Fighting My Orc

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I wake to the loss of heat from Osiris as he tried to shift away from me. He stands from the couch and looks back triumphantly until he notices I’m awake.

He sighs, “I was trying to get up without waking you.”

“You forget how warm you are,” I yawn and rub my arms. “Where are you going anyways?”

“Training,” he looks at the clock on the wall and shifts towards the door, “I really have to go Olivia, my trainer won’t let me see the light of day if I’m late.”

“Wait,” I walk with him out my front door, “You still get trained? From like... another orc?”

“Of course,” he jumps in his Jeep, “I have two more years until I’m unstoppable.”

He starts up the engine and looks in his mirror to reverse. I hold onto the open window frame, “Ah! Wait,” I squeal before hopping closer to the Jeep as if starts to move, “Let me kiss you goodbye.”

Osiris laughs and leans forward so I can kiss both of his tusks and then his pouty lips. He shakes his head but I don’t miss the beaming smile as he leaves my driveway. The last thing I hear is his mumbled voice groaning, “Humans.”

Kisses must not be very orc-ish. I laugh to myself as I head back into my house, remembering to change out of my inside out shorts and into a completely new outfit. Much cozier and meant for a lazy weekend.

I’m on my third episode of my show when a knock sounds on my door. I check the camera and gasp. Odera, Cassandra, and Momma Gena all stand on the other side.

I make a silent plea to the universe that they don’t kill me for having sex with Osiris before opening the door.

The three orc women take deep breathes when I open the door, I wouldn’t have noticed if they hadn’t all worn matching grins afterwards. I guess Osiris was right, our scent wasn’t about to leave until I shower.

Odera and Cassandra head to the living room and sit on my couch. Momma Gena grabs each of my shoulders firmly. She leans down to my height, “Thank you Olivia. You’ve made Osiris such a happy orc.”

I sigh in relief and give her an unprompted hug, “Thank you for accepting me as family,” I turn around to face Odera and Cassandra, “all of you.”

Cassandra pulls a small bag out from behind her on the couch, “We are also here to get you ready for the week!”

Odera rolls her eyes, “It’s a welcome to our orc family. When I joined as Hunter’s mate we did the same thing.”

I walk forward cautiously, “So... what are you going to do to me?”

Gena sits in between her daughters on the couch, pointing for me to sit on the floor, “Your hair.”

“Oh,” I sit down with my back facing them and my hair is immediately taken down.

I can feel my hair become divided into three sections and I turn my head to look inside the bag. Momma Gena seats my head, “Head straight. You will see soon enough.”

I sigh as Odera and Cassandra laugh at me. Another two episodes later and a cellphone with a picture of my hair is placed in front of me.

“Oh my,” I trail off as I stare the design, “Are those teeth?”

Gena nods proudly, “Yes. Dragon teeth that have been passed down in our family for five generations.”

I reach my hand behind my and feel the smooth bone, “They won’t fall out will they?”

Worry hits me before Odera laughs, “Trust me, those teeth aren’t coming out until we unknot them a week from now.”

“Why one week from now?”

Gena shrugs, “It’s an orc thing.” She pauses suddenly and all of them look at each other. Indicating that there is something I’m missing from this ‘orc thing.’

Cassandra turns off my television and practically runs to the door, “Come on! I want to see Osiris’s reaction when he gets home.”

We follow her out and into Odera and Hunter’s van. When we pull up to Osiris’s house his Jeep is already parked.

Everyone else stays in the car as I walk up to his front door. I knock a few times before he opens the door, shirtless and gleaming with sweat.

I do a twirl and show off my hair and his eyes are wide by the time I reface him, “Olivia. You look...” he pulls me closer and pulls the end of my braid around my shoulder, “beautiful.”

I blush and duck my chin, “Thank you.”

The van engine rumbles behind us before is disappears down the road, “There goes my ride.”

His hand tugs me forward by the small of my back. I collapse chest to chest with Osiris and feel the bulge beneath his shorts tap against my stomach.

Osiris nips my bottom lip, “Don’t worry. I’ll give you a ride.” He pulls us inside the house and closes the door before I can respond.

Instead he begins caressing my body by shaping me closer to him.

I lift up my legs and moan when he grabs my ass. He lifts my shirt straight off and begins to nip at my neck and shoulder. I bend my head to the side and gently suck on his neck and jaw.

Osiris blindly stumbles to his room with me in his arms. He places me on his bed and removes my sweatpants. Starting from my calves and slowly traveling up my body until he has caressed and nipped every part of me.

I’m wet with desire by the time he reaches my face and Osiris’s eyes hood with desire at noticing my trembling state.

When I notice his desire a naughty thought comes to mind. I hook my leg around Osiris from underneath him and quickly use my weight to shift our position.

He playfully grins when I pin him on the bed. I stop him from moving by placing kisses down his chest straight to his erect member.

He stiffens beneath my body when I open my mouth and take him completely. Pausing for a moment before moving my head up and down.

Osiris groans and his breath comes out shaky, “What are you doing?”

I shrug and release his member with a pop, “Giving you kisses.”

I smile devilishly as I kiss his tip, knowing for a fact that no orc woman would’ve been able to give him ‘a kiss’ with their tusks and pointed teeth.

Osiris rubs my cheek with his thumb, “I think I’m understanding why humans like their kisses so much.”

I giggle and suck on the top of his cock again. Watching as his head falls back onto the bed. I begin working him with my mouth while I rub his thighs with my hands.

His hips start to buck wildly against me and I can feel his member pulsing against my tongue. In moments his juices are spilling down my throat and it takes me five swallows before I can release him.

I travel back up his body and laugh at his half-lidded eyes and body that is melted into the sheets.

“I’ve never,” he trails off, “had an orgasm that big in my life.” I laugh and start to get up off the bed, “Wait! You can’t leave me after that.”

Osiris wraps his arms around me and crushes me against his chest. I grimace and push my chest away from his, “I just need water... your a little salty.”

Osiris frowns, “What do you mean?”

I laugh, “Guess you’ve never tasted yourself before.”

He looks horrified, “That’s what tasted salty! My- my-”

I laugh harder at his disgust, “y-yes! I’m gonna make you taste it next time you cum.”

He shakes his head vigorously as he carries me to the bathroom, “I don’t like salt.”

I gulp down water from the sink and give him a kiss on his cheek, “Sure you don’t big boy.”

He immediately straightens his shoulders, “I’m a man.” He looks at me begrudgingly and carries me back to the bed.

“I’m just kidding. You are quite the man... My man.”

Osiris nips my lip and I give him a kiss in return. He mumbles against me, “My woman.”

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