Beyond the reflection

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Soleil is an insecure, quiet boy who lives in the alternate universe of Magie. Bullied since young, Soleil lives a life of misery and submission, often bullied into serving the other kids at school. All because he is an Aeran, of who the magic community call 'worse Magits'. Why cant he be strong and courageous like the Attacars? Why cant he help and heal people like the Revivi? Why cant he make sparks erupt from his hands and cast cool spells like the Magits? Would all Aerans stay as winged, powerless cowards who flew away whenever danger arises? Would they be servants to the rest of the Mystic races forever? Probably not. Because Soleil decides - he is not going to stay a servant or be a coward any longer. To do that, he must do the most daring thing that no Mystic Being has ever done - the thing that is labeled as a cardinal sin by all - touching a mirror. What secrests do mirrors hold? Theyre just shiny reflective pieces of glass which show you yourself, right? Not when Soleil touches it and goes to a world no Attacar, Revivi, Aeran, or Magit has ever gone to before.

Action / Fantasy
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Soleil had grown up in a world of possibly dangerous and psychotic maniacs. One second theyr’e conversing happily like friends forever and the next second they are giving him death threats, staring at him with furious glowing red eyes. It was scary, yes, but he had grown up in this twisted, dark world, and he was used to it. Just give them what they want thats all.

The only way to survive in this world was that, or else they’d turn into savage, unstoppable monsters and disembowel you like a charging cassowary which you just stole lunch from. His life was one big ball of insecurity and unanswered questions, but all that was going to be flipped - flipped inside out and upside down the moment he turned thirteen.

Soleil woke up with a start to the sound of rude banging on his door. At first he thought it was Rogue, his neighbour’s grouchy, grumpy bull dog, but dogs could never knock the door, could they? And who else could knock that hard, till there was a deep ball shaped dent in the center of the door?

“Im getting up, Crest...” he groaned as his older sister threw the door to his room and started yelling her auburn haired head off. “Seriously, Soleil! Why do you always wake up so late? Its already 8am and you still havent changed?! And smoothed out your wings?! They look like booger shaped pieces of paper that had been crushed, crumpled and tossed into the sea! I have to admit, mom should have done that when she had you. Revivi rule, Aerans’re mules!”

That was his sister’s motto: Revivi rule, Aerans’re mules! Well, considering the fact he was an Aeran, and Crest was a Revivi, he half took that as an insult, half agreed that was totally, absolutely TRUE.

Well, sort of.

“Out of all the Mystic races, why did they have to choose you as an Aeran? Maybe its just your luck. If your luck were a SMELL, It’d stink so bad flies would faint on the spot once they get within EIGHTY FEET of the stench!” she snarked, dramatically flipping her hair. “Now go change, smoothen your wings and FRESHEN UP YOUR LUCK!” she snapped, tossing him a golden object which looked like a hair curler which was overdecorated with intricate flowery carvings.

Soleil remained silent, staring at his wrinkle-smoother, until his sister strutted out of his room through the dent covered door and slammed it shut. Then, he sighed and stretched his stiff wings open. They looked like they were made out of glittery, semi transparent electric blue fabric, and they would have looked gorgeous if not for the fact that it was covered in a zillion wrinkles.

He hated to smooth out his wings himself. Reason one: It normally took forever. School starts in 20 minutes. Reason two: The wrinkle smoother was all rusty, and had a 95 percent chance of rippimg his wing if he used it like that Crest never bothered to derust it, and she purposely kept the bottle of derusting dust up high on the highest shelf, where he couldnt reach.

‘Just great.’ He thought, defeated. Crest was always getting out of her way to make his own life miserable. So, between a ripped wing and wrinkled wings, he took ripped wings. At least, he would miss flying class because of an injury, not laziness. He forcefully pried open the rusty old gadget and it made a sound similar to nails scratching against chalkboard just that 10 times shriller. And he clamped it on his right wing, and started pulling on it.

Somehow he had been the 5% who managed to make it through smoothing his wings with a rusty wrinkle smoother without ripping them. Crest’s face darkened and she bit her lip bitterly when she took a glance at Soleil’s perfect, unripped gossamer wings. Soleil smirked triumphantly at Crest, snatched up his shoulder bag, and walked out of the door.

Rogue snarled menacingly at him whenever he got within 30 feet of his neighbours backyard. The morning sky was clear, a sea of blue flecked with fluffy white clouds. You could see Attacar children walking to school with their best buddies, some Revivi and some of their own kind. Some Magit children were seen chanting spells and dissapearing in sparks of magic, teleporting to school. He looked up at the sky and saw winged children in the air, flying to school. He spread his wings, leaped into the air, and soared into the blue, blue sky, to meet his Aeran friend Peran.

The gusts of wind whipped against his face and the chill bit into his pale skin, turning it a shade paler. Teeth chattering, he pulled his beige shawl tighter around him. He rode the wind, sailing gracefully like a paper airplane past fellow Aerans, occasionally giving a friendly wave to them. The black dot in the sky that was Peran changed course and flew down to him. Soleil gave a weak smile, and said, “Hi bro. How’s life?”

Peran was an average heighted boy with ear length, reddish black, tousled hair that seemed to float like he was submerged in water. He had dull, auburn red eyes, wide, glassy, yet magical, as if there was another realm behind them. There were two leathery, veined medium sized wings spread out on his back that were keeping him in the air.
“Funny of you to ask that first thing in the morning. Well, as usual. Teachers going homework happy, me doing chores for my parents all day beacuse they’re working, my siblings annoying me to death, and me being a total insominac and sleeping at 2am in the morning. Are things okay over there with Crest?” Peran replied.
Soleil scoffed, rolling his eyes. He chuckled, "Things over at my house are either bad or worse. Listen! This morning she didnt bother to derust the wing smoother, and placed the bottle of derusting dust on the top shelf which I couldnt reach. So I had to smooth my wings with a rusted smoother. But I got lucky, and didnt rip my wing. You shouldve seen the look on her face when she saw my wings! Ha!” Peran grinned, and giggled in a singsong voice, "Schadenfreude alert." Soleil rolled his cerulean blue eyes.
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