Fighting My Orc

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Fighting Him

I take a glance at the orc behind me that is still huddled up in a ball. I reach out my hand to help him up, but Osiris grabs my hand instead.

Chaotic shouts are all around us and Osiris grins, “I’ll go easy on you.”

My eyes go wide, “No no no I don’t want to fight you!”

The crowd starts to push us forward until Osiris is dragging me into the ring. I shake my head furiously as the crowd cheers. I do not want to fight my date. Especially in front of his family.

But the announcer sees my hesitation and voices his opinion, “Looks like our human fighter is scared!”

The crowd boos and to say I didn’t like that would be a major understatement. I hated feeling weak.

With a playful glare to Osiris I shout to him once I’m in my position, mocking his words, “I’ll go easy on you!”

The crowd turns to Osiris for a comeback but he is already focused on me. I prepare my stance and watch as Osiris moves closer at the sound of the announcer. “Ready... Fight.”

After watching Osiris from the previous fight, I knew he was coming in fast and without hesitation. He threw his first punch towards my abdomen, but I had already moved and landed a kick to his ribs.

I really wish the rest of the fight could’ve gone like that, but after I landed a few hits I realize he had only been watching me. Calculating his opponent. Preparing for my next moves. Every time he swung, I swung before landing a hit.

With a swift hit to my abdomen as I was turning to hit him again, I was set back three feet. He stalked forward calmly and when he hit I dodged.

But when I went to hit him he took the opening and hit me again. In the exact same spot. My eyes were watering and I dug my feet into the ground for extra support.

The crowd was going wild after thinking I was doing so well. The next time he hit and I dodged, I faked hitting left. The second he tried to hit me, of course in the same spot, I blocked the blow and punched him right in the nose.

Childish and risky? Yes. Worth it? Yes.

It started bleeding and he looked surprised. We both took on guarded stances and waited. We each could predict the other’s moves, but I wasn’t ready for him to duck and swipe my feet out from under me. There wasn’t even enough time to recover before he had me pinned to the ground.

The crowd was silent momentarily before cheering proudly for Osiris. He didn’t seem to notice as he breathed heavily over me.

I smile up at him and I can see his eyes trail from mine to my lips. He grins and stands, pulling me up with him before walking me back with an arm around my waist.

When we reach the empty hall, Osiris turns abruptly and pins me against the wall.

I’m shocked to say the least, but he leans his forehead against mine and chuckles, “I’ve never had to work that hard to fight a human. I think you almost broke my nose.”

I gasp and grab his face, seeing his nose, bloody but fine and laugh, “Liar. I barely touched you.”

“I still wasn’t expecting that. You did good.” Osiris brushes a stray piece of hair from my ear. His head twitches to the side before he steps away from the wall. His family appears at the end of the hall a moment later, shouting their surprise.

Odera looks me up and down in appraisal before leaning close to my ear, “Nice hit.”

Osiris rolls his eyes but his mother quickly grabs his face and tilts his chin upwards. For a moment I thought she was going to wipe his bloody nose but instead she rubs at his shirt, “Osiris. I just cleaned this shirt yesterday. Is it too much to keep it blood free for one day!” A second later she drops his chin and swats his arm.

Hunter and I hide our laughs as Osiris looks at his mom with shame. Hunter leans down to me between laughs, “It’s true actually. About the blood. Last time he-”

Osiris pins his brother with a death glare before taking my hand in his, “Olivia and I need to get going.”

I check my watch and realize he’s right. With a wave to his family, Osiris and I walk back to his Jeep.

By the time he rolled his Jeep to a stop in front of my house, I didn’t want to get out. Osiris finished his story about his brother challenging him to swallow a hotdog whole and lets me laugh at his expense.

He grips the steering wheel before turning towards me, “Can I see you tomorrow?”

My head is nodding until I’m suddenly frowning, “Aw no. I’m training a ladies’ self defense class tomorrow in the morning and then going to my boxing class in the afternoon,” I wiggle the cup holder inside the Jeep as I think, “What about the day after? I’m free after my morning class.”

Osiris nods with a mischievous grin, “Yes that is perfect Olivia.” Lifting my hand to his lips he gives my hand a gentle kiss, an odd behavior for an orc, “I will see you soon Olivia.” There was a twinkle in his eye as he said it and in my blushing and confused state I merely nodded my head before racing into my house like my ass was on fire.

Through the entire night and next morning I couldn't keep my thoughts off of Osiris. I would even smile to myself when I would think of his surprised face after I punched his nose.

All throughout my women’s self defense class I couldn’t keep the amusement off my face. Most of my students noticed, especially Ashley and Tracy.

Tracy even followed me into my boxing class, “So? What’s got your panties in a twist…” at my shocked look she giggles, “Or should I say who.”

With a mischievous grin I swat her arm, “Shh. You can gossip with Ashley about my handsome date in your class right next door.”

“But I heard he’s an-”

Jackson cuts her off as he leads the class, “Today we have a special guest.”

We both turn our attention to the front and I gasp when I see our special guest. His name falls off my lips, “Osiris.”

His gaze snaps to mine with a genuine smile before his face hardens and he returns his attention back to Jackson who orders for our attention.

Tracy grabs my arm and fans herself, “So that’s your handsome-”

“Tracy.” With a pointed finger she follows the direction towards the door and thankfully leaves to her class.

When I turn back around Osiris is walking towards me, “Looks like we have our first volunteer.”

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