End Of An Era

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∬A Fucking Hero∬

Wandering around the main area of the training room. Chris gathered any leftover weapons scattered around the mats. Bending down and scooping them up, he then walked over to one of the back tables and set them down. Brushing off his hands he looked over and spotted Mark.

After many years, Mark had easily worked his way up to the second rank top agent and made his way into becoming the Director’s favorite. Or at least that’s what the kids were saying. Although they weren’t too far from the truth. Wherever Clint was, Mark wasn’t too far behind and whenever they were in training, Mark was usually the one standing by Clint’s side. Mark also became the agent that Clint would often call on for extra help. Chris never really minded it though, Mark was an admirable agent and person. It made sense as to why Clint trusted him so much. Despite himself being the number one still, Chris could honestly say that he was proud of Mark and happy with how far he’s come.

Mark never know who he really was, but Chris had been told by Clint and the higher-ups that Mark was a very troubled kid. When he was found by the professors, he was lost and all alone. An orphaned kid who got himself into a lot of trouble. Causing him to have one hell of a criminal record. A kid with nothing to look forward to and no bright future in sight.

But now as Chris looked at Mark and remembered those facts. It seemed almost impossible that there was a time that Mark was like that. He was so strong, selfless, and had a good head on his shoulders. Mark really grew to become a good person and just as he thought before, Chris was really proud of him. Even though Mark and Chris’s friendship sort of faded over the years, Chris still cared deeply for Mark and that would never change. All he wanted was the best for Mark and to see him have a smile on his face, as well as being able to live a fulfilled life of contentment. Chris would do anything for Mark to get that kind of life, even if it meant letting go of the strong bond they used to have.

Lightly smiling over to Mark, Chris looked down at the table and fiddled around with the weapons. Trying to organize them properly before hanging them back onto the weapons wall.

“So, what made you decide on coming back early? Thought you would be on the jet flying to London by now.”

Mark heaved out a rough sigh and rolled his eyes while shaking his head. Turning himself around he crossed his arms and leaned on the edge of the table.

“I was /supposed/ to, t’keep an eye on the new guys, but it all blew up in my face. Right when one of them had been too impossible to deal with.”

Chris fiddled with the weapons for a couple of seconds while he listened to Mark. Then he stopped what he was doing and turned around himself. Regarding Mark, he lightly perked up a corner of his lips and leaned a hand on the edge of the table.

“You mean that cute little guy?”

Mark quickly whipped his head over to Chris and he furrowed a little. Huffing a bit he then uncrossed his arms and moved his hands back to lean on the table. Moving his head forward he looked down to his boots and bent his right knee as he lightly scoffed.

“Yeah... though ‘irritating’ is a better adjective for /that/ guy.”

“Ah, come on. You may be a man of total arcane but I’ve known you for years now.”

Mark just looked up at Chris and regarded him with a soft smile for a moment. The two of them used to be pretty inseparable but as time went on they both started to slowly drift apart. It wasn’t anything sad or serious, but a natural thing that sadly happens sometimes. Honestly, Mark believed that he could have tried harder with their friendship, but he had gotten so caught up with the whole agent thing, that he couldn’t find the time to do so. He felt bad because he still cared about Chris and wanted to be there for him no matter what. He didn’t /want/ to lose their friendship, but sometimes it’s an inevitable thing that just...happens. Whether you want it to or not.

Getting pulled out of his train of thought Mark looked away from Chris a moment and over to the intercom system as it went off. Hearing them call Chris to the Executives’ office. Lightly furrowing in confusion for a second, it suddenly hit him.

“Wait!... are you sure you wanna go?”

Chris blinked and then simply shrugged a little.

“I’m sure it’s nothing.”

That was all Chris said before he left the training room. Leaving Mark behind, he took a couple of moments to think before shaking his head and rushing out of the training room. Looking around he just caught the elevator doors closing with Chris inside.
Mark muttered to himself as he turned around and headed for the stairs. Quickly rushing up to the top floor, he dashed down the hallway until he made it to the Executives’ office. Looking around frantically he quickly spotted Clint. Gasping Mark rushed over to him and yanked at his suit jacket’s sleeve to gain his attention.

“Hey! I thought you said you were going to decline the file!”

Clint yanked his arm out of Mark’s grip before turning around to face him.

“No, I said I was going to /try/ to decline it, and I did. But of course, they don’t give a shit with what I have to say.”

“Clint, you can’t let them go through with this!”

Just then Clint was about to say something else but had been interrupted by one of the assistants telling him to board the private subway over to the Executives’ Building to continue with the “procedure”.

Clint heaved out a sigh and nodded to the assistant and then looked over to Mark. Not saying a word, all he did was shake his head silently and walked back over to the office to walk with the rest over to the freight elevator in the back of the base.

“Executives’ Building?”

Mark questioned to himself and then shook his head. Heaving out a frustrated sigh he quickly turned around and went over to the regular elevator. Pressing for the ground floor Mark stepped inside and instantly his mind began to race.

Clint wasn’t doing anything to stop the Project. After Mark sent the file over to Clint he specifically told him to decline the “procedure” and do whatever it took to make sure it never happened. Chris was still Mark’s friend and the last thing he ever wanted for him was to be turned into a monster like himself. Mark hated it but he knew that it wasn’t something that he could simply reverse. It was something that he was going to have to live with for the rest of his life and that constantly ate away at him. But he knew there wasn’t anything left to do anymore.

However, for Chris, there was still hope. If Mark could get to the building in time, he could stop the whole thing and let Chris live freely. Mark realized that it was a huge risk and that he and Chris would get into serious trouble with the CIA. But that was a risk that Mark was willing to take, even if it meant leaving the CIA for good. Mark would leave with Chris in a heartbeat with no questions asked. Chris had already done so much for Mark that he figured getting Chris out of there once and for all was the least he could do. He was still afraid of stepping out into the real world, but he wouldn’t be alone and knew that he could trust Chris to handle him if things got out of control. As long as Mark was by Chris’s side, he knew he would be alright. But before any of that could happen, first, Mark had to get there before the “procedure” began.

As the elevator doors slid open, Mark dashed through the lobby and out the back doors. Right as he did, he just missed the first subway train. Swearing to himself again, he ran over to the second subway train, entered the code, and rode it all the way over to the Executives’ Building.
Then as soon as it stopped Mark ran across the field and pushed through the front doors of the building. Stopping for a couple of seconds to catch his breath. Mark rested his hands on top of his head to open his chest and breath better. Heaving a few deep breaths he dropped his hands from his head as he saw the group enter from the back door.

Quickly heading for the elevator Mark pressed for the top floor and rode all the way up. As soon as the doors opened he dashed out into the hallway. Almost making it before he got tugged aside.

Mark broke out of the grip and looked over to find that it was Clint who grabbed him.

“What the hell are you doing?!”

“Me?! What are /you/ doing?! You can’t be anywhere near this building without permission from a higher-up! Last I checked as your Director, that never happened!”

“I know the codes and I don’t care what you or what they say! I want to save my friend from this never-ending hell! He’s gonna wake up and have no idea who he is, and you have /no/ idea what feels like! But I do, so let me go!”

Clint just looked at Mark. Seeing the pain in Mark’s green eyes made Clint’s fill up with strain and concern. Closing his eyes he dropped his head a moment and heaved a long sigh.

“Fine... go...”

Without wasting any more time, Mark ran down the hall and over to the examination room. Going up to the door his hand quickly shot for the handle and then... he froze. Gripping on the door handle tightly, Mark stood completely still. Remembering the feeling that he had back when it was him. He could feel the confusion that he had, the concern he had for his own future, and what would happen after the procedure was finished. Mark could feel the fear he had as they laid him on that examining table, and, right in that moment, he could’ve sworn he could feel the cold metal being clamped onto his temples.

Snapping out of it suddenly, Mark flinched as the lights flickered violently in the hallway, then he heard a scream, followed by silence. A deafening silence that lasted longer than it should have. Just like that, it was as if the world had stopped completely and time had frozen. Everything was so quiet and still that a pin could be heard dropping to the floor ten feet away. The only thing Mark could hear at that moment was his own heartbeat. Gradually picking up speed and pulsating throughout his entire body. Blinking a bit Mark looked down to his shaky hand still gripping tightly on the door handle. Slowly pushing in the handle, Mark opened the door and instantly his heart shattered the moment his eyes fell on the scene.

Laying completely still and lifeless was Chris. No movement coming from him at all. As Mark looked closer he noticed that there was no movement coming from Chris’s chest to indicate that he was still breathing. That was when it really hit Mark as he stared at the scene.
Chris was gone.

Squeezing his eyes shut Mark let go of the handle and dropped his head. His mind was moving a mile a minute and his heartbeat was rapid. He couldn’t wrap his head around his reality. He couldn’t believe what he had just witnessed. He didn’t want to believe it.
They didn’t turn Chris into a monster at all. No, instead what they did was much worse. They’ve done the most horrible deed imaginable. They killed him.
They killed the first person Mark considered his friend after everything that happened to him. The one person Mark trusted with his life, the only person Mark wanted to run out of the CIA with. Chris meant so much to Mark, he meant everything to him, and they took him like he was nothing.

Heaving out a low heavy sigh, something had snapped inside Mark’s mind. Something that he never knew could be possible. But as they would always tell Mark, he truly was a marvel. Just like that Mark had forgotten all logic, all emotion, and who he really was. All without the call of an activation term. The monster had woken up.

Growling Mark’s eyes shot open and he quickly lifted his head. Dark lifeless eyes scanned the scene until he found his designated target. The same man who turned Mark into the monster he was right then, was the man who just killed Chris. By some strange event, Mark could still remember Chris right then, and that caused him to fill with pure rage and vengeance for the fallen agent. Heaving out a rough gravelly breath, Mark bellowed out a loud growl.


Mark chided in a dark dangerous tone and quickly he rushed right over to the professor and slammed him into the wall. Pinning him with his forearm on his neck tightly.

Professor Alonzo stumbled back in shock and shook his head before speaking out in a bewildered tone.

“Why is he attacking /you/?!”

“/You/ killed him! Why did you kill him?! Why?!”

Mark yelled out as he pushed on the professor’s neck harder with his forearm.

“He remembers... He actually remembers an event while awake!”

“Sh-shut up and...help me!”

Sadowski tried to say as he flailed one of his arms. Using his other on to try and push Mark off of him, but that was near impossible due to the heightened strength /he/ injected Mark with. However, this time he seemed even stronger than ever before. Quickly the professor realized that Mark had been trained while asleep. Snapping out of that he kept flailing and trying to push Mark off of him, but Mark soon started cutting off the professor’s airflow.


“I don’t know the deactivation term! You never told me!”

Looking around in a panic the professor ran over to the filing cabinets and flipped quickly through until he was able to find Mark’s file. Whipping it out he opened it and found the Latin term.


After Alonzo called out the term. Mark fell to the floor in an instant and Sadowski was released. However, he quickly fell to the floor as well and passed out. Alonzo moved fast and grabbed the other professor, pulling him over to another examination table and placing on an oxygen mask. Just as he switched it on, he heard the door open again. Looking over he saw Clint standing in the doorway, having the same look on his face as Mark did.

“You... you... he... you... Mark!”

Clint exclaimed as he went over to him and saw that he was slowly coming to again. Gently grabbing onto his hands, Clint knelt down and pulled Mark so that was sitting up as he woke up more. He shook his head and opened his eyes and looked right at Clint. Then after only a couple of seconds, tears started flooding the boys bright green eyes and streaming down his face. Clint quickly caught Mark in his arms and just held onto him as he cried in his shoulder. He himself closed his eyes as he didn’t want to see the sight. Heaving out a sigh he secured his arms around Mark and some tears made their way down Clint’s face as well.

A day had gone by and Clint had taken Mark and himself back to the base. Right away Mark had locked himself in his room and Clint had to call in the rest of the agents and tell them the somber news. Canceling training and other regular activities until further notice. Giving the others, along with himself time to grieve as well as get things in order. Clint gave Mark some time to be alone before having to head down to the training hall and speaking with him. Or at the very least try to.

Sauntering down the hallway, Clint stopped at the bedroom marked “Hanegan” and heaved a sigh. Raising a hand he knocked on the door a couple of times. After hearing no answer, he tried calling out to Mark instead.

“Marky, c’mon it’s me. I know you don’t wanna do this, and I don’t wanna do it either but I have to because... well, something’s gotta. I’ll do most of the talking... I’m good at that.”

Waiting for a couple more seconds, Clint heard muffled footsteps approach the door. Mark slowly opened the door and stepped out of the room. Closing the door behind himself he crossed his arms and regarded Clint. Giving him his full attention.


“Look, Danes, Devlin, and Wexler are all still in London visiting the Kingsman. I have to call them back into the base. Now, I know things with you and Wexler are...”

“Fine! Things are just peachy alright? Do whatever the fuck you have to do, why the hell are you telling me for?!”

With that Mark uncrossed his arms and reopened his door behind him. Then once he stepped inside his room again he slammed the door in Clint’s face.

Clint just lightly flinched and shook his head at the closed door.

“There are five stages, but you apparently only know anger.”

Heaving out a rough sigh, Clint shook his head and headed back up the hall and to the elevator. Pressing for the top floor and riding his way back up to his office.

Not long after Clint had called Shawn, Kurt, and Jimmy back to the base. Then once another day had passed, they were in the base again and Clint told them the news. Then, not soon after that, Shawn had come to check on Mark. However, things between the two quickly irrupted and Mark was once again getting angry and closing others off. He put Shawn into his place unintentionally and once it was all said and done. Mark had ended up slamming his door in Shawn’s face as well. Closing him, as well as the rest of the world, out.

For the next few days. Mark refused to let himself be seen outside of his room for very long. Only stepping out for the necessities and then running back. No matter how hard he tried he couldn’t get those images out of his head.

All Mark remembered was seeing Chris dead on that examining table, and the next thing he knew after that, he was crying in Clint’s arms and being taken back to the base. There was a moment where Mark had blacked out and somehow managed to have woken up. However, he didn’t know for how long or what he did or even why. It was as if Mark had gotten so angry and so distraught that it made him lose all control and wake up. That was something he had no idea could be possible. Then again, he never really experienced a time where the CIA killed one of his friends mercilessly like that. Seeing that sight just made something snap inside of Mark and before his eyes, he had been woken up as if someone yelled out his activation term. Thinking about all of that made Mark afraid of himself. It made him even more hesitant about going into the real world and made him wonder just how much he was really capable of, because by the looks of it. Mark was capable of way more than he originally thought.

Thinking back on things. There had been a lot of instances that made Mark wonder about himself. About how his tampered mind really operated and what he truly could be capable of. It seemed as if Mark’s mind couldn’t tell the difference between activation and deactivation. Causing Mark to do things that he would never dream of doing while asleep. As well as him remembering certain details he usually wouldn’t while awake. Like the wires were crossed or something.

Back when he lost Chris, there had been something that snapped inside of Mark’s mind, and just like that, he was able to become awake. Even without anyone calling out his activation term. He had been hurt so badly that it caused him to become so angry that he couldn’t take it anymore. Making him lose what little control he had left and to attack the ones who wronged him. However, when Mark finally did the deed and killed Professor Sadowski, he was asleep the entire time. Remembering every action and being totally aware of what he was doing.

Ever since Mark had gotten turned into a Sleeper Agent. It was Sadowski himself, as well as the others who constantly told Mark that he was some sort of “marvel”. That his project was so special since it was one of the first that was successful. But that wasn’t what Mark believed. He wasn’t some “marvel” and far from any kind of miracle. He was unstable and he was constantly battling with his own mind. All while not even knowing how it worked. It was a dark and twisted feeling that made Mark afraid of his own person. There was a side of himself he didn’t know running off and doing who knows what with no regrets, no mercy, and no one able to fully stop him.
And that was terrifying.

Heaving out a long-winded sigh, Mark slowly pushed himself up. Moving his body forward to sit, he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and looked around. Pushing out a yawn he used a hand to ruffle his hair as he looked over to Shawn beside him. He was still sound asleep in the make-shift bed that he insisted on making for them in the storage room in the back of the main lab.

It had been a while since Mark had woken up peacefully, but he could tell that it was still deep in the night. So it wasn’t exactly a long restful sleep, but that wasn’t anything Mark wasn’t used to. Outstretching his arms forward he leaned down and lightly kissed Shawn’s cheek before getting out of the bed. Moving quietly, Mark went over to the door and slowly opened it and let himself out.

Peeking from the back of the lab, Mark quickly spotted sight of Clint. Sitting at one of the empty tables with a single lamp on. Scribbling away in his pocket-sized notepad that he always kept in his trouser pockets. Mark lightly smiled and held in a chuckle as he approached the Director. Becoming serious again, he looked over Clint’s shoulder and glanced at the page a moment. Right before moving over to the side of the table so that he could face Clint. Speaking in a quiet tone.

“How’s the brainstorming coming along?”

Clint jotted down a few more words in his notepad before he glanced up at Mark a second. Moving his pencil upside-down to bounce the eraser on the tabletop. Lightly shrugging as he kept his gaze on the notepad in front of him.

“I think I have it...”

Mark perked up a little as he heard Clint. Lightly smiling he placed his palms on the table beside where Clint was sitting.

“Well great! What is it?”

Clint heaved out a breath with a trill of his lips. Lightly furrowing as he studied the notepad for a few more moments before speaking again.

“Well, I checked the dates and scheduling and noticed that the yearly evaluations are coming up. Before they settle into the Executives’ office at the base. Everyone comes together and has a big meeting in one of the Executive buildings. This year, it takes place back in New York...”

“By ‘everyone’ you mean, /everyone/ everyone?”

“Each higher-up. CEOs, Executives. Directors...have an option. But Fabian’s a giant kiss ass so I know he always goes.”

Mark silently nodded as he reached out and took the notepad in hand. Looking over the scribbles and doodles he listened to Clint continue.

“Every year they gather together about three days before the base evaluations. Everyone in one room like some kind of watering hole. And that is exactly when we strike, while everyone’s together at once.”

“So those are the details, but what is the initial plan?”



“We’re wanted men Marky. The only way to stop them from taking us out is if we do it first. It’ll be one last big fight.”

Clint finalized as he pushed out his chair and told Mark that he was going to try to get some sleep. Leaving Mark to read through the notepad as well as letting his mind race all of a sudden. Once again trying to grasp onto everything going on around him.

As he flipped through the notepad and read the notes. He thought about the plan and whether or not it would be something he would go along with. It felt very extreme, yet at the same time, being extreme was exactly what being the CIA meant. Especially after all that, they did to Mark. Turning ordinary kids into killing machines was vastly unheard of and very extreme. Probably the most extreme thing many people have ever heard of. Mark was only still a teenager when it happened to him. Who knew how far the CIA would go before they started experimenting on people even younger than that. Or coming up with even more crazy inhumane projects.

When they tried to do the same thing on Chris, they wanted to amplify the abilities and strength. By doing so they needed a subject that was a few years older. Mark could only imagine how something like /that/ would turn out. Regardless, their plan had backfired and it became too much. Causing the shocks to scramble Chris’s brain thus killing him instantly.

Shaking his head Mark didn’t want to think about what happened to Chris. Or even what happened to himself anymore. There was still a part of him that always wished that it was all just a terrible nightmare. But Mark knew better than that and knew that this was something he was just going to have to live with for the rest of his life.

He was an unstable project, and he didn’t know half of who he was. And what he did know, wasn’t even who Mark really was. It was a terrible never-ending cycle that would eat away at him for the rest of his days.

Heaving out a sigh, Mark set down the notepad onto the table and glanced out the window. Seeing that dawn was starting to approach and the sky was appearing lighter. Taking a quick look around the lab, Mark turned over to the doorway and headed into the hall. Once again, knowing exactly where to go out of habit and walking over to the secondary lab. The one where Clint placed the professor after Kurt had tased him. That itself was a crazy story but honestly, it wasn’t anything Mark wasn’t used to coming from that group. Walking over to the doorway, Mark tried the handle and slowly entered the room.

Striding in quietly Mark looked over and caught the professor awake and looking over some things on his desk. Breathing out a silent deep breath Mark quietly cleared his throat to gain the professor’s attention. Then he watched as he flinched a little before hesitantly standing up and facing Mark.

“I come in peace.”

Mark started in a soft-spoken tone of voice. He stood tall naturally but by no means was it threatening. He kept his hands to his sides and his eyes were normal yet reflected slight concern.

The professor relaxed a bit as he stood. His features warmed up slightly as he heard Mark’s affable tone and seeing his normal bright green eyes again. Knowing that he was asleep now and wasn’t on the hunt for any other targets.

“Mark. Well, I must say it is good to see /you/ again. Had a little mix up with Clint a moment there. Then again the kid’s always been a rowdy one.”

“He’s definitely always been his own brand.”

Mark said as he lightly chuckled. But that little light moment was short-lived and he cleared his throat again. Shifting his weight from one foot to the other before moving his feet shoulder-width apart. Becoming serious now, Mark raised the volume of his voice ever so slightly and spoke clearly.

“Listen, sir Alonzo, this isn’t easy for me to say. But I killed Professor Sadowski... asleep as well as attack Director Fabian. I’ve been labeled as unstable and I know what you do when projects get that label.”

“You’ve come to ask if I were to... kill you? Because that isn’t what I am registered to do.”

“No, no... not that at all. It’s, well, Clint and I are planning on getting out of here. Ending things once and for all and what have you.”

The professor lightly furrowed in confusion as he looked at the young agent. Slightly tilting his head to the side as he tried to gauge what it was Mark was telling him. He nodded slowly and then crossed his arms as he regarded the boy.

“Look, I already knew about the incident with Sadowski, if you ask me the man had it coming. But... why are you telling me all of this?”

“I’m telling you to get out. I know now that all you were doing was your job and it was /them/ who made me into what I am now. You’ve done a lot...for me and the others. That and dealing with Sadowski’s sick twisted ways. So, this is the least I could do.”

Alonzo fell silent for a couple of moments and let his eyes wander in thought. Completely surprised about everything that was coming from Mark right then. However, he considered his words and really thought about it. After a few extra moments, he looked back at the boy and nodded.


“I just want you safe and free of all of this.”

“I know you do. You’re a good kid Mark. I always knew it was in you, I’m sorry all of that happened to you and I’m ashamed of myself for helping that monster.”

Mark huffed out a breath and gave off a light smile. Nodding a little.

“It’s alright and apology accepted. As I’ve said, you were only trying to do your job.”

“And a sick twisted one at that. Best of luck Mark, for you and Clint.”


Mark flashed one last smile before turning back out of the room and heading up the hall. Making his way over to the main lab again. Mark noticed that the sun had finally raised so he decided to head on over to the storage room and check if Shawn was still asleep.

Much to his delighted surprise though, Mark saw that Shawn was awake and reading through a file. Softly smiling at the pleasant sight Mark quietly walked back over to where Shawn was and sat down beside him. Once again speaking in that same soft-toned voice.

“Good morning stranger.”

Shawn lightly smiled but kept his eyes on the file that he was reading. Skimming over and flipping through the many pages.

“Hey, hows come y’never told me your middle name was Adonis?”

“My middle name’s Adonis?”

“Yeah, y’didn’t know your own.... oh right... uh yes, it is.”

Shawn moved his hand and pointed to the front page of Mark’s file, showing where it says his full name.

“See, right here. Mark Adonis Hanegan.”

Mark leaned over a little and looked over Shawn’s shoulder to read the file in his hands.

Mark never read his entire file before. He only knew a couple of facts from the profile that Clint had of him. But what Shawn had in his hands was the real full file all about Mark. He saw that he really wasn’t from the Upper West Side and that he was orphaned when he was only eight years old. Having to move from foster home to foster home and being on the streets for a few years at a time. Reading all of that really placed things into a new perspective for Mark, about himself. He was seeing that his life wasn’t at all what he thought it was, and that he wasn’t as fortunate as he believed and would tell himself.

Furrowing a little Mark noticed something a little off. Reaching over Mark gently took the folder out of Shawn’s hands and got a closer look. Pulling out an additional, thinner folder, he handed the thick one back to Shawn as he opened the thinner folder. Right as he did so his eyes widened as he figured out what it was.

“Holy shit... I have a criminal record?!”

“Ha, so do I!”

Shawn said in a playful manner before he looked over to the folder that Mark was holding. Eyeing the contents for himself and getting a little taken aback. It was honestly shocking to believe that Mark could have some sort of criminal record, and especially one that was in fact worse than the silly antics Shawn got himself into along with Jimmy and Kurt. Mark’s was serious and he had gotten himself into some dangerous situations.

“Woah... mine ain’t nothin’ like that... an’ I wasn’t fifteen.”

“Great! This whole time I thought I was some kind of rich kid in a big loving family. But I’m just some criminal hoodlum from the streets. I mean fuck, I was a kid when I did all of this!”

Shawn regarded Mark for a couple of seconds and took in his reactions to his file. Taking the folder out of Mark’s hands and placing it back into the thicker folder. Setting it down Shawn then took Mark’s hand into his own and lightly tugged his arm to get Mark to look at him.

“Hey, it’s alright. That ain’t who you are anymore an’... sure what happened is horrible, but... maybe also it was a good thing as well.”

“What are you going on about?”

“Marky, look at you now. Y’ain’t some hoodlum anymore. You’re here in the CIA as the top agent right beside the Director, kickin’ ass!”

“Yeah but...”

“/And/ you’re the most carin’ an’ selfless person I’ve ever met. Hell, Marky that’s why I fell for ya. You’re an incredible person now. Just look how far you’ve come.”

Mark heaved out a sigh and lightly smiled as he looked at Shawn. Listening to him go on and on. Softly chuckling a bit he squeezed Shawn’s hand and gently pulled him onto his lap. Gently resting a palm on the side of his face Mark told Shawn that he loved him before kissing him. Holding it for a nice little while until the sweet moment got interrupted. Quickly breaking it off as he heard the door open, Mark looked up and caught Clint at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Leaning on the doorway, Clint was accompanied by Kurt and Jimmy. Each of them looking into the storage as Clint leaned his arm across the doorframe.

“Hate to mess up a cute moment and all but. I’m gonna have to steal Mark away from ya Shawnie. We got work to do.”


Mark remarked out to Clint. Then he gently helped Shawn off of his lap and pushed himself up to his feet. Heaving out a sigh he took Clint’s arm off of the doorframe and pulled him out into the main area by the back of his jacket.

Shawn lightly chuckled at both of them and shook his head fondly. Then Kurt and Jimmy entered the room and told Shawn to get ready to fly back to New York. The three of them cleaned up the storage room and the make-shift bed. Lastly, Shawn made sure that he had Mark’s file before leaving the storage room. However, he re-entered the room seconds later when he realized that he forgot his Panama hat.

Quickly plopping it on his head Shawn glanced over to the filing cabinet. Thinking for a couple of seconds he huffed out a breath and reached for the drawer and yanked it open. Walking his fingers along the tops of the files until he reached the correct letter he was looking for. Reaching in he grabbed the folder and pulled out the file that read Christopher Mandel. Moving it to hold it under his arm, Shawn quickly trotted out of the storage room and locked the door behind himself.
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