Fighting My Orc

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Next Morning

“Osiris!” The booming voice of Hunter startles both of us awake. We can hear the pounding footsteps of his brother echo around the house before they become louder.

Osiris takes the bed sheets and wraps me up to my chin. He leaves himself exposed as he shouts to the closed door, “Don’t step a foot in this room Hunter.”

The footsteps come closer, “And why is that-” he stops behind the door and laughs. The sound makes my face turn red, “No way!”

His footsteps begin to disappear quicker than before. And his voice carries away, “Wait til Odera hears what my little brother...”

“Oh no, Osiris! How did he know?”

Osiris gives me a sheepish smile and points to his nose, “We have a great sense of smell.”

I cover my face with my hands before Osiris quickly removes them. He tucks me closer to his chest and rubs my back, “It’s okay Olivia. He’ll only tell Odera,” he trails off, “and my parents. And Cassandra.”

My voice quivers, “so your- your whole family will know we just... had sex.”

Osiris sits up and places me in his lap, forcing me to make eye contact with him, “Olivia. We are not as fickle as humans,” at my frown he clarifies, “We do not just have sex with anyone. You are important to me Olivia. And,” he glared at his bed before returning his gaze to mine, “once you shower our combined scent will disappear, no other orc will know.”

My chest loosens slightly. Not everyone will know.

My eyes drift to the bedside table and I jump off of the bed, “Oh shit. I’m late for defense class.”

Osiris stands immediately, watching me hurry to find my clothes while he stands bare, “No. I don’t want you to encounter that dishonorable male again.”

I put on my shorts, “I won’t. I’ll teach the women’s self defense class and then I’ll head straight home.” I walk up to him and place a kiss on each tusk, “I promise.”

Osiris gives a slight nod and helps me pull on my bra. Giving my breasts a slight squeeze after they are covered.

I laugh and watch him dress. He notices me watching and strides towards me, “Keep staring at me like that and you will miss your class altogether.”

I bite my lip, seriously debate my choices. But end up grabbing his hand and jogging with him to his Jeep.

I’m the last woman inside the class and I immediately start warm up. Ashley and Tracy give me questioning looks at my disheveled state, but continue through class like normal.
As normal as though two goons can be anyways. Tracy sidles up next to me during our final stretches and leans into my space, “So,” she gives me an eyebrow wiggle, “you look like you got a good workout. Especially since your shorts are inside out.”

I look down and find the seams of my shorts exposed, “Tracy! Why didn’t you tell me sooner.”

I awkwardly try to hide the tags and seams while Tracy shrugs, “I didn’t want to destroy your blissful mood.”

“Thanks,” I grumble.

“All right ladies, good work today. I’ll see you Monday.” I make sure my voice carries through to the entire class. But lower it once Tracy and Ashley are the last two, “I’m guessing you guys want to hear the news?”

Ashley pushed Tracy and I out the door, “Who would I be if I didn’t skip my next class to hear the news about Olivia and an orc.”

I groan into my hands, “I can meet you both after-”

“No!” Both girls interrupt me and speed walk to the café across the street.

Tracy orders for us quickly so we can be alone in the booth for a moment. She rests her hands beneath her chin and gives me a once over.

When I don’t start talking Ashley shakes the table dramatically, “Tell us what has been happening this past month! I thought this thing with the orc would only be like three dates.”

I roll my eyes and begin to spill my story. Both girls are intensely engrossed and lean in when I begin to describe his performance from last night.

Tracy fans herself, “I think I may need to try my luck with an orc.”

Ashley grimaces, pretending to hold her womanhood, “I think I’ll stick with the generic human guys.”

I sigh into my hands with a big smile. Ashley giggles, “I’m glad you found him Olivia. Osiris seems like...”


I turn around in my seat after hearing my name being called. Ashley continues talking but I’m distracted by the same voice.


“Do you guys hear someone calling my name?”

They both stare at me like I’m crazy. But the voice continues to strengthen.

Olivia! Where are you?

The voice becomes clear in my mind, even without seeing him, “It’s Osiris. I can hear him calling my name.”

The girls look around the cafe while I stare out the window. A headache begins to pound circles into my head.

“Olivia? He’s not here, and he’s not calling your name.”

My headache gets worse and I feel sick. I place some money on the table, “I think I need to go home. I’m not feeling-”


My mind is a mess, all I can think about is Osiris. Osiris.

Its then that I realize the voice is coming from inside my head. That Osiris is communicating with me somehow, using magic that is not generally given to orcs.

Ashley and Tracy have payed for their drinks and walk with me outside. An intense need to walk faster has me dragging them both down the street to my house. My heart begins hammering in my chest with every minute that passes. Nerves are working into my hands, making them shake. I want to find Osiris.

We turn the corner of the street when Osiris’s Jeep comes into view. It’s skids to a stop and he jumps out immediately. I’m in his arms in two seconds flat.

The pounding in my head stops and tears of relief flood out of my eyes, “It hurt so badly Osiris. I kept hearing your voice but I couldn’t,” my voice breaks and I hiccup, “I couldn’t - find you.”

He grips me closer and strokes my hair, “You promised you would go home after the class.”

I nod and sniffle, “I forgot. I went out with Ashley and Tracy.”

The two girls nod at my story before waving goodbye at me. With Osiris clasping me to his chest I just give them a weak smile before they leave.

Osiris carries me to his Jeep and buckles me in. When he’s driving again he keeps one hand in mine, “Olivia. I need to tell you something about orcs.”

I nod, my tears gone but my throat is still sore. Osiris gives my hand a squeeze, “After an orc mates with someone, like what we did last night. There’s a bond. A bond built on trust.”

I nod my head and wait for him to continue, “I tried to find you at your house after your class because you promised you’d be there.”

“I’m sorry Osiris, I really did forget.”

He shakes his head, “I’m not mad Olivia. It’s just that when you make a promise to an orc, an orc you’re mated to,” he gives me a smile and rubs my hand with his thumb, “you can’t break it or you’ll go into a panic. Maybe even go crazy until it’s rectified.”

I laugh slightly, “That's pretty intense.”

Osiris nods and parks his Jeep outside my house, “Would you like me to stay for a while until I have to go to my training?”

“Yes please,” I place a kiss on each of his tusks. My eyes feel droopy and I hand him my keys while he carries me to the door.

We both plop onto the couch and I snuggle up to his side. After a moment he shifts my body so I’m straddling his waist and I close my eyes. Feeling safe while my mind is utterly exhausted from breaking my earlier promise.

Osiris skims his hands over my shorts before laughing, “Did you know your pants are inside out?”

I groan.
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