The Former Games

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No one understood Carter like the Moon. Due to the current events happening in the present, Carter travels to the past to save the future. She has to figure out her true identity but what happens when Carter realizes that she has been living a lie? After learning that she and her friends had met before, the crew decides to investigate and find out what caused their sudden memory loss but along the way they learn that not everything is what it seems. Secrets begin to come to the light. True identities are revealed. These were their lives yet it all seemed to be one big game. Welcome to The Former Games - where even the truths can be a lie. Book Two | Sequel to The Chosen One

Action / Fantasy
Books by SEVYN
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Carter sat on the front porch of her home and stared at the moon. It shined brighter than any star in the sky. She had been on a walk around Zims to get fresh air and clear her mind. She thought about her friends back in the present and sighed heavily.

She missed them.

She was back in 1993 and she was 18. She knew that she needed to figure out her identity and what happened that caused the events happening in the present but there was only one problem...

Carter didn't know where to start.

She remembered being raised by her Grandmother. Her mom had died when she was a baby and she never met her father yet here she was in the past living under the same roof with the woman that she called mom. The past had never been messed with. This was the first time that someone had went back in time in this particular group so that only meant that Carter's life in the present wasn't exactly true. She had been lied to and she wanted to know why.

Carter sighed heavily to herself as she looked up at the moon again.

"Give me a sign," She whispered to herself. She twisted the gold ring on her finger. She stood up and made her way towards the door. Pushing it open, Carter walked inside only to be greeted by her mom sitting on the couch with two people next to her. Carter's eyes widened as she stared at the man and woman sitting on the couch. Carter's mom looked up and smiled brightly. Her wavy hair was tied up into a ponytail and she hid a mask behind her as Carter walked stared at the three of them.

"Carter!" Her mom exclaimed while standing up, "I would like you to meet two of my closest friends! This is Tempest and Oscar!"

Carter stared at the both of them with wide eyes as they gave her a small smile. Tempest stood up and gave Carter a hug, "It's nice to finally meet you!"

Carter immediately wrapped her arms around Tempest and hugged her tightly. Tempest widened her eyes in shock at the young girl before staring at Oscar and Mysteria in confusion. Carter pulled away as her mom gave a nervous laugh.

"She's been acting weirdly all day," Mysteria looked at her daughter with worried eyes. She pushed Carter's hair back and gave her daughter a soft smile, "Are you positive that everything is fine?"

Carter nodded, "Why wouldn't I be fine?"

Before anyone could reply, Carter sneezed. Thunder roared. Oscar jumped up and looked out of the window as Tempest sat there with a smirk on her face. Carter's mom looked out the window before staring at her daughter with shocked, wide eyes.

"Well," Oscar began, "It looks like Carter is a mutant after all and her power is weather manipulation!"

Carter stared at her mom, "So this is how I got my first powers," She thought to herself. Carter's mom has a worried expression on her face before instantly changing. She smiled widely before pulling her daughter into her arms and embracing her.

While Carter was wrapped in her mom's arms, a young girl named Jennie said farewell to her father. He kissed her on her forehead and waved goodbye to her as she stood on the front porch of her new home next to her mom. Jennie had been living in China with her Dad since she was born but that changed.

Today was her 19th birthday and she was forced to move to South Korea to live with her Mother as her father had decided to leave China to move to America in hopes of being surrounded by his own kind.

He kissed Jennie's forehead, "I will return for you,"

"Promise?" Jennie asked.

"I will figure out if it will be safe enough for you to come and if it is then I will move you to the US with me but if it isn't then I will come back home," He explained, "Regardless, I will return to you!"

Jennie nodded her head as he placed his hand on her shoulder and walked away. She stood on the porch and watched as he got back into the car before driving down the road. While Jennie sadly turned around and made her way inside of her new home...

Paul smiled softly as he made his way to the airport in hopes of living the life as a hero with his kind.
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