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.....? Pov Miracle.. resurrection..call it what you must..but I call it the new birth of deadly science. I have made history..and I will make a new history....if I can create more like her I will destroy all of mankind I WILL BRING AN ARMY!

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...?:"Stand back..we are about to create history once again on an entirely new level.!"

...?:"are you ready"The man surrounded by people behind the steel door on the intercom

"Yes." The four person's in the lab answered.
One of which hovering over an female body by looks of age 16-17 her body shape said otherwise.
She laid on the pure White table motionless as if dead.

The person held an small circular chip and placed it in an slot of the girls head beside her left temple causing a small electrical spark.

Everyone in the room moved back. The girls eyes flickered l blue as it opened and she sat up looking around her in a numb expression.

A woman clapped happily supprised the girl stretched out her hand almost immediately like an hologram a gun appeared in her hand, placing a bullet through the woman's head.

One of the security from outside the room eyes went wide. "That's my gun!?"

Everyone gasped in fear, the girl looked at her hand in confusion, pulled back to get a closer look but when she opened her hand it disappeared right back to the security.

....?:" This is an remarkable robot tell me more about it."

One of the men outside of the room spoke up.

...2?:"This is AI.5114. It's a updated version of our other robots. At seventeen She was murdered but we kept her body well preserved..so she has the human body of a girl but her brain and skin are highly modified. Let's test her."

The second man made everyone exit the room.
They all watching the monitor eagerly, they sent in a tiny insect robot which had a camera.
For a very short time the insect circled her it's speed as a blink...when it reached close enough to her she grabbed it before the monitor could even pick up on her swift arm movement.

After that they sent in a robot that threw blades. So many cut her skin she was confused since she was feeling so much pain at once. Although blood spilled but very soon it would just disappear. Angrily she ran closer to the robot and leaped in the air landing gracefully onto the robot but the impact crushed it immediately in a rumble.

The next few months AI. 5114 was trained and used to track and kill who ever they programed her to, although there was only one problem in her training...her ability to telorport her weapons made everyone distant.

*Present day*

The door opened immediately AI.5114 got up unplugging the charger from her.
The woman slowly walked to her trembling and slid clothes on the dresser along with a large black bag.

The woman left and spoke on the intercom.
"Change and get ready for your mission."

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