Twins 99

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The superpowered twins, Javon and Jovan, must protect the Aquos Crystal from unknown villains while maintaining their life as high scholars. The question is... Who wants the Aquos Crystal?

Action / Humor
Javon Sankoh
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Chapter 1 - The Unrealistic Becomes Realistic Part 1

My name is Javon Isaiah Sankoh. I live with my twin brother and my dad. My brother’s name is Jovan Evan Sankoh.

Our first day of high school starts tomorrow! This is a BIG moment! This could turn my colorless life around! I could become a popular guy and have a girlfriend. Yeah right...

Like I’d get THAT lucky. In middle school, I was a complete NOBODY. I just knew people. I only hung out with five people and they were all guys. That includes Jovan.

I couldn’t make friends with any girls. I made acquaintances, but they turned into strangers. I just don’t know how to talk to them.

Depending on the girl, you have to either be the sensitive and caring type or the aggressive type. I try to do a little of both, yet I fail in the process. Because, you also have to be social.

Last year in eighth grade, there was a pretty girl in my class, who I tried to be friends with. Her name was Carol Sanders. She was so cute. I had to be friends with her. Or at least try to be friends with her.

I walked up to her, and she was struggling to carry her binder because she was also carrying large textbooks. Like a gentleman does, I offered my help.

“You need any help with that?”
Startled by my welcome, Carol’s binder and textbooks swept out of her hands like a tsunami.

Carol suddenly bowed her head in forgiveness.

“It’s okay, uh, let me help you.”

Her apology caught me by surprise because a girl never apologized to me like that before.

I nearly blushed.

We both got on our knees and began picking up all the textbooks. Soon after, I saw her face. She was absolutely gorgeous with her clean, pearl-like skin. My eyes were glued to her. When Carol noticed, she immediately glanced away. For a very short time, we had eye-to-eye contact.

“So, are you new to this school?”

I asked so that I didn’t seem like a creep.

She nodded her steaming hot head which I assumed was a ‘yes’.

“How has your first day been so far?”


Carol answered as quiet as a mouse.

I barely heard what she said.

With her appearance, she’s a magnet to all the popular girls and guys. I’m lucky to be the first person to talk to her in this class.

“That’s good. I’ve been in this school since sixth grade so if you need anything, feel free to ask.”

I kindly said as we finished picking up all the textbooks and set them on her desk.

Carol nodded again to thank me, and then she sat in her desk. I was still standing next to her, but she didn’t pay any attention to me. I felt like I suddenly became a ghost.

“Hey, so what’s your name?”

I said with a friendly tone to continue talking to her.

My question alerted her as her head lit up with embarrassment. Without any warning, she instantly got her seat and rose up to my ear like the wind lifted her up.

"It’s Carol Sanders~"

With the voice of a fairy, she whispered her name into my ear.

It was so enchanting that it left me dizzy. A soft, angelic sound kept replaying itself in my head.

“It’s... nice to meet you, Carol. I-i’m Javon.”

She was already attractive, yet she became more stunning just by talking to me.


Nervousness slowed my mind. All of a sudden, I imagined that I was talking to an idol. I couldn’t think straight. Which led to this cliché...

I fell on Carol, causing her chair to skate away and her desk to drop like a rock.

We were on the floor and before I knew it, my tongue was....

Inside her mouth. And my hands were on her breasts.

“Oh my god, I am so sorry!”

I immediately got off of her like my life depended on it.

With a red face full of mortification, Carol didn’t respond. She only scurried away as fast as possible. As she scurried away, I saw tears fly from her eyes.

I was more worried about her than myself.


I got punched in the face by a random, tall girl.


The girl screamed while the rest of the girls in class gave me furious and disturbed looks.

As I cried on the ground, I reached out my hand in the direction that Carol ran to.
That one thing messed up my chances with girls for the rest of middle school. Every girl assumed I was a disgusting pervert and didn’t bother to talk to me. Thank god, that was only one year of middle school.

That’s all behind me now!

High school has girls from several other schools. Not every girl will label me as a pervert. And, that’s one positive. A whole bunch of things can happen on the first day of school! It’s time to start my boring life anew.

The next day, Monday, March 31, 2014.

Jovan and I wake up for our first day of school.

I feel ecstatic. I am about to go to high school. My life will change today.

We got dressed and prepared to leave for school.

“Do you two have everything you need?”

Dad asks, wanting us to be prepared for school.


An obedient answer from both of us.

“How are the uniforms?”


“Feels weird.”

Jovan and I share different opinions.

“What do you mean?”

Dad asks.

“This is the first time I’ve ever worn a uniform for school. I never even wore something like this to church.”

I explain while looking at my uniform.

“You never wore anything special to church.”

Jovan retorts.

“Yeah, but you’re supposed to.”

My weak attempt at countering Jovan’s statement.

“Well, get used to it. Uniforms are usually required in special schools; that’s a good thing. I don’t like how easy it was to get in the school. Nevertheless, a special school is a special school. It’s a common thing in private schools.”

“And, anime.”

Jovan adds to Dad’s response.

“You know anime gets them from real Japanese schools, right?”

“Yes, I knew that.”

Jovan replies with a slightly irritated tone.

“Okay, because you made it sound as if uniforms are a concept that came from anime.”

Dad interprets the meaning behind his question.

“That’s not what I meant.”

“Okay, okay, calm down. I was just pointing it out. Javon, how’s the uniform?”

Dad changes the topic to cool down Jovan.

“It fits on good. It doesn’t look bad either. Black on black design.”

I proudly show off my black two-button blazer and black dress pants.

“Okay, simmer down with your black on black design. Especially, you, Jovan, I saw you touching yourself while looking at the mirror.”


What Dad said made me laugh hard.

“I wasn’t doing that!”

“But, you do like the uniform.”


Quickly understanding that Dad was joking, Jovan relaxes a bit.

“Exactly. Enjoy your first day of school.”

Dad wishes us luck.

“We will, bye.”

We wave to Dad.


With that, we exit our house and walk to our bus stop. We get on the school bus and eventually make it to school.

“Jesus, this school is huge.”

Jovan notes, alluding to the high school.

“You can say that again.”

We enter the school.


“There’s no way that all these people came from America.”

Amazed at the amount of students in this school, we raise our eyebrows.

I guess we should have expected this.

“We should hurry to our classroom.”

“Yeah, before we get stuck in traffic.”

I agree, referring to the insane amount of students.

Later on, we enter our classroom on the third floor.

“Well, I didn’t expect that we’d be allowed to use the elevator. This school is new.”

Jovan puts his schedule in his pocket.

“I didn’t think so either. Our middle school saved the elevators for disabled/injured students. They probably did that because of the number of students in this school.”

I also put away my schedule as we enter the same classroom.

But, the elevator was just as packed as the hallways. There was a small line of students waiting to use it. It took us ten minutes to get up here.

“Yes, this class just got better.”

I know that voice!

It was none other than Jordan.

“Jordan! Awesome, we’re in the same class once again!”

“You know it!”

I excitedly greet Jordan by slapping his hand then spiritedly gripping onto it for a cool handshake.

Thank goodness, Jordan is at this school. It wouldn’t be the same without him. I’ve known him ever since the beginning of middle school.

“What’s up, Jordan.”

“What’s up, Jo.”

Jovan and Jordan welcome each other with the same handshake, grinning at each other as they do so.

“Look at you wearing black on black.”

“Right back at you. We look like ‘Men in Black’.”

Due to Jordan’s retort to my comment, we both get a good laugh.

“How was your 10 month long summer/fall/winter break?”

I wonder since I haven’t seen Jordan in a long time.

“It was fine. I went to a few places with my mom and brothers. We had a good time.”


I nod my head, satisfied with his answer.

“How was your summer?”


“Let’s just say we didn’t do much.”

I reply while scratching my head

“What are your classes?”

Jovan changes the subject.

“Let’s see...”

Honestly, I think our summer was awesome. Even so, most people would probably disagree with that. We just watched anime and played video games. We were practically hikikomoris.That’s a term I learned from anime. We were so lazy that Dad had to get us out of the house. This is a story we’d rather not tell people.

I look across the classroom and see none other than Carol Sanders.

Man, out of all people to be in the same class as me. Wow, the ten months sure have been kind to her. New, alluring hairstyle and a bookbag. She’s even more hot than the last time I saw her. I wonder if I still have a shot with her. No, stop, Javon! Of course, I don’t have a chance with her. I shouldn’t approach her. I wouldn’t want to make a scene in front of everyone. Plus, she probably hates me.

Jovan notices that I’m staring at Carol.

“And, those are my classes.”

Jordan finally finishes talking.

“I have to use the bathroom.”

Jovan mentions as if he wasn’t listening to Jordan.

As he exits the classroom, he gives me a wary expression.

“Hey, Ja, what your classes?”

“Huh? Oh yeah, my classes. Wait, where did Jovan go?”

Jordan draws my attention off of Carol.

“He went to the bathroom.”

Jordan answers.

“He better not be thinking of going for that ‘Carol chick’ again. Did he forget what he did to her? Or his crying? No, he knows better. He won’t take that risk.”

Jovan reflects on what my future movements would be.

Later on, Jovan leaves the bathroom.

“Crap, class is going to start soon. I’m seriously going to be late on the first day of school.”

Jovan worries after looking at the time on his phone. Even so, he doesn’t run because of the ridiculous amount of students in the hallway.

“These people are so dumb. Just because the school is big doesn’t mean the classes are automatically hard to find.”

He believes as he hurriedly walks past plenty of students. What makes issues more difficult is the students are standing around and chatting with each other.

“Hey, watch it!”

“Anata no iiwake!”

“Rude, are you in a rush to find your manners?!”

Jovan went past some students and hits their shoulders. Subsequently, they respond negatively.

“What assholes. Like I was trying to bump into them.”

Jovan notes in his head, continuing to narrowly get past students as if he’s in a crowded bus. He once again bumps into another student.


The student calls out; Jovan ignores him and keeps moving.


The angry student shoves Jovan to the floor with the power and of a body builder.

“Maldita, sea el empujo a ese tipo hacia abajo con una mano.”

“A fight already.”

“Dude, step back. Unless you want your heart to stop beating.”

Several students step out of the way, assuming a fight is about to occur.

The angry student looks down on Jovan.

“Say ‘Excuse me’.”

Sounding like a bully, the angry student demands Jovan. Jovan slowly rises off the floor. During which, a couple of students take out their phones just in case.

Right when Jovan stands on his feet, the student clenches his fat fist and tromps toward Jovan with evil intent in his brain.

With cold, dead eyes like a killer, Jovan stares at the student. Regardless, the student persists on walking to him.


After one step, the student freezes and switches to a terrified state. It’s as if the student stepped into a shadowy boundary where proceeding to Jovan would be lethal. A blue line separates him and clouds of darkness. Also, right below the line states:

“Death to all who cross this line.”

Terrified by this occurrence, the student is still like a statue. Everyone is curious as to why the student isn’t pummeling Jovan. Some of them put their phones back in their pockets, having dissatisfied faces.


A sigh comes out of Jovan.



Jovan is interrupted by an unknown yell of a female. Multiple students hurry to the walls when they spot a girl dashing through the hallway.


Dust follows her feet as she sprints past the students. The previously frightened student dives out of the girl’s way.

“Hey, wait!”

Jovan entreats, unprepared for the girl.


The girl crashes into Jovan, causing them to fall on the ground and dust to scatter throughout the hallway.


Jovan persistently rubs his head to relieve the pain.

“Gosh, are you okay? I didn’t mean to bump into you.”

The girl frets over Jovan’s condition.

The dust clears. An angelic light shines down, revealing the girl’s beautiful, breathtaking image as she lies on Jovan’s body.

“N-no, it’s fine. I’m fine.”

Stunned by the girl’s attractiveness, Jovan stumbles his words.


The girl nimbly picks herself up and off of Jovan.

“Come on, you have to get to class too, right?”

A radiant, teeth-showing smile combined with a happy tone puts Jovan at a loss for words. The girl receives an awkward gaze from him for an answer.

“Oh, yeah!”

He replies late but immediately stands up, appearing as if he didn’t hear what the girl said.

The girl firmly grabs Jovan’s hand.

“What’s your class?”

“Room 3-Z.”

“Alright, let’s go!”

The girl runs like the wind, producing dust behind her tracks which makes all the students behind her to cough. The girl’s abnormal speed causes Jovan to go airborne and fly like a plane. More students move out of the girl’s way when they see her.

“There’s only one way.”

A male student speaks, sounding serious. After he spots the girl, he immediately rushes into a random classroom. He avoided the girl only by a few seconds.


The student screams while continuing to run like his life depends on it. He hops on a female student’s desk as she sleeps and makes a break for the window.


Instead of cracking through the window, the student smacks into the window like a bird. At the moment that the student comes down from the window, the teacher and the rest of the students in the classroom relay blank stares to him.

“Are you in my class?”

The teacher queries.

“Ummmmmmmmm. Yes.”

“Get out.”

The teacher demands, detecting his lie.

At the same time, the girl’s race against time is still happening.

Exhilarated by the moment, the girl smirks with her teeth. In front of girl shimmers a small white light.

“We’re almost there!”

The clock is ticking, the number of students in the hallway are decreasing, and the classroom doors are closing. The white light gradually fades even as the girl closes the distance between her and it.

“I don’t know how, but she looks...”

A facially bruised Jovan catches a glimpse of the girl’s overjoyed face complimented by her dark but sparkling purple hair.


Jovan gazes in awe of her beauty.


Jovan’s head smashes into the wall.

The girl takes her right hand out to reach the small white light. In that moment, the small white light emitted more light than ever. Everything becomes blank.

The school bell rings.

Jordan, Carol, the teacher, and the rest of the students are shocked by the girl’s entrance, seeing large amounts of dust behind her.

“Well, at least you got here in time.”

The teacher points out a positive.

“Unfortunately, that effort rewards you with a trip to the nurse’s office.”

“Wait, why? I’m doing fine. Just a little bit of dust on my hair.”

“That’s way more than a little bit. Anyhow, it’s not because of you.”

The teacher points to the dirty scratches and bumps across Jovan’s face.

“Whoa, where did you get those bruises?!”

The girl asks, surprised by Jovan’s injuries.

“From you.”

Jovan very bluntly affirms; he remembers how his head would constantly bang into the wall because of her abnormal speed.

“Oh, well, I’m sorry. Where can I find the nurse?”

“On the second floor in room 2-G.”

“Okay, I’m on it.”

“No running! Walk and use the elevator!”

The teacher demands after seeing the girl in a running pose similar to what Olympic participants do.

Jovan and the girl exit the classroom, both looking disappointed. Yet, Jovan looks at the girl weird for her demeanor.

“Oh, and head to the gym for the entrance ceremony! It’s on the first floor!”

The teacher adds before they get far away.

“Okay, everybody, homeroom is in session. My name is Ms. Viden, and I will be your homeroom teacher. It will be a thrill to meet all of you and see what type of students you are. But before all that happens, you will be going down to to the gym for the entrance ceremony. But even before that, roll call.”

Ms. Viden commences to call students’ names.

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