Battles Beyond

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Galaxia Bosfos - beautiful and mysterious; a cosmic feat of true captivation. However, tainting it is conflict - lots of it. Groups of battlemongers often involve themselves in volatile affairs whether of their own doing or not, bringing devastation to entire worlds and leaving mutilated ship carcasses from grand interstellar fleets to float in the infinite expanse that is space. To cause such destruction to those near and far, Battle Potential - a power source manipulated by lifeforms - is used. All of them seek to cause mayhem for one goal: to carve a big stake in Bosfos. Twists and turns will plague this arduous journey. The challenge will push many to their limits, even breaking the strongest to their cores. To succeed... would place you among battlemongering legend. WELCOME TO BATTLES BEYOND! BATTLE AWAITS!

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Mini Book One: Departure

Hope you guys enjoy the first of many mini books of this story. Each mini-book will comprise this and other books in the series. Treat a mini-book like an anime arc like the Chunin Exam Arc in Naruto or the Soul Society Arc in Bleach.

It’s gonna be a long ride. Hope you, the reader, are able to jump into this world and appreciate it for what it’s attempting to do. Note: Many of the names of characters, places, etc are placeholders.

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