Little Red Riding Hood Is A Gangster[Tag-lish]

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Little Red Riding Hood Is A Gangster. Formerly known as When Miss Gangster Meets The Mafia Prince’s. ©ALL RIGHTS RESERVE 2020.

Action / Humor
Kris Hernandez
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S P G: The Story contains graphic depictions of violence,sexuality,strong language,drug probihitions,and other mature themes.


"Are you coming?" Jason asked.

"Ahmm....yes!" I answered.

Jason Montenegro or Jyu Hong San. A half korean and half chinese. 20 years of age. And handsome as ever!

But Were bestfriends and Partners in crime!

And by the way...Im Jamilla Hellijah Gomez. Half Pinay and Half Goddess-Witch i mean. 17 years of age. And hottest than all.

And if your wondering why thats jason and i are going?

I Dont Know. He just asked me and i asked where were going? He said its a suprise.

But he knows from above that I HATE SUPRISES!

But if he's naman. Pak na Pak!

"Im Readddyyy!" I said.

"Okay then...lets go." He then grabbed my...arms.

'Kala ko sa kamay na!'

Ohh by the way. Didn't i tell you that i like him?

Who wouldn't like him? His handsome and hot! Meaty and juicy! Linamnam ulam!

Ay naging jollibee na!

"Manong NAIA." Jason said to our driver and he started playing with his phone.

And then the engine start as the wheels move. Im exhausted!

And then boredom attacked me so i started reading on Wattpad.

I even play a music on my Earpods.

Now Playing: 'DNA'.

By: BTS.

O M G! I luv bts talaga guys!

Im reading 'Caught In His Arms' by: Ventrecanard.

While at the middle of the chapter my eyes suddenly closed.

Im Tired nah!



Im walking with my white gown called traje de boda with many peoples.

And then im now facing the altar with father.




O M G! O o O! Its my wedding day!


"Do you,Jason Montengro accept Jamilla Gomez as your Lawfully Wife?"

"I do."

"Do you,Jamilla Gomez accept Jason Montenegro as your lawfully husband?"

"I do father."

"We'll settle then. You may now kiss the bride."

And then crowd shout for kiss!

This is it! This is the moment!

He then remove the kulambo thing-Whats is it call again?

I close my eyes waiting for the lips of my husband.

As inch.

And inch.






"Ayy yu mey naw kiss da brayd!"

Then nakita ko nalang pinalilibutan kami ng malalaking cars!

Good thing bullet proof ang windows!

Ghad! Malapit na ehh!

Wrong timing for disturbuting the dream of the Queen!

"Wat hapend?!" Sigaw ko.

"Ambush." Sagot ni Jason.

"What?!" OA lang ang peg.

Duh? Kahit Queen ako ay B*tch padin ako.




Pero nagulat ako nang nabasag ang salamin!

Wat da pak?!

"Manong guns!" Utos ko.

"Sorry ma'am...wala pong baril dito..." Nauutal na sabi nya.

"What?!" Okay! This is Danger.

"Jay?!" Tanong ko kung meron ba syang dalang baril.

"Sh*t!" We said in chorus.

And again the word 'bang' strikes again but this time manong driver was hit!



"What are we gonna do now?! I think those cars have 5 big persons! We cant fight them were just 2!" Natataranta kong ani.

"I'll think something. First call for back-up." Sabi nya.

Kaya yun nga nag ginawa ki pero sa pagkakalikot ko ng phone ay natamaan ang braso ko kaya nabitawan.

Yumuko naman kami para makaiwas.

How did they know that im a Queen?!

Or did i mess something? Or with someone?


"Lets go!" Jason grab my arm and we got out on the car.

But to our suprise.

20+ muscular men with guns are there!


Ang dream wedding ko!

Wala pakong perst kiss!

NBSB pako!

Ayaw ko pang mamatay!

Pero duh? Sinong di matatakot!

20+ at dalawa lang kami! At may baril pa!

Kahit Queen ako ay jusko!

"Give us the queen." The one said.

"No." Ja decline.


"Jason!" Sigaw ko ng barilin ito sa tuhod.

"Get out of here." He ordered to me.

"No. No. No!" I refused.

Ngunit hinla ng isa si jason at binugbog ng 10 lalaki!

"Now get ger!" Tawag ng isa sa mga natitira pang troops.

Agad ko silang sinipa at sinuntok pero tao ako at napapagod.

Pagtingin ko sa kanan ay si jason. Duguan. Sugatan. At naghihingalo.

"Ja!" Punta ko doon.



"D-do w-what i taught t-to you...get o-out..." He saud again.


"They're c-coming go!" He managed to shout.

And yet. Now. My tears fall. For the very first time.

I hugged him for the last time.

And kissed him for the last time.

And that kiss end his life.

Before the troops got on me i managed to flee using a forbidden technique.

As i've now. Hiding in bushes. Watching their emotion shocked.

"I'll be back. And thats your end."


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