Mark Vander: Chapter One

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Mark Vander is a highly trained Federal bodyguard. Very tired of protecting people he can`t stand. Suddenly all of his skills are required when an old friend runs into a vicious crime syndicate. Vander has three days to take them down. His help? A boozy father and a geeky ex cop. All the while settling disputes between his daughters who are on summer holidays. Can`t wait for the weekend....

Action / Humor
Hamish Austin
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Mark Vander: Chapter One


Mark Vander massaged his temples. Hard. What were the things that most pissed him off? Putting a milk carton back in the fridge with only a sip left came to mind. That just did his head in. Being tailgated, obviously. Just three nights ago some clown had tried intimidating him in a 40km/h zone. A bodybuilder, exposed arms covered in ink. They`d both jumped out of their cars at the lights. Vander soon jumped back in his and drove off. Mr. Rage lay writhing with a dislocated kneecap, temporarily cured of tailgating.

Plus broadcasting dull personal calls to the suffering public. He listened to the Minister for Infrastructure`s dinner plans. The minister`s voice went up a few levels when mentioning well known, overpriced Sydney restaurants.

“Vercelli – seriously? Went there last week, remember, no you probably wouldn`t. What about Kenji`s? Wasabi eel - best aphrodisiac in town. Come on Lisa, it`s good for you, be real good for you after, ha ha…”

Lisa wasn`t the minister`s wife`s name. He hung up and headed for the elevators, nodding for Mark to push the button. Like Vander he was in his mid forties. Unlike Vander he was short and stout. He was involved in some development negotiations which had become heated. His bedroom window was shattered by a shotgun a week ago. Mark had now been assigned to him under Federal Protection with no real hard feelings towards the shooter.

They took the elevator down to B2. The doors opened and Mark motioned for the minister to stand behind him. He grudgingly did.

A girl was waiting with a heavy box of files. Mark stepped aside to let her in while looking around the car park. Deserted.

The girl collided with the minister and dropped the files. “Shit!” She bent down. Mark turned back and the minister looked down at her.

A thin man appeared. He pulled out a pistol and aimed it at the minister.

“DOWN!” shouted Vander. He dived at the man, managing to knock his gun arm upwards. The shot fired into the elevator roof. Mark heard the minister scream.

The shooter stumbled, this time turning to shoot Vander. Mark drove up hard with his legs, butting the man in the groin. They both went down, Mark using his weight and reaching for the gun.

The shooter lay under Mark and attempted to turn the gun towards him but Mark had his gun arm pinned with his left shoulder. The man kneed Mark in the stomach and started to feel in his jacket with his left hand. Vander elbowed the man hard in the face and felt the gun hand lose tension.

He took a chance and reached for the gun with both hands, twisting it as the man groaned. He got hold of the man`s right thumb and snapped it back with a crack. The man shouted and Mark wrenched the gun free. Army issue 9 millimeter. He slammed the grip against the side of the shooter`s head, once, twice, three for good luck. The man went limp.

Mark pocketed the weapon, rolled the attacker over with his foot and handcuffed him.

He turned back to the elevator.

The girl had fled. The Minister for Infrastructure sat whimpering against the wall.

“Why didn`t you fucking shoot him you idiot? What`re you being paid for ?”

Vander walked over with his phone out. He looked down at the minister, flab poking over his belt.

“No thanks necessary,” he said. “But from what I hear, best way to keep Lisa happy in the bedroom, you don`t need wasabi eel.”

The minister frowned.

“Just keep your pants on at all times.”

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