Fighting My Orc

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Olivia’s POV

“Is this an okay spot to nail the picture?”
I can hear footsteps from my position on the ladder before Osiris enters the living room.
He places his warm hands on my hips, “Hm... I think I’d like to nail you against that spot.”
I let out a snort and start to hang the picture. Osiris has not been able to keep his hands off of me since he moved in together two months ago. His excuse is that he wants every room in the house to smell like us.
I wrinkle my nose just thinking about that, thankful that I am human and can’t smell... that.
When the picture is securely in place Osiris takes the hammer from my grasps and leaves it on the ladder. Swiftly picking me up and pushing my back against an exposed section of the wall. His hands travel over my body and rest against my ass.
I wrap my leg against his lean torso and gently move upwards, riding his length from between our clothing. I earn a groan from Osiris, “Don’t temp me Olivia. I will nail you against this wall.”
In one quick move I step to the floor and twist our bodies so Osiris is forced to slam his back on the wall. I stand in front of him and grin mischievously, “Hm. Looks like my big warrior just lost his chance.”
Osiris leans his face close to mine as he laughs and I take the chance to kiss both of his tusks. He stops me from kissing his lips until he picks me up and turns us around so I am once against positioned between him and the wall.
His hands roam over my waist and knead into the skin of my ass. The moment is lost, though, when a knock sounds on the front door. Osiris grumbles when the person who knocked barges into his house. Which of course is no one other than Hunter followed by Cassandra.
Osiris steps away from me just as they turn the corner into the room we are in. Osiris keeps his hands on my hips, effectively keeping me in front of him so neither of his siblings notice his erection.
Hunter is the first to speak, “Are you two ready?”
“Yep. Let’s head out.” Both Osiris and I have become so used to wearing workout clothing that we started wearing it around the house.
Since Osiris nearly made us late with his ‘nail’ comment, wearing workout clothing is helpful today. At least it would be helpful in the fighting ring.
Everyone in the family is fighting today, including myself. Because of the varying levels of skill, I would be fighting after Osiris. However, I am excited to show my improvement as a real warrior.
Osiris’s fight was fast. Making the crowd antsy and yelling for more competitors, most likely their family members, to get into the ring.
I took a swig of water before leaving the hall and into the sandy pit of the fighting ring. The announcer spotted me immediately and pumped the crowd up for their ‘human competitor.”
I am fighting against Kela today, whom I had pinned many times in the past. Still, it was a fair fight and by the time I had her pinned it was because we had fought for an intense amount of time.
The crowd still cheered wildly for me though, and the announcer took his chance to send the crowd further into a frenzy, “Who wants to see our human competitor fight against yet another orc?”
I look up to the crowd and notice Hunter pushing Osiris back to a sit. I begin to shake my head but the announcer isn’t having it, “Looks like our human fighter is scared!”
Of course the announcer said that, “Is that your only line?” Quite a few members of the crowd cheered me on after I snapped my comment at the announcer.
But that now meant I would have to fight the next competitor, who is definitely a better fighter than me.
Sid enters the ring at that moment and I internally groan. Forcing my sore body into a fighting stance. My back muscles tense as I remember the last time I fought Sid, he trained under Osiris and did not want to fight a human, so he threw me on my back as many times as an orc could.
He gave me a smile that slightly resembled a smirk. I couldn’t figure out what he meant by that look. The fight began and Sid came towards me quickly.
I had to dart underneath his arms a lot of times to stop his from picking me up. The game of cat and mouse was making the crowd bored and many people started shouting at us.
With one misstep Sid’s arm caught my stomach. The hit took me to the ground and I had to roll onto my feet quickly. The motion causing me to feel sick.
Sid regained his footing but before he could strike again, I fell to my knees as a dizzy spell clouded my head. Silently withdrawing from the fight.
The shouting from the crowd faded to the background and I could barely make out Sid walking back and forth with his arms raised.
I began to dry heave, and before I could stop myself I was vomiting in the fighting ring. Some of the cloudiness in my head went away and that was when I could hear the gasps and sudden silence from the crowd.
I looked at the vomit and noticed the bright green goop soaking into the sand. My eyebrows crinkled and I coughed again.
The announcer had the mic pulled away from his mouth as he told Sid to quickly leave the ring. I tried to stand up but two strong hands grabbed me and held me firmly onto the sand. I recognized Osiris’s rough palms immediately.
“Osiris?” I let him hold both of my shaky hands in one of his as he pours cool water over my hair and neck.
“It’s going to be okay,” he mutters to himself more than to me.
He then begins pressing against my stomach with his fingertips, making me wince when he presses on the spot Sid hit.
Osiris lets out a sigh of relief, “He missed her womb. It should be okay. But we need to get to a specialist.”
I crinkled my brow and curled into Osiris’s chest as the announcer told the crowd that I’m okay. My head began to pound, “I think I’m going to pass out.”
“No, stay awake,” Osiris picked me up before I could move again.
With my hands still grasped by his one large one, I speak calmly, “I think I’m okay now.”
Osiris doesn’t answer and instead takes me far away from the fighting ring. His face is pale and his breathing is erratic. He lets me sit down when we get to his Jeep and I’m safely in the passenger seat.
“Osiris? Why are you upset?” I wait for him to go around and get into the drivers seat, “I promise I’m okay now.” I try to make his look at me but he is determined to leave.
“I’m not worried about just you.”
I frown, “Who then?”
He takes one of my hands in his, “I’m worried about our baby.”
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