End Of An Era

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⎡Mandel, Christopher Ethan

Date of Birth: June 8th, 1917
Date of Death: September 29th, 1950 Height: 6’3”(190.5cm), Speed: 100/100, Strength: 100/100, Agility: 100/100
Stamina Rank: Expert, Weapons Level: Expert, Hand to Hand Combat Level: Expert.

Status Level: Top.
Rank: Number One Agent to Director Clint Buchanan.

“The best damn agent I’ve ever been lucky enough to work with. My right-hand man and by far the greatest person I’ve ever met and ever will meet. Chris is an incredible agent and an even better person. Anyone would be beyond lucky to have him in their lives. He is truly a remarkable man and an amazing friend. He cares about everyone and is never afraid to risk his life for others. Simply the best. Number one forever.”
- Clint Marshall Buchanan.

“I don’t even know where to begin. Chris is the best friend I’ve ever had. He’s the first person I’ve ever felt human with. He took the risk of taking me under his wing and for that, I am forever grateful. There is no one quite like Chris Mandel. He’s the true marvel and just the best most selfless person anyone could ever meet. He’s inspired me and continues to do so even after we’ve all lost him. He’ll always mean much to me and the New York base for many years to come. He lives in our hearts and that will never change. Number one forever.”
- Mark Adonis Hanegan. ⎦

Scrolling down the file. Braxton looked through it once more before he clicked to the corner and pressed ‘print.’ Getting out of his chair he walked over to the printer and made sure it was loaded before waiting for the papers to print out one by one. Then he reached for one of the spare vanilla folders and as soon as everything was printed he gathered the papers and placed them into the folder.

After that Braxton left the IT Office and scanned his hand to lock it. Then he walked over to the elevator and pressed for the top floor. Once the doors slid open he headed down the hall and over to the Director’s Office. Going right for the handle he opened the door and let himself in.

“Hey, Con! Check this out. It’s an old file from the fifties! It looks really cool and a little like yours.”

Conner walked out from the back room of the office and over to his desk. Then he reached out his hand as Braxton handed him the folder. Opening it up he looked at the main profile and read the credentials. Staring at the words in front of him for a moment the air caught in his throat a little as he looked at the dates at the top.

“He... died young...”

Braxton regarded Conner for a moment before he was able to say something.

“Uh... yeah. I know. Something happened I guess. He was a fallen agent, but a really good one.”

“Oh yeah. Hell, way better than me. Plus he was tall and probably big too.”

Braxton lightly smiled and nodded.

“It says he was the number one agent to a Director Buchanan.”

“Yeah, I read that. An’ accordin’ t’them he’s still number one.”

“Hey, whatever takes the pressure off of me. I’ll take it, /he/ can be forever number one. He deserves it way more than I do.”

Conner playfully rolled his eyes and smiled a little. Shaking his head fondly as he looked at his good friend.

“You deserve it too. Speakin’ of which Number One y’should probably go down an’ give your brother a hand.”

“There ya go! Zach’s in the first group now. Let him take the title and be the number one agent! What d’ya say?”

“Bye Braxton.”

“Bye Conner.”

Braxton mumbled between his teeth as he turned around and headed out of the office.

As Braxton left the office, Conner moved to sit on the edge of his desk as he continued to read through the file by himself. Learning a lot about one of the first Number One agents of the New York CIA and seeing just how much has changed over the years. It was crazy to think about agents existing back then during the “Golden Years” that were the 1950s. But that just shows that not everything is what it seems.

One thing that was for certain was that those agents were probably a lot stronger, having to go through the CIA without the extra advantages of the present times. That really placed things into a whole new perspective and showed just how far the CIA world came from when it first started. It also made Conner think and come to realize that if /they/ could find a way out, then maybe, just maybe, he could too.

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