The Goddess

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Carter's true identity has been revealed. She was far from ordinary. She was the daughter of Zeus. She was the Goddess of all Gods and Goddesses. She was the Queen. She was more than the Chosen One. She was more than the forbidden child. She was a Queen and it was her time to rule. But having a title and an important role comes great responsibility and danger. What’s done in the dark will soon come to the light. There will be no more lies and Carter will only be faced with the truth. The Goddess is simply the calm before the storm.

Action / Fantasy
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I sat on the edge of the bed breathing heavily while everyone stood over me. Zion placed his warm hand on my arm to catch my attention but I continued to stare at the wooden floor. I was shocked. I had managed to change what happened in the past but I wasn't sure if it had affected the future in any kind of way. Besides the fact that I had created a force field to protect everyone, I was also blown away at the fact that my entire life had been a lie and I wasn't a mutant but instead a Goddess.

"I can remember everything now," Kimberly whispered snapping me out of my thoughts.

"So that's what it was!" Mikey started, "Before, Eric managed to erase everyone's memories with that thing he created but this time Carter created a force field and it protected everyone!"

"That's how the Heroric 8 weren't remembered," Kasey whispered.

"Because, he actually did it the last time!" Liam finished.

"No," I started, "He wanted to do more than just erase memories. He wanted to take control of everyone's minds and make himself superior than everyone else but something failed and he only managed to erase everyone's memories,"

"Where is Melanie then?" Dillion asked.

"Melanie? Whose Melanie?" Zion asked obviously confused.

"She was a friend of ours and she was apart of the Heroric 8 which was us as a team," Kimberly explained.

"There's something that I need to tell you guys and I think you might want to sit down for this," I said. I watched as everyone stared at me in confusion but I could tell that they were listening. I sighed heavily and stood up. I felt a little lightheaded due to the fact that I had been sent to the past but I could overcome it. I stared at the floor as the room fell into an uncomfortable silence. Everyone waited for me to open my mouth to speak but the words just weren't coming out.

"Carter," Zion warmed.

"I have found out my true identity," I mumbled. Mikey smiled softly as Liam began to clap his hands on excitement.

"That's great, Carter!" He exclaimed, "I'm so happy for you!"

"Thank you," I whispered.

"Alright so who are you?" Sarah asked.

"The Goddess of all Gods and Goddesses," I whispered.

"What?" Kasey asked.

"I couldn't hear you," Sarah called out.

"Speak up,"

"The Goddess of all Gods and Goddesses!" I screamed to the top of my lungs seizing all conversations. Mikey stared at me in confusion while Liam shook his head.

"First, you were the most powerful mutant. Then, you were an Alien, and now you're trying to tell me that you're a Goddess?" Liam asked while laughing.

"I do not need you to laugh in my face," I growled.

"You sound ridiculous!" He exclaimed.

"You know, you've always wanted to be on top! Out of everyone in the crew, you've always wanted to be number one and that's why you're mad! You're mad because there's someone more powerful than you which is me and you wish that it was you!" I stated while walking towards him slowly.

"You just sound so stupid to me!" Liam started, "Your identity has changed multiple times and I'm starting to think that you're lying about everything!"

"Watch it," Zion warned while standing up.

"Do you think I want this? I barely know anything! How can I be a damn Goddess and not just any Goddess but the Goddess over all Gods and Goddesses!" I screamed.

"Wait!" Kasey started, "There aren't anymore Gods or Goddesses,"

"She's the beginning of a generation," Dillion revealed showcasing his brains, "There's many out there but she's the most powerful one since she's the daughter of Zeus and all of the Gods and Goddess gave their powers to her,"

"Which leads us to Melanie," I began, "She's the daughter of Hades which makes her the Goddess of The Underworld,"

"So basically she's Lucifer and you're God or Jesus?" Kimberly asked.

"Don't exaggerate," I warned.

"I'm a Christian so it's the only way I can understand this," Kimberly said while holding her hands up in defense.

"But where would she be?" Liam asked.

"I wouldn't know! There's plenty of pieces to this puzzle that is missing!" I replied. "It's all too much and I just want to go away and sleep for the rest of the day,"

"I think you should do that," Zion said before grabbing my hand and leading me towards the bedroom door, "You need to relax your brain,"

"We should all rest," Dillion announced, "Tomorrow, we can figure out everything but for now let's just call it a night!"

"It's a deal!" Kasey said while sighing heavily before heading out of the bedroom. There wasn't another word exchanged as we all made our way to our own bedrooms for a good nights rest.

As Carter and the rest of the crew attempted to get their rest, a Queen sat in her throne obviously pissed. For the past few days she had been hearing about Carter and how the Goddess would be returning and it made her angry. For the past few years, she had been ruling. She had not only ruled the Underworld but she ruled everything. She was powerful and enjoyed her reign as the queen of the underworld but she wanted more. She was a Goddess and a powerful one at that but she wanted more — she wanted to rule all Gods and Goddesses but the title didn't belong to her.

Her role was to rule over those in the underworld and the Goddess of all Gods and Goddesses ruled everything else including her and she hated it. She couldn't stand the fact that someone else would have the upper hand against her. She couldn't stand her fact that she would have to bow down to someone — a someone who had completely disregarded the throne.

That someone was Carter.

She couldn't believe that everyone was excited for Carter's arrival. She had spent all of her time ruling and everyone completely forgot about her and everything she had done for them. It pissed her off. She deserved better. She wanted more. She was hungry for the crown. She was destined for greatness.

She was Melanie and she was determined to do whatever it takes to take the crown and title of The Goddess of all Gods and Goddesses. She wanted to be the Queen — the only Queen.
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