Fighting My Orc

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Move in with me

Osiris’s POV

At 7:30 I shake my little warrior awake. Olivia groans and sits up groggily, “I need a shower.”

She slides off of my lap and to the floor before heading into her bathroom. I get up and follow behind her, shedding my clothes and joining her in the shower. Squishing us into the small space.

She laughs lifelessly and rests her head against my chest, “You’re too big for my shower.”

I lift her up, “No, I think this is perfect.”

Her legs wrap around my waist and she lets out a giggle, a real type of laugh, “At least let me use some shampoo while we’re here,” she tries to reach down, “You don’t have anything scented in your shower.”

I immediately move her away from her shampoos and send her straight under the water spray. She can not use scented shampoos.

“Osiris!” She moves upwards and levels her breasts directly in my eyesight, “Okay! Okay! I won’t use it,” I move her away from the water.

I lower her to the ground so she can stand in front of me with the water hitting her back. She places her hands on her hips as best as she can, “What’s the big deal with scented shampoo?”

“You know how I said our combined scent will fade if you shower,” she nods skeptically, “it only fades if you use scented products.”

Olivia nods again, “But I have been taking a shower at your house and I use your soaps.”

I grimace, “That’s because orc products don’t actually have any scents... for this purpose.”

She glares at me and picks up her shampoo, but I am too fucking determined, “Our combined scent will fade if you use that stuff. That’s why mated orcs use unscented,” I pull her closer so she can feel my member, “or else I’d have to mate with you after every shower.”

She looked longingly at her shampoo, “Guess you’ll have to fuck me then.”

I growl when she starts scrubbing the shampoo in her hair and sighs at the perfumed scent. I wrinkle my nose is distaste, our scent is already disappearing. Fuck. My cock stands to attention with the need to mate with her immediately.

Olivia notices my arousal and continues rubbing herself with her scented products. She even turns around after a moment and presses her ass against my burning hot erection.

My hunger overtakes me in that moment and I spin her around. Her wet hair is plastered around her breasts, sending rivulets of water down her body. I gently nip her shoulder and neck, loving the way her fingers dig into my shoulders. The scent of her arousal is thick in the air.
I tease her for a moment, but she quickly plays along and skims her hands over my groin. With a final kiss to my lips she dissolves the last of my control.
I pick her up and lift her until her core is positioned above my throbbing tip. She places her hands on my shoulders and bites her lip.
In a second she is impaled on my cock, her wet pussy slamming against the base in one smooth motion. She wraps her arms around my neck and fists my hair. With a gasp I can feel her inner walls pulsing against me.
She closes her eyes and tilts her head back, “Holy fuck,” she moans, but when her pussy stops quivering she looks down at me with wide eyes, “I just- I didn’t know I could... cum that fast.”
I rest my face closer to hers and kiss her lips, “Still want more?”
She nods her head and lifts herself slowly away from my member, “Yes please.”
I lean her back against the shower wall until I can start pumping in and out of her. She spreads her legs farther and rests one of her feet on the shelf and the other over my shoulder. The angle completely entangles our limbs and lets me bury my cock into her depths completely. The heat from the water is nothing compared to the heat inside of my little warrior.
When her walls begin to clench around my cock I know I won't last much longer. After two more forceful thrusts I rut inside of her with a grunt at the same moment her toes curl with her second orgasm.
I slide out of her slowly and continue holding her in my arms. I walk under the spray of water and rub her body clean of any residual soap. Our combined scent is fresh and strong. Indicating to any male orc that my little warrior is off limits.
While Olivia can’t smell our combined scent as a human, but I find myself grateful for a woman that will accept my need to mate. Although, I don’t think Olivia minds the process.
When we exit the shower Olivia unravels from my chest to dry off. He long hair clings to her back and I pick up the wet mass.
“Let me braid your hair,” I want to see my little warrior with the best orc braids I can offer. She nods her head and rummages through her cupboards to find a brush and hair ties. The process gives me a nice view of her ass. I have to take another deep breath of our combined scent to stop another erection.
She then ushers me into the bedroom where she sits naked on her bed. I clamber onto the bed and sit behind her, dutifully brushing her hair and braiding out sections.
The entire time her ass moves suspiciously closer to my cock, but I finish the braid with precision, “Perfect.”
She uses her hands to feel the intricate braids on her head as she turns around, “Thank you Osiris. I love you.”
I gather her in my arms, “As I love you.”

My little warrior places long kisses on both of my tusks before I make her stop in front of my lips, “Move in with me.”

The words pop out of my mouth before I could even think properly, but they were of need.

As her eyes widen my heart begins to pound. “But..” she looks around her room, “my stuff.”

“You can take it with you,” I rub her back, “we can build a whole new section to the house if you need.”

She sits back on my thighs, “I think,” she pauses to wiggle her toes, “I think I’d like that.”

She leans forward and kisses my lips finally. My little warrior... moving in with me. My heart begins to beat quickly, not with nerves, but with passion.
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