Fighting My Orc

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Osiris wastes no time skimming his hands over my bare stomach. The friction of his calloused hands against my sensitive skin leaves me shivering.

Osiris chuckles lowly, “So responsive.”

He lifts my feet off the ground as he carries me to his room. His pants are off the second the door is closed. Allowing me to view his complete figure from the bed.

His cock stands straight to attention. Giving the perfect view of his orc physic; pure rippling muscles and good proportions.

My sports bra came off with a quick twist of my arms. Osiris growls at the sight of my breasts.

He is grasping at my flesh before my shorts are even off. By the way he continues to pinch and tease my nipples, I can tell he is enjoying the feeling of my perky breasts.

His body presses closer to mine and my fingers itch to touch him. And after hearing his responsive moan from my fingers on his shoulders I continue feeling his body. Giving me the courage to grasp his jaw and spread kisses down to his neck.

His fingers work diligently until he finds my clit below my shorts. I grind my hips closer to his hand and lift myself onto my toes so I can feel his cock closer to my body.

His member hits my stomach and a bead of precum trails down my skin. At his excitement I reach my hand lower until I can grasp his shaft. He tugs my shorts down in one quick motion and leaves them at my ankles.

My back is on the bed with Osiris supporting his weight from above. I move upwards and grasp his tusks with both hands, smashing my lips onto his with enough force to make him gasp.

My tongue enters his mouth at the same time the tip of his shaft enters my folds. I pause in my kiss to squeeze my eyes closed. Only to feel Osiris lift my chin with his fingertips, “Look at me my Little Warrior.”

I do as he says. Barely blinking as he slides into me one inch at a time. My eyes studying his face as he moans in pleasure

When he is fully settled inside of me I can feel the thick skin of his balls resting on my ass. It makes my lower belly flutter at the knowledge that he is seated inside of me to the hilt.

My hips rise on their own, trying to create friction as Osiris waits for my signal.

“Say it.”

He didn’t even have to clarify, “Fuck me, Osiris. Pound into me like a warrior.”

He raises his hips, “I am a warrior.”

That he is. The second he begins moving there is no doubting his motive of pleasure. My eyes close to relish the feeling of his weight filling me. The sound of his skin hitting mine. Even the taste of his skin as I relentlessly suck on his neck.

His teeth graze against my neck and breasts as he explores the soft skin. When he places a hard bite on my neck I cry out in pleasurable pain as I cum.

The force of my orgasm causing my inner walls to pulse around Osiris’s cock, which he hasn’t stopped moving in and out of my core.

My hand fits between our bodies to softly hold his balls. The neglected package tightens under my hold and causes Osiris to finally sink into my soaking wet core and stay there. His cum shoots out of him in streams, filling his condom to capacity.

He pants and rolls our bodies so he can lay on his back with me on his chest. My face is on his chest since his cock is still buried inside of me. But he slowly removes himself and gathers me in his arms.

I kick my shorts away from my feet and curl my legs around his waist. Letting his body warmth comfort my skin.

His hands work slowly to massage my back. His hands move to my arms when he rubs the skin gently until he reaches the healing cream. He barely touches the mixture before he rips it off, causing me to hurl my body away from his.

“Ow,” I screech. With my arm burning I reach down and yank the hard mixture off of his stomach.

His body shifts upwards until he is sitting with me in his lap. He has a grimace on his face, “Little Warrior.” His eyes reach mine and he scowls, “It wasn’t ready to come off yet.”

“Take it like a warrior.” I throw the scab-like mixture on the floor in a huff.

But Osiris grabs my wrists and yanks me closer. His eyes scan over my exposed body, “How many times will I have to teach you that I am a warrior.”

I move my hips so my ass bounces against his stiff cock, “At least once more.”

Instead of burying himself inside me like I expected, he makes me stand next to the bed. He walks behind me and reaches an arm around my torso to touch my stomach. He traces over my skin with his fingertips before finally clamping his hand over my hip. Pushing my shoulders with his other arm to I am bent against the bed.

In one quick flash his hand lands perfectly against my ass cheek. Making a resounding slapping sound echo around the room.

My body jumps forward at the contact and I screech, “Osiris! The second you let go I’m going to-”

His hand lands on my other cheek and he chuckles at my outraged gasp. As much as the feeling stung, I could feel my own juices beginning to run down my thighs.

“Don’t talk back to an orc warrior Olivia,” another slap hits my ass before I can feel his warm cock press up against the sore flesh, promising more pleasure.

He may need to start reminding me that he is a warrior more often.

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