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Twins 99

By Javon Sankoh All Rights Reserved ©

Humor / Action

Chapter 1 - The Unrealistic Becomes Realistic Part 1

My name is Javon Isaiah Sankoh. I live with my twin brother and my dad. My brother’s name is Jovan Evan Sankoh.

Our first day at Porcupine High School starts tomorrow! Yes, it is a horrible name. However, this is a BIG moment! This is the time in anime where the main character’s whole life changes from one single event! This could turn my colorless life around! I could become a badass superhero and have a girlfriend.

Yeah right, like I’d get THAT lucky. In middle school, I was a complete NOBODY. I knew people, but I wouldn’t consider them friends. I only hung out with five people and they were all guys. That includes Jovan and Jordan.

Jordan is a good friend of mine. I’ve known him ever since the start of middle school. He is one of the only people that can tell the difference between me and Jovan. I couldn’t make friends with any girls. I made acquaintances, but they turned into strangers.

I just don’t know how to talk to them. Still, I know what to do with a girl because of the anime I watched. Depending on the girl, you have to either be the sensitive and caring type or the aggressive type. I try to do a little of both, yet I still fail in the process.

Last year in eighth grade, there was a pretty girl in my class who had lapis blue hair with a long asymmetric curly bob hairstyle. The left side of her hair was down to her chest while the right side was down to her neck and put behind her head. She also had butterscotch yellow colored eyes. She was absolutely beautiful, but I wasn’t just looking at her face. I was also looking at her animated ass. Goodness gracious, she literally looks like a model. I had to be friends with her. She was the most popular girl in school. I walked up to her and she dropped her pencil.

“Oh, you dropped this.”

I picked up the pencil and gave it to her.

“Thank you.”

“Your welcome.”

“Oh, I know you. You’re a twin. Which one are you?”

“I am Javon Sankoh. The other one is Jovan and it is a pleasure to meet you.”

“Hi, Javon, my name is Carol Sanders.”

The pretty lapis blue haired girl greeted me with a cute smile that made me a little more nervous than I already was.

“Sanders? You must love going to the beach. Get it, sand.”

I joked as I walked closer to Carol while keeping a friendly grin on my face. Really, that was the best I could come with! God, that was a horrible joke!

“I actually do.”

Carol replied while giggling.

“You actually thought that was funny?”

I wondered, looking stunned since I thought that it was the most corniest joke I had ever said.

“No, I was just being nice.”

She honestly answered with no change in her voice.


I responded with a low tone in my voice. Man, brutal honesty must be her policy. There goes my boner. Crap, I don’t know what to talk about.

“I, um, like your, um, eyes.”

I stuttered, trying to compliment Carol. Dammit, I hesitated.


Good, a normal response. But, I don’t want a normal response. I want to see those adorable pink cheeks that appear when a girl blushes.

“They’re blue, like the ocean.”

I stared into her eyes so she would assume that I’m actually enchanted by them. Okay, Javon, keep going!

“They make me feel like I’m lost at sea.”

I added, sounding sincere and romantic. Good job, me! That was a clever line if I do say so myself.

“Oh, um, thank you.”

Carol immediately blushed which made her cheeks red. There it is! That’s the pink cheeks I was talking about. She looks so animated!

“You know, Javon, I think I...”

Carol started to speak with a gentle voice. Oh my god, she’s about to say that she LIKES me! This is a dream come true! We just met and she already feels something for me! I guess I know who my first girlfriend is going to be! We had the perfect atmosphere. Suddenly, I felt a push and we both fell to the floor. I ended up on top of her and my mouth was...

Inside her mouth. I literally tasted her tongue. It tasted sweeter than candy. And to top it off, my hands were on her breasts. They felt even bigger than what they looked like! Maybe, it was the size of my fingers. Whatever, I didn’t care! Honestly, I felt like I was in a dream.

Specifically, an anime. Then, it hit me. Classic anime cliche. And if the girl isn’t in love with you, it’s a real bitch. However, she was about to admit she liked me so it might not be so bad.

She immediately slapped me. It happened so fast that I didn’t realize she smacked me until my face was turned around and saliva came out of my mouth.


Carol angrily demanded while looking away with an embarrassed face.

“Oh, sorry!”

I stood up, got off of her, and wiped the saliva off my face. She rose up with a completely bashful face. That’s how you know that was her first kiss. It was mine, too. So, I can’t talk.

“I can’t believe you, you, you kissed me.”

Carol awkwardly stuttered with pink cheeks.

“Don’t forget groped.”

I commented without thinking. What is wrong with me?! Why the HELL would I say that?!

“You pervert!”

“Come on, I didn’t plan that!”

“Then, why are you smiling?!”

“Uh, because this situation is funny.”

I answered with an obvious grin on my face that said otherwise.

“Liar, you said all of those things to get close to me and you tripped yourself to kiss me and touch my boobs!”

Carol ridiculously claimed while still having an ashamed look on her face.

“Again, how could I possibly plan all of that?!”

“Well, what am I supposed to think?!”

“That you’ve seen this same thing on multiple anime and manga so it’s obviously not my fault.”

Carol was speechless for a bit. She looked at me like I just made the dumbest excuse.

“You kissed me.”

She totally ignored what I just said!

“That was an accident!”

“You still grabbed my chest.”

“That was also an accident!”

I half-heartedly repeated.

“Whatever, just stay away from me.”

She bitterly walked away while all of the girls in class gave me furious looks. I cannot believe I blew my chance with the most popular girl in school! This seriously sucks! My first kiss got ruined! There is absolutely nothing to be happy about. Well, besides the fact that I kissed and touched a girl.

Dammit, I shouldn’t be happy about that! Still, it wasn’t my fault! And now, every girl in class thinks I raped her. I don’t blame them. I kissed her and touched her breasts without permission. I gave them their proof.

Alright, who pushed me?! I turned around and saw three friends of mine. They were laughing uncontrollably.

“You assholes! What did you do that for?!”

I asked all of them with a frustrated look on my face.

“Come on, man, we couldn’t let you bag a babe in eighth grade.”

“Yeah, that’s like having sex in kindergarten.”

Two of my friends replied with stupid smirks on their face.

“No, it isn’t!”

I quickly commented with a slightly higher tone of voice. They are so immature.

“Plus, it was bound to happen eventually.”

My third friend added.

“What the hell does that mean?!”

I furiously questioned while looking at the three friends of mine.

“It means they either would have gotten jealous and messed you up...”

“Or you would have magically ruined your chance like what you just did.”

Jovan and Jordan answered with unsurprised voices as I turned around and noticed them.

“That wasn’t my fault! It was those V-watches!”

Man, that was a bad comeback. The three guys looked at their wrists to check if they had watches. They clearly didn’t.

“Horrible comeback. Did he get that from Viewtiful Joe?”

The three guys mentioned, looking dumbfounded. They really looked to see if they had watches? Idiots.

“Now, we know who’s the worse with girls out of all of us.”

Jovan mocked me and laughed afterwards.

“Shut up! Wait, you two just watched them do this?!”

I questioned Jovan and Jordan.

“Yeah. It’s none of my business. If you got a girl, you’d just be a jerk about it and talk about how we’re all virgins.”

How can he say that it’s none of his business?! Wow, Jordan. And, I considered you family. Wait...

“You’re right. I probably would have. Except, you all are virgins. I don’t need a girlfriend to tell you that.”

“You’re a virgin too!”

Jordan and the three guys immediately responded with rage.

“I think we all have a different definition of the word ‘virgin’. Okay, what about you, Jovan, my brother in my actual FAMILY?”

We all glanced at Jovan.

“What Jordan said, I guess. Except the virgin thing. I’ve already had a girlfriend.”

We all instantly went silent because we realized that Jovan is the only one in the group who had a girlfriend.

“Screw you guys.”

I ended the conversation. That one thing messed up my chances with girls in middle school. Every girl assumed I was a disgusting pervert and didn’t bother talking to me. I just wish I could have made of friends with at least one girl. But, that was middle school.

High school has girls from several other schools. Not every girl is gonna know I’m a pervert. And, that’s just one positive. A whole bunch of things can happen on the first day of school! It’s time to start my boring life anew.

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