End Of An Era

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∬Dark All Day∬

Jack nodded and then stepped away for a moment. Watching and listening as Kurt offered to go get some extra supplies to help clean Mark up. Clint agreed and Kurt dragged Jimmy with him down the hall. Then Jack glanced out the doorway before turning to see if Shawn was still in the back. He was digging through something, probably trying to get his mind off of everything that had just happened. Jack didn’t blame Shawn at all. The whole debacle was scary and there was even a moment where Jack really did believe that Clint was dead. So the whole thing honestly spooked him as well. Not to mention that he felt what it was like to fight off a Sleeper Agent first hand. That alone was terrifying and really only made Jack feel even more sorry for when /he/ attacked Shawn a few months back. Shawn had since forgiven Jack for that, but there was still a lingering feeling of guilt that hung above his head. It made him also feel sorry for Mark as well. He had been a Sleeper Agent for much longer and he was probably constantly wracked with guilt.

Shaking his head Jack huffed a sigh and walked over to where Mark was lying. Quietly approaching the table and just looking down at him. Jack barely knew Mark personally, but he knew enough to see that Mark was actually a really good guy. He had a good pure heart and was very caring. But when activated, he turned into a completely soulless monster and that was both horrific and heartbreaking to witness. Jack knew that Mark didn’t deserve any of that. Neither of them did. It was cruel and inhumane and altered them into different people and it was scary. However, deep down, Jack knew that no matter how much it hurt, there wasn’t anything they could do. There was no reverse switch or anything to take all of that away. They were stuck that way for the rest of their lives.
And that was agonizing.

Heaving a sigh, Jack could’ve sworn he just saw Mark’s body twitch. Then in the blink of an eye Mark’s eyes shot open, and his hand shot straight up and tightly gripped onto Jack’s neck. Unable to really scream, Jack yelped out and tried to pry off Mark’s hand with one arm. Using his other to flail through the air to get Clint’s attention. But soon enough Jack was slowly losing his vision and used both hands to try and pry off Mark’s hand around his neck.


As soon as the word rang through the air, Mark loosened his grip, dropped his hand, and once again fell unconscious.

Gasping for air Jack caught his breath again and shook his head. Glancing over to Clint who came from the back of the lab and then over to Shawn, for he was the one who yelled out the word. He rushed over to where Jack was and made sure he was alright, then glanced over to Mark.

“How... how did you know that?”

Jack asked Shawn, then watched as he lifted a thick vanilla folder in the air to show him.

“Luckily, I found this. It’s Marky’s entire file. It’s got everythin’ includin’ his activation and deactivation terms.”

“You mean that was /here/ the whole damn time?!”

Clint cried out as he nearly sprinted over to where Shawn was and took the folder in hand. Opening it up and quickly skimming through the pages.

“Y’mean they never gave ya his file?”

“Well, considering they sent him to kill me... No, they didn’t!”

Shawn heaved a sigh and shook his head. Just then he heard a loud thud coming from the hallway. Glancing over he noticed that Jack and Clint heard the noise as well. Furrowing in confusion he crossed over to the doorway and rushed out into the hall.

“Holy déjà vu!”

Calling out as he looked to Kurt and Jimmy who were both standing above a man on the floor. Much like back when they first entered the CIA. Only this time it wasn’t security as the man was wearing a lab coat, and instead of a fire extinguisher, Kurt was holding a taser.

“What the hell happened here?!”

Clint exclaimed as he gently moved Shawn aside from the doorway and walked out into the hallway.

“Once again... I panicked.”

Kurt said as he dropped the taser and walked over next to Shawn.

Clint knelt down to the man and turned him over so that he could see his face. Once he did, he lightly gasped.

“Holy shit... ya tased the professor!”

“I tased a professor?! Oh god!”

Clint glanced up at Kurt a second and then back down to the professor. Shaking his head a little.

“No, it’s alright. Lesser chances of us getting caught anyway. Kids, meet one of the SOBs who ‘created’ Mark. Professor Alonzo.”

Just as Shawn heard Clint’s words, his eyes widened and his heart suddenly dropped. Kurt had just tased the man that made Mark, /his/ Mark into that monster he just deactivated. Shaking his head as he looked at the man on the floor, he didn’t know what to think or believe what he was seeing. He didn’t want to believe it. Everything was hitting him all at once and he couldn’t wrap his head around any of it.

All of it had finally built up to the point where Shawn simply couldn’t take it anymore. He tried to be strong but in all honesty, he was hurting in more ways than one. Not only did he have to jump on Mark’s back and pretty much attack him, but Mark attacked right back. Slamming Shawn into the wall to try to get him off, really hurt both physically and emotionally. He had to look in the eyes of the one who stole his heart and see nothing looking back. Mark had no idea who Shawn was then, and had no feelings or mercy at all. He was truly gone and all of it hit suddenly Shawn harder than he realized.

Stepping back, Shawn headed back into the lab and went back into the storage room that he was in before. Closing the door behind himself.

Back out into the hall, Kurt was about to go after Shawn until Clint told him otherwise. Saying that they should all just leave Shawn alone for a while. Then he asked the boys to help him haul the professor out of the hallway and back into one of the other rooms. Once all of that was accomplished, Clint closed the door and the four of them went back into the lab. Scattering about they each did their own thing as they watched over Mark.

Pushing open the double doors, Mark slowly entered the training room. Looking all around he noticed that the others were piled into the gym. Quickly scampering over himself, one of the agents slammed the door shut right in Mark’s face. Then when he tried to open the door again, they locked it.
They were avoiding him.

Heaving out a sigh, Mark shook his head. He didn’t blame them. In all honesty, Mark would run away from himself too if he could. All of it was still getting to him. He wasn’t used to it and he figured that he never will be. Even after three years now, nothing had changed. Mark still lost it and attacked people without realizing it. Waking up from a strange blackout with no memory of the horrible things he had done.

Going back over to the middle of the training room. Mark tripped and fell onto the mat. Shaking his head a little he noticed that his shoelace was untied and that was what caused him to trip. Sighing with a trill of his lips, he moved his foot forward and tightened up his laces again. Right before moving to tie them up more securely than before. Once that was done, he decided to do the same with the other foot as well.

Lightly flinching as an object landed in front of him. Furrowing in confusion, Mark saw that it was a retracted staff. Tilting his head a little he looked up and noticed agent Mandel standing before him. Surprised to see him, Mandel was usually seen with the others. He was the number one agent after all and was often seen with the Director. Training hard and helping others. There were even times where he would take over training if Buchanan had to be in his office or leave for something.
So why on Earth was he out there with Mark?

“If you’re gonna stare, I suggest you take a picture.”

Chris remarked as he looked down at the young agent on the floor. Mark blinked and then snapped out of it. Slowly rising to his feet, he regarded the number one agent. Catching that he was tall. Mark was tall, but Mandel was even taller, at least by a couple of inches. Snickering a little Chris knelt down and picked up the staff, handing it over to Mark.

“Open ‘er up buddy boy, training sessions startin’.”

“Wait! But the others are in the gym. Shouldn’t we wait for them?”

Chris shook his head and extended his staff. Spinning it around his fingertips.

“This is a one on one type deal m’friend.”

Mark slowly nodded. Then while looking down at the weapon in hand, he pressed in and extended it out.

Just like that the training session began and Mark soon discovered just how bad he was. He figured that he already knew how to fight perfectly when activated, but when he was himself, he was pretty much hopeless. However, that didn’t stop either his or Chris’s determination for him to get better. He really pushed Mark hard and refused to give up on him, no matter how many times he would fall. He was there to help Mark back onto his feet and continued to show him everything he needed to know.

Soon that one-time session became an every week session, then every week grew into every day and it stayed like that for months. Right after normal training, Chris would come back and help Mark out. Keeping him behind and showing him some extra techniques the other agents didn’t get to learn.

The training was hard, the days were long and Mark’s body wanted to give out more times than he would ever fully admit. But he kept pushing because he knew that it was something Chris wanted for him. He wanted to show Mark as well as the others that he was worthy to be a part of the New York base. Back in Virginia, they didn’t bother to train Mark while asleep. They figured there was no point in it since he was so capable awake. But in New York, they saw Mark for who he truly was and wanted the best for him. Meaning that Chris Mandel would stay up for long hours to help train Mark to become a better agent like the rest of them. And Mark was extremely grateful for that.

“Good. Just plant the thing firmly on the ground and use your upper body strength to lift yourself. Then use your core to kick off.”

Chris explained before planting the end of his staff into the mat. Using his upper body strength he lifted himself onto the weapon and held it for a couple of seconds. Then let the staff tip forward and land on his feet.

Mark watched closely and with bright eyes as Chris demonstrated the move to him. The corners of his lips perking up into a smile as he lightly chuckled and clapped his hands. Right before shaking his head fondly and placing his hands on his hips for a moment.

“Wow! Neat trick, but why do we have to learn how to do that?”

Chris shifted his weight from one foot to the other and then rested his forearm on the tip of his staff.

“Honestly? I have no idea... but you look cool while doing it.”

Saying with a smile Chris grabbed his staff again and lightly poked it at Mark’s chest.

“Wanna give it a go?”

Mark lightly chuckled again as he heaved out a sigh. Shaking his head fondly again.

“Not sure if I’m up to falling on my face right now.”

“Hey, don’t be like that. You’re doing really well!”

“Oh yeah?”

“Absolutely. Hell, between you and me, you’re probably my favorite agent. And that’s saying a lot since you’re not even registered to this base.”

Mark softly smiled as he regarded Chris a moment. Casually crossing his arms and tilting his head to the side a little.

“You really mean all of that?”

“Yeah. I’m real proud of you Marky.”

Suddenly jolting awake, Mark gasped and pulled himself up. Slightly coughing he breathed heavily and felt himself shake. Sniffling a little he moved his hands up to wipe his face. Looking down at his hands he noticed that his face was drenched. But he couldn’t tell if it was from sweat or tears, or even a mixture of both. After all of that though Mark figured it was the latter.

Leaning forward Mark rested his face into his hand and tried to steady his breathing. Once again Mark had an instance where he woke up and had no idea where he was or any memory at all. After so many years of keeping it under control, all of his hard work went down the drain. Mark had always tried his hardest to keep that monster under control and hidden away. He wanted nothing to do with that side of himself at all. As far as he knew, it didn’t exist. But despite wanting to have that mindset, Mark knew the truth. He knew that it really /was/ a part of himself and that he couldn’t keep it hidden in the shadows forever.
Mark had failed.

Silently looking around, he noticed the darkness. It was the middle of the night. Pulling himself onto his feet Mark had also noticed that he had somehow made it to the Headquarters after getting knocked out and that he was in the main laboratory. The same laboratory where it all began.

It was the very laboratory where Mark’s life had changed forever. Where they took him when he was only a nineteen-year-old kid and scrambled his brain. Stole away all of his memories, injected him with the knowledge of a master fighter, and heightened his natural abilities. Turning him into something that seemed inhuman. A monster that /they/ controlled when activated whenever they pleased all by saying some term he was unaware of.

The thought of being alone in this space was killing him. He /hated/ being anywhere near the state, let alone inside the room where it all began. Heaving out a long sigh, Mark shook his head and ran out of the lab. Down the hall, he absentmindedly knew exactly where to go. Heading into the bathroom at the end of the hall, Mark switched on the light and walked up to one of the sinks. Turning on the cold water, Mark cupped his hands under the stream to collect water. Then bent down a little the splash it onto his face. Doing that a couple of times before shutting off the water and grabbing a towel to pat dry his face.

Slowly setting the towel down Mark looked up at the mirror in front of himself and just stared at the being looking back at him. Seeing the color of his eyes and the natural expression on his face. It made him wonder what he looked like when he was turned into that monster.

Closing his eyes Mark shook his head and tried to shake those thoughts out of his mind. Taking a couple of deep breaths, Mark walked away from the sink, turned off the light, and left the bathroom. Crossing back over to the lab, he flinched and slightly stumbled back. Catching his balance quickly before he rammed right into none other than the one he ended up falling for.

Mark couldn’t help but smile at the sight of Shawn. Having no idea that he was there too. Something told Mark right then that Shawn ended up not listening to him when he said not to follow. But in all honesty, Mark was glad to see him as well as glad that he didn’t listen after all. However, he did all of a sudden feel guilty about how things were left off between the two of them. He tried to keep things on the lighter side for Shawn’s sake, despite feeling so awful right then. After all, he was still happy to see him.

“Well, well if it isn’t ex-agent Wexler.”

Speaking in a quiet tone of course. Mark just regarded Shawn for a moment and took him all in. No matter what the situation was, Shawn always made Mark feel a warm pleasant comfortable feeling. Even right then.

Shawn looked up at Mark and lightly smiled. Unable to help it he quickly wrapped his arms around him. Once again holding onto him just so he could feel and be close to him. A huge wave of relief followed by comfort washed over him as he felt Mark’s arms around him. He was holding onto Shawn securely and it really did the trick.

“Aw, Marky, I’m so glad t’see ya normal again.”

Hearing that from Shawn right the broke Mark’s heart instantly.
Shawn actually witnessed it. Mark never /ever/ wanted his sweet Shawn to witness that monster. But he did, and Mark had no idea how bad it was. He wouldn’t know what to do with himself if that monster hurt Shawn. By the looks of it though, he didn’t seem hurt or injured in any way. Which was good, but that still didn’t help that much.

“Shawn, I’m so sorry. Sorry doesn’t even cut it, but I am so, /so/, sorry you had to see all of that. I never wanted you to have to live through that. God, it must’ve been horrific.”

Shawn looked up to Mark as he went on and on. Pulling back from the hold a little bit so that he could see his face. Lightly smiling again, Shawn took in Mark’s words but shook his head. Dropping his arms around him, Shawn took Mark’s hand into his own and walked with him back into the lab. After that, he led Mark back over to the examining table and let him sit down while he remained standing. Facing Mark Shawn heaved out a sigh before speaking quietly.

“It’s alright. I get it now, trust me. Yes, it was scary but I know it wasn’t really you.”


“I promise, it’s okay. Mark, I love you an’ there ain’t nothin’ that’ll change that. I know you never mean it ‘cuz it ain’t you or even your mind... it’s weird an’ confusin’ a little scary... but I get it now.”

Mark just kept his eyes on Shawn as he listened to him. Another soft smile came about on his face and he tilted his head a little as he took in his love’s words. Shawn really was wonderful and this was a feeling and an experience Mark never felt or gone through. As far as he could remember, all of this was brand new to him and it was an intense yet wonderful feeling. He really did love Shawn with all of his heart and he meant the world to Mark. But Mark also believed that he didn’t deserve Shawn. He forgave Mark for everything he may have done while activated and still said that he loved him. Shawn was an incredible person and a hell of a lot stronger than he realized. Mark could see it though and it was all showing right there before his eyes.

Keeping that soft smile on his face, Mark was still holding Shawn’s hand so he gently pulled him closer and let go. Using both of his hands now to cup Shawn’s face and plant his lips on his. Once again that amazing new feeling rushed through Mark’s body. The warm comforting feeling that made him feel human. The feeling intensified when he felt Shawn kiss back and moved that much closer to Mark. A jolt went through Mark’s chest when he felt Shawn’s hands rest on top of his own. He loved the feeling of being so close and connected with Shawn the way that he was and it would be something Mark would never get used to or tired of at all.

Holding it for a couple more moments, Mark let it linger a little before softly breaking it. Unable to help himself from smiling and softly chuckling as he got lost in Shawn’s dark umber brown eyes.

“I love you, Shawn.”

“I figured.”

Hearing Shawn’s chuckled made Mark smile and shake his head fondly. Then he hopped off of the table and said he was going to shower since the sun was already rising. Then with a quick kiss to Shawn’s cheek, Mark headed back out of the lab again and over to the showers.

Once again absentmindedly knowing exactly where to go. Riding the elevator down the correct floor, Mark made it over to the showers. Opening the glass door, Mark turned on the water, got out of his old clothes, and under the water. Looking down, Mark suddenly noticed a lot of scars and marks that he had no memory of gaining. Which wasn’t anything new to him so he simply rolled his eyes and did his best to ignore it. Quickly washing himself up, he took advantage of the free time and just basked in the warmth for a few moments. Letting the water ease up his tense muscles and nerves as he let his mind wander for a little bit.

Mark suddenly remembered that he still didn’t have a plan at all. But he figured that since Shawn was there at the HQ, that meant that Clint was probably there as well. That also meant that /he/ probably had at least a dozen different plans buzzing around his head and once he got Mark’s attention would go off a mile a minute listing off each plan.

Heaving out a sigh, Mark stood in the warmth for a few more moments before shutting off the water. Opening the glass door he stuck his arm out and grabbed a towel to dry himself off. Then he opened the door, but the second he glanced up he flinched roughly and nearly fell back, again.

“Gah! Jesus fucking... what are you doing in here?!”

Mark let out as he took the towel and wrapped it around his waist. Shooting a glare at his un-welcomed guest, Clint, before stepping out.

“Out of everyone I wanted to run into, naked in the bathroom, you were definitely /not/ on that list.”

“Okay... don’t get weird. Not now.”

“Oh yeah, /I’m/ being weird... I don’t even wanna know how long you’ve been standing there.”

“Relax, I just now walked in.”

Mark shook his head as he walked up to the sink and wiped off the steam from the mirror. Glancing at himself before looking over at Clint as he appeared in the mirror behind Mark.

“We gotta think of a plan.”

“You mean you don’t already have six million going through that twisted head of yours?”

“This is serious Hanegan. You attacked a Director and then a few weeks after that, you killed Professor Sadowski. Right before going awol.”

“I know... and /you/ killed McClain.”

“I know that too. We’re both in too deep here and we gotta find a way out once and for all.”

Heaving a sigh Mark dropped his head for a couple of moments. Shaking it he then let out a groan before lifting his head back up.

“I don’t want to do some crazy fight. I’m tired of fighting, of dealing with... all of this bullshit. I’m just tired.”

“This will be the finale. One last fight and then we won’t ever have to do this again.”

Glancing at Clint through the mirror again. Mark then looked at his own reflection a second before turning around to face Clint.

“I hope you’re right.”

“Me too.”

Clint nodded and then he tossed some articles of clothes over to Mark.

“Get dressed.”

Mark fumbled a little but caught the clothing. Looking down at them puzzled, he then looked back up and watched Clint leave the bathroom. Shaking his head again before just shrugging it off.

Dropping the towel from his waist, Mark went ahead and got himself dressed. After that, he left the showers and headed back over to the elevator.

As soon as he made it up to the top portion of the building. Mark looked up and stopped in the midst of his tracks. Eyes growing wider as he stumbled upon yet another familiar sight. Only this time it wasn’t one that he wanted to see at all.
It was the other professor.
The one that was work partners with the one that Mark had just killed. The other one that was in the lab that day after Mark woke up for the first time.

All of a sudden Mark felt a squeezing tightness in his chest and it felt hard for him to breathe. The professor didn’t see him, but Mark was still unaware of what went on when he was activated and now all of that was hitting him like a freight train.

Mark’s breathing picked up speed and became heavier and he couldn’t move. Not until he felt a hand grab his forearm and pull him into the lab where everyone else was. Snapping out of it only slightly, Mark looked over to Clint. Still breathing heavily he tried to gather words.

“He... that... he-he’s been here this whole time?! W-why... why?!”

“Shh, it’s okay. He didn’t see you, he doesn’t know any of us are here... well, minus Kurt because he tased him yesterday.”

“He what?!”

“On accident!”

Mark groaned and shook his head. Pulling out of Clint’s grip, Mark walked over to the other side of the lab to try to wrap his head around everything. Stopping yet again he flinched as he looked at the wall before him. Seeing the opened chained cuffs, and one of them broken on the left side. Breathing faster and heavier as he saw one of the tables flipped over and the key to the cuffs on the floor. Once again Mark had been hit hard.
/He/ did that.

They had him locked up and chained to the wall, like some wild animal with rabies and he had broken out of it with his bare hands.

Moving his hands to his temples as a sharp pain shot through his head. Squeezing his eyes shut, he groaned again and shook his head. Reopening his eyes he heaved out a sigh and moved over to another table. Pressing his palms on the tabletop. Mark managed to slow down his breathing a little but had started shaking.

Stopping for a little bit, he tried to wrap his head around everything. It was them who knocked him out, who activated him, and turned him into that monster to broke out of those chains. Seeing that first hand, as well as knowing that Shawn and everyone he cared for saw him like that was it. That was the last of it and now, /now/ Mark wanted out. He was no longer scared of what that would entail. He knew that staying there was much worse and that he was more likely to get activated again there than in the outside world.

It was still going to be a risk. A Sleeper Agent amongst civilians was always a big risk, but it was one that Mark had to take. It was either living with the possibility of waking up in public or living with those real-life monsters who would toy with Mark’s tampered mind. When it was all placed in that perspective, the choice was obvious. Mark wanted to be free, he wanted everyone else he cared about free. He wanted Shawn free and to be able to live with him and not have to worry about them taking Mark away from the one he loved the most. None of them deserved any of that.
Mark didn’t deserve any of that.

It was all said and done, that was what Mark wanted. He was ready to think of a real plan and get the hell out of there once and for all. However, before that could happen, he had to put up a strong fight. He was a wanted man and had to clear his name before they killed him or tried something else on him.

Heaving out a long-winded sigh. Mark lifted his head and removed his palms from the table. Then he clenched his hands into fists and moved his shoulders to open up his chest. Unclenching his hands again he shook them out and then walked back over to where Clint was and regarded him a moment. Then he huffed out a breath gaining the ability to speak clearly again.

“We need a plan to get out of here. /Now/!”
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