad to have someone like Shawn to spend time with. Shawn really did make Mark happy and he did everything he could to show that.

They spent most of the night in the IT department, and then Shawn took Mark outside to the field, and there they just wandered around. Walking away from the base for a while and watching the sunset.

It was like another dream and Mark never wanted to wake up from it. He never felt like the way he did with Shawn before. It was something new and intoxicating. So much so that for a few hours, Mark had completely forgotten about the phone call from the higher-ups as well as their “meeting” the next day. All Mark could focus on right then was the cute little ex-agent next to him. The only good thing that came from being trapped in that horrible organization. That was it, the one thing Mark could thank the CIA for was that it gave him the opportunity to meet Shawn Wexler.

However, much to Mark’s distress, a good thing such as that had to come to an end. With the thoughts of the upcoming encounter with the higher-ups, Mark didn’t sleep. He tried to for a little while but quickly gave up. Instead, he just looked around in the dark while he let Shawn sleep peacefully beside him.

Turning his head he looked over to Shawn and watched as his chest rose and fell again. He was so quiet and serene as he slept. It was a nice thing to see but it only made Mark worry. He had no idea what the higher-ups were planning and he didn’t want anything to lead them over to Shawn somehow. Mark knew that they could be that sly and vicious. He didn’t want anything to happen to Shawn and just hoped that they would keep their word and only make it about talking and that’d be it.

After a few more hours of laying there and overthinking /everything/, Mark decided it was time to get up. Leaning over Mark softly kissed Shawn’s cheek before rolling out of the bed. Moving carefully and quietly he went over to his wardrobe and went ahead and pulled on his cargo pants, singlet, and combat boots. Eyeing his vest for a couple of seconds, he decided to leave it behind. He hoped they were still going to go by their word and not have things get violent.

Just as he walked over to grab his belt from his nightstand, he glanced over and caught Shawn stirring a little. Right before opening one of his brown eyes and rubbing the other. After that, he spoke out in a thick groggy voice.

“‘Ey where’re y’goin’?”

“Okay, /selective/ heavy sleeper.”


Mark shook his head and knelt down to Shawn’s level and spoke out quietly.

“I just gotta go over for a meeting with the higher-ups. I’ll be back much later alright?”

Shawn pulled himself up a little and shook his head. Rubbing both of his eyes he got a clearer look at Mark.

“With your utility belt in hand? I don’t think so, c’mon what’s goin’ on?”

“That’s what’s going on. It’s just... for precaution...”

“Y’need ‘precaution’? Okay, that tears it, I’m comin’ too.”

“No! Shawnie please...”

Shawn kicked the covers off of himself and got up out of the bed. He looked up at Mark for a moment and then shook his head. Going over to the wardrobe he picked out a collared shirt and trousers to put on. Then he spoke out to Mark while he got dressed.

“Mark, I gotta come with ya this time. This ain’t seemin’ right at all. It’s fine I can handle it an’ I know y’can too...”

“Shawn, this could be something serious...”

“...Y’just implied that it wasn’t... plus maybe it /is/ just a meetin’ an’ you’re the one bein’ paranoid. Look, I’ll stay outta your way, but I just... wanna be involved this time.”

Mark heaved out a long sigh and let the side of his face fall into his hand. He knew that there would be no talking Shawn out of it, no matter how much Mark didn’t want him to. He could argue more about it with Shawn but they both knew that it could last all day and Mark didn’t have the time.

Lifting his head again he breathed out with a trill of his lips and looked over to Shawn. Slightly tilting his head to the side as he watched him clip on his suspenders. He was just so precious to Mark, that it made him scared something bad would ever happen. But he had to let it go right then and allow Shawn to come along.

“Alright, but will you please, /please/ be careful and stay out of it?”

“Don’t I always?”

“No... and that’s why I’m worried.”

Reaching out Mark took Shawn’s hand and then the two of them headed out of the room. Then they went over to the elevator and rode it all the way down to the lobby. After that was accomplished, Mark scanned his badge and they headed out onto the field.

From there Mark showed Shawn the base’s private subway car. He told him how that was basically the fastest way to the Executives’ building. There were some other alternative ways as well, but the subway was the most efficient and always insured that you made it to the correct building. All because that was what it was built for.

Once the ride was over and they were on the surface again. Mark and Shawn reached the very outskirts of the city and where the Executives’ building was located.

Mark watched as Shawn looked up at the building all wide-eyed and curious. He had never been to the building before, but Mark had enough of the place. Ever since he first transferred over to the New York base to infiltrate it. Mark spent a lot of time in that building.
And he hated every experience.

Rolling his eyes he gave Shawn’s hand a quick light squeeze and then walked with him into the building.

Right away Mark was approached and instructed to head over to the top floor of the building. Mark responded with an annoyed tone and said that he would be right there. Before that, however, he went to Shawn and told him to wait where he was and then asked him to keep out of trouble. Then after a quick kiss on the back of Shawn’s hand, Mark let go and headed over to the elevator.

After he pressed for the top floor and went in. Mark leaned on the back of the lift and tried to keep his mind as quiet as possible. He didn’t want to overthink too much and wind up getting himself too wound up or something. So instead of thinking about it, he simply took some deep breaths and watched the needle move from one end to the other until it came to a halt. Then he watched as the doors slide open again.

Taking one last long-winded deep breath, Mark stepped out. He didn’t want to be there, to begin with so he wasn’t going to waste any time. So once he was met by another one of the associates to tell him where to go, he made a beeline right for it.

As he got closer to the doorway, Mark slowed his pace. Cautiously approaching the door, he peeked through the doorway and stepped in. Looking around, the room was small, dark, and seemingly unoccupied.

However, Mark only waited for a few moments before hearing footsteps coming toward him. Without seeing a face, Mark was greeted by a voice. A voice in which felt oddly familiar, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it.

“My, look how you turned out. Much better than I expected, they’ve done well. Extraordinary if I do say so myself.”

Mark only furrowed in confusion. Glancing over his shoulder for a brief second, he looked back over to the figure and shook his head.

“What are you even talking about? Who are you?”

“Makes sense that you wouldn’t be able to recognize me. They did steal your memory after all.”

Already Mark had enough. Reaching over to the wall he found the light switch and flipped on the lights. As soon as his eyes adjusted to the sudden brightness he finally got a look at who the person was and suddenly froze.

Mark stood completely still and with wide eyes that didn’t blink once. Pushing out a slightly shaky breath he slowly dropped his hand from the wall and shook his head.

“ th-the first face I saw when I woke up that day... was /you/...”

“Miraculous you remembered after all. You truly were always a marvel.”

“You... did this to me... I’m like this because of... /you/! How could you do that to me?! I was just a kid! Probably with hopes and dreams, and, and you just stole all of that from me!”

The man scoffed.

“Oh please, you don’t remember but you weren’t anything at all!”

“Not true! It said I was from the Upper West Side, I had a good life!”

“Come now. The Upper West Side isn’t where you’re /from/ that’s where I found you! You weren’t anything but an orphaned kid sleeping on a bench high off your goddamn mind! You were nothing! I created you and made you into something! Into some/one/! Instead of a useless waste of space!”

Mark just stared forward for a long time. His breathing grew heavier and heavier and his side vision began to fade. His mind was racing millions of miles per second and all of sudden Mark felt himself lose control of his limbs. It was as if his mind was left on autopilot and the rest of him was moving all on its own.

Growling Mark had lost all control of his own movements and moved over to where his “creator” was. Still not wasting any time at all, he quickly threw him down with no effort and stamped his booted foot in the middle of the creator’s back. Then with his other foot, he stomped it on the back of his spine, and with one quick snap, he broke his neck.

Freezing in place again Mark snapped out of it and realized what he just did. Moving off of the creator he looked over to him and noticed that he was dead. Gasping Mark backed himself up until his back hit the wall. Shaking his head he grabbed the door-hinge and pulled himself out of the room and into the hallway.

Still breathing heavily Mark fell onto the wall in the hallway and after one long inhale, he screamed. Releasing all of that pent up tension from so long, as well as realizing what he had just done.
Another life had been ended by his own bare hands, but this time he did what he wanted all along. He went right to the source. Now, it was all over.

He thought, but much to his dismay, it still wasn’t over. He stopped screaming and caught his breath. Breathing heavily he wiped his face as some tears had made their way through. Coughing a little he pushed himself off of the wall.

Looking over into the room again, Mark shook his head. It was now only a matter of time before the body was found and they went after Mark. They would easily know it was him, for it was obvious, and also he was the only other one on that floor. Once again Mark had to be one step ahead and get out of there as soon as possible. And he knew exactly where he had to go.

Having to aim right for the source, Mark had to head to the CIA Headquarters in Maine. That was the only way he could really end this once and for all. It was to be a hard risk and it may take his own life but all of it was a risk he had to take. If he would succeed that meant everyone he cared for was free to leave the organization with no worry.

Just then an intrusive thought came to Mark’s mind.
He was still down there and Mark knew there was no way in hell he was coming to Maine with him. They would easily kill Shawn in an instant. Clearly, Mark never wanted that so he was going to have to try his hardest to convince Shawn to stay back.
Much easier said than done.

Shaking his head Mark ran over to the elevator and pressed for the ground floor. Then as soon as the doors opened again Mark quickly took Shawn’s hand again and pulled him out of the building in one sweep. Not saying a single word he felt Shawn pry at his hand and then he let go. Turning around Mark faced Shawn. No surprise Shawn looked perplexed out of his mind and concern was filling up in his eyes.

“Mark, you’re actin’ crazy! What the hell’s goin’ on with you?!”

Mark looked to Shawn and heaved out a sigh. He was still a little shook up about what the deed he had just done, and now more bad was coming. As he looked to Shawn, Mark’s eyes were sorrowful. He didn’t want to and he felt himself hold back, but he pushed through it and forced himself to speak.

“I gotta go away for a while...”

“What? Why?”

“I... I mean... it’s... it’s just a lot is happening and um... they’re gonna start looking for me.”

“Who? Why? I don’t understand... Marky, what’s happenin’?”

Mark heaved a long sigh and dropped his head. Shaking it lifted it back up and focused on Shawn again.

“Look, I did something... something terrible... and the higher-ups are gonna try and hunt me down. So I have to go to HQ so that I have a fighting chance.”

“Alone?! No! Mark, I said to include me this time. If you’re wanted then they could kill you!”

“And they /will/ kill you just for being associated with me! Damnit, Shawn, I’m doing this because I care about you too much to let anything bad happen to you!”

“I may never see you again...”

“I know but... I need you here and safe.”

Shawn looked up at Mark with watery eyes and shook his head. Then when Mark tried to lean in he pulled back and turned his back to him. Crossing his arms he huffed a frustrated sigh.

“Fine, just go then. I don’t wanna see you anymore anyway.”

“I know you don’t mean that, please don’t be mad at me. I have to...”


Mark heaved another sigh and shook his head. He tried to reach for him again but dropped his hand. Slowly turning around he started toward the direction he needed to go. But he only made it a few feet before turning half-way around and looking over to Shawn, calling out to him.

“I love you, Shawn.”

Looking to him Mark saw Shawn didn’t bother to look at him and then Mark finally turned back and headed into the city.

Shaking his head Shawn heaved out a shaky sigh and tightened his crossed arms. Glancing over his shoulder tears started streaming down his plump cheeks. Quickly turning his head back he moved a hand to cover his mouth and suddenly Shawn broke.

Dropping his head he cried into his hand. Removing it from his face Shawn cried out loud as he stood there alone. A part of him was waiting for Mark to show up behind him and console him. To hold him and let him know that everything would be alright. But when Shawn looked over his shoulder again he saw that there was no sight of Mark at all and that made him start to cry harder.

In between his sobs, Shawn suddenly heard an all too familiar voice call out his name from not too far away.


Sniffling, Shawn gasped a breath and looked over at Kurt who was approaching him. Shawn then quickly ran over to Kurt and rammed right into him. Grabbing ahold of him, Shawn buried his face into Kurt’s shoulder and once again started crying.

Kurt wasn’t alone however and Buchanan walked over to where they were and tried to approach Shawn. Gently placing a hand on his back before softly speaking.

“Shawn? It’s me. I knew this day was gonna come eventually. I’m sorry, but if you want I can try to get ahold of him so you can hear his voice.”

All Shawn did in response was shake his head and bury his face further into Kurt’s shoulder.

Clint let his hand gently slide off of Shawn’s back and then he stepped back and looked over to Kurt. Still speaking softly.

“Take him back to the base and just let him cry it out. I don’t blame him. As for me, I’ll be there momentarily, okay?”

Kurt nodded and then dropped his arms around Shawn and moved to place an arm around his shoulders instead. Then he began to walk Shawn back to the subway car.

Clint watched them walk back to the subway car and then waited until they were underground before pulling out his radio communicator. Glancing over to the Executives’ building in front of himself he rolled his eyes and shook his head. Switching on the device he went ahead and spoke into it in hopes of maybe gaining Mark’s attention.

“Marky, I’m not really sure if you’re there but I’ll speak anyway. Look, we both knew this was gonna happen so please, don’t lose touch. Keep me in the loop and speak with me along the way. I’ll help out... New York’s in your blood. Don’t do this as a favor to your Director, but do it for your friend. You were always more than an agent to me. Again, I’m not sure if you’re there or listening but... don’t keep me out.”

‘I’m here...’

┊To Be Continued...┊
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