Fighting My Orc

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Olivia’s Parents

My phone rings before Osiris’s alarm goes off. I try answer it quickly and rub my eyes after answering, “Hello?”

“Olivia. Dad and I will be home in about fifteen minutes to drop some stuff off.” My mom’s voice startles me into complete awareness. In turn, this causes Osiris to yawn and roll into my side.

I clench the comforter of Osiris’s bed, “How long will you guys be here?”

“I just said we’ll be dropping some stuff off in the house on the west side, and then we are heading back to the northeast.”

I jump out of the bed and accidentally jostle Osiris in the process, “Okay mom. I will head over now,” I begin straightening my clothes and run into the bathroom.

“Where are you this early?” There is a curious tint to her voice. A tint I have not heard in a long time.

“I’m with my mate at the orc sector,” at this point Osiris walks into the bathroom groggily and stands close behind me. No doubt listening to my conversation.

There are a few mumbles on the other line, “You know those orcs are why your father and I are going out of business. It’s hard to be an architect when they demand to do everything themselves.” Osiris and I look at each other in the bathroom mirror and I mouth I’m sorry.

He nods his head and helps me braid my hair back against my head with a somber expression. My mother continues, “And how will you pay for your house? This mate of yours won’t provide any money, not if you're in that sector.”

She pauses but I know it’s better to just remain quiet. I grab my keys and wave to Osiris but he just kisses my forehead and gets into my car with me.

After a few more questions, that she answers herself, my mom finally sighs, “When will we be able to meet him?”

“We are driving over to my house right now. I’ll see you soon.”

“Okay. I’ll see you soon,” she hangs up the call after that. My hands are tightly gripped to the steering wheel, so Osiris begins to pull each finger off the wheel of my hand nearest him. I laugh when I curve my pinky finger harder over the wheel and watch him struggle to unwind it.
Osiris smirks in achievement when he is finally able to hold my hand in his, and gives his version of a kiss to my hand. Meaning he mainly presses his tusks to the skin of my hand.
I pull my car into my driveway and grab Osiris’s hand, once we’re out of the car, so I can dash into the house. Osiris follows me into my bedroom which he has never seen before, “Woah,” he mumbles behind me. I’m sure he’s taken off guard by the light purple walls and all wooden accessories, “I like it.”

His reaction makes me grin while I frantically shed my clothes and find something to wear, “Thank you. It’s the only room I got to decorate myself,” I look around, and try to see the room from his perspective, “I went a little overboard with the purple.”

Osiris nods, but shakes his head after my mock glare, “No, no. It’s just enough... I just didn’t know you liked purple this much.” He accentuates his point by picking up my purple pencil collection on my desk.

We laugh as I put on my new clothes and giggle at my weird collections of purple things.

I turn to Osiris fully, “How do I look?”

He skims my outfit quickly, but otherwise just looks at my face, “Beautiful.” He reaches one hand to my jaw and the other plays with the length of my braided hair.

I give him kisses on both his tusks before firmly placing my lips in his. He can feel my urgency and nerves behind the kisses, and merely wraps me in his arms. Holding me close for a few minutes.

That is, until the sound of my parents truck comes into range.

I take a deep breath against Osiris’s chest, and in turn he gives me a full body squeeze. The atmosphere is tense as we walk out of my house and over to my parent’s house.

I knock twice before entering and find my parents sitting in the living room. They are next to a few piles of boxes, which I assume are the only things they are dropping off.

I sit on the couch across from them, and Osiris looks at me strangely before following my lead.

My dad sits with his arms crossed, “How are your training lessons going?”

I nod, “Really good. I upped the amount of classes I train, so I train all weekday.” I can feel Osiris’s stare burn into the side of my face, but I couldn’t dare look at him right now. Not when I’m lying straight through my teeth.

He nods in approval before standing, “I’ll be in the truck.”

I stand in alarm, “You guys are leaving so soon?”

My mom answers as my dad leaves, “We just needed to drop off some boxes at this house.”

She looks at me pointedly, and I seat myself before she continues talking, “I think you should move to the northern sectors with us Olivia.”

I crinkle my brow, “You know I’m not one for crowds mom,” I try to laugh but it comes out weak.

My mom stands, “And look where that has gotten you,” she looks pointedly at Osiris, “but if you’d like to live your life in poverty be my guest.”

She walks towards the foyer of the house and I grab Osiris’s hand so we can leave together. My mom locks up slowly while we wait on the porch.

When she finally turns around it’s because my dad honked the horn of the truck. She smiles at me, “You should get a haircut Olivia, you know you look good with short hair.”

She leans forward and gives me a hug goodbye, “Think about moving up to the northern part of the state Olivia. We can be a family up there.”

My heart squeezes at the word family. Reminding me of how awkward ours is.

The minimal family dinners, talks, and hugs. This rare occasion that we see each other and it lasted probably fifteen minutes. We aren’t a true family. We’ve never been.

Osiris stands stoically by my side as the truck leaves. Not offering any words as my parents leave for the three hour drive to the northern sector.

He turns to me the second it is out of view. “Olivia?” He gently says my name. For a moment I continue watching the street where they left. Osiris calls my name again.

When I continue to stare at the road, Osiris doesn’t wait for a reply. Instead, he holds me. Locking his arms behind my back, and rubbing my shoulders.

I never cry after seeing my family, but today the tears just seem to flow. As I am being held by the one person who has now seen how distant my parents act towards me. Knowing that same person has the most loving family that meets each other at a minimum of once a week.

Osiris bends down so he can pick me up completely. It jostles my thoughts as I cling to him.

It’s still early in the morning, but he decides to stay at my house. Taking me to my room and sitting against my bed frame while I curl into his chest. It isn’t long before my sobs begin to taper and I’m lulled to sleep with Osiris at my side.
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