Fighting My Orc

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The Video

I pull on my hair that is back in it’s usual ponytail. Missing the weight of the dragon teeth that were taken out.

As Odera had said, once the week was up Momma Gena took back the family heirlooms and stored them deep inside her home.

After the orc sector had witnessed Osiris and I together, nearly every day, I was allowed to join into their training sessions. Which meant I had to start at the very bottom in Cassandra’s group. The training is every weekday and today is the end of my third week.

At the end of the session, I finally hear Osiris’s Jeep before I see it. I collapse into the passenger side and Cassandra pats my shoulder from the back seat, “You did good Olivia. I saw you get a punch in with Andy.”

I groan and lift my t-shirt up, “And he got me right in the side.”

Osiris taps the red spot and I growl, slapping his hand away. He laughs and continues driving to his parents home, “Mom will fix that up when we get home.”

I punch his arm, “Not if you make it worse.”

He reaches over and ruffles my hair, “Little Warrior.”

Cassandra fake wretches from the backseat and Osiris puts both hands on the steering wheel. She gasps suddenly and leans forward, “I forgot to get Mom a birthday present for this weekend!” She turns to Osiris, “Please Osiris! Can we make a stop before we go home.” Her voice is pleading and I turn to Osiris with raised eyebrows.

We had already bought a gift for his Mom's birthday and didn’t feel any pressure. But Osiris really wanted to get back to his house so he could help me practice my fighting techniques. Which usually ended in me pinned to the floor with his cock pummeling into me.

Osiris gives me a lust-filled glance before agreeing and switching routes to the far end of the orc sector that had a large mall.

Cassandra demanded that we browse through each shop, whether they were relevant to Mom or not.

Osiris and I walked together with our hands clasped as Cassandra raced forward into the next shop. She hollers for us to hurry as she finally finds something worthy of being a birthday gift.

But a man stops in front of us, and of course that man so happens to be Jackson. He glances at us for a moment before staring at Osiris, “I heard you two are getting pretty close,” he sneers, “Wanna know why Olivia actually started dating you?”

“Jackson. Stop.” The warning is clear in my voice but I can see Jackson pull out his phone.

“Looks like someone doesn’t want to fess up. Remember what you said after we dared you Olivia? Something about orcs being ugly, green, and... what was the last thing you said?” He smiles devilishly at me and I can vaguely feel Osiris’s hand squeeze mine in question.

“Shut up Jackson. You know I wasn’t clear headed when that all happened.” The blood was draining from my face quickly as Jackson opened up his phone.

A video had already been cued up to show the party I had attended with Ashley months ago. A few seconds go by before someone dares me to sign up for the orc dating website.

Ashley giggles and begins to sing, “You have to date an orc,” she drawls in her drunken stupor.

The mall feels too quiet now and I try to take the phone out of Jackson’s hand but Osiris doesn’t let me. Instead, he watches intently as I begin to speak with my voice slurred, “Ugh. Look at all the highlighted profiles! So ugly,” I begin to laugh, “I knew they were green but do they have to look so stupid,” I hiccup in the video and continue to giggle with Ashley, “Maybe I should just take another shot instead doing it.” The crowd in the video boos and I’m forced to make the profile as part of the dare.

I wished the video had stopped at that point. The seconds ticked by painfully as Osiris watches the other ‘Truth or Dare’ moments. But the video focuses back on me after I complete my profile.

I beg Osiris to not watch, and try to push Cassandra away from the phone as she comes up to watch too.

My voice from the video finally plays and Jackson is the only one smiling, “Done!” A comment is mumbled beside me and I start laughing in the video, “They are useless creatures! Hopefully they all die off in some battle.”

Cassandra gasps and Osiris drops my arm like it burned him.

I begin to sputter but Osiris is already storming off, dragging Cassandra off with him. I turn to Jackson in shock.

“Looks like-”

I punch him. Jackson stumbles straight onto his back and instead of hitting him again I snatch his phone and run out of the mall.

I barely catch a glimpse of a red Jeep pulling out onto the main road before it disappears from view. I begin walking and call Ashley from my own phone.

She picks up on the third ring and can barely understand me in my hysterics. Tears are streaming down my face and any orc that walks by avoids eye contact. Knowing that weakness is not to be imposed upon unless during a fight.

I’m halfway through the orc sector when Ashley’s truck stops beside me. I hop in and hold my head in my hands, “I’m such- I’m such a bitch.”

Ashley tried to soothe me as she drives but mainly listens until she walks me into my house. We sit on the couch and she puts her arms around my shoulders, “Just start from the beginning Oli. What happened at the mall?”

I showed her the video on Jackson’s phone and she grimaces by the end. She scrolls through Jackson’s phone and deletes the video. Finding that he was the one who actually filmed it helped ease my worry. Knowing that there wasn’t someone else who could use that video against me.

I begin to wring my hands together, “Maybe I should go to his house,” I shake my head, “He’s probably at the fighting rink. He was so mad. Maybe I should talk to his family.”

I begin to breath heavily. What will his family think of me now? They will never trust me again.

Ashley stands up and begins pacing, “Okay. So that’s a bad idea. You need time to collect yourself-”
She’s cut off by my phone dinging at an incoming text. I snatch it off the table before she can and read the text from Osiris.

Don’t bother coming to my Mom’s birthday celebration.

More tears begin to drop down my face. Ashley reads the text and then envelopes me in a hug, “Help me Ashley. I don’t know what to do.”

My entire body is shaking from sobs and Ashley coos and shushes me. She grabs her phone and calls Tracy, telling her to get to my house ‘stat.’

Tracy nods before taking a deep breath after hearing the story, “Olivia?” I look to her, “Remember how important promises are to orcs, especially for you and Osiris.” I nod my head, “Well... maybe you should promise him something. That you didn’t mean it or...”

She tries to think of something else but comes up blank. Ashley nods her head, “She’s right Oli. You can’t take back the video, but you can also prove that you were drunk when it happened. That it wasn’t you who was talking like that.”

I nod my head and begin to take deep breaths. The clock on my wall indicates it’s eight p.m. I tell the girls to head out and give them hugs. But instead of staying in my house I take my car and head to the orc sector.

I have to make this right. For Osiris.
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