Fighting My Orc

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Our What?

My head felt light and I muttered out, “Huh?” I watch the street disappear under the Jeep in panic. Suddenly, I did not want to be driving around finding a specialist, “No. Osiris take us home-”

“We have to see a specialist,” he stops when he hears me begin to sniffle. He takes my hand and parks his Jeep on the side of the road, pulling me across the console and into his lap.
We were squished together tightly. Osiris holding me against his chest and pulling on the end of my braided hair. “Olivia. We just need to double check. Most orc women vomit green when they are pregnant.”
I groan and let out another sob, “Don’t mention vomiting.”
He had the guts to start laughing, “It only happens during the first week. But Olivia,” he pulls me from his chest to look at my face, “if you are pregnant, we need a specialist. Orc pregnancies aren’t exactly easy.”
The fear of actually being pregnant causes another round of tears to run down my face. Osiris gives me a couple of kisses on my cheeks and I reach up to touch his tusks with my hand.
He lets me. Remaining quiet until the last of my tears have dried up. When I’m ready he puts me back in the passenger seat and heads to the specialist.
We are admitted immediately. Almost every orc had already heard about ‘the human fighter’ throwing up in the ring.
Our doctor is a female orc that is dressed similarly to doctors in the human sector. She wastes no time in starting the ultrasound, “Hi Olivia. I’m Dr. Hinley.”
“Hi,” my voice comes out wavering and Osiris grabs my hand. I squeeze his hand when Dr. Hinley begins pressing the ultrasound device on my belly.
Her eyes scan the screen for a few moments before removing the device from my belly. Osiris looks at the doctor impatiently, “Did you see a baby? Is she pregnant?”
Dr. Hinley shakes her head, “I’m very sorry. From the looks of the ultrasound you were never pregnant Olivia.”
“Oh,” my voice came out raspy. The sudden urge to cry again hit me full force as I looked back to Osiris. He was completely collapsed in his chair and the worry lines in his forehead made him look ten years older.
I sat up slowly and kiss the back on his hand.
That seemed to snap him out of his revere and he returned the kiss on my hand before addressing Dr. Hinley, “Why did she vomit green?”
“Well,” Dr. Hinley straightens her coat, “If she is not pregnant than she is most definitely fertile. Be careful from here on out, if you are trying for a child then it would be wise to cut back on Olivia’s training.”
Osiris and I glance at each other, both knowing that if I stopped training now it would be even harder for me to catch up later.
“Thank you for the information Dr. Hinley. I’ll take Olivia home now.”
Osiris helps me stand from the bed before walking with me to his Jeep. Neither is us speak a word the entire trip home. When we enter our home it feels dead. Osiris walks into the kitchen and I go into the living room, sitting on the couch and admiring the painting we had just hung on the wall.
The sound of glass breaking and a curse from Osiris breaks me from my stare down with the painting.
“Osiris?” I walk to the kitchen, “Are you okay?”
He doesn’t answer as he examines the cut on his palm. It’s bleeding and I quickly grab a kitchen towel to cover the small wound. He is glaring at his hand and he is nearly turning red from anger.
I place my hand on his bicep, “Osiris, look at me.”
His eyes are sharp when he finally meets my gaze. His lips wobble into a frown and I find myself frowning with him.
“We’re you excited?”
The question catches me off guard. “About what?”
Osiris looks at me nervously, “To have a baby with me.”
I give him a half smile, “It would’ve been fun. And a great story,” I pretend to hold a mic in front of my face, “the human competitor finds out she’s pregnant while fighting a male orc.”
Osiris lets out a cheap laugh when I mimic the announcer’s voice. His smile vanishes all too quickly though, “I was excited too.”
He grabs me then, holding me tightly in his arms. After a few moments he speaks, “Do you want to try?”
My muscles tense, moving backwards and looking at Osiris with wide eyes, “We- I mean- aren’t we too young?”
“We have a home.”
“What about my training?”
“There a easier forms of training that won’t hurt the baby.”
My eyes begin to water, as my real question begins to surface, “What if I’m not a good mom?” My mom was never there for me as a young adult. I don’t want my kid to grow up without a family.
“You will be. And my family can always help out if we need anything.”
I look to Osiris and grin, “You seem to have all the answers.”
“Except for one,” at my questioning glance he admits, “Do you want to have a baby with me?”
“Yes.” The speed of my answers shocked me. No hesitation even found it’s way into my voice.
Osiris grinned back at me, his tusks glinting under the kitchen light. I give him kisses on both his tusks before firmly planting one on his lips.
We will definitely have to book an appointment with Dr. Hinley soon.

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